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  1. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    Will Smith for Will Smith. Make it happen just so I can see it happen. Trade Watson, Dyson, or Will Smith all you want but Moronta shouldnt go anywhere.
  2. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    I'd be pretty surprised if Bum doesnt fetch a top prospect. Not top 3 prospect but forsure a handful of guys with real big league potential. Madbum is pretty clearly the best available starting pitcher.
  3. 2019 Trade Deadline/Rumors

    I'm really curious if the Giants bundle Will Smith and MadBum together for a deal. Its seems like every team thats interested in one would want the other too. Boston, Milwaukee, Atlanta, New York.
  4. Orlando Magic Thread: Human Torch Show Back

    4/90 for Vuc is pretty solid. He's worth that. Fournier's $ is brutal. But a future with Fulz, Okeke, Issac, Gordon, & Vuc isnt terrible.
  5. 2019 Free Agency predictions

    Russell Phoenix Horford Dallas Butler Philadelphia Harris Dallas Durant GSW Irving Brooklyn Walker Boston Leonard LAC Brogdon LAL Thompson GSW Vucevic Sacramento Cousins Brooklyn Gasol Toronto Valanciunas Memphis Middleton Milwaukee Rose Minnesota Randle New York Lopez New Orleans Barnes Indiana
  6. The MLB is Stupid and Tampa Bay is Also Stupid

    So how are taxes gonna work?
  7. Grade your teams draft night

    Jordan Poole - seems like a pretty need based pick based off of Klay being down so I'm cool with this pick. Not sure how he's gonna be defensively but I am sure draymond is gonna be drilling him every chance he gets. C+ Eric Paschall - I thought he was an undersized 3/4 but then I looked at his combine measurements and he's legit 6'6 w/o shoes (btw kinda bs how one guy can have an 1.25" difference between shoes and w/o shoes then another guy can have a 2.75" difference) He's gonna play right away a lot of minutes, but best of all Jordan Bell is forsure gone. A+ Alen Smailagic - Still only 18, played on the dubs dleague affiliate as a 17yo and had very bright moments. But overall he's at best a 2-way player for next season, but its nice to know theres a skilled 6'10 athletic shooter making improvements each day under the teams watchful eye. B Overall I'll give the dubs a B+ not that it matters but the needs were addressed, and we got a couple guys that should provide minutes/prevent the older guys from burning out.
  8. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    hold up let me run to nevada real quick
  9. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    The Pels have like 50 mil in cap space now...what kind of funny business are they up to?
  10. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    how so? he shot 43% from 3 last year on 4 attempts per game
  11. Would You Rather- Centers/Point Guards

    Using current players I think the centers are better than people give them credit for, there are plenty of them who are capable of switching onto guards and being primary ball handlers. Draymond Green, Horford, Jokic, Anthony Davis, KAT, Nance, Looney, Ayton, Julius Randle, Morris Twins, Markkanen, Bagley, Montrez Harrell Plenty of shooting, some slashing, capable of running the floor, defensive versatility, and passing. Put Livingston on any of these guys and he'd get worked the entire game. Ben Simmons is the only guy who can guard someone. Maybe Evan Turner, Winslow, and Satoransky could hang but it'd be a lot closer than first glance.
  12. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    Whoa I had no idea Grant Williams was younger than Jarrett Culver. He's practically a sophomore
  13. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    Herro is too good of a shooter to not be in the 1st
  14. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    He was jumping out of the gym against my anteaters. I like him as a Gerald Green type dude
  15. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    He was on our D-league affiliate team in Santa Cruz so that would make a lot of sense. I remember he caught a lot of fans attention after this game .