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  1. Obviously two great wins to start the season, but the last couple of years are preventing me from getting too excited about it. Agreed with the comments above - next week feels like the trap games of 2019/2020 even though it’s earlier in the year. I’ll be all in on the hype if they can come out and steamroll Miami next week. O-line still the biggest long term concern.
  2. Dart is gonna get Williams the full time gig
  3. Thank God that Dart didn’t get any action before Helton got fired
  4. The 4th quarter comeback after tucker’s field goal was so wild and yet it’s just a footnote after that OT. im optimistic about our WR going forward tbh
  5. Atrocious play by James. Good decision to go for it, but you need to execute that.
  6. It’s remarkable that they’re only down 4
  7. As great as Waller is, carr at least needs to try to look elsewhere
  8. Lane is coming back and they’re gonna win multiple national titles folks
  9. Joey Freshwater would win multiple national titles at SC tbh
  10. How clay helton is still employed is beyond me
  11. Swoosh is like the small brother perpetually imitating the MoL
  12. I am fully vaccinated, got covid a month ago, and the cough still ******* sucks. And the rib pain is even worse. Good luck.
  13. I’d argue that’s not a problem and anybody ingesting the horse medicine form deserves what they get tbh
  14. Tbh I think the media’s insistence on portraying Ivermectin as a horse drug is a little disingenuous, and this is coming from someone who gets a real kick out of these inbred hicks taking the horse paste and ****ting themselves. And by no means am I advocating it for covid, but it’s a pretty great drug for humans too tbh
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