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  1. Guenther has to be on the hot seat at some point soon. 3 years in and essentially no improvement as an overall unit.
  2. Kicking the FG last drive was waiving the white flag. Disappointing
  3. What a huge drive. Keep up that aggressiveness and we’ll have a helluva second half.
  4. Reggie Miller and Chris Webber are an abomination to commentary. LeBron still GOAT tbh
  5. So many conspiracy theories lol. CBS has a single game this week, and the local LA team is on in the LA market. It’s not that tough to figure out, and I hate it just as much as the next guy, but it is what it is.
  6. If they can’t get up for a game in New England, they aren’t ready for primetime. Not saying they’ll win, but they need to be competitive.
  7. Next week is nothing like a trap game. They’ll be ready to go for Foxborough.
  8. That FG was so ballsy. I love it. That’s a call that sets the tone for the season akin to JDR going for two against these guys in 2016.
  9. I’m partial to Vanguard. User friendly interface imo.
  10. This post made me lose it tbh
  11. Completely agree. Nobody seems to want to admit it, but he’s fat and out of shape. Can’t convince me that and the injuries aren’t related. Not saying he’s not a good player, but he’s not living up to that contract.
  12. Disagree on being ultra conservative in the second half. Had 4 real drives and scored 17 points. The punt drive was certainly conservative, but they seemed to be going all in on feeding Jacobs all game. Good: the offense bad: the defense ugly: Trent brown is a waste of money. Maybe if he controlled his weight, he wouldn’t be perpetually injured. I’m not impressed.
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