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  1. I may be the all-time most horrible at this game, but hey, what's to lose? Besides, I'm heading out on a fly-in moose hunt and to stake boundaries for a remote property I plan to get . . . it's a process! Week 1: Philip Rivers
  2. I like the move to bring in Ngakoue as he is a stud DE. He's kind of like a Terrel Suggs type, not really very big, but extremely explosive. He's been a durable player and proven he can stay healthy a full year. His sack pace the past 4 years is pretty close to Hunter's, but I'm curious how he's held-up on the edge as a run defender? I think Odinegbo should be upset . . . initially. RDE was his spot to lose and supposedly he was doing ok at camp. Now, he has to either prove he earns that Right DE position, or accept the rotational role he's had. The thing I feel for him on is $$$ because if he's a starter and playing well, he obviously gets a bigger paycheck next contract which is coming up for him. The flip side is injury, say he or Hunter do get hurt and miss 4 or more games, now you have a 3rd stud DE that can play . . . and in Odinegbo's case if he were a starter that gets hurt in game 3 and is out 6-8 weeks, he'll never see the payday he will as an impact, young rotational DE. It's all about opportunity and the way one approaches challenges. His tweet could be a red flag . . . it could be nothing over the course of the season. Zimmer and Patterson know what they're doing and they know what they have in the defensive linemen. They know they're hurting at the NT position, so this move may be related to making the line a small, fast, quick unit . . . one like the Colts and Broncos employed during their semi-recent SB years. The downside to small D-lines is control of the run game . . . the way SF ran the ball down our throats in the playoffs, a smaller D-line wouldn't help that situation. So, here's to hoping the defense continues to improve!
  3. Have to say Spielman and Zimmer are nailing this thing so far . . . restocking the cubboards. Just hope the DBs can pick up Zim's scheme fast!
  4. Hey . . . lanky tall kid! Nice pics here!
  5. Nope, I don't remember Elliott's combine numbers, but Gallimore's short area quickness and strength were really good. The Davis boys from Nebraska where up there too, but as I recall, their wingspans where short. I don't know the other guys at DT well enough . . . now Lewis or a CB or even a WR may be solid.
  6. Lewis is definitely a guy that reminds me of Hunter physically . . . would be a good choice too.
  7. ooooh, time to trade up for Gallimore . . . use a 5th and 6th . .. get up there!
  8. Crossing my fingers for one of the two DTs and a CB or Safety . . . maybe the little guy Amik Robertson, kinda like the honey badger . . .
  9. damn, the Panthers are loading up on D . . . I was hoping Chinn would slide a bit, maybe just enough for the Vikes to get him.
  10. That back for the Pack is a beast! His combine numbers were scary good and frankly, if they pound him against the Vikes front, he'll be a danger . . . need another DT!
  11. Curious why Mabuduike is a fav over Gallimore . . . I like the G-man a bit more. Just something bout his step and play at the Senior Bowl that screams impact player
  12. I think he'd be a great fit . . . just watching him in the playoffs, he was dominant. Has a lot of good physical traits too, strong, low-center, solid guy.
  13. I love this pick at this point in the draft. Thought he would've been long gone by now. Boise St always has good OL guys and every few years they have a really good one. Cleveland should be another . . . hope he stays healthy and gets a ton of reps soon.
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