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  1. WR is not high on my list of needs. The Packers can win the Super Bowl with the current offensive talent. Obviously OT needs to be sorted out. What flies under the radar for me is that the Packers have had a long line of WR's passing down knowledge and how to be a pro since literally forever. I think it's a thing. No way you can come to Green Bay and survive without falling in step with Adams, who fell in step with Nelson, who fell in step with ......
  2. Sorry. I honestly don't understand what you're arguing. I'm not invested or have a bias. I heard something in the last few days and posted it in this thread. As I said, I'm not interested in comparing TT and Gute. Especially this early in Gutes tenure.
  3. I feel the same way. Was just posting an interesting tidbit
  4. You want to be able to pick and choose what TT was responsible for ?? There is an insider story behind every draft pick and every FA move and every cut. Do you want proof of each one ? There are scouts and coaches giving opinions and advice on everything. TT had the final say on personnel. You can't disregard Bostick but call him a God for drafting Rodgers. For all we know, he wanted Luis Castillo but every scout convinced him otherwise. And I don't care about comparing TT and Gute. If coaches say a player is an absolute moron and will cost you football games, you need to listen. That's part
  5. No context needed. Saw it on a recent chat and this seemed to be the best place for it. What was the context behind the Rodgers pick ?? What was the context behind letting Hyde and Hayward walk ?? Or the Bakhtiari pick ?? TT was in charge of personnel decisions.
  6. Fun Fact via Nagler chat: Coaches were telling TT to cut Bostick. TT didn't listen
  7. Absolutely he was off on some guys. No different than 100% of everyone out there. But I don't recall anyone being anywhere close on the guys mentioned above. I think he had Mahomes ranked first too, but dont recall exactly. And yes I even read Rodney for entertainment and take what I want and leave what I want.
  8. That's what everyone said when he went Burrow, Herbert, Love and Jackson, Allen, Mayfield. Is that how you had them ranked ?
  9. Simms QB Rankings. Just found it interesting. I wasn't shocked. I saw an interview where Lawrence basically said he doesn't watch any football. At all. That's a bit of a red flag for me. And before you rip him, Simms has been pretty much spot on the last 3 years. He goes as far as to say Wilson is as talented as Rodgers and Mahomes (yea I hate Florio too) Wilson Lawrence Jones Mond Fields Lance
  10. This week. Haven't you already done the "I hate to say it but I was the one that said we should have traded Rodgers 3 years ago and I was right."
  11. Joe Barry ......... ummm ......... interesting Maurice Drayton ....... impressive
  12. Not much. OT is the biggest need IMO. A WR and RB will be drafted. Ten draft picks. Have to get some hits. MLF, Rodgers, Adams, Dillon, and a solid OL should be good enough to win. The defense has to be fixed. It's easy to look around the league and find guys on the offensive side of the ball that would be good fits and exciting to think about. Those are luxuries that won't matter if the defense still blows
  13. Marvin Jones Jr. intrigues me. But even at 31 - probably too pricey
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