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  1. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    Although I watched every WSU game the past 2 years, Hercules is not Mr. John . . . well, not yet anyway. IF he can carve out a spot on the 53-man roster and survive two years while he adds lean bulk and power while learning Zimm's and Patterson's technique, then I'd be willing to revisit the comparison. For the record, I loved watching Hercules tear up the Pac 12 last year. How good was he? Well, he shut down USC, UCLA and Stanford, and I think it was the Apple Cup where he got ejected for targeting in the 1st half . . . the team folded, lost its life after that. He makes guys around him better, so let's see how that translates.
  2. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    Getting old and weary as a Vikes fan allows one to look back over the years and think about a few things. I'm not sure how this current team and coaching staff compare to the best teams Bud Grant fielded; however, if we were to compare the "almosts," I like this team. By almosts, I mean the late '80s, Denny Greeens teams and the '09 team that went to NFC championships, but couldn't win . . . The defense under Floyd Peters (sure Jerry Burns was HC) was almost as good as the current squad. Zimmer's done better, IMO --- he has pro-bowlers at each level . . . fearsome pass rushers and run-stuffers, impressive LBs, a true shut-down CB and a safety that commands respect. Plus, Zimmer's added deeper, more reliable talent around the starters, so much so we didn't see a major drop off last year . . . although those playoff games exposed some things. Offensively, I don't put Cousins in Farve's class, but he's better than Wade Wilson and probably Culpepper (remains to be seen). Back in the '80s, the running game stunk, so there was a trade . . . one that ripped my guts out. The DG squad had John Randle defensively, and an offense of pure mythology (or dang close to it). The '09 squad had the Williams Wall, Jared Allen, Greenway, Antoine Winfield and Sharper . . . and they had Peterson, Farve, a damn good line and other skill players. So, skill-wise, has Zimmer's squad surpassed the combination of the '09 team? Gotta wonder if they're 5 or 6 deep on DE, 4 quality CBs, strong LBs/Safeties and Linval + at DT . . . with most of these guys now 5 years in on Zimmer's system, I can't imagine they won't fit a top-5 total D. Question is, do they live up to it? I think this D can be truly rare, exceptionally dominant -- as good as the PPE and Floyd Peters' squad. So, it boils down to offense. Starting in the trenches, this O-line is probably on par with the other O-lines, which tells me they need to get a smidge better as a unit to help dominate divisional round, conference championships and the SB. Skill-wise this team does not compare to Moss, Carter, Reed and Smith. The late '80s team had Jordan and Anthony Carter . . . good line, but they forgot about QB and RB . . . so, Zim's squad is better. Balance-wise, I'd have to go with '09 as the winner for offense. Can this squad get there? Can the line dominate and Cousins succeed? I like the blend of skill guys they'll work with. I love the RB depth if Cook stays healthy and I think TE is as talented and deep as the roster's ever been. WRs . . . hmmmm, if Diggs and Thielen play like they did last year - awesome! Need to see how the next 4 blend in. On O-Line, I see Rieff, Remmers, Elflein, Easton, Hill, O'Neill, Gossett and ??? making the active roster. With Elflein at center, this unit will be even better than last year, just pray he stays healthy. I could see 4 TEs being active, with 5 WRs. Cook, Murray, Ham and ??? another tailback would make 4 RBs . . . Cousins and Simean at QB, with Sloter possible. So, that's 23 on the O squad. Defensively, I suspect Zim has some tough choices to make . . . like maybe Robison retires before the season? With all the young blood, would he be savy enough to make the final roster? Keeping 9 active on the D-line seems the trend, right? 6 or 7 LBs, 6 CBs (maybe 7 Rhodes, Waynes, Alexander, Hughes, Newman, ???), 4 Safeties and the special teamers . . . All in all, I don't see how this team is not as talented as any SB-winning roster, ever. Is it deep enough to overcome injuries, should they happen? does the team avoid the negative spotlight? I think Zimmer will keep the reigns on tight and work his magic. It's exciting to see this roster evolve . . . I'm a bit worried Defense is being bought on the premium while the offense is working hard to keep pace . . . I don't know if they have issue with the defense being ranked #1 if they're 15 . . . last year worked well, so let's hope this gang is top-5 all three phases and treats us fans to a non-heartbreaking memorable year!
  3. 2018 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    I have to say when you look at the draft choices and the UDFAs, it looks like there are really solid choices to make up for the players that were cut or left via retirement or FA. Hughes and the kicker surprised me, but I'll let Zimmer and Co. work their magic. Hughes will be critical as a 3rd/4th CB the next two years, and he could be a starter in short order. Heck, last year I liked Dalvin Cook in the 2nd and loved Elflein in the 3rd . . . the way things went this years, would've they both gone in the 1st this year? To me, it was crazy to see the run on RBs and interior OL. That said, I never thought the OL would play like they did last year. All we did was get deeper and younger the past two days. I loved the Gosset pick, especially the value of where he was selected . . . to me, he screams Adam Timmerman, Hugh Thorton, and the guy from Nevada a couple years ago, Joel Bitonio. Gosset played at a small school, so what? One can't teach his size, strength and speed . . . his measurables (except weight) at the combine rival Quentin Nelson. I suspect it'll be ok if he proves to be a poor man's QN. The DL picked up more gifted guys; however, it would've been nice to see a DT grabbed in lieu of Conklin or Carlson in the 5th. Maybe they tried to move up to grab Hurst, but couldn't strike a deal? Overall, 8 draft picks and 12 UDFAs . . . would it be unreasonable to believe 10 make the squad?
  4. Vikings sign...UDFA

    Mitty . . . lighten up, son. The Jacks only beat the Yotes by 3 last year . . . so I know it's tough being 2nd fiddle, but USD is improving. LMAO. GO JACKS!!!!! As for the UDFA's . . . WHAT A CLASS! I realize there are only so many who can be drafted, but wow, getting Hercules (an absolute Tasmanian devil) and my favorite small school WR in JW . . . that's amazing. SKOL!
  5. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Offensive Line

    Oh, and a really intriguing OG prospect to me is Colby Gossett from Appalachian St. 32 reps, 5.20 40-yd dash . . . and nearly 11" hands with 34" arms at 311 lbs. If he were targeted in the 4th, I think he would be a steal. Of course, there'd have to be a trade up -- or back from Rd 3 --- to get him there. Check his numbers vs Will Hernandez . . . interesting! And if he slipped to Rd 5? wow.
  6. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Offensive Line

    I kinda hated eating a bit 'o crow on the O-line last year. I really didn't think Sparano could get the O-line to improve a ton, but he did. Obviously, Elflein was THEE major factor of improved line play. When he was in, calls were made at the line that helped the QBs, and the run game was actually pretty good. The interior O-line FINALLY measured-up to average standards. I also think Keenum's escapability made the O-line look better than they really were individually. I'm glad to see Berger retire. That really opens the door for the Vikes to grab a good OG. BUT . . . they could easily draft OT. Hernandez or McGlinchey would be my preference in Rd 1. However, if they pick OL in Rnds 2 and/or 3, Price could well be available in 2, with Corbett available in Rds 3 or 4? I do have to go homer-ville with a dark horse . . . what if the Vikes drafted Dallas Goedert, TE, SDSU ---- thee South Dakota State Jackrabbit in Rd 1? Before I get scorched . . . lol, my line of thought is give the Vikes a true back-up to Rudolph and someone who can live on a rookie contract while Rudolph keeps earning his pay. Plus, Goedert would really give them a 2nd pass-catching TE option. Seems like that's a nasty duo.
  7. 2018 Vikings Draft Prospects - Offensive Line

    I have to say Colton Miller's making himself some money! Looking at the Vikes OL needs, my first thought is OG is a higher ranking need than OT with how Reiff, Remmers and Hill played last year . . . I thought the three of them played pretty well overall. So, Hernandez and Corbett have definitely impressed so far at the combine, and given Hernandez's weight, strength and 3-cone time, I'd have to consider Hernandez a higher grade than Corbett --- just based on those stats. I may be completely wrong because I've never seen either one of them in games . . . but most draft sites have them ranked 2 & 3 at OG. So, they obviously play well. One guy I'm intrigued by at OT is McGlinchey and it'll be interesting to see how he runs. His bench was good and he's physically similar in height/weight to Miller . . . How's his game compare to Miller's? It'd be nice to have an OT with a nasty streak . . . just a lil less than Kyle Turley nasty . . .lol. In the 1st Rd, right now, I'd lean toward Hernandez, but the Vikes could look to Isidora, maybe Collins to step in for Berger. Then, there's the rumor/gossip of Remmers moving to RG, which would mean Hill, a FA, or a rookie would be RT . . . In that case, McGlinchey or Miller may be the right call. After the DL wraps-up their combine, the 1st Rd pick may very well be a DT . . . In that case, I hope the Vikes look at the 2nd Rd and possibly 3rd guy being OT/OG. Billy Price may slip, but if we need him this year, would he be ready? Cole Madison's another guy that will likely be a 3rd or 4th Rd OL prospect. Guys like Ragnow, Braden Smith and Wyatt Teller might be mid-round candidates, showing good size, speed and strength.
  8. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    Well, that makes it easy . . . pay Bradford and Bridgewater. This has been painful to watch, and yes, 3 turnovers in a championship game is sickening. More importantly, Philly's D played like they had all season while our beloved Vikes D played . . . not normal.
  9. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Jacksonville at New England - 12 Minnesota at Philadelphia - 16
  10. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    For this game, I'm a believer in defense . . . which kind of sucks, since Philly's D has a great D-line rotation and solid LB play. I haven't watched enough of their DBs to know how to rate them, but most of the analysts state the Vikes WRs have an advantage over their DBs. It's exciting to think a Keenum scramble will lead to a big throw downfield where Thielen, Diggs or Rudolph make a huge catch. Then again, what about Wright, Treadwell or Floyd? Even Morgan or Ham could come up huge in this game - even if for just one play. With the weather forecast calling for near 50-degrees at game time, it doesn't sound like there'll be issues with severe conditions; although, footing may be an issue that was reported earlier in the week. How does that go? Well, Marcus Sherels could very well be a major factor with his quickness on returns and the Jet . . . he's my dark-horse superstar for this game. If he can get a few touches where he can get to the 2nd level, I think he's the silver bullet to winning this thing --- well, shortly behind Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes . . . they're shutting this down.
  11. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    I'm so stoked; yet, cautiously optimistic about this NFC Championship game. Like many other old-timers here, I've have my hopes of a trophy crushed in many a NFC Championship game, as well as 3 Super Bowls -- that I watched. That said, if this Skol chant and the new stadium . . . and Keenum, Theilen and this Defense get the Vikes through the game with the Eagles, I'll be one of the happiest men in the world. What I need is for Vikes_Bolts1228, who apparently was at the Saints game to stand up and be supportive. Am I the only one who's so tired of his endless sarcasm, bit*^&g and whining? I'd hope the mods would've at least mentioned to tone it down. But, alas, his freedom of speech rights have been guaranteed . . . did you do your part to earn it? I know I have earned mine. Your negative vibe is just not welcome. So, buck up, be a true Vikings fan . . . or get out. VD is way toooo nice. If you want to troll me . . . have at it.
  12. Divisional Round: Vikings vs. Saints, Week 19

    Interesting that Bradford is the back-up today . . . did he show that much more than Teddy in practice? Or is this a case where Bradford has a whole game of experience against the Saints this season?
  13. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Atlanta at Philadelphia - 4 Tennessee at New England - 8 Jacksonville at Pittsburgh - 2 New Orleans at Minnesota - 6 ** There's no chance of winning this thing . . . lol.
  14. Let the Games Begin! Week 18

    It's getting exciting! Can not wait for this game To say the Saints are an easy victory is short-sighted. This promises to be a tough game; however, I think the Vikes D with Linval up front plugs up the interior run lanes. Then, between Barr and Kendricks, the sideline-to-sideline stuff and screen game should be challenged enough to make it tough on the Saints. Finally, between Rhodes, Waynes, Newman, Smith and Sendejo, I believe the Vikes can win the match-ups against the Saints WRs and TEs. As a Viking fan, it's worth-while to see one good bludgeoning per game, so Linval full-force on Kamara would be fun to watch . . . knock those gold teeth to next year . . . lol. Offensively, the match-ups on Jordan and Lattimore could be tough. We may need chip help on the Saints pass-rush; however, if Lattimore's singled-up on Theilen, I think Diggs goes off. Health is a major component of this game and the Vikes are rested and hungry. I think the Saints are battle-weary . . . still dangerous. So, let's start fast and stay strong -- SKOL!!!!
  15. Let the Games Begin! Week 18

    The two NFC championship games are not the two most devastating historical losses in one year. lol. The Vikes have lost 4 superbowls . . . at least two of those were more significant that the 1998 and 2009 games. It would be damn nice to beat those two teams at home though!