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  1. Bills need to trade up for Jaylen Waddle or gamble on Justin Ross. They also need to identify either a safety or linebacker capable of playing against Travis Kelce.
  2. Should have been offsetting penalties. Late hit by okafor and unsportsmanlike conduct by feliciano.
  3. I'm not sure why they are making a big deal about the 2pt play. They were going to have to make it twice and they were down three scores. Doesn't really matter if it was tries on first and second or second and third scores.
  4. To compete better they probably need to find a secondary guy that can cover Kelsey(coverage LB or physical safety?) and another receiving threat. If Allen can continue to develop that could be enough.
  5. Honestly, home field simply doesn't matter in the NFL. The game is at a neutral site and the kick/receive decision is coin flip based anyway.
  6. Even then I'd still want a few more lineman. Elfein could regress and with our track record on keeping guys healthy I want some good depth.
  7. I'd be really disappointed if we only get a 2nd and 3rd in a trade down where the other team is trading up for a QB. That said, if that's the best offer then it is what it is and I'd take it. I like Smith if Chase is off the board, though in this scenario it seems like Chase is still there as the draft would be Lawrence, fields/Wilson, Sewell then us. I also don't like trading up for Pitts. I'd much rather stay put and take Pat F if we go TE or one of the RBs(Sermon, Harris, Etienne). If a guard or tackle falls that could also be an option at Seattle's pick.
  8. Players and teams should be more open to extending players earlier. Kind of like in baseball where teams frequently but out arbitration years in exchange for fa years. Re-up a rookie after year two to a new four year deal so the player isn't getting porked by playing on the rookie deal for two years and exchange they give up top end dollars for two years.
  9. Brees quote from after the game: "I'm gonna give myself an opportunity to think about the season, think about a lot of things, just like I did last year, and make a decision," Brees said when asked directly if he just played his final game. It's almost like the dude hasn't retired yet. Why not have this discussion when he retires?
  10. ? By all means if, and at this point it is highly likely the Saints lose, let's have the talk. But this topic was made before the game.
  11. Cool. So he is retiring after this game win or lose? If the Saints win today he won't play in the NFC CG? Let's do the retiring thing when he has played his last game... Not before it.
  12. Can't we do this when he actually retires? Maybe he loses tonight and retires or maybe he loses and decides he wants another go or maybe he wins tonight and keeps playing? Why are we rushing to retire him now?
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