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  1. This is what this forum has come to for QB evaluation? Lol
  2. His misreading was thinking that I care about these games half as much as he does lol
  3. and frankly I’m glad to depart this house given the tenants. but you all know the mol will still come out on top.
  4. It’s unfortunate that Julie didn’t have the courage to do the right thing after a rigged vote.
  5. Not surprising that a simpleton like yourself would find it clever to refer to me as a she. Really got me there.
  6. The best time is always now for long term index fund investments tbh. Idiots shouldn’t be getting in on anything else. This thread seems like it should be renamed to the gambling thread instead of investing thread.
  7. Lot of unnecessary doom and gloom regarding having the 17th pick. You can certainly find a difference maker at that point in the first. I think we’ve ****ed up enough high picks to know there’s no guarantees here. do I have confidence in them to find a difference maker at 17? No, but they also took Clelin Ferrell at number 4. Poor drafting regardless of draft position is the issue here. They aren’t trading for any elite talent either.
  8. Twitter is legitimately treating the President of the United States the same way Webby treated me when I was 13. Amazing.
  9. I got a good kick out of this given your earlier post. Gotta give you props for this one.
  10. That’s a helluva buyout to pay to bring in Seven Win Sark.
  11. I’d rather force them to go 50 or so yards in 15 seconds than 75 yards in a minute.
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