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  1. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I too will pass on 14m/yr lol
  2. 2018 Mockery

    Free Agency Keepers: Jimmy Garoppolo Brandon Fusco Brock Coyle Asa Jackson Cassius Marsh Daniel Kilgore - I went back and forth so many times on this but in the end Joe Staley convinced me so if you have a problem with this talk to him. take a listen. Acquisitions: Seantrel Henderson OT - you look at his size on paper and he's identical to Brown, the difference is Henderson has quicker feet, less injury history, probably less technically sound. He's a talent that coming out of the draft I thought capable of starting on the line of an NFL team. The bad- he was suspended several times in college at Miami (unknown reasons) and once in the NFL for smoking weed to self medicate Chrohns (Patrick Willis didnt need to do that). Thats one hell of a rap sheet and most people are not interested in these types of players. But as a depth signing guy with a chance to compete to start I think he's a low risk high reward guy. Potential matters most for me and on a veteran line with some structure/support guys thrive. Andrew Norwell OG - The consensus top guard available in FA can come pick up his check in santa clara, a really, really big check. Darern Fells TE - Former Basketball player in college turned run blocking TE who is at his best in the redzone. Likely a 3rd TE that will compete with Celek/Hikutini but I've been impressed with Fells for the last few years and even though he's 31 he could bring a lot to the table. Ezekial Ansah DE- The Martin Mayhew connection is what has me convinced this is gonna happen. Ansah is that DE we were missing last year. I still think Armstead has a role on this team rotating at multiple positions on the line until he leaves in FA next year and nets us a comp. Rashaan Melvin CB - 6'2 Corner ranked as PFF's #17 corner with a grade of 85.7. Has shown ability to lockdown opposing #1 receivers, length/speed combo you are looking for. Solid stats here to compare. Frank Gore RB - I really think he could contribute this isnt just a sentimental pick. The snowy game against Buffalo where he had like 30 carries in week 16 convinced me that Frank is not done. One more playoff run for the future HOFer. Key Losses: Carlos Hyde, Eric Reid, Dontae Johnson, Zane Beadles (release), Aldrick Robinson (release) Trade: Trent Brown + 2018 1st round swap to Cincinnati for AJ Green + 1st round swap. I make this move for AJ Green because his addition would have a bigger impact than any other FA or draft signing. Cincy needs Oline help especially at tackle where they might feel Brown is their LT of the future (and he might be) but I have doubts he's a fit long term here in SF. Draft 12. Vita Vea, DT Washington - I watch a lot of Pac12 football and its pretty ridiculous what this guy has been able to do at UW the last few years. A local kid from Milpitas I remember watching him in HS as a QB, yes imagine that. Another Dlineman in the first wtf, the thing is Vea to me is one of the bluest blue chippers in the draft. We have an aging average nose tackle starting with little to no depth behind him. Look at all the guys we signed at DL last year during the season. Pairing an elite nose with Buckner only makes him better and turns this line with Thomas, Buckner, and Ansah among the best in the league in all facets. 59. Tyrell Crosby OT Oregon - We traded Trent Brown in this scenario so we have a hole at tackle. Sure a free agent can compete there but somebody will have to earn it and the other guy will serve as depth. Crosby put out a great week at the senior bowl by all accounts to add to his 1st team all Pac12 selection. 70. Leighton Vander Esch LB Boise State - Might not last this long in the draft but if he does he would be a terrifying combo with Reuben Foster. Position versatility too with his size and athleticism which will come in handy when Foster needs to go out for a play each series. I envision Vander Esch as our SAM backer but really he can be everywhere sideline to sideline. He has to improve disengaging blocks as some have pointed out and as a pass rusher he can be limited but his speed will help there. Former walk on swagger to conference DPOY. 74. Nick Nelson CB Wisconsin - My favorite Corner and maybe player in the draft. One of the few players I ever noticed and fell for from just watching a game. I lost track of what game it was but I remember being so amazed by his athleticism that I made it a personal goal to follow him the entire CFB season. Originally transferred from Hawaii, Nelson is 5'10 200lbs returns kicks, can play in the slot or boundary corner. Only allowed a catch on 38.2 percent of his targeted passes and allowed just one catch over 22 yards all year. Led the Big 10 in PBU's with 21 - thats the same conference as Joshua Jackson and Denzel Ward. 124. Simmie Cobbs WR Indiana - Y2 started this bandwagon i'm just riding shotgun. 134. Kemoko Turay DE Rutgers - Another Senior Bowl standout who by all accounts outperformed Marcus Davenport. Turay at 6'5 245 with active hands and athleticism would serve well sitting behind a guy like ansah who came out of BYU with similar traits and lack of experience. 170. John Kelly RB Tennessee - One of the most violent runners in the class who can lose LBs in coverage and make a catch. Had a great start to the season but got a bit lost the second half of the season. In our RB i'm looking for a change of pace from Breida and Kelly would do well in the areas of the field that Breida isn't as sharp (blocking/short yardage) 201. Neal Siran CB/S Jacksonville State - 6'1 205 with a well built frame, made plays at the senior bowl but got burnt too at times. Has some versatility and could be another Colbert pick. We had the least talented cornerbacks group in the NFL last year, some changes are being made. 214. Brad Lundblade C OK State - A former walk on started every game since his sophomore year at center. 6'3 300lbs I dont see anything mentioned about this dudes NFL potential but I watched a couple OK state games just to keep an eye on a few guys they have and Lundblade was nasty and leading his line in calls. I did some more digging and he's a crazy smart kid who's earned a bunch of awards for his academic success and leadership. Mostly just want him to be Seantrel Henderson's roommate through camp, I'd bet theyd be best buds. Roster QB: Garoppolo, Beathard RB: Gore, Breida, Kelly/Williams, Mostert, Juice TE: Kittle, Celek/Fells/Hikutini WR: Green, Garcon, Goodwin, Taylor, Cobbs, Bourne/Bolden T: Staley, Crosby/Henderson G: Norwell, Garnett/Tomlinson/Fusco C: Kilgore/Magnuson, Lundblade DL: Buckner, Vea, Mitchell, Jones/Day DE: Ansah, Thomas, Armstead, Turay/Dumervil/PitaT LB: Foster, Smith, Vander Esch, Coyle/Harold/Lee CB: Melvin, Witherspoon, Nelson, Maybin/Jackson/Neal NB: Williams, Nelson FS: Colbert/Tartt/Ward SS: Colbert/Tartt/Ward, Powell Thanks for taking the time to read fellas. I'm taking a hiatus from social media for a little while, had a goal of 5k post and i just about made it (took 6+ years lol). I wanted to end with a bang and this mock draft/offseason felt like the way to do it. But I appreciate the conversations and analysis we fanatics threw together. I might poke my head around after the draft just cause I'll always love it. Peace!
  3. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    He doesnt need to be very good for him to be a solid offseason signing. Give me kinda good and i'll take it.
  4. Forge's TCMD - 49ers

    No corners available? Sherman even?
  5. 2018 NFL Free Agents Thread

    I just saw that, love it! People love hating on Butler but I think he'd be a great addition and right now he's hungry!
  6. 49ers Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

    I'd take Jimmy G over every QB in the division, Russ creeps me out anytime he talks and he has cankles.
  7. Value Free Agents

    Surprised nobody mentioned Carlos Hyde or Eric Reid. I dont expect either to be back with the 49ers but they both could be impact players in the right scheme.
  8. Your Draft Hot Takes

    Is it a hot take if I say I dont think Allen will be picked in the first 15 picks?
  9. 2018 Draft Thread I

    K.C. traded the No. 27 overall pick, a third-round pick and their 2018 first-round selection to the Buffalo Bills to move up to No. 10 to select Mahomes. Maybe I'm greedy but that still doesnt seem like enough for me if Pittsburgh were to try and copy that deal. Especially considering the division the steelers are in they're almost a lock to make the playoffs. I dont envy the Bills #21 & #22 picks this year. Throw in a current or future 2nd and I'd be more on board.
  10. New Forum - New Random

    It's only gonna get worse as the offseason goes on. I'd expect 15/1 by the end of preseason. Fun fact: Eagles last september were 75/1 missed opportunities...
  11. Edwin Jackson hit by drunk driver and killed

    I can PM you if you really want to hear my thoughts, I dont have any malice towards any group just some thoughts on what little info we have in this case. I'm not trying to turn this thread into that or this forum into that. You can choose to take context out of every situation but I find it important.
  12. New Forum - New Random

    See you fellas in Reno...
  13. Edwin Jackson hit by drunk driver and killed

    He and his uber driver being killed like that is just awful...I hate that the politics of this event are even a factor but there's no denying they are. RIP, self driving cars cannot get here soon enough.
  14. Around the NFL

    Now theres a report he's not hired by the browns and still doing his private scouting service. Who knows what's going on, the browns have a strange leaky FO
  15. Trade Block Candidates

    Ahh, see I was mistaken, I thought he was eligible once the season ended or even a little before. But absolutely the return would have to be much better than that late 3rd round comp (or late 4th) and I think it can be. As bad as our Oline was, it was serviceable with freaking Zane Beadles in the span when Jimmy took over. It's a bit of a leap to say he's going to be traded but there are some slight rumblings If a team like Houston wanted to trade a 2nd for him i'd bite especially if his long term future in SF is in question.