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  1. I love that the Jets were stupid enough to trade for an unvaccinated QB and he immediately spreads covid through the QB room...pure incompetence.
  2. Imo that's the smart thing to do. It's what I thought the Jets should have done this past off season. A rookie QB should only be brought in after a team has put a good o line together and the coach/coordinator have implemented and smoothed out there play calling designs with a veteran QB. The best option for the Giants may be to, once the Watson stuff is cleared away in the off-season, trade their two high firsts for him.
  3. Not saying Darnold doesn't suck... we could have had Darnold and a vet and had comparable or better QB play than we ended up with And again... Miami was able to move up to 6 so yeah after trading back w/sf It doesn't even take any guess work. We were slot two, Miami was three. If anything we might have been able to get more.. I really don't understand what you are trying to argue here. 49ers receive: 2021 first-round pick (No. 3 QB Trey Lance) Dolphins receive: 2021 first-round pick (No. 12 traded to Eagles) 2022 first-round pick 2022 third-round pick
  4. Him missing those checkdown/flats throws was a major issue for him. He needs to do a much better just b at getting the balls to receivers with placement that allows for them to turn up field and run after the catch.
  5. Sure, my until post said "imagine if" it was purely a "man wouldn't it be great if" statement. One that, if Wilson does figure it out and become the franchise guy some of you were sold on when we drafted him and again after preseason and again after week one, would leave me looking like a pretty big fool.
  6. By drafting him after trading out of two. The dolphins did exactly this. Granted we could have stayed at 12 and grabbed avt then without needing to make that trade up or we could have grab Parsons and still did the trade up for avt while also loading up on picks.
  7. Philly would have 8, 11, and 16 Giants would have 5 and 7 The Jets would have 2 and 6 Imagine how loaded we could have been if we had traded back last draft, opting to sign a vet to compete with Sam instead of drafting Wilson.... Could have had Sewell plus another first and second this year at a minimum.
  8. For us to get numbw one 1 we would need to lose our AND Detroit would need to pickup 3 wins. It's not happening. That said, Detroit needs a QB and they are a bad franchise. It's entirely possible that they go QB at one. As for how to use the picks if we actually got two and five, if Thibs is available at two you grab him then trade back from 5 to 10ish to grab Linderbaum. If Thibs Is fine , trade out if 2 into Linderbaum range and use 5 to grab one of Neal Hutchinson Hamilton or stingley.
  9. Defense and special yes screwed the pooch big time today. Two Miami drives were extended by bad third down penalties the led to points. Those two missed field goals were back breakers too. Hit those and instead of settling for that fg at the end we would have taken some shots into the endzone to tie or win. We aren't good enough to survive those kind of issues. Also, while flacco did put up good stats, a good chunk of it was thanks to Moore. Flacco took some terrible sacks and that failure to get a play on after Michael carters big run was unacceptable. This guy is supposed to be a v
  10. Seattle is about to lose to Colt McCoy that pick is looking good!
  11. That was a laughable penalty against geisicki
  12. The bills really gonna lose and gift the pats first place...
  13. Lolololol.... No Micheal Carter even in the field on 3rd down and goal from the 2.
  14. Wasted a timeout and gave the doplhins a second to regroup, AND ran the same look they had pretimeout.
  15. Lol...veteran Savy by flacco eh?.... Can't even manage a clock.
  16. About time we generate a turnover. Gotta turn this into 7
  17. We gonna get doors blown by a 3 win team
  18. I wouldn't say we are more talented than Miami at all..and Joe Flacco sucks. He put up numbers just as bad as Darnold did last year. Guy is good for a couple arm punts a game and takes some atrocious sacks. Hardly a barometer for our coaching staff. In terms of talented players on this team we have.... Uhhhh avt, Moore, Crowder, Mosely, maybe Davis, maybe Mims,maybe Q Williams, maybe Bryce hall and uhhhh yeah that's it.
  19. I'm firmly against firing Saleh and lafleur after just one season. Gase had an extensive track record of being terrible even before he came to NY, it's not the same scenario with our current guys. You had to expect the to be growing pains and a steep learning curve rolling with a rookie HC and oc. Couple that with the fact that we have a team with a real lack of both talent and experience and you have a bad team. The only option right now is to continue investing and building and hoping that Saleh is able to figure it out as the team matures. If you can him now it just restarts the rebui
  20. Q reminds me of Leonard Williams. We aren't using him right and designing things for him to succeed so we are going to give up on him too early and then he will look great elsewhere while we blow another high pick on a person we won't use correctly because we are going to fire our GM and reset again.
  21. But like how many times in a season does a team have a kick return TD? I mean even the best returners get maybe 2 all year. Vs the risk of starting inside your own 15? If you start at the 25 and get a single first down, even if you are then forced to punt you can force the opponent to have a long field.
  22. Maybe I'm skewed because I mostly watch the, absolutely terrible, New York Jets but why do teams continue to run the ball out of the endzone on a kickoff. I just watched the Jets play a game in which they ran it out all but one time and they never got to the 25 on any of those attempts. They were just continually forcing their offense to start from inside the 20 when they were being gifted the 25. In what world is the small chance of breaking a big return worth constantly giving yourself terrible field position. I do have Sunday ticket and see other teams take the ball out and barely get
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