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  1. We have a overreact thread here for a reason lol. We’re going to act like we had Lane Johnson today? We had 2 rookies on the right side today. It was a nice surprise while it lasted to be up 17, but this had a loss written all over it coming into the game. Kerrigan has been a thorn for us for years, and you have a promising young Dline with Young and Sweat Props to you guys though for attacking our clear weakness coming into the game... we got smacked all game long by your dline.
  2. Reagor had great separation, would have been a touchdown, no question. Carson has been hit all day, the pressure had to be in his head for that drive. The LJ and BB effect. I see a Reagor TD coming in the second half though πŸ‘€
  3. All offseason we heard Washington fans talking about how Terry was going to light up Slay. He had a nice catch earlier, but I’m still waiting lol
  4. Our TEs looking in mid season form πŸ”₯ Reagor looks good playing outside as well.
  5. I loved Maddox since his first game with us. Dude just competes and leaves it all out on the field.
  6. Was literally thinking the same thing lol
  7. Should not have a hard time finding a job.
  8. Already an injury? 😒 major blow to the offensive line. We lost arguably the best guard in the game.
  9. Congrats @EaglesPeteC πŸ‘πŸ½ Funniest guy on the forum. Wonder how many β€œDak Sucks” posts contributed to this πŸ˜‚
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