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  1. Edward's worst punt of the day right there. Really needed that thing inside the 10
  2. I wonder how much of that is because of the Bill's pass rush
  3. Anderson looked at the sticks and was wondering why the ball went to him
  4. Bell is like 80% of the offense. If our d plays like this all the time we will be fine, but we need to be able to get our wrs involved more if we want to have an effective offense
  5. Might aswell just cut him right now and have bell do kick offs
  6. If they call this back for blockers down field then they need to start calling it on every RPO play ever run
  7. What are these commentators talking about."I dont think he saw the play clock" both bell and darnold put the T up
  8. There ya go. Wr screen. Get some more quick hitters
  9. Should have started the jets d in fantasy
  10. Yeah. There are certainly issues with the oline, but he is locking on to receivers instead of reading thru progressions. They really need to get some quick slants or boot legs going. A nice play action would help too. Hell, toss a screen to Anderson to get these dline to back off a bit
  11. Way to much force feeding and staring down bell.
  12. Remember when that was us, like a million times last season...
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