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  1. And Knicks... At least the Islanders have put decent teams out there.
  2. Jets attempting to run down the clock...
  3. This is right up there as one of the most embarrassing losses in our history
  4. Morgan didn't even make the team for some reason. He is on the Panthers
  5. Remember when we were historically bad in the first quarter before the bye and our coaches said that was going to be a priority during the bye....
  6. There's a zero percent chance that the Steelers make a mid season trade for a QB to replace Rothlisberger if he is still healthy enough to play.
  7. As far as I know, he is on the practice squad..IMO TEs are probably a solid exception to learning on the field. They are responsible for a ton of different blocking schemes and route options. Makes it a very tough transition to the NFL game.
  8. An incredibly understated reason for why this team sucks is the high turnover rate at the leadership positions. Whether it's GMS or HCs or OCs we have burned through them like crazy. This has had the effect of forcing us to "reset" our philosophies regarding what type of players we need at every position constantly. There is no continuity that can be used to build a foundation because we keep changing how we want our foundation to look. Every new GM or catch wants to put their own mark on the team and get their own guys in. You cannot build a good team that way. Our longest tenured playe
  9. The Texans motivation to trade Watson is based purely on the fact that they do not want him. They are paying him to stay away right now. They are trying to move him. Obviously, if he were completely cleared the Texans current demands for multiple frp and players would be fair. Under the situation I set up, that wouldn't be the case. The only guarantee the Jets would get is that until the legal issues are decided, he would not be put on the exempt list or suspended. There is still heavy risk involved, but there is also no doubt that at this point Watson is significantly better than Wilson and i
  10. Remember when we fielded teams that we could believe had a chance to win games....some day....
  11. Purely a what if question, but if Houston called today and offered to trade Watson straight up for Wilson and the league confirmed that they would not make any kind of commissioners exempt list/suspension move, would you accept the trade?
  12. Man, had we traded down we would have been in prime position to swing a deal for Watson... I really hope the Dolphins don't land him.
  13. It's not even about Sam. If he turns into the guy that would just be a bonus. It's about buying time and building a foundation. By trading out of the Wilson pick we could have landed a boat load of picks that would have been used to fix the many holes on this team and add depth plus given our rookie HC/oc time to install their offense and iron out some of the issues. You can even use the Miami moves as a blueprint. Could have moved back, collected multiple firsts and still landed penei Sewell, a massive upgrade to our o line. Then you sign a vet to compete with Sam. Best case Sam pla
  14. Mac Jones was always going to look better than Zach Wilson. Any QB the Patriots took was going to look better than any QB the Jets took. The Jets coaching staff has next to no experience. They are learning how to implement gameplans and call games. They are trying to teach a brand new scheme to an entire team while they are learning it on the fly. New England had the best head coach ever along with an OC that is very comfortable with his play calling schemes and game plans. The team is full of veterans that understand stand the wrinkles of the offense and can help Mac out because they als
  15. I like it because the db was a punk for hitting him after he already scored to TD.
  16. Agreed. Looked like diggs was expecting the deep safety to be over the top letting him take a gamble on intercepting the ball. The deep guy should have kept it from being a TD
  17. Huge hit for sure, but that's part of "feeling the pressure" It's not all that different from QBs that get hammered for high int numbers, despite some being the result or a wr dropping the ball, running the wrong route or slipping. At the end of the day, ball protection will get tagged to the QB. Seems odd to make an exception for one player.
  18. Hanging on to the ball seems like a recurring issue for Mac Jones.
  19. Panthers d really gonna let cousins move the Vikings into fg range
  20. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Way to go Carolina.
  21. Darnold and Moore with the big 4th down hookup.
  22. Dj Moore with ANOTHER drop. Wow. 4 drops by the receivers on this drive alone...
  23. Darnold with a 40 laser to save the drive and give the Panthers a chance.
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