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  1. Its essentially the same strat the is being used against the Chiefs. It forced the offense to be more disciplined and be willing to settle for short stuff. Allen and mahommes don't want to do that and it results in them really struggling.
  2. Adams was good for us, but became a major headache and now is a major liability for Seattle. Prior was a total bust. Marcus Maye has been decent. The thing that appeals to me about Hamilton, and the reason I would be okay with spending a high pick on him is that he is a ballhawk. We do have my a tremendous need for playmakers on defense and he fits the bill. Still though I'd rank him lower that Neal and thibs, who is likely going top 2 in the draft.
  3. I'll admit that Darnold simply isn't good. I still think we would have been better keeping him and signing a vet to compete, while using the no2 pick to trade for a random, but it is very clear we would be relying on the vet and not Sam by this point.
  4. Becton is likely out a few more weeks so arguing about his PT right now is kind of pointless. As for building the team moving forward, I'm all for thibs, Neal or stingly with our 1st. Hamilton could be a worthy pick too, but I'm kinda tired of getting burned by safeties. Our second first needs to be linderbaum. Don't care if we are at 8 and reach or if we are at 18 and move up. He's a guy I want to anchor the middle of the line.
  5. White is gonna play. Wilson is cleared to practice this week. If white can't go, you have to imagine Wilson would get the nod. There's no way, if they went with Wilson that they would slot White back in once healthy.
  6. Phew. We still have a sliver of life.
  7. What is going on with Mims. He has really struggled
  8. It certainly appears that Wilson was the reason the Jets offense was so bad. Not a good look for him right now. Barring injuries, he probably shouldn't start again this season. Or atleast not until much later in the season.
  9. Ty with a nice TD reception for the second week in a row
  10. I'm just tired of it because I don't see other teams having this done to them, and as embarrassing as it should be, it doesn't seem to have any real impact on Jets players, coaches or gameplanning.
  11. Real question. Do teams run up the scores like this against other teams? I feel like in most other games I watch, when a team has this kind of lead this late the backups are in running the clock down. But against the Jets, teams just keep throwing bombs anyway.
  12. Colts still bombing it with Wentz. I don't feel bad at all if Wentz gets hurt.
  13. That's a fair point. Makes a little more sense looking at it that way.
  14. Wilson legitimately looks like our worst QB by far. That's really kinda sad. Hopefully he is atleast better than Flacco.
  15. Nice grab by Griffen. Good throw too.
  16. Gotta love 2-10 rushing calls down 26
  17. Hopefully this was the game he needed to get on track.
  18. I thought going to the knees of the QB was a rtp penalty
  19. Gotta imagine he will only be seeing touches via the air
  20. Let's get those garbage time stats so we don't look like as much of a joke.
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