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  1. That's my whole argument. IMO better to use Trevors value to trade and build a real team. You can always sign a Vet QB and draft someone to groom later. In fact, Looking at recent history, it seems like that is the more prudent way to get your QB of the future. Just looking at all staring QBs in the league and really a vast majority of them weren't selected 1 overall or even top 5 Arizona Cardinals (list) Kyler Murray Oklahoma 2019 (1) Week 1, 2019 probably good pick Atlanta Falcons (list) Matt Ryan Boston College 2008 (3) Week 10, 2019 good pick Baltimore Ravens (list) Lamar Jackson Louisville 2018 (32) Week 1, 2020 end of round 1 Buffalo Bills (list) Josh Allen Wyoming 2018 (7) Week 12, 2018 probably good pick 7th Carolina Panthers (list) Teddy Bridgewater Louisville 2014 (32) Week 1, 2020 bust for Minny - FA for Car Chicago Bears (list) Nick Foles Arizona 2012 (88) Week 4, 2020 FA pickup - Trubisky busted top 5 Cincinnati Bengals (list) Joe Burrow LSU 2020 (1) Week 1, 2020 too soon to know Cleveland Browns (list) Baker Mayfield Oklahoma 2018 (1) Week 4, 2018 up and down so far - first overall Dallas Cowboys (list) Andy Dalton TCU 2011 (35) Week 6, 2020 2nd rounder for Bengals - FA for Cowboys Denver Broncos (list) Drew Lock Missouri 2019 (42) Week 6, 2020 2nd rounder Detroit Lions (list) Matthew Stafford Georgia 2009 (1) Week 1, 2020 good pick at first over all Green Bay Packers (list) Aaron Rodgers California 2005 (24) Week 1, 2018 near end of round one and sat for a few years to learn Houston Texans (list) Deshaun Watson Clemson 2017 (12) Week 1, 2020 lasted until 12th pick Indianapolis Colts (list) Philip Rivers NC State 2004 (4) Week 1, 2020 FA for Indy, Good trade/pick for Chargers top 5 pick Jacksonville Jaguars (list) Gardner Minshew Washington State 2019 (178) Week 14, 2019 Late round pick Kansas City Chiefs (list) Patrick Mahomes Texas Tech 2017 (10) Week 10, 2019 Lasted until 10th pick Las Vegas Raiders (list) Derek Carr Fresno State 2014 (36) Week 6, 2017 2nd rounder Los Angeles Chargers (list) Justin Herbert Oregon 2020 (6) Week 2, 2020 too soon to know Los Angeles Rams (list) Jared Goff California 2016 (1) Week 1, 2018 up and down Miami Dolphins (list) Tua Tagovailoa Alabama 2020 (5) Week 7, 2020 Too soon to know Minnesota Vikings (list) Kirk Cousins Michigan State 2012 (102) Week 1, 2020 4th round pick/ FA New England Patriots (list) Cam Newton Auburn 2011 (1) Week 6, 2020 Great Panthers pick FA for pats New Orleans Saints (list) Drew Brees Purdue 2001 (32) Week 8, 2019 2nd round bust for chargers FA pickup for saints New York Giants (list) Daniel Jones Duke 2019 (6) Week 16, 2019 bust? New York Jets (list) Sam Darnold USC 2018 (3) Week 7, 2020 Bust? Philadelphia Eagles (list) Carson Wentz North Dakota State 2016 (2) Week 1, 2019 up and down?too injured to judge? Pittsburgh Steelers (list) Ben Roethlisberger Miami (Ohio) 2004 (11) Week 1, 2020 great pick at 11 San Francisco 49ers (list) Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois 2014 (62) Week 5, 2020 2nd rounder for Pats traded to 49ers for a 2nd Seattle Seahawks (list) Russell Wilson Wisconsin 2012 (75) Week 1, 2012 3rd rounder steal Tampa Bay Buccaneers (list) Tom Brady Michigan 2000 (199) Week 1, 2020 goat in the 6th /FA pickup Tennessee Titans (list) Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M 2012 (8) Week 7, 2019 bust for fins , fa steal for titans Washington Football Team (list) Kyle Allen Houston 2018 (undrafted) Week 5, 2020 QBs just aren't nearly the sure thing that they are made out to be.
  2. Oh believe me, I fully believe the Jets have set themselves up to look spectacularly bad to any potential incoming talent. They mishandling of Bell, to long leash they've given Gase, the terrible ownership, the inability to support darnold with any sort of offensive weapons, the terrible offensive line they have fielded for years, casting off numerous first round picks like Richardson, Williams, Jamal Adams, and (if they select Darnold, him too.) I would not want anything to do with going to NY as a prospect. You only get to make one first impression and the Jets are perfectly capable of ruining it and destroying your future value. In pointing out the Bengals/Burrow situation, i wasn't drawing any comparisons other than the fact that there was talk during the last draft cycle that Burrow would pull an Eli.
  3. I know that there was discussion about Burrow refusing to play for the Bengals because of how poorly run they are, but I cannot remember any other recent examples.
  4. If I'm the Jets I trade out in a heartbeat. I eyeball that Vikings pick at 9 if it comes with 3 firsts or I take the giants package at 4 then look to move down second time(perhaps still to the Vikings for a pair of firsts so they can grab fields or lance. The double drop would in theory net The 9th overall plus two additional firsts a 3rd and a 5th plus some other picks too. Tacking that on to the two firsts we got from Seattle would give us so many picks to rebuild this team. We would be in a position to sign a vet QB to compete with Darnold next year while we bring in a new HC and let him implement his system. The following offseason we let him decide whether he can make it work with Darnold or he can draft a QB to develop that fits the offense he has already installed. By bring a QB in after its been installed the team will be able to help the QB adjust to the NFL instead of just hoping that the QB is going to be some kind of magic savior.
  5. I can only hope this is another typical manish bs report. If the Jets toss Williams away already....man....I'm so tired of the suck. While I really enjoy football I just dont know if I can keep following this awful franchise much longer. I've been a fan since Glenn Foley manned the QB position and it's never been this bad. Beyond the suck, is levels of pure disfunction that lead me to believe that under this ownership group they simply do not know how to establish any sort of good culture and are doomed to continually ruin prospects and waste talent.
  6. I dislike like Ben far more than Brady because of certain off the field actions. For that reason alone I'd be rooting for the Buccs.
  7. eh, I don't subscribe to this theory. While our D isn't good by any stretch, the complete failure that has been our offense has really made it almost impossible to play competitive defense. If you know you can only afford to give up 10 points or your going to lose it adds do much pressure to every drive. If the offense is constantly going three and out it quickly tires out the defenders. It also gives the offense better looks at your coverage plans so they can get into a rhythm. Plus the awful field position to offense continually saddled the defense with. Again, the defense is bad. They can't get third down stops and they have a TON of penalties, but they are certainly better than the offense.
  8. Controversial opinion incoming. I'd look to extend/redo Sam's contract. I feel he has shown enough to suggest the issues with the Jets are more team based and less QB based. I think his performance and health may lead to a chance to get him under a team friendly deal for the next 3-4 season allowing for stability at the position as well as additional cap to be available for support positions.
  9. Fyi, Bills just had a TE test positive. 3 others in covid protocol due to contact tracing
  10. Read that it sounds like Sam will play and that Mims should get snaps. Gives me a reason to watch this one. Side note, I've decided that I'm rooting for a win despite draft pick status and Gase hopefully getting canned. I want Sam to look good, and I simply dont trust the Jets to do anything but draft and ruin Lawrence if they land the number one pick.
  11. Let's talk football. Will Darnold play? Mims is supposedly on track to play and Perriman is healthy too... unfortunately now Crowder is dealing with a groin issue. The Bills are reeling a bit too. It will be interesting to see if they come out angry or slip back into classic bills territory.
  12. Pshhh...that's nothing... I'm a Jets, Mets, Knicks, Islanders fan that was born in November of 1986..... meaning no 86 world series, no mid 80's islanders joy... but hey, I got Dolan, Freddie coupons, the butt fumble, and a whole lotta losing... AND to add to it... I've got the joy of watching the Braves win the division for what 14 straight years... and the patriots for what, almost 20 years...
  13. You guys will ruin him far less than the Jets will...
  14. Btw, both ESPN and SI(and dead spin) are currently running stories suggesting that Lawrence will indeed pull an Eli, or atleast that he should... https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/10/19/trevor-lawrence-new-york-jets-eli-manning
  15. Your underestimating the Jets ability to leave wrs wide open on. Without even trying, the chiefs are gonna throw a 40burger up on the jets.
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