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  1. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    Well, that makes it easy . . . pay Bradford and Bridgewater. This has been painful to watch, and yes, 3 turnovers in a championship game is sickening. More importantly, Philly's D played like they had all season while our beloved Vikes D played . . . not normal.
  2. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Jacksonville at New England - 12 Minnesota at Philadelphia - 16
  3. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    For this game, I'm a believer in defense . . . which kind of sucks, since Philly's D has a great D-line rotation and solid LB play. I haven't watched enough of their DBs to know how to rate them, but most of the analysts state the Vikes WRs have an advantage over their DBs. It's exciting to think a Keenum scramble will lead to a big throw downfield where Thielen, Diggs or Rudolph make a huge catch. Then again, what about Wright, Treadwell or Floyd? Even Morgan or Ham could come up huge in this game - even if for just one play. With the weather forecast calling for near 50-degrees at game time, it doesn't sound like there'll be issues with severe conditions; although, footing may be an issue that was reported earlier in the week. How does that go? Well, Marcus Sherels could very well be a major factor with his quickness on returns and the Jet . . . he's my dark-horse superstar for this game. If he can get a few touches where he can get to the 2nd level, I think he's the silver bullet to winning this thing --- well, shortly behind Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes . . . they're shutting this down.
  4. NFC Championship Game: Vikings at Eagles, Week 20

    I'm so stoked; yet, cautiously optimistic about this NFC Championship game. Like many other old-timers here, I've have my hopes of a trophy crushed in many a NFC Championship game, as well as 3 Super Bowls -- that I watched. That said, if this Skol chant and the new stadium . . . and Keenum, Theilen and this Defense get the Vikes through the game with the Eagles, I'll be one of the happiest men in the world. What I need is for Vikes_Bolts1228, who apparently was at the Saints game to stand up and be supportive. Am I the only one who's so tired of his endless sarcasm, bit*^&g and whining? I'd hope the mods would've at least mentioned to tone it down. But, alas, his freedom of speech rights have been guaranteed . . . did you do your part to earn it? I know I have earned mine. Your negative vibe is just not welcome. So, buck up, be a true Vikings fan . . . or get out. VD is way toooo nice. If you want to troll me . . . have at it.
  5. Divisional Round: Vikings vs. Saints, Week 19

    Interesting that Bradford is the back-up today . . . did he show that much more than Teddy in practice? Or is this a case where Bradford has a whole game of experience against the Saints this season?
  6. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Atlanta at Philadelphia - 4 Tennessee at New England - 8 Jacksonville at Pittsburgh - 2 New Orleans at Minnesota - 6 ** There's no chance of winning this thing . . . lol.
  7. Let the Games Begin! Week 18

    It's getting exciting! Can not wait for this game To say the Saints are an easy victory is short-sighted. This promises to be a tough game; however, I think the Vikes D with Linval up front plugs up the interior run lanes. Then, between Barr and Kendricks, the sideline-to-sideline stuff and screen game should be challenged enough to make it tough on the Saints. Finally, between Rhodes, Waynes, Newman, Smith and Sendejo, I believe the Vikes can win the match-ups against the Saints WRs and TEs. As a Viking fan, it's worth-while to see one good bludgeoning per game, so Linval full-force on Kamara would be fun to watch . . . knock those gold teeth to next year . . . lol. Offensively, the match-ups on Jordan and Lattimore could be tough. We may need chip help on the Saints pass-rush; however, if Lattimore's singled-up on Theilen, I think Diggs goes off. Health is a major component of this game and the Vikes are rested and hungry. I think the Saints are battle-weary . . . still dangerous. So, let's start fast and stay strong -- SKOL!!!!
  8. Let the Games Begin! Week 18

    The two NFC championship games are not the two most devastating historical losses in one year. lol. The Vikes have lost 4 superbowls . . . at least two of those were more significant that the 1998 and 2009 games. It would be damn nice to beat those two teams at home though!
  9. Playoffs Pick 'em!

    Tennessee at Kansas City - 3 Atlanta at Los Angeles Rams - 2 Buffalo at Jacksonville - 4 Carolina at New Orleans - 1
  10. Defense - Raising the Barr

    If we compare Denny Green's concept to Mike Zimmer's, role-reversal comes to mind. Denny spent all his high draft picks on O . . . Moss, McDaniel, Stringer, Stuessie, Smith and probably some others were 1st round picks. 3-deep was truly a nightmare for defenses, so as exciting as it was to watch them, the defense with very little high-draft talent was thin behind the starters. In order to win games (last I checked), you need to keep opponents from scoring. The '98 squad outscored most everybody, and as I recall, they did keep other teams from scoring if you look at score sheets. As I recall, they were so dominant offensively, you didn't notice how later in the season, wins didn't come comfortably. For me, that defense always had me on edge because ya never knew if they would blow the game. Zimmer, conversely, invested more heavily in defense. It's paying off as we see. We're fortunate to have an offense that's substantially more balanced with "lower drafted" personnel. The offense will score points, and this defense is nearly impervious. So, as we go forward, it'll be exciting to see how far Zimmer's concept will carry the team!
  11. Defense - Raising the Barr

    Think back to 1987, 1988, 1998 and 2009 . . . take a moment to compare those teams to this 2017 Vikes squad. Remember in the late '80s how the defense was dominant, but the O was shaky? Those Jerry Burns coached teams weren't as talented at the QB and RB positions as other rosters, but that defense had DBs and DL beyond compare . . . well, actually, this defense has Barr and Kendricks at LB, and I'd say those two are better than Studwell-Merriweather. The '98 team was barely serviceable defensively, and on offense that team had an ailing Robert Smith going into the playoffs. Most importantly, that team had a HC that checked-out in the NFC Conference Championship. The '09 team was nearly as balanced as '17, but they had one glitch . . . their last 4 games, didn't go well and you could sense a lack of confidence going into the playoffs. This team is playing unbelievably confident on both offense and defense. Any one of these last 8 games, they could've floundered hard, but they didn't. Sure, there was a loss on the road to Carolina . . . a game they didn't play well in, and still had a chance to take the lead late. That loss seems to have elevated the "team-ness" for this '17 squad . . . quite frankly, I see these guys playing as wicked as the those reknowned Bucs, Ravens and Steelers teams. So, as the post-season evolves, let's hope they keep things light-hearted, but serious . . . lol.
  12. Road to the Superbowl (Playoff Thread)

    I absolutely loved Zimmer's post-game presser . . . "there's no damn curse". The fact the media had the gall to ask the question was humorous, but Zimmer's response was hilarious . . . having a crystal ball and a wood thingy in his office; had me rolling. On a more serious note, this team is playing every bit a super bowl contender. Really, what can you say about the combination of the defense and offense? . . . if there's any weakness, it's in the special teams. Given the post-season schedule, how would I like to see this play out? Well, I'd love seeing Atlanta and Carolina win in the wild-card rounds, but I don't see either of those two teams beating New Orleans or the Rams. I think the Rams coming to Minny for trip #2 results in the same fate for them as their first run. I hope New Orleans can upset the Eagles in Philly, but they will be playing outdoors. Part of me believes the Saints have a dominant run game, but then again, the Eagles ground game is wicked with Blount and Ajaya. I do believe the difference will be the lack of Carson Wentz . . . with Foles or the other kid, the Eagles look average on offense and their defense wears down, like in the Cowboys game today. So, to me the NFC Championship looks like the Vikes host the Saints. With both of these being dome teams, wouldn't we have to give the edge to the top-rated defense at home? Then, if things pan-out, the Vikes host the SuperBowl . . . as much as I'd love to see the game outdoors in the old Met (even TFC), I think any AFC team coming to this stadium will have more experience, more SB wins and be the favorite. At the time of kick-off, all I can pray for is a solid game for all three phases of the Vikings team.
  13. Da D' Nasty Game Winner on Page 16!

    Gotta tip my hat to Freakish and VD . . . that Philly O really wrecked any hope of winning this. I thought about going with the Colts, but figured Philly, outdoors, cold and Foles . . . even though they'd been giving up big yards on the road -- it wasn't meant to be . . . lol. Now the Vikes, on the other hand! SKOL!!!!! That was the Dominant D of the Day!
  14. Week 17: Bears (5-10) at VIKINGS (12-3)

    Barr and Sendejo are playing off the charts!
  15. Da D' Nasty Game Winner on Page 16!

    Week #1: Broncos Week #2: Seahawks Week #3: Vikings Week #4: Texans Week #5: Steelers Week #6: Falcons Week #7: Dolphins Week #8: Saints Week #9: Jaguars Week #10: Rams Week #11: Ravens Week #12: Chiefs Week #13: Chargers Week #14: Browns Week #15: Bills Week #16: Bears Week #17: Eagles