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  1. Around the NFL

    Shaq Lawson for Josh Garnett?
  2. pass rush

    Sherman will probably be sluggish too. Theres no telling how long he's been unable to work out, Barrows reports he was in a boot early this year. He's had foot issues in college too.
  3. pass rush

    Any time a guy misses out on off season training with a leg/foot injury that's enough reason for me to believe they will start off slower. How much work can you put in with a walking boot?
  4. pass rush

    I agree, Solomon was essentially a redshirt junior in college last year playing in the NFL, easy to forget how young he is. His best performances were in the last 6 or so games of the season and I dont think we can attribute that to Jimmy Gzuz. Most NFL fans think he was a bust but those people didnt watch him. I expect Marsh to get the most opportunities, but I seen pictures of a bulked up PitaT and has me thinking a solid preseason will open the door for more regular season sets for PitaT. Buckner is more of a workhorse guy that will draw double teams and rb chips so I really dont expect a crazy sack total, but i could be wrong because he's the most talented guy on our line bar none. AA has been recovering from foot surgery so i expect him to be as sluggish as ever. With Eli Harorld, I almost hope he gets busted PEDs just so we can run someone else out at SAM.
  5. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    nope, she said he never hit her. She was in a fight the night before, came home went to sleep, the next morning Foster broke up with her and kaka hit the fan.
  6. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Honestly the DA should be embarrassed how this entire situation is playing out. It should never have gone this far, but now it has and they look like fools for wanting to proceed with these charges. Back to football talk I guess, our LB situation looks pretty solid outside the question marks at SAM. But maybe we see a fair amount of Smith-Foster-Warner sets by seasons end?
  7. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    How does the DA not know about this 2011 arrest?
  8. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    I'd bet you he doesnt get more than 2.
  9. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Or trade him for a 3rd round pick, right @Forge?
  10. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Pretty sad this entire situation really...for everyone involved.
  11. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    This is a big day forsure, my guess is the case is dismissed entirely even the weapons charges. I hope theres a transcript of the ex's testimony. After the attempted armed robbery on him and ray ray armstrong early in the season, plus stories like Sean Taylor's, it makes sense to want to have something to protect himself. Fine him for having a gun that CA doesnt allow and close the book on this. If Reuben is back for OTA's on the 22nd without anymore looming charges that would be huge.
  12. Minor Niner News Thread

    To play LB? Not sure he's interested in that.
  13. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Has the NFL ever suspended a guy for just "weapons charges"? I know aldon had some but i though the league only cited substance abuse as their reason.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Isn't he a center? I guess Shanny knows him from his days in ATL. Makes more sense as there would be a need at C if Magnuson gets look as a swing tackle. This is a vastly different Oline group than we've seen in the past.
  15. Around the NFL

    I like Hikutini and all but Fleener is immensely more talented. If he passes a physical I say we sign him to a multi year deal.