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  1. If fans aren't aware of the importance of Top 100 picks, they should do some googling
  2. I know when I grow my hair out, the concentration required forces my career to take a major hit
  3. I love the idea some sell that this defense is built to play better with a lead. What defense isn't ?
  4. My first thought when MLF said that was, is the defense capable of doing either ? The only thing that stopped the Lions was penalties and Goffs girlie hands.
  5. Lose 5 pounds and pocket the $1,500. I'm not Greg LeMond and remind myself of that every time I think I should upgrade. Sooo many variables that come into play with your questions. Some say why go disc if you are worried about weight ??? I stay more toward the vintage stuff so it's easier and cheaper to mess around with different combos. I do have a wheelset problem and can't pass up good deals. Again staying on the cheaper side of things. The only thing carbon I have is a Kestrel 200 SCI.
  6. Something like 63-10 sounds logical, but weirder things have happened
  7. If you rely on others to make your decisions for you, you're gonna be led astray quite a bit. Use your eyes and brain and decide for yourself.
  8. Where did all the hotshots with their xbox takes go ? Bed time ?
  9. Last year Rodgers had a lot of underthrows on the deep ball. So far a lot of overthrows this year
  10. The Lions showed the exact same blitz before the timeout.
  11. Apparently MLF thinks going shotgun every snap is the way to go.
  12. It's pretty obvious. Even last year.
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