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  1. I'd still argue that firing rex was so reactionary and short sighted. He had a system in place and could get the team fired up and ready to go. It was unfair the expect him to crush it every season when he he still competing in a division with Tom and bill. We should have stayed in our lane, got a new QB and kept going. Instead, as a franchise we decided that we were going to just blow it up every two years and hope to catch lightning in a bottle. Every reset throws away the draft picks we used on the previous reset because everyone wants to start fresh... It's why Marcus mate is the lon
  2. The one difficult thing about trying to figure out the usefulness of our players is how much the staggering lack of talent across the board makes it easier for opponents to key in on any potential playmakers and neutralize them. If JFM is able to put up good stats without talent around him, one has to wonder what he could do with a real pass rusher near by. Same with Q. Get some competent linebackers and maybe there can be a greater focus on play calls where he can let it rip,knowing the linebackers will be able to make stops behind him. Of course, the opposite could be true in that those
  3. Didn't realize there was a fellow New Englander in our club. I'm over in NH. As for the mock, not in love with Stingley at 4. More of a position issue than anything. I feel like CBs bust so much that it's not worth going high on them. The risk is just so high at that spot. I love Linderbaum at ten. I had been hoping we would have ended up with 6 and been able to move down a few spots to grab him. I don't mind Dean as an undersized backer since that's how we seem to be prioritizing backers anyway. I would like a thumper at some point to to help on rush downs. I like Ross as
  4. No way he did anything close to enough to justify a HC position this year.
  5. I heard the news and came over to see the reactions. As a Jets fan I thought he was pretty good and was stunned to hear they let him go. Seems like maybe you guys are in the same boat.
  6. God the chargers are dumb. The raiders were going to take the tie....
  7. Stupid question. If your the raiders why would you even try and do anything but run the clock out
  8. Steelers fans have to be on suicide watch right now.
  9. If that's the case, why didn't the Jets trade him when they were getting offers for him at the deadline?
  10. It would be amazing if Houston could upset Tennessee. That could bump out pick up to three. The if Seattle loses we could be sitting very pretty
  11. So much this. The Jets have mismanaged Mims as an asset if they hated him as much as it seems they should have taken what ever they were offered at the deadline. Not playing him kills whatever value he may have had if they were intent in the idea that he sucked . The season is lost and he has upside. He should be playing over Jeff Smith a keeland Cole
  12. 7 wins and 10 losses feels the same as going 6-10 in a 16 game schedule, to me anyway. It's three games under 500. 8-9 or 9-8 feels like 500. 10-7+ feels like a good season.
  13. Remember, can't go 8-8 anymore because of the 17th game. I'd be disappointed if we only go 7-10 next year. Really gotta find a way to get to the near 500 mark. 8 or 9 wins.
  14. That's my issue with both the Titans and Bengals... They lost to a terrible Jets team.
  15. They are not going to give rookie of the year to a wide receiver over a QB that "led" his team to the playoffs and looked better than the 4 QBs taken above him. Chase deserves it more, but this is the NFL. Is a QB driven league. They will want to make the QB as big a star as possible.
  16. Seahawks and Jets should both lose next weekend (Jets vs bills , hawks vs Cardinals). It's unlikely that the Texans will win, and the Panthers are playing the BUCS so that should be a loss to. Would effectively leave us at 4 and 6 in round one.
  17. ....QB sneak from that far????
  18. TB has definitely figured out that without Carter, they just have to blitz and double Berrios.
  19. I bet AB got pissed that he wasn't being fed the ball and won't hit the big incentives. Probably decided that if he won't get the incentives then he won't play at all.
  20. No love for Jets buccs? That's gonna be an ultra competitive game.... For about 8 minutes.
  21. I hope we don't bail on him but he had an injury that had something like a 5week recovery time and some how missed the entire season over it. A lot of work ethic concerns. Could easily be a jamarcus Russell situation.
  22. Tb locked up their division, not the conference. This is huge because only the top spot gets a bye now. TB will have to try for the bye so they should be plenty motivated still. The pats are going to beat the jags. That means the Bills will likely need a win in week 18 to lock up the division against us. They won't want to risk starting backups, losing, then have to go on the road in the playoffs. Not when a relatively easy win against a bad Jets team could give them home games.
  23. I think I'd love to see a deep dive into the bust rate by position. I'd almost think that teams like the Jets that historically struggle to make good picks would be better moving down to acquire more selections as a way to give them more shots at getting a hit.
  24. How to score in the RedZone? They would have won the last game had they punched any of their three 4th quarter RedZone chances in that meeting.
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