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  1. Given the addition of Tomlinson and the returns of Hunter, Pierce, and Weatherly, I feel like the DL is now lower on the priority list when considering the early picks. Value is hard to define for some players, but that's what'll be reported when we pick a DE and DT this draft . . . just don't know which rounds that'll occur in. DT talent and depth this year isn't all that impressive, to me. The OL seems to be the 90% choice for Rd 1, but there are some really good players at OG and OT that are slated to go in Rds 3 and 4, maybe even later. I don't think the Vikes can have enough new
  2. Gotta admit, I love mock drafts, especially seeing who the Vikes are projected to take as well as where some of my favorite players are slated to go. For this round, I'm going all small-school players, some hidden talents, who should be able to hold their own. Since there's not really a small school guy after Trey Lance that's a sure-fire 1st rounder, I'm thinking the Vikes need to trade back, picking up a 2nd Rounder this year and a 3 or 4 next year. With their 1st pick (late 1st/early 2nd): 1. Zaven Collens, DE/OLB, Tulsa . . . Had a so-so pro-day, so I'm more intrigued than convin
  3. Of all the crazy numbers, Oweh has to take the cake, right? I'm not saying the Vikes take him at 14 . . . They need a hawg. But, I don't think I can recall a prospect at 6' 5" over 250 lbs ever running sub 4.4 . . . Does anyone else? So, if there was never a day Andre Patterson screamed in his life, I bet its coming . . . Lol
  4. I think Jenkins has all the traits of a dominant RT, but we have that with O'Neill . . . Unless of course, they drat Jenkins with the plan to let O'Neill go next year? Then, ya draft Jenkins and an OG . . . Could you imagine the line up being Cleveland & Cleveland, Bradbury, Udoh and O'Neill . . . and Associates? There are a few other great prospects -- for each round and the trick is to find the blend.
  5. Vacationing in Fairbanks in March is actually not a bad idea! Sunlight finally returns and the temps usually get above 0 during the days. If you love snow machining, hiking ice caves, ice fishing, and catching raucous northern lights, March is ideal. I was in Phoenix in early March and felt 88-deg . . . Its was awesome! That was March though. I grew up in Eastern SD and sweat my tail off every summer and I can't imagine spending summers down south. To confirm Swede's comment though, Nov 1st through Feb 15th just flat sucks up here. 😜
  6. With Jenkins workout today, how could he not be in the conversation for @#14? I didn't know much about the guy, but sounds like he's a Kyle Turley clone.
  7. McCloud's time is really impressive! Good size too! For Banks, I'm try to figure how his 3 cone is so fast and his 40 and short shuttle aren't? Nice vertical for a 325 pound guy! Actually all of the ND linemen had good days. Definitely some nice defensive prospects too.
  8. I liked watching Ian Book in college, but he's a slightly faster Kellen Moore . . . He's not stellar to the point he could lead a team in the NFL regularly.
  9. Actually, I just read ND's pro day was today. Banks ran a 5.3 at 325. Didn't see BP reps, jumps, splits or shuttles times. Need to find those . . . It'd be nice to see his short area quickness/twitch compared to others. He might just fall to Rd 3 or 4 . . . Not a moot point given the state of the OLine - I'm thinking 2 of first 4 picks need to be OLine.
  10. I like Trey Smith and Aaron Banks, scheme be dammed. Due to the clots though, I'd prefer Banks right now. It'll be very interesting to see how his pro day goes.
  11. I've been on the 1st round OLine bandwagon forever,and I hope they take a great one, especially at LG. What I was laughing about was the post (I assume as sarcasm) that Rousseau's a 3rd Rd talent because of his 40 time. I was also pointing out the OTs from small schools popping at their pro days. Seems like there will be some studs moving up boards from day 3.
  12. Comments about Rousseau's 40 time kinda of make me giggle. I hope every team views him just as Jared Allen was viewed . . . . I think they measure pretty much the same, except Rousseau's a bit faster. If he runs the circle like Jared, he might be worth a 3rd. 😉 Then again, this year's crop of DEs and OTs who are 6' 6"+ running sub-5 is pretty impressive. Would we be seeing the same had the combine occurred? Guess we just won't know. Should the Vikes take Rousseau at 14? I'm not sure thats needed . . .but I wouldn't be against it.
  13. If-then scenarios are fun! If the Vikes get one of these stud DEs at 14, then I see OL, OL, S and WR as a great depth/future starter exercise. Yes, a Kyle Trask type could enter in there. One of the DTs could slip too, so getting someone like Twyman in the 4th is possible.
  14. I'm curious if QBs will really go 1 - 4. Part of me thinks the 49er's move up wasn't just to take one of Lance, Fields or Wilson. They have one guy they want and I'm thinking they're 100% sure he'll be there. This leads me to believe Sewell is going to the Jets at 2. Selah seems to be very good at motivating and coaching players, so why not give him the final year or two of a rookie's deal to see what he can do? If Darnell were an overpaid vet QB, I agree he'd be gone. In any case, unless the Steelers, Bears, or WFT jump above the Vikings, I think Jones or Lance make it to #
  15. Nice signing seeing Alexander coming back . . . Wonder if Kearse has been discussed?
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