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  1. I forget Genard Avery is on the team 😂
  2. Congrats @EaglesPeteC 👏🏽 Funniest guy on the forum. Wonder how many “Dak Sucks” posts contributed to this 😂
  3. 2020 Schedule Release

    Week 13 in GB
  4. Man.... add another one to the list of Eagles who passed recently. Passed always due to COVID-19 complications. RIP **** Lucas
  5. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    Where do we talk about UDFA signings/prospects? Has David Woodward signed with anyone yet? Cant seem to find anything on that... Also really like the Michael Warren pickup.
  6. Wasn’t sure if I was the only one who noticed. Dude was legit smiling from ear to ear. Hurts was confused 😂. This makes me wanna laugh and cry.
  7. Charles Robinson, Yahoo Sports: “I actually had a source who was kind of on the inside of this whole recruitment — not recruitment, the whole building of the profile on Jalen Hurts and getting to this point where they made the pick which, by the way, I can tell you they leaned hard into the coaching staff on that pick. Okay? Howie Roseman, the general manger, leaned in to what he felt the coaching staff wanted and also his past history of valuing quarterbacks. But this was definitely a coaching staff pick. I would say more so than even a personnel side pick, more so than the scouts, I think this was a coaches pick.” https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2020/4/27/21238391/eagles-jalen-hurts-taysom-hill-package-steroids-nfl-draft-philadelphia-offense-quarterback-wentz-qb
  8. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    Yep. Only time will tell. Wasn’t a fan of it initially, but I’ve tried to see the positive in the selections. Obviously the Hurts pick was the most questionable, especially considering we could have had Fulton who I would have loved there.
  9. Seeing K’Von Wallace be so stoked to be a Eagle, makes me happy. Already Interacting with the team, the players, the fans... I like this kid’s attitude.
  10. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    I mean, we got another 2021 5th in return.... but helping Dallas get their Center?
  11. 2020 Draft | Eagles WAR ROOM- Day Three

    #164 + 2021 5th