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  1. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    raise your hand if you thought it was a smart move getting rid of Aldrick Robinson, Vance McDonald, Eli Harold, Carlos Hyde, Eric Reid, Bruce Ellington, Tramaine Brock (or a majority of them) ?‍♂️
  2. Must have missed some key plays then I was in and out. But the first half where I watched the majority I was impressed with his open field tackles and a play were he shot through for a tfl. Might have confused 47 and 48 on some plays though so I’ll take y’alls word for it.
  3. KC is so loaded Kareem Hunt, Ty Hill, Sammy Watkins, Travis Kelce my goodness. We just have to hope their young QB makes more mistakes than our young QB. Which through 2 weeks looks very doubful. But it's only been 2 weeks and thats not nearly enough to summarize what any team is made up of (unless you're buffalo). I think a shootout is likely too, but I want to see one of our receivers really dominate from start to finish. I know Shanny loves to spread things around but a Julio-esque performance from Garcon or Goodwin would be clutch in a game like this. Any word on Malcom Smith for this game? Elijah lee played well last week too, i'd love seeing him in some 3 lb sets if we ever see that.
  4. Around the NFL

    Great trade for the pats w/ that ten game qualifier.
  5. Around the NFL

    Gordon + Aldon + Ahmad Brooks, Santa Clara SO would be busy...
  6. Around the NFL

    The beef was with Dan Snyder and the Skins my mistake. Still not expecting us being one of the 8 teams to have an offer in. Substance abuse is a red flag for this org moving forward.
  7. Yea the vikes are going to look like an easy win here...but I'll go Jacksonville, just to make it interesting.
  8. Around the NFL

    There's rumored to be some beef between shanahan and the Browns right? yea this trade isn't going our way im afraid. It's funny, one of my buddies drafted Gordon 3rd overall in our league.
  9. Minor Niner News Thread

    Its pretty strange the NFL hasn't evolved like other sports in this regard (the only thing I can remember is expanding practice squads from 7 to 10). But rosters should be expanded some, the IR should have tiers, and all 53 should be allowed to be active. Sure, it eliminates a certain type of strategic planning but the overall product would be so much better off.
  10. I'll take the Rams for week 2
  11. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Oh man, Bosa or Ferrell with Buckner would be heavenly
  12. I question Garnetts toughness too, but perhaps he can overcome it. Breida should have picked up Harrison Smith, I thought our RB's were awful at blitz pickups throughout the entire game. Not something I remember when Rathman was at the helm.
  13. Wow, that’s BS call they never crossed any neutral zone
  14. Almost think cousins should get one for using his like he did
  15. K’uan Williams has looked pretty trash too, theilen is really good at finding space but not that much space. DJ Reed bandwagon all aboard