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  1. I'm just beside myself. The entire drive they just said nah diggs can be manned up by rookies with no safety help...
  2. What kind of d call says echols should be in man coverage on diggs with zero safety help?
  3. Sure.... Sure.... Any other QB in the league that's a throw..... W/e... Screw this
  4. C'mon... Jumping all over white WAY after the whistle.... The heck....
  5. It wasn't even complicated. Should have been an automatic QB sneak. Anything more complex and you use a timeout.
  6. Wilson got hurt on an uncalled roughing, white has been hot multiple times in his two starts that went uncalled and even Johnson got hit late without a call but we breathe on a QB and boom 15 yards....
  7. Once again our QB doesn't get this protection from the refs via roughing the passer.
  8. Maybe I'm crazy but down 10, just picked up 15 yards on a nice run, why not run another play? Why do teams only care about the clock in the final 2 mins of each half?
  9. I guess I should start doing dishes.....
  10. Each if our 3 possessions have had big penalties
  11. Dumb play all by the bills. Why risk the fade shot when any in route was going to work.
  12. So easy to pick up 8 yards all day on screens against us
  13. Bummed that Mims is out on the covid list. Guy just can't catch a break.
  14. That was a Zach Wilson esc miss on the attempt to Carter in the flat.
  15. You don't like a scheme that leaves tes and rbs uncovered all game?
  16. I see our d learned nothing about covering the flats.
  17. Expect a ton of press and backers covering the flats
  18. That was a great fair catch by McKenzie. Could have easily been a fumble
  19. Terrible pass on second down. Should have been picked.
  20. I think I'm perfectly happy if we never run the ball out of the endzone on a kick off ever again
  21. When the Falcons dumped him I thought it was a dumb move considering they were keeping Ryan and still trying to be competitive,but man,they nailed it. Julio is not the guy he was.
  22. Because tucker still has never missed a field goal. Sometimes the league decides not to count them out of fairness to other kickers
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