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  1. They did just knock off a fairly talented 49ers team didn't they? And had to come from behind too. For all their warts they have playmakers, and can put up points.
  2. Getting the ball (with the wind)in the 2nd and 4th is going to be big for the pats
  3. Pretty much. At a bare minimum they need to get into a groove with the wind so they can keep the ball moving in the run game in the second quarter.
  4. I wonder how far Justin Tucker could hit a field goal in this game with the wind at his back.
  5. Bills run d showing up so far! Let's go!
  6. Bad drop by Knox. That was in stride.
  7. Because they have Russel Wilson, dk Metcalf and some other good veterans And they are playing some weak teams.
  8. Nothing changed today, but realistically, the Seahawks are going to win a few more games. At the end of the season, this comeback win could be the difference between a 7th pick and a 15thish pick.
  9. Not only that, but the Pats differential is boosted by having already played the Jets 2x, something the Bills haven't had the luxury of yet. In the first game the bills won 45-17. I doubt a second game would be much closer.
  10. Considering the BS call on Hall it's pretty safe to say you are correct. I do not understand how inconsistent they can be. If a crew is gonna call the ticky tacky stuff find, call it both ways. To hammer us for nothing and then let them get away with an obvious one...smh. It happens to us with the roughing the passer calls all the time too. We look at a QB wrong and boom 15 yards, but our guy gets hit late and out of bounds.... Nothing. Sadly, the league did try to hire full time refs and implement stringent standards. The refs wouldn't have it and went on strike. The replacements
  11. Unfriggen real with these refs. How was there no flag on Slay.
  12. The crew in that game clearly has a preference
  13. A defensive stop?! Oh wait... Moseley... Lol
  14. Those missed xps are brutal right now.
  15. I don't know why the refs hate us so much.
  16. Well, if the eagles are going to score here, hopefully it's a pass to goddert or sanders
  17. Shame our kicking situation sucks... Game should be tied.
  18. He was the guy I wanted to compete with Sam.( Likey would have beat Sam out)
  19. They are about to go 95 yards here
  20. Nice play call and throw on 4th down. Offense looks like they belong in the NFL right now
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