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  1. Single game parlay question. Saints vs jets. Saints win Kamara rush over 54 Kamara receive over 29 Kamara TD. +340 I could cut the saints win part out and drop it to +260. Thoughts?
  2. Kamara gonna feast. We don't have the linebackers to stop him, not the safeties to cover him. I'd imagine some sort of Quincy Williams plus a safety at all times?
  3. Just remembered starting te Kroft is out too...just across the board devastated by injuries. I guess my only question is, are these injuries players could play through but because the season is lost the priority is getting healthier for next year?
  4. Starting LT, top two WRs, top two RBS and who else out on offense alone?... This team just cannot catch a break. Well, with no Davis or Moore Lafleur better find some creative ways to get Mims the ball. My fear though, is that we are simply going to give Moore's touches and playcall's to Berrios.
  5. I'm opposed, only because it means we didn't select Linderbaum
  6. Jamal Adams is out for the rest of the season. I wonder if Seattle will try to get a team like Dallas to trade a first or second(more likely) for him in the off-season.
  7. Get Josh on the edge and let him run or pass it
  8. Josh Allen finally running with the ball
  9. Agreed. Seems like a real tough runner
  10. Bills asking for something dumb to happen here...
  11. Pats called a timeout there? I guess they're gonna pass it here.
  12. Nice hard run to grab the 1st down
  13. Yeah, I guess it's just extra tough because my team sucks so it ends up with just a bunch of drunk angry people booing the home team.
  14. I've only ever been to one game. It was fun, but sports bar or home is better
  15. Yes, it's better without them. But honestly for a big game like this I think I may prefer the regular broadcast since there is better energy there.
  16. Take points now and worry about risking it later
  17. Despite the TD off the muff, Pats gotta be happy. They've weathered the first quarter and should be able to run out the quarter, putting the bills into the wind
  18. Not even a few... Lol one single inch.
  19. That's some real tough luck for harry
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