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  1. For the most part "gutsy" is just the term they use for foolish decisions that happen to pay off. The Jets suck sooooo really just a bunch of foolishness that didn't work.
  2. Buccs raiders, ravens Giants, and Buccs chiefs if I can't include division rival games(pats v seattle)
  3. Pretty stoked. Bought some packs today and landed a shiny charizard vmax card that's worth about 400.00 ungraded. If it grades out at a psa10 it would be worth 900-1200 bucks.
  4. Ding ding. Most of these QBs have talent. The coaching is what is failing and their failures get scapegoated onto the QBs. The Bills did a great job in taking an incredibly raw QB and molded him into what he is now. They did this by game planning for his strengths and bringing in weapons that help accent them. Most of these other teams simply fail to do this. Either they are trying to mesh a rookie HC with a rookie QB or they have a HC with a specific system and tries to tailor the QB to the offense.
  5. The facts are that he has struggled to be successful while being surrounded by a terrible team and arguably the worst coaching in the league.
  6. Who is making decisions based on fear? It's about looking at all the factors and finding the best solution to the issue. The outcome that presents the most positives and least negatives is the best option. And yes, non of what we say has any impact on the franchise. That's kinda obvious,but also completely misses the point of this forum all together. Are we only allowed to praise every decision with the blind hope that they will turn out positive?or are we here to discuss thoughts and opinions in relation to the franchise and how it's run?
  7. Just because you think he isn't a good quarterback doesn't mean he doesn't have the talent to be a good quarterback. Your opinion does not equate to fact.
  8. Those are so interesting percentages you are giving lol. Look at the bust rate of 1st round QBs over the past ten years and tell me how you arrived at a 50%rate. Especially considering the additional factors like going to a weak team with a poor qb prep track record and a rookie hc... Wilson's chance of busting is far greater than 50%
  9. You wouldn't be picking up Sam option here. Rather Sam would be signing a lower cost bridge deal to buy out the option year and a FA year or two. Likely around 10-12 million per year. So he contract would be affordable too.Wilson is going to get a 4 year deal worth about 35 million with something around 23mil at signing. Not exactly cheap.
  10. Odds - chances of outcome being successful vs unsuccessful. Note the various options available and their potential outcomes. There are more outcomes that lead to failure than success under the current direction. It's pretty straight forward. I don't know how to break it to you but this QB class outside of Lawrence looked horrid this time last year too. Wilson wasn't even a sure thing to be the starter on his own college team dude. Sam has plenty of bad tape for sure but he also has loads of highlights and was saddled with an unwinnable situation. Clearly the Panthers felt he has a
  11. Is it? They are coming into a 2 win team that was able to win exactly zero games in the past two years without Sam in the starting spot.
  12. I'm not really sure how else to explain it. Traditionally speaking you QBs greatly benefit from sitting for a season before starting. They also typically struggle much more when working with a rookie head coach. We just watched this blow up in our faces with Darnold, and rather than learn from the lesson the idea is to repeat the exact same process and hope for different results? "Growing Pains" don't help a young QB. What you are describing is a QB being put into a bad situation where he is going to develop bad habits because he hasn't been properly groomed and prepared to take over the
  13. I'll play. Option one We take Wilson and he is great, Sam sucks in Carolina - Big Win for the Jets Option two We take Wilson He sucks and Sam is great - Big Loss for us Option three: We take Wilson and he is great, Sam is great in Carolina - Loss for us because we had a QB and could have flipped the value from Wilsons pick to make this team better. We also fail to capitalize on Sam performing well in Carolina because we only got a second and not a conditional second. Because of this the 2nd we get is a late second when it could have been a late first Option
  14. Mahomes, the best QB in the NFL today, someone the Chiefs traded up to get, sat behind Alex Smith for a year. Sam played well at times, particularly when he had NFL caliber players around him. When he had trash blocking for him and trash running routes for him and trash carrying the handoffs, of course he struggled. When you have a young talented player and you surround them with trash they are going to develop a mindset where they have to make every play happen. That leads to forcing the ball into tight coverages and trying to do too much. If Sam starts in Carolina he will have better coachin
  15. It's going to be great. A rookie head coach is going to install a new offensive system that a rookie qb is going to have to function in with an inexperienced offensive line. Great success will be had...
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