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  1. Someone needs to start a petition to get Collinsworth out of NBC 🙄 everytime he has to change his cowboys shorts I must mute.
  2. Breakout szn 🥰 EDIT: @Kiltmanspent like 5 mins trying to embed this lol. Beat me to it
  3. Fire Howie. Just wanted to leave this here before the pick was made.
  4. Interesting... so there is a legitimate chance we’re not looking at WR in R1? I’m so glad tiktok boy is not an Eagle.
  5. Good riddance. Wentz is so damn soft.
  6. 🐐is back Slay and Lane also restructuring
  7. He also didn't help Reagor develop very much. Constantly over or under throwing him even when wide open. Hurts came in and you can almost see the chemistry instantly change not just with Reagor, but with the team. The OL started blocking better, I know Im not the only one who saw that. He came in, in a even uglier situation and performed better than Wentz. Don't remember who pointed it out here, but made an excellent point. Rodgers was pleading for help in the draft, they also took a QB in the early rounds and dude responded with a MVP season. Wentz was kicking and screaming on the
  8. How long until Carson says "We have to take a long hard look at ourselves" or "I have to be better"? Over or under 3 games?
  9. Howie Roseman is still GM on this team. Nuff said.
  10. I will take it... get that coward out of town. Wish Howie would be next.
  11. His statue should definitely be next to Frank Gore. 2 Philly legends.
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