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  1. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Christian Kirk is not a player for every team, that is forsure. It goes for most receivers, but the team he ends up on is more important than the round he's picked in. Got a little Percy Harvin in him.
  2. Around the NFL

    I mean what have the Pats really done to us other then breaking the hearts of seahawks fans at superbowl XLIX.
  3. Around the NFL

    but..but..they gave us Jimmy
  4. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I wouldn’t mind spending 90% or more of what cap we do have assuming Jimmy G and Buckner are among that. Go big on Fuller, Ansah, Robinson and Norwell and we’ll still have plenty of cap.
  5. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Someone explain to me why Nelson is a full round or two better than Ragnow. Please
  6. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    How else are we going to spend that 100 million? Not everyone will get an extension (maybe Buckner, Tartt, Jimmie G, Brown) and I don’t think we can roll 100% of what’s left over to next years cap.
  7. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    This back and forth makes no sense, only Demarcus Lawrence would be a better free agent pass rusher. And in a year where there are not any clear options for us in the draft, why wouldnt we go all in on Ansah? I dont understand even the slightest hesitation. He wont be Justin Smith but nobody thought Justin Smith would be Justin Smith, him having 9 sacks out of 12 against one team isn't a bad thing, its still an NFL line with a free agent many here would pound the table for in Pugh. I dont want Alex Okafor, Julius Peppers, or Aaron Lynch again. Its obvious who the best 2 available are. No need to over think it.
  8. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I wanna see more playoff Kemba, I feel like he's a closer who's more valuable when things are dire.
  9. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    Players like Ziggy Ansah are the ones you take a chance on...premier pass rushers almost never become available unless there's off the field stuff.
  10. Evans was on KNBR today and was adamant that if the season began today Steven Duggar would be penciled in starting in CF. It was very interesting but a defender that good sounds like the right move to me. I still think Slater is worth at least platooning in right with Pence. I want to see us bring in a long reliever/possible #5 starter if anything now. After losing Crick and Moore I feel like there could be an addition there. Maybe a Travis Wood or Edinson Volquez
  11. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    Martin Mayhew connection might be a factor. I'd be down with that, should Pugh be the highest paid guard in the NFL?
  12. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    Should we make Andrew Norwell the highest paid guard in the NFL?
  13. 2018 Draft Thread I

    It wasnt meant to bash Ward but he's not a perfect prospect. Cobbs is the truth forsure
  14. 2018 Draft Thread I

    Cobbs would have to last to pick 59, I'm not sure thats gonna happen, Pass rushers this class are so underwhelming after Chubb. Maybe Jeff Holland can be a 3rd round guy he's a Dumervil type edge. Chad Thomas from Miami is in that range too.
  15. 2018 Draft Thread I

    How about a 6'4 WR? Ward played well this game with 5 pd's and 1 int but Simmie Cobbs was able to do whatever he wanted.