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  1. Wow that was an ugly wr screen
  2. I'm just tired of it because I don't see other teams having this done to them, and as embarrassing as it should be, it doesn't seem to have any real impact on Jets players, coaches or gameplanning.
  3. Real question. Do teams run up the scores like this against other teams? I feel like in most other games I watch, when a team has this kind of lead this late the backups are in running the clock down. But against the Jets, teams just keep throwing bombs anyway.
  4. Colts still bombing it with Wentz. I don't feel bad at all if Wentz gets hurt.
  5. That's a fair point. Makes a little more sense looking at it that way.
  6. Wilson legitimately looks like our worst QB by far. That's really kinda sad. Hopefully he is atleast better than Flacco.
  7. Nice grab by Griffen. Good throw too.
  8. Gotta love 2-10 rushing calls down 26
  9. Hopefully this was the game he needed to get on track.
  10. I thought going to the knees of the QB was a rtp penalty
  11. Gotta imagine he will only be seeing touches via the air
  12. Let's get those garbage time stats so we don't look like as much of a joke.
  13. Should be kicking inside the rest of the game. We can't stop them anyway so may as well take the chance
  14. Really kicking myself for for not starting Moore now
  15. Another body catch attempt by Mims. Glad he hung on but he has to be better.
  16. Just go for it... Down 25. 4th and 6. Punting is pointless
  17. Since white went down in the middle of the first quart we've only attempted 7 passes
  18. It's lulzy how poor our offense is moving under anyone not named Mike White.
  19. Oh boy more trick plays to completely destroy this defense. This is gonna be Pats game level bad.
  20. Would have been a hell of an aggressive call to have the Jets re-punt.
  21. We didn't lose the first quarter for the second week in a row so that's good.
  22. Looked like I saw jersey getting pulled.
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