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  1. Moore almost got you another TD
  2. Money so far! I started Moore at least.
  3. We haven't been able to even force an incompletion so far. Not a tip, not a throw away, not a drop....
  4. Lolololol. Jets love not defending tight ends.
  5. Goddard is gonna out up some big ole numbers today.
  6. Zach is looking a little better on those flat throws. Still not perfect but he is getting them to players in a catchable situation at least.
  7. Nice concentration by Davis there. I was looking forward to Mims getting snaps, but I'll be happy with any sense off an offense right now
  8. Fitting that Moseley is the one that gets torched.
  9. Did they just say Moseley thinks he is having his best season???
  10. I actually think Minshew is a better QB than Hurts but I'm glad that Minshew is getting the start today because I don't think we have the ability to stop Hurts from just running circles around us. This will also be interesting because minshew was one of the guys I wanted the jets to go after this past off season as a vet that could have completed with Darnold. Mims is also healthy today, while both Davis and Cole are supposedly out. Could be the chance he needs to finally earn some reps. I really hope he winds up with more targets than Jeff Smith. This is a winnable game. We need to
  11. So we traded Dan brown to the Chiefs for LDT, then the Chiefs cut Brown and we resign him. Not bad. IDGAF about Brown but it's nice to be on the winning side of a trade
  12. Becton seems to have injury/motivational issues. Seems to lack discipline to get in good shape and stay there. Mims has had to battle some bad luck health wise, while also dealing with the issue of the GM signing someone for a lot of money that effectively plays the same role as him. This has really limited opportunities to shine, since it seems the HC/oc have very specific game plans that require certain roles. When he has been healthy and gotten to play he has produced some really nice plays. Without consistent reps though it's hard to develop.
  13. In fantasy football, if you have concerns about McCaffreys health but are in position to take him, you absolutely take him and try and trade him to someone that doesn't have those concerns. Someone will most certainly be willing to give up more than what you would get if you just outright pass on him.
  14. I think the better move would have been to select McCaffrey and trade him to someone for their first and third round picks.
  15. Kinda wild stat that doesn't really mean anything but, if the season ended today. The Jets would have the 5th and 6th picks in the draft. The giant would have the 7th and 8th picks And the eagles would have the 9th and 10th picks.
  16. Seattle loses again! They now have the same record as the Jets. Wow.
  17. That illegal formation penalty.... Wow.
  18. Mac Jones went to a team that was in he middle of the pack last year, has the best HC ever and went to a team that had an established offensive system already in place with a veteran play caller that understands the system and how to call plays that make it very easy for the QB Ge was also considered very pro ready and came to the NFL via a close Belicheck buddy in nick Saban, who frequently works with Bill on coaching schemes. Despite all that, he has also looked pretty bad at times too. He has tossed 8 picks but has had no fewer than 5 others that have been dropped and his completion percen
  19. You would be unhappy if the Jets finished the season 8-9, having had a four-five game winning streak with the youngest team in the league, a rookie HC and a rookie OC? The value of learning how to win as a team is far more important than a higher draft pick. We've stacked losing season and high picks. It hasn't gotten us anywhere. There isn't one guy in this draft that will be available to us that is going to magically make us so much better. Even if there was a guy, would you trust us to draft and develop him?
  20. You know what, I'm just going to enjoy the win. Sure Wilson sucked, but JFM played out if his mind, Lafleur called designed plays to get Moore the ball in space, or running game seemed decent despite missing Carter and we won. Players stepped up and came up with plays, something we've rarely seen this season, last season, or really anytime in the past 5 years. So yeah, good job green! Way to get the W. Hopefully this can be a stepping stone that we can build on. The next 4 games are all games we should be able to compete in. As unlikely as it would be, imagine if we go all doplhins and r
  21. That's all on Griffen there. He is a second or third string TD being used as a starter.
  22. Wilson pulling out the early season Darnold playbook there. Love the use of the legs but also gotta prove you can throw it in those spots.
  23. Tell me. How many teams do you know that bring in their practice squad 4th string QB to run a 2pt conversion play when the starter is healthy? It says a lot about how trash Zach Wilson is right now...
  24. Lmao! Trusted Johnson in the 2pt spot over Wilson.
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