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  1. Name the last quality QB who was tagged and or actually played under the tag. Anyway. I'm done fighting against such nonsense
  2. I usually don't give a damn till it happens, but if the season is shortened they can't logistically re-distribute bye weeks - which means the Packers get screwed
  3. I certainly stand corrected. I'm blinded by all the realistic options that were apparently available, including tagging a franchise QB I'm done debating against those ideas
  4. Fine - you weren't in favor of it for reasons that only work in xbox. No quality starting QB in his right mind would play for the franchise tag, nor would any team in their right mind try to force him to do so. The same goes for any trade scenario, for many reasons, the least of which, rolling with Kizer as the starting QB. That would have been brilliant. Or maybe you were thinking they could tank for Mayfield ?
  5. Franchise tag was not an option. Neither was a trade. And his cap number would have just kept going up the longer the Packers waited. The writing was on the wall with QB prices
  6. I assume you were one ? What would you have done ?
  7. Are you arguing for or against my point ?
  8. Those were not options. Not in reality anyway
  9. What do you speak of ? The 3 people who wanted him traded for Levon Bell or Antonio Brown, or for 8 First Round draft picks and roll with Kizer, or fans who wanted him to play with a lame duck contract ?
  10. Don't know if I should feel offended or ashamed.
  11. You can't because in order for it to be anything worthwhile you'd have to slot him well below Tannehill and Brissett which is utterly ridiculous and a huge stretch as far as money saved,. I'll check Terry Bradshaw's cap number from 1975 when I get a second. The options were to sign Rodgers for 30 million or let him walk. No one blinked any eye when they signed him. As far as not liking me - ---I'm not here for pen pals, nor am I 8 years old, so don't know why it's relevant.
  12. Enlighten us on his appropriate number to unlock the chains that cripple the team 1. $35 million Russell Wilson Seahawks 2. $34 million Ben Roethlisberger Steelers T3. $33.5 million Jared Goff Rams T3. $33.5 million Aaron Rodgers Packers 5. $33 million Kirk Cousins Vikings 6. $32 million Carson Wentz Eagles 6. $30.144 million (tag) Dak Prescott Cowboys 7. $30 million Matt Ryan Falcons 8. $29.5 million Ryan Tannehill Titans 9. $27.975 million Jacoby Brissett Colts
  13. Rodgers isn't overpaid by NFL standards
  14. You have two choices. A QB on a rookie deal or 30 million. The Packers chose 30 million. That's not Rodgers fault.
  15. Performance doesn't have anything to do with it anymore. If you're up - you get the next highest paid deal.
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