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  1. This is specifically one of the reasons I was adamant about NOT drafting a QB this past year. You keep Darnold and sign a QB to compete while the rookie HC installs and offense and gets it ready for a new QB to step in the year after. If Darnold would have lit it up then we would have our QB, and if he sucked you would have had a high draft pick to select a replacement who would have gone into a much more QB friendly spot. It was stupid to draft Wilson and put him in this spot.
  2. This is insanity. I'm really seeing some of you guys coming in here and saying that because Wilson has struggled, it somehow makes him Peyton Manning? Like, wow.... This kid is unfailable to some of you. He sucked this week and he was bad last week. Sure he has time to turn it around but he has hardly "shown potential" Through two games he has already tossed 5 picks and thrown 3 others that should have been picked. He has missed wife open receivers, bounced balls in the dirt and made a number of poor fundamental type throws off his back foot. Hopefully he does learn from this,
  3. Eh, I'd still argue that we would have been better off keeping him and trading the Wilson pick for a Haul that could have given use legit weapons and offensive line help.
  4. Wilson is young. Hopefully he gets better. But man I don't know how some of you are watching him play and seeing how he is for sure our franchise guy...
  5. This is the first NFL football game that I will get to attend live. Pretty stoked about it. Very tempted to throw down a few bets on the game too. I think it will be a close, low scoring game with lots of running by both teams. Because of that, I'm very tempted to take the Jets+6. There was a prop bet about Mac throwing less than 31.5 times. That seemed promising too since the Patriots are likely going to run all over us.
  6. I just don't see how this is any different than QBs and audibles. If he is struggling with an advanced route running option with multiple decisions along the route, simplify it. Have him go out and run specific routes. Let him get his feet wet and use his athleticism help him get experience so he can learn to make the right reads on route flexing later.
  7. If he is struggling to learn certain routes, don't put him on the field for those specific plays. If, as it is being speculated that the offense is option heavy for the WRs and QBs the easy answer is to eliminate that part of the offense for that WR. Essentially, if he doesnt know 2 out of ten routes, play him when you are calling the other 8 plays. OR If the situation is that he doesn't understand the option part of the offense or isnt on the same page as the QB when it comes to reading those option routes, when you send him out there simplify it for him. Have him either only n
  8. I don't understand why Davis and Mims can't both play outside. Sure if you are running two WRs on the same side of the field it might make sense to sub one for a slot type like Moore. I firmly believe that Mims catches both balls that Moore dropped last week.
  9. Agreed and with Cole and crowder coming back it's less likely that mims gets snaps. Pretty lame. Kid could be so good.
  10. I'm not the one getting upset that Wilson had a Darnold like first game. You can continue to repeat, to your hearts content, that Wilson was this magical being that made all these amazing plays despite being under duress. Simply put, Zack Wilson, with a better supporting cast than Sam Darnold ever had, put up 14 points while making a number of poor plays. The silly jump throw he tried multiple times, the ugly interception he threw off his back foot, trying to throw into double coverage, holding on to the ball way too long, taking sacks when he should have thrown it away.... All the same
  11. Which is better than Wilson's first half... Darnold had a better QB rating and qbr. He threw for more yards and more completions on fewer attempts while also taking fewer sacks. The Panthers were playing a ball control, run out the clock offense in the second half. If you want to try and make the case that Sam didn't play well then you are also going to have to concede that Wilson played worse than Sam. If Sam didn't play well and Wilson was worse than you must think Wilson was bad today?
  12. Darnold made many big strike plays. Here is a link for highlights from year two: https://youtu.be/OZ2u72p5Vd4 Guy wasn't consistent at all, but a lot of that had to do with poor o line play, poor receivers and poor coaching.
  13. And just like that, the Tua led Dolphins are in sole possession on first place in the AFC East.
  14. That's kinda the point. Wilson wasn't terrible, showed some good composure and made some great throws. It's not an insult to say he was on par with Darnold. People only take it that way because they have a bias view of both Darnold and Wilson.
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