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  1. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    The interesting part for me is how Gute will handle it. He has shown that if you're not gonna buy in or if you have attitude issues, you're gone. The downside is that it gives players an easy out. Your move Gute
  2. TEs in the McCarthy/Rodgers System

    The Jackson / Chmura offense was my all time fave
  3. Mark Murphy must go!!

    30 years ago I would totally agree. Not so sure anymore. Winning is addictive.
  4. Well I'm a pretty skeptical guy by nature. I've watched his chats for something to do. The quality is directly related to the fans asking questions so it can be brutal, but I watch anyway. He doesn't offer up much, you can tell he holds back some things. But on more than one occasion he has mentioned in passing Ball having some GM type duties to fill in for TT and mentioned Hyde, Hayward, and Peppers not returning because of Ball. Like I've said numerous times, take it for what it's worth, but just the way he presented it, I believe him.
  5. I'm sure not, but like I said - believe what you like. I believe the guy with the inside info.
  6. I guess I don't have an opinion either way. I just know he seems pretty good at contracts
  7. Well then you don't believe Nagler - that's fine. I do.
  8. That was never the rumored scenario.
  9. I'll take Nagler's word over the fanbase. And it makes sense. TT never let guys like that walk.
  10. Because the rumors do seem to connect the dots. Ball is good with negotiating contracts, but that's about it. The rest was hashed out months ago, but I definitely believe Ball had some GM duties when TT 's issues began and that's why we don't have Hayward, Hyde, among other things
  11. Lock Ball in a room with the checkbook. From the rumors that seem to be true, I don't want him near anything else
  12. He's the only guy with hiring experience. Other than duties such as those, I think he will leave Gute alone and get back to the District stuff
  13. Ball could be an issue. Let's not forget that when Ball was rumored to be in the running for GM, MM was like I'm outta here. Ball could be holding grudges