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  1. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    Just finished staring at Lowry's arm and hand for 16 hours straight. Don't know how he feeds himself
  2. 1[12]: Rashan Gary [EDGE; Michigan]

    If he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good ?
  3. Oren Burks

    Don't know if I mentioned it earlier in this thread, but Nagler said the coaches were constantly yelling at Burks to get off blocks. It lasted all season sooo ..... don't know if recognition is part of this or not but sounds like a lot for him to get better at if you ask me.
  4. The bar has been set so low for so long ........ god I hate that guy
  5. Random Packer News & Notes

    Luckily, what seem like agonizing decisions in June rarely turn out to be in November
  6. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    I would tend to want to know who has actually played a sport. Of course that wouldn't go over very well. One guy I argued with on this subject the first time around finally admitted to not really knowing how to throw a football. I mean seriously ?? Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt. Until I hear differently, Rodgers could barely use his plant leg to throw immediately after the injury (undisputed fact) and that messed with his mechanics IF he actually healed later in the season. It makes the most sense to me vs a sudden drop off the cliff for no apparent reason line of thinking. Quarterbacks don't wear knee braces for fun, so the "he wasn't really that hurt" is beyond hilarious to me.
  7. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    I blame Danica and her need for the pole position Mick (RIP)
  8. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    Took a line drive off the knee while pitching. Not an unfamiliar pain. No different than a one point landing in basketball or banging knees in football. Then I fell down on the first injury related warm up pitch. No problem. Walked it off - rubbed dirt on it - and fell down on the second warm up pitch. End of my day.
  9. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    You're better than that. Rodgers track record is good enough for me. Nonsense is ignoring the injury.
  10. Aaron Rodgers Wants More Control.

    A significant knee injury to his plant leg would explain it well enough for me. Because Rodgers has played through injuries before at a high level, his Week 1 hit, where every single fan with half a brain knew his season was done, gets overlooked. As I've said before, hit your plant knee with a hammer and then go throw a football. Let me know how that goes. Even if it healed well enough, he looked like he was compensating the whole season. You have to throw out last season because of it. New judgement starts now.
  11. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    Not sure what I'm missing, but being 6'-4" myself, he certainly looks like he could be 245 to me. Would it make you feel better if he was sweaty and yoked from push-ups ? Some of you guys wanted Winovich and he looked like he was 195 lbs. Take a valium and go watch his college highlights again to make yourself feel better. Does he look any smaller than this guy ?
  12. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    If true I stand corrected. I haven't heard that. Also holdout is the wrong word, but you guys know what I mean
  13. 3[75]: Jace Sternberger [TE; Texas A&M]

    IIRC Chmura was a scrawny rookie too FWIW. The holdout scares me a bit. There's always an underlying reason and it's never good. He certainly looked every bit as good as the other top TE's in this class. Ed West he isn't. As with the other rookies, we'll know more soon enough.
  14. Josh Jones wants to be traded

    My guess is he wants to play 30 yards from the LOS and cherry pick deflections and overthrows like his buddy HaHa. I'm sure he thinks that's the best way to fame and fortune. Problem is - he can't do it as well as he thinks he can. I'm sure he gets beat up pretty good inside too.
  15. 2019 Green Bay Packers offseason - OTAs/minicamps

    Pretty scary when you have to sit a 24 year old corner as a precautionary measure.