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  1. 10-21 against the Eagles. We will miss you Eli.
  2. Jason Michael As coach: Tennessee (2003–2004) Graduate assistant Oakland Raiders (2005) Quality control coordinator New York Jets (2006) Quality control coordinator & quarterbacks coach New York Jets (2007) Tight ends coach Tennessee (2008) Tight ends coach San Francisco 49ers (2009–2010) Offensive assistant & quarterbacks coach San Diego Chargers (2011–2013) Tights end coach Tennessee Titans (2014–2015) Offensive coordinator Tennessee Titans (2016–2017) Quarterbacks coach Arizona Cardinals (2018) Tight ends coach Indianapolis Colts (2019-present) Tight ends coach Worth mentioning he has some OC experience. I think having a guy with so much experience like Caldwell will only help Doug grow even more as a head coach. We'd be bringing in a guy with championship pedigree UNDER Doug, with actual OC & HC experience. I think Jim has so much too offer as an OC and to me looks like the best candidate available. Dolphins apparently just announced he's not returning to the team, maybe we interview him soon?
  3. Sounds like mere speculation by La Canfora. Would be a big flop if it happens. As for the hold up in finding new OC, I can't think of any candidate the Eagles could possibly be waiting on other than Mike Kafka. Although he's done tremendous work with Mahomes, he's obviously not being considered as QB coach.... he's being considered as OC which he clearly has no experience in. Caldwell is looking like the best choice for me right now.
  4. Heard Jax and JDF mutually parted ways, technically not fired. What if the reason he left the Jags was to take our vacant OC job?
  5. Personally, I'm not happy he left. I'm a Undlin fan and think he did excellent with what he was given to work with. We saw unexpected guys like Maddox & LeBlanc develop over the years and he never had an above average corner, IMO. Undlin had success in Denver early in the No Fly Zone era and now has 2 SB rings. Speaks for itself. However, as a DC, I wish him the best but don't see him being a good DC. Wonder why Patricia decided to go with Undlin for DC. His only experience as DC was with the California Luteran (2000–2001).
  6. Fair enough, my mistake. Thanks for the input.
  7. I would like him back as QB coach too. He also played a key role in Minshew's development. If he's coming back, it will be for OC. Have to admit I haven't kept up much with his playcalling in Minesotta or Jax, but his complaint apparently per @.Buzz is that he chose to ran HEAVILY. Not sure if that will necessarily be a bad thing, since Doug will call most plays anyway, we could use someone to open up some plays for Sanders + Howard(?) since DP loves to pass. Personally I'm indifferent. If he gets hired for OC, I wont be mad. IF he doesn't get hired, there are still some options out there. I expect a decision closer to around when the AFC and NFC Championship games end.
  8. Jaguars fire OC John DeFlippo

    I'm expecting him to AT LEAST be looked at for our open OC position by us. Played a key role in Carson's development, and with Pederson calling most of the plays, a reunion sounds tempting.
  9. I always though we should incorporate him more on the offense in trick plays kinda how the Saints utilize Taysom Hill. It looked like we were trying to do that towards the end of the season, but the defense would just blow the play up. Might just need more practice? Hoping he stays on the team with a full offseason to work with.
  10. How dare you? I got money on Nabbs
  11. Well to be fair, were you excited when Frank Reich got hired? lol I remember hating the hire.