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  1. Nothing makes the MoL happier than altuve being exposed for the fraud he is.
  2. Your mother said the same thing about the MoL tbh
  3. At least your ex wife is downstairs and not still in the backseat of your car
  4. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    How are they being incompetent? We gave up basically nothing to get a 3 WAR OF who’s gonna be making under $10 million. Adell was always gonna start the season in AAA. I see no downside here from the Angels perspective.
  5. Around The League V.2

    plus they played about the only possible team that made it tolerable to be glad that they won
  6. Around The League V.2

    Lol, pretty sure what he’s been doing thus far in his career is working just fine.
  7. If you are a kid in LA and Kobe was your hero and essentially invincible from the time you were like four years old throughout your childhood and into college, it is okay to be sad. And you, or anybody, have no right to tell others how to grieve. its disheartening that people still think like this in 2020. Try evolving from the 1950s. Thanks.
  8. Dante Scarnecchia Retires

    Not the mention the TB method has clearly worked for him. He has enough money to not be a snake oil salesman. Probably has a clear conscience because he feels that he’s helping others.
  9. Dante Scarnecchia Retires

    And we just moved up a spot on that list. Rip Kobe
  10. Still doesn’t seem real. Outside of people that I’m close to on a personal level, I can’t imagine anything hitting me worse than this.
  11. Absolutely devastating. Can’t even put this into words. He was every kid in LA’s hero. Larger that life. I’m crushed
  12. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    Lincecum was great, but it wasn’t like he was Pedro dominant for that stretch. And even if he was, 4 years is still pushing it. Putting up a 72 ERA+ in the following 5 years makes it a real no go for me. I’m pro rewarding dominant stretches more than they do, but you can’t come in sub 30 WAR and be a HOFer imo. I’d put him in the hall of very good with guys like Waino, Haren, Weaver etc from that era.
  13. Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to HoF

    This. A HOF without Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, and Ramirez is a joke. Sosa should be in too. He deserves extra credit for saving the game along with McGwire in addition to his CS prowess
  14. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern has died

    What an absurd statement. rip david
  15. Such a strange all around year in all honesty. Hard Knocks, the AB drama, absurd schedule, injuries, looking awful at times, horrible point differential, the against Jacksonville. -106 point differential, but also conceivably could have won 10 games (hou+jax+today). All things considered, 7-9 seems about right. Have another good draft, get guys healthy, sign a couple productive free agents, and moving into the new stadium gives us a lot to be excited about for next season imo.