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  1. Week 10: VIKINGS (6-3) at Cowboys (5-3)

    The offensive line was challenged in a major way tonight, and they endured. I think they won.
  2. Week 10: VIKINGS (6-3) at Cowboys (5-3)

    Gentlemen . . . it's been a long time, as I've been a tad busy on work. I just watched a game that almost gave me a heart attack . . . Can you dig it???!!!!
  3. Jaguars release QB Cody Kessler

    Congrats on drafting and signing Garnder Minshew. I have to admit I'm a long-time Vikings fan, 45+ years, but as I've grown up, I've always found a few college players I love to watch go into the NFL and prove their worth. Most of the time, I'm just cheering to see a SoDak State Jackrabbit make a team. However, in the early '90s I got stationed at Fairchild AFB, WA, so the WAZZU Cougs became a favorite, and now my wife is a crimson and gray bleeding, screaming fan. She's also one heck of a pessimist when it comes to Cougin it, and understanding the game is not a strength of hers. So, last year as we watched the Cougs weekly, I watched Minshew. I'm probably not the best at predicting things, but he's not Tim Tebow with a noodle arm. Minshew had good receivers and a spread formation and he bought time, looked defenders off, made tight throws. Nope, I didn't see a rocket-fired blistering fastball . . . I saw timing and touch mostly, but every once in a while he'd letter rip. Across the country, people may say the Pac 12 was weak . . . the guy did amazing things as a leader and as a guy that put his team in position to score points. If he's ever given the chance, I hope the Stache' slings it.
  4. The 2019 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    I really like this draft because the Vikes selected best available to fill needs. Going in to the draft, I didn't think Bradbury would last to 18, but I was also really high on Lindstrom. I also watched a lot of WAZZU games last year and the two players that jumped off the screen were Dillard and Minshew. Would've loved Dillard, but like many, I think Bradbury kills two birds with one stone . . . and gives the Vikes higher quality back-up/depth for two centers+. I also really, really like the Irv Smith pic . . . in this system with Kubiak, he'll become Shannon Sharpe re-incarnate, or at least used that way. Not sure about Mattison, but if Cook tweaks a nail again, he may not see the field. Under Kubiak and the Shanahan system, his successful teams the RBs typically carry 300+ per season and get 4.5 ypc or better. I'm looking forward to seeing how the team evolves the next 5-6 months . . . SKOL!
  5. 2019 Draft Talk

    I would hope they don't move Waynes. Just given how he's grown is impressive, but right now, he'd be the #1 CB in this draft board. So, if a team were to offer a pick in the 10-20 overall range, it'd be hard to pass-up, but the Vikes could get their O-linemen . . . in that scenario and assuming Dillard's on the board, I'd grab him for the LT spot and Lindstrom, a pure RG, for the 2nd pick. Then again, maybe ya use #18 on Greedy Williams to replace Waynes at 1/10th the price?
  6. 2019 Draft Talk

    I've been torn at 18 between Lindstrom, Bradbury and Ford. I think Ford and Lindstrom are RG studs, with Lindstrom having played those guys from Clemson every year . . . he's got all the measurables, really the optimum next to Andre' Dillard. Plus, he appears to have the intangibles ya like for tough O-linemen. Ford's more beastly, but not as fast or quick, so I'm not sure if that hinders him in a zone blocking scheme where he has to get out and downfield some. As for Bradbury, what's not to like? I just don't know the Vikes NEED him at center. Elflein's going to bounce back from the injury and mentally he should be fine. Then again, if the Vikes draft Bradbury, there may be a lot more to the story. As for Lindstrom being available in Rd 2, well, let's just say I was shocked when Kiper mocked him to the Packers at 12. Based on his combine and Senior Bowl, I don't see him lasting until even pick 35, much less 50.
  7. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Can't field an elite defense, great OL, $30m QB and have 3 receivers capable of putting up top 25 numbers. Seems far too unrealistic. At some point, sacrifices have to be made. Receivers are the first spot to look at given how much Cousins, Thielen and Diggs make. We're going to have to lean on cheap FAs, mid round draft picks, to fix everything else. Sure ya can. You draft a WR that's capable of stepping in if Diggs or Thielen get hurt and have the kid produce. It's rare that a 3 WR set can have 3 guys actually produce 1,000 yards. Last time I think it happened was the Cardinals with Palmer as QB. Yes, the Vikes need to have an O-line that plays top 12 or better . . . goes without saying. To me, that means they need to spend 2 of their top 3 or 4 picks on OLine. But, the other choices could go anywhere, WR being one of them. Some experts show Hakeem Butler falling to the Vikes in Rd 2, but I find that highly unlikely. Now, the two WRs from OH State? They could work. There are options, but right now, the Vikes are missing a WR that can lock down #3 and actually pressure Diggs and Thielen for the spotlight. They need that threat.
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Glad to see we extended Thielen . . . he's earned it! Cheers to him producing clutch catches throughout the rest of his career. Now about this #3 guy . . . the Vikes need a guy capable of producing a 1,000 yard, 10 TD season in case of injury, but more importantly someone reliable that can help move the chains would be a major improvement. I can't recall how many drops Treadwell had on situations like 2nd and 6 or 3rd and 8 . . . more than I care to gripe over, lol.
  9. Draft Lead Up: Question 1 - OL Choice

    I like a lot of these prospects, but figuring Dillard, Taylor and Williams could be gone by the Vikes selection, I went with Bradbury. I love Lindstrom too, but feel like he's totally a RG, and maybe that's the choice if he's slipping in the 2nd. Bradbury can be a strong LG in the ZBS with quick feet and good anchor. He's a bit light and his arms a bit short, but that strength and speed are hard to match. Finally, I see a lot of guys say that if we pick Bradbury, Elflein automatically gets the boot from the center position . . . I don't buy that. BUT, I do love the thought of having two guys capable of running the pivot at pro-bowl level. Case in point . . . remember Berger at center . . . oofda.
  10. 2019 Draft Talk

    Given the depth of OL and DL, as well as WR . . . why would you gamble with your 2nd Rd pick? True, every single pick is some level of a gamble. This isn't a situation where we go with an Erasmus James or Underwood style pick. Believe in the metrics and the tape. If the NFL standard is you need a laterally quick guy to play OT, and he has to bench 225 26 times and run a 5.1782 second 40 to have a chance at being a successful tackle . . . why pick a 5.3 second guy that benches few reps? Especially if his work ethic isn't all there . . . I'm all in on Bradbury or Lindstrom with #18. Would/should the Vikes trade up for another guy they need? Sure, say Williams slides to 26 and the Colts want Waynes . . . say the Vikes already have Bradbury (who I presume to be a LG), would you take Williams . . . or Dexter Lawrence if he were available? I'd personally hope they keep Waynes (he's good), but that kind of offer for a behemoth like Lawrence? Plus ya still have your other picks? Shoot . . . I'd be dancing a jig.
  11. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I agree Sherels was a consistent, reliable returner. When he was back there, I never really felt like there was going to be a mistake play. Every once in a while, he'd turn in a nice return, and over several years nailed a few TDs. The ST were his strength. The staff must really feel good about Hughes, Hill and Abdullah as returners going forward. I hope we as fans can have the same trust in them as we did Sherels.
  12. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    To me, the Vikes are stuck with a bad OL because they haven't had chemistry and leadership . . . talent of course, helps. Elflein's return helps, but getting a stable of horses that work together is the key. Between Easton's injury, Sparano's death, Elflein returning from injury late, and a new QB, last season was a recipe for disaster . . . and it was. When the Vikes drafted Kalil, I thought Finally, they drafted a need AND talent. Whoops, what a one year wonder that experiment was. The Vikes need a new Zimmerman, McDaniel, Hutchison to pair with Elflein and O'Neill (who I think will be really good if they don't screw up and move him to LT). They need a RG . . . They might need a LG, and they need a future LT. So, use #18 overall to get that perennial pro-bowl caliber RG! Use a 3rd or 4th Rd pick to get the developmental LT; I prefer someone who has the size and speed, but needs to add strength.
  13. 2019 Draft Talk

    With Free Agency moving players all over it's a total crap shoot as to who the Vikes select. I think the Panthers getting Paradis opens the door for Bradbury at 18; however, I like the way Elflein's been playing center, and I think he's at the spot where he gets Pro-bowl consideration. Bradbury at LG would be really nice. At RG, the two guys I like are Ford and Lindstrom, with Lindstrom being the true RG . . . it's what he's played in the ACC for 2 or 3 years. Gotta watch more games of Lindstrom . . . he faced-off with Wilkins and Lawrence, as well as other big-time DTs. If he truly held his own in those games, and his interviews are solid, I like to believe he's really high on the Vikes draft board. What more could you want in a blue-collar, near-blue-chip RG? His athleticism and experience are highly regarded, and that combine performance puts him in the Dillard-Bradbury realm. I think Ford's game tape shows he can play at the college level very well. His measurables to me do not speak to immediate success in the NFL. Sure he weighs 330-ish, but he should be benching 225 28+ reps. His 40-time is good, and his lateral quickness is ok for his size. I do wonder how he would anchor-up on the Linval Josephs and Akiem Hicks of the world, and should the Vikes draft him, I guess we'll find out. So, Rd 1 = Lindstrom (to me). Rd 2 should be either a WR, Safety or TE. At WR, should we look at a slot-type guy, or a lanky large catch radius guy? The burners I think will be available include Isabella and McLaurin. the all-arounders that could be available include Deebo Samuel, Miles Boykin, etc. Not sure who would be best, but a guy that and impact every game is what the Vikes need as a 3rd WR. How many times have we watched Treadwell drop a 1st down pass? How often did Robinson make impact plays? Really, past Diggs and Thielen, the Vikes have 0 reliability. Not saying they need a third 1,000 yard receiver, but they need a receiver capable of producing 1,000 yards and 8-10 TDs should one of the other guys get hurt. Plus, as much as I like Marcus Sherels on punts, missing a Harvin/Patterson threat back there is boring, if not troublesome. I could see a DT being picked in Rd 2, and if Tillery's available, yep, get him. Wren from AZ state may be a surprise here. In Rd 3, I'd like the Vikes to look at OL again . . . need quality depth badly. 2 of the past 3 years, injuries have derailed the OL. Could we just plug Froholdt in there? Or we could go with Udoh, Haynes, Tytus Howard or Trey Pipkins (more likely a Rd 4-5 guy). The other postion for this Rd would be a RB in my mind. Maybe they grab the horse from Nebraska or Barnes from K-State? For Rd 4, filling in needs of quality depth or looking to future cap casualties, is imperative . . . maybe DE, CB or Safety here . . . maybe yet another O-lineman? My home-town pick here would be Jordan Brown, CB from SD State Jackrabbits. Kahlen Saunders could be a steal here at DT. Rd 5? Rd 6 = If Gardner Minshew's on the board, the Vikes NEED to draft him. Kid's a leader and a half. Has a good enough arm and is pretty stout, even when being targeted. I believe the Vikes have 4 picks between Rds 6 and 7, right? It would sure be nice to have some or all of those leveraged to move up and pick quality depth/future starters in Rds 3, 4 and 5.
  14. 2019 Draft Talk

    How to guess what's going to transpire the next 50 days or so . . . lol. After the combine, it's really interesting to see the top 10 or 15. I don't agree that Murray is the best guy in this draft, but there's a hype-train leading me to believe he'll be selected in the top 10, along with Haskins. So, there's 2. Then, there's the edge guys: Bosa, Ferrell, Gary, Allen, and Sweat . . . So, 5 more off the board. DTs should cover two slots in Williams and Oliver, maybe Wilkins . . . 3. OK, so I'm going to 15 . . . 1 WR (Metcalf) and 2 CBs (Williams and Baker) and two OTs (Dillard and Taylor) round out the first 15 selections. Oh shoot, bump the two OTs and insert the two LBs (White and Bush). That leaves the Vikes in the 3rd slot with every O-Lineman on the board. Do I believe the draft will truly fall this way? Nah, but if 15 picks are made without one O-lineman going, wouldn't it be wise for the Vikes to trade up and get their pick of the litter? My fear would be Carolina takes Bradbury and Houston trades up with Cleveland to grab Dillard. Not that Lindstrom, Ford or Williams would be bad consolation prizes, but at that point, trading down might be a wise choice.
  15. 2019 Draft Talk

    Metcalf wasn't the only WR to put up some impressive numbers, but wow! If his pro-day and interviews go well, I could see him being picked by the Lions, Broncos, or Bills in the top 10. If the Vikes picked him, they'd have to be thinking 3-Deep reincarnate . . . I just don't think you catch that lightning in a bottle twice. I hope they stick to the O-Line plan for Rd 1 . . . yes, there appears to be great depth there, but ya still need the blue-chipper on this unit. Personally, Dillard would be a steal at 18, and he's likely gone before then. Given the IOL combine results, I'm loving what Lindstrom and Bradbury displayed. The close 4th/5th to these 3 IMO are Udoh and Opeta . . . those guys put on a small-school clinic. I also have to admit I hoped Cody Ford and Dalton Risner would show better . . . not that their respective pro days won't show improved results. Cody Ford may slip out of the 1st round, if his bench # is real. Seems like he'll improve on that though. Risner was way slower in the 40 than I thought he'd be, but his lateral numbers are fairly good, so his interviews and tape have a lot to do with where he goes. The final two guys to discuss are Jonah Williams and Jawaan Taylor . . . Williams' numbers were average in general; yet, we all know the guy can play. It'll be interesting to see Taylor's numbers. For me, if the Vikes took Lindstrom or Bradbury in Rd 1, I'd be stoked. Fant or Hockenson could be great too; however, there are a lot of TEs that will be available in Rd 2 or 3 that are as fast and as big. Question is in film . . . can the catch and block? Foster Moreau probably made himself some money today.