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  1. I was being condescending. That said - 55 times in 18 weeks would be 3 passes per week.
  2. Yes - I clearly stated numerous times that I don't think he threw at all.
  3. I guess you guys call MLF a liar every single presser when he talks about the importance of reps. Love had zero reps before this year. Literally impossible to work on "footwork as it fits this scheme" unless you are taking live reps via 7 on 7 at the minimum. Everyone from MLF to Gute to the Easter Bunny has said that Love has a long way to go. This isn't even about trying to read the tea leaves. There is factual stuff you guys are flat out ignoring. Mental reps ?? Please. Someone needs to explain the concept of mental reps with zero physical memory backup. Did Love work on throwing the
  4. Of course I'm right. First of all - that coach that you said the Packers hired for Love - has been his personal coach since the 8th grade, so not sure what you're smoking. That means he has been working on his technique with a coach for quite some time now. Show me the offseason video where he drops back to pass and diagnoses a play, or reads a defense, or goes through progressions, because we already know it didn't happen in season. Does dropping back and hopping over blocking dummies before throwing a 5 yard out to an uncovered receiver equal running the offense ? Was he doing 7 on 7's or 11
  5. Because it pretty much was a lost season. Has there been an MLF presser that didn't talk about the importance of reps and experience ?? I can put out a video throwing 5 yard outs to an uncovered receiver and make it look cool
  6. 88% were won by the team with a Top 10 defense The last 3 Packer exits - the defense gave up 31, 37, 44 Rodgers and Favre account for 3 Super Bowls. All 3 of those teams had a Top 10 defense Bart Starr had 2 SB wins. Both teams had a Top 10 defense Care to guess how many Top 10 scoring defenses the Packers have had in the last 29 years in a Division that has been pretty horrible with horrible QB play to boot ?? And to take it even one step further, each of those 29 defenses had a very prolific offense and HOF QB's to help them out.
  7. Not sure how you exactly define leverage, but if the standoff continues, and Rodgers shows up very late with an obvious "players play" condescending attitude, the ensuing media circus, espn trucks, 15 minute updates, barrage of questions to anyone and everyone, is something the front office would dread. A reporter I don't recall mentioned the team was mentally toast due to the Favre situation. I would predict a very flat season if Rodgers showed up with both sides still under tension. All the players and coaches would say the right things, but you can't avoid the mental drain that would come w
  8. Can't say I know the logistics, but Linsley said talks never happened
  9. That's where the Nagler video comes in. But hey - keep up the good fight
  10. During his Monday press conference, Linsley said there have been no talks between his agent and the organization about another contract. If Linsley doesn't return to Green Bay in 2021, Sunday's loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will serve as Linsley's final game as a member of the Packers. Jan 25, 2021
  11. If those types of conversations happen - then I'm cool with it. There are numerous times when the player say they have heard nothing - which to me - means they have literally heard nothing
  12. So there is a certain dollar amount where one should be prepared that no heads up is necessary ??
  13. You asked for evidence - and I gave it to you. Now it's not good enough. Shocker. No - I can't confirm or deny that Gute didn't call Linsley to see if he caught the latest Game of Thrones episode. As usual, I'm not interest in your sparring games.
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