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  1. Training Camp Thread

    If Kittle is out to start the season what options to we have at TE? Hikutini I saw had that one diving catch, I remember we brought in Wes Saxton a couple weeks back. Didnt watch the entire game yet so I might have missed him. Theres still some free agents available, Coby Fleener (concussion issues), Brent Celek, Julius Thomas, Mychal Rivera. Pretty much everyone knew after the draft that our TE depth looked shaky, didn't take long to prove that.
  2. Kahlil Mack

    Maybe I'm naive to believe 2 years at Stanford and a rookie season isn't enough to say he'll never be dominant off the edge. His explosive traits and overall strength give me a reason to believe he can develop. Never said Mack will stunt his growth, I think the player x stunting y's growth talk is an overused cliche. This is just a big year for Solomon.
  3. Kahlil Mack

    I'll believe it when I see it on the trade because there is almost no chance in my eyes the raiders do this. (I think one of their guards are more likely to be moved in the event $$ troubles) But I'd trade whatever it takes if he was. Another note, Solomon Thomas deserves a shot this season, and not to say he wouldn't get that if we added Mack, but its not out of the question he steps into that tier Buckner did in his 2nd season. He's the same age as Bradley Chubb, still doesnt even have his grown man strength yet! So we might not have this all out dire need for kahlil mack, we may have our own version of him already wearing red.
  4. Pretty excited for quite a few of these names to see the field tonight. After last season it's clear never underestimate late round/undrafted depth because they may find themselves as key role players and starters sooner rather than later (Colbert, Brieda, Taylor, Bourne). I too am excited for Jullian Taylor, also DJ Reed has had me a little giddy since we drafted him. Dunbar/Burnbridge should be a fun battle to watch on offense and ST. The punter battle might be the most epic training camp story in decades-im camp locke.
  5. Around the NFL

    Put me in the camp that would throw two 1st at the raiders for this. And tbh it might take even more considering our 1's are going to be in the pick 20 or later range.
  6. Training Camp Thread

    I really hope we at least get to see some Malcom Smith this preseason, not that the contract is crippling but dude needs to get on the field.
  7. Free Agency Thread

    Lacob would have traded Curry but there is no way they valued Curry and Monta equally.
  8. Most underrated player on your team

    Trent Taylor, dude was one of the best receivers in the NFL on 3rd down. Thats with Hoyer, Beathard and JimmyG. He was money all season long. Really all the 49ers receivers are underrated, its a really solid group. But Trent Taylor was so $$$.
  9. With so much cap room still (and no pressure to re-sign T.Brown) this is a good call. I'd take this deal 10x over signing Iupati to the deal he got a few years back.
  10. Around the NFL

    Shaq Lawson for Josh Garnett?
  11. pass rush

    Sherman will probably be sluggish too. Theres no telling how long he's been unable to work out, Barrows reports he was in a boot early this year. He's had foot issues in college too.
  12. pass rush

    Any time a guy misses out on off season training with a leg/foot injury that's enough reason for me to believe they will start off slower. How much work can you put in with a walking boot?
  13. pass rush

    I agree, Solomon was essentially a redshirt junior in college last year playing in the NFL, easy to forget how young he is. His best performances were in the last 6 or so games of the season and I dont think we can attribute that to Jimmy Gzuz. Most NFL fans think he was a bust but those people didnt watch him. I expect Marsh to get the most opportunities, but I seen pictures of a bulked up PitaT and has me thinking a solid preseason will open the door for more regular season sets for PitaT. Buckner is more of a workhorse guy that will draw double teams and rb chips so I really dont expect a crazy sack total, but i could be wrong because he's the most talented guy on our line bar none. AA has been recovering from foot surgery so i expect him to be as sluggish as ever. With Eli Harorld, I almost hope he gets busted PEDs just so we can run someone else out at SAM.
  14. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    nope, she said he never hit her. She was in a fight the night before, came home went to sleep, the next morning Foster broke up with her and kaka hit the fan.
  15. The Reuben Foster Legal File Thread

    Honestly the DA should be embarrassed how this entire situation is playing out. It should never have gone this far, but now it has and they look like fools for wanting to proceed with these charges. Back to football talk I guess, our LB situation looks pretty solid outside the question marks at SAM. But maybe we see a fair amount of Smith-Foster-Warner sets by seasons end?