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  1. 2020 Packer coaching changes, should there be any ?

    Wilson was rolling right and creating problems the entire second half. That's a lot of yards given up when only having to defend 50% of the field. My jaw hit the floor when Seattle went trips left on that crucial 3rd down. Big mistake by them IMO
  2. 2020 NFL Draft Discussion

    In 2010 the Packers WR were Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Jones, Swain. You know how it evolved from there. Stop and really think about that for a second. That's quite a run of WR's over a long period of time. As I said elsewhere, after really thinking about this, Rodgers was not the identity of this team, the WR's were. MM ran out starter caliber WR's against the opponent's 3rd and 4th CB's. An offense predicated on WR's winning one on one matchups was no problem because MM outflanked them with talent. The Patriots did more with less by being smarter than the other team. The Packers just overwhelmed with talent. I think fans took that for granted, myself included. Remember Nelson's knee injury and how Rodgers couldn't find open receivers ? Remember bringing back Jones for a second stint ? The dropoff in talent was slow but steady. I'm not saying Rodgers arm talent hasn't fallen off. I'm not saying Rodgers hasn't become more conservative. No one knows for sure. One thing that is for sure is that the WR talent has fallen off the cliff. The interesting thing is that it isn't that far off from the NFL average, it's just light years away from the "glory days." Incomplete passes shouldn't be shocking, but based upon the last 8 years, they are. That was my revelation. It's impossible for Rodgers to put up the same numbers. I still don't believe a 1st Round WR is the best value, and I'm not even sure if MLF and or Gute see WR as a huge issue. Maybe we are seeing a shift in the identity of the offense. Remember, the last 8 years has been an anomaly, and not the norm. Trying to put together the same thing all over again would be a tough task. It sure was fun while it lasted
  3. Seattle played snaps with an extra lineman against S.F. I kinda like that idea. Might give a boost to get the run game going and also gives a chance to lean on their defense instead of getting punched in the mouth. If S.F is allowed to sit in that shell look it's all but over
  4. Veldheer is 6'-8" -- I didn't even notice
  5. I'll just say Father Time is undefeated when it comes to the average older women's bodies
  6. Probably not. Consistency comes with talent. This team hung on for so long I don't think most fans realize how far we finally fell. I don't think MLF escapes some of the blame either. Hopefully both will improve. It connects the dots with MM blowing a gasket about bringing in new talent as well.
  7. I don't know if I'm on board with WR in the First Round, but I'm starting to think that the identity of those great teams was not Rodgers, but the stable of WR's MM ran out there for a decade. The falloff has been cataclysmic. It's unrealistic to expect the same results with so much less.
  8. I'm more worried about NFCCG MLF and NFCCG Petine
  9. To be fair, that was the gameplan of every team this weekend, including the Packers. But he stuck with it too long obviously
  10. I'm gonna complain about members not changing to toilet paper avis all day, all week, every hour, and every minute
  11. Can't say you're wrong about that
  12. And that critical 3rd down when they went trips left. I was stunned
  13. That might be a blessing in disguise