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  1. Jeremiah Valoaga in 4 preseason games - 15 tackles 4.5 sacks 5 TFL Doubtful to make the roster with how stacked we are on the Dline, but man he had a killer preseason. I hope he can make it to the practice squad but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in over Julian Taylor/Armstead’s traded.
  2. It’s a damn shame we aren’t going to see McKinnon. I don’t care what everyone is saying that signing was not that bad at the time. He was such a force in the playoffs for the vikes I was really excited about him to contribute in Shannys offense. As for the roster I guess it’s a good thing this happened now and not week 7 after he was able to return to practice. Now that spot on the 53 is open, Jeff Wilson or another position player? Tough call
  3. Bummer that injuries were the cause, he just never was the same player after that playoff run with the hawks. I agree that this is a good sign for Al Shaair. Pretty amazing how young the LB group is going to be with Kwon, Warner, Greenlaw and maybe Lee.
  4. Quite a few battles still tbd, who do you prefer to keep? Damontre Moore vs Ronald Blair Adrian Colbert vs Marcell Harris Kendrick Bourne vs Jordan Matthews Kaden Smith vs Ross Dwelley Emanuel Mosley vs DJ Reed Jeremiah Voalaga vs Julian Taylor Azeez Al-Shaair vs Elijah Lee vs David Mayo Najee Toran vs Dan Brunskill Justin Skule vs Sam Young
  5. The crowning of Pettis the clear and obvious #1 receiver for the foreseeable future was pretty rampant around here and other mediums. The potential is there and I’d love to see it don’t get me wrong but everyone from James, Hurd, Samuel, and Bourne are 23/24 with honestly just as intriguing skill sets. Pettis is “the guy” for now but the gap between him and the rest (especially Samuel) is not as great as people were making it seem. A Phillip Dorsett trade isn’t out of the question for Pettis if Samuel others prove to be more/equally valuable to us
  6. Richie James looks pretty legit, I'd like to see him with a role in this offense. that spin move after the comeback route was sooo dirty. Bourne and Matthews has some nice plays. I still have no clue who's the odd man out of this receiving group. random observation: Dan Brunskill had several really nice blocks on the jeff wilson runs throughout the game lined up (i'm believe) both the guard and tackle positions. Kinda cool to see that versatility. I wouldnt be surprised by a practice squad/surprise 53 man roster spot from him if he grades as good as I thought I saw - who knows, I think i
  7. I mean he's also not untradeable, if Pettis was that convincing to Shanny and staff I dont know if 2 receivers would have been in their first 3 picks this past draft.
  8. Alfonso McKinnie is going to have a pretty massive role with Klay out and Andre+KD+Livingston gone. The void all 4 of those guys made is going to lead to somebody having a big season. if not McKinnie then GRIII, Burks, or Jacob Evans will have just as much a chance to catch lightning in a bottle.
  9. cool video but i dont agree with the tweet, I thought he looked great on the edge tonight. A healthy mix/stunt with him, DeFo, Armstead, Ford, and Bosa is the best case scenario
  10. I've heard people mention Louisville as a possible expansion spot. Not sure if people around there are really serious about it though
  11. The lefties (other than smith) just haven’t had it. Fernando Abad might end up having a bigger role down the stretch than Watson at this rate.
  12. I liked the Targaryen looking guy that played center last week. Who was that?
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