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  1. According to someone who I don't recall, the hangup is back end guarantees. So I assume he has already asked for it. At age 29, I'm not doing it. Some team is gonna be giving away $50m+ if Adams can't cheat father time
  2. You would give Davante 4 years ? He wants it guaranteed too. No way I do that
  3. Are we talking about the one screenshot ?? Rodgers missed a few throws and a few decisions. He admitted as much. It happens in every single game. The 49ers took away Adams - the run game averaged 3.5 ypc, and they were still able to move Rodgers from his spot (per Rodgers). It's easy and concise to put all the blame at Rodgers feet. He doesn't call the plays and didn't form a pretty vanilla game plan. I didn't give it a rest when everyone said Rodgers was washed up 4 years ago, so if its all the same to you, I'll voice my opinion
  4. Are you saying he does ?? Are you saying he does when compared to teams remaining in the Playoffs ?? Also, ask yourself what is more likely. After 2 flawless drives by Rodgers ---- he forgot how to play football --- decided he wasn't really into it anymore ---- father time took all his skills while resting on the bench ---- or SF made some adjustments in their coverage after the first 2 drives and MLF didn't have a clue what to do ??
  5. Great analysis Ben. Except you forgot Lazard and Deguara probably don't even make any of those rosters, much less start
  6. And furthermore - no team with a guy named Clark on the DL who wore #97 and was drafted out of UCLA ever won a Super Bowl
  7. Probably bad things. Jaire Alexander had some rough patches early on too. He was evaluated and criticized by fans. But for some reason evaluating Love is off limits ??
  8. Its called a conversation. Yours was a name calling rant. Get over it. Maybe find a scotch forum or something
  9. He's been evaluated non-stop for the last 6 years. Not sure why its taboo to keep evaluating. His decision making, release, arm strength, throwing motion, are all up for grabs. He's graded by coaches every day in practice and any game time. Why are fans so afraid of evaluating Love ?? Should we not evaluate Stokes or Myers too ??
  10. Keeping Rodgers and cutting a million guys isn't one of the options in Rodgers or Gutes eyes I would imagine. It's either manipulate enough to be competitive or rip the band aid off and re-build. I don't know the right or wrong answer, but as someone who lived thru the dark ages, be careful what you wish for
  11. I'll just report you instead. Next time don't engage in conversations you obviously can't mentally handle
  12. I was having a football conversation. You were the one that couldn't handle it
  13. Don't get mad because you are a sheep that follows the crowd. At least I think for myself. And name calling is against forum rules
  14. Ahh yes - the screen shots that go viral and tell the whole story. What about the other 50 offensive plays ?? Where are those screen shots. Where's the screen shot when Rodgers scrambled to the sideline and there wasn't a receiver in sight ??
  15. Typical. You don't have the answer so you go over the top in your response. All because I asked a simple question
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