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  1. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    Yeah, you can cut any players you like. Just can't add any right now.
  2. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    @Adrenaline_Flux @I_GET_SAX @devils1854 @zelbell @BigBillsFan13 @catcheryea @Utley We'll start the draft when everyone re-confirms they are still going to be active in this league. SirA1, JBURGE, Oregon Ducks, jfin: you have all posted in here recently so you don't have to re-confirm. We'll be doing an offline draft and I will make a draft page for us either tonight or tomorrow morning. I imported all rookies to your teams already, let me know if I made a mistake or missed a player. Every player that is draft eligible is listed under the "players" section in the league page. As well, because this is a devy league, college players are eligible to drafted. I will provide a list of college players that have already been drafted and are already on someone's devy squad (there aren't very many). The draft will be a mix of both college players and NFL players, so keep that in mind when drafting or if you want to make a big board to help you during the draft. There won't be separate drafts for NFL/rookies and college players. If anyone wants to discuss any rule changes, now would be a good time to do it. I expanded the roster size to 25 for the time being so no one has to cut down their rosters while we draft. We can keep it at 25 if everyone likes it or we can go back down to 20 after the draft. As a reminder, devy rosters are currently set at 4, but we can easily expand that if you guys would like. The larger the devy roster, the better chance you have to strike gold and find a breakout player while he's still in college. I should also note that you don't have to have exactly 4 devy players. You can have less if you like, although I wouldn't suggest that because you're basically giving away draft picks by doing that. You can have more than 4, but for every player you that go over you will have to forfeit an active roster spot. For example, if I want to have 5 devy players instead of 4, I can do that but I will only be allowed to carry 19 players on my roster instead of 20 (which is why I would be in favor of keeping the rosters at 25, this would give everyone a little more flexibility). This is something you'll want to consider carefully because you cannot cut your devy players until they enter the NFL , so you run the risk of hurting your depth if you decide to go over. If you have any questions or if I was unclear about anything, @ me and I'll try to clarify things. Take a look at your rosters and see if things are all correct. Hopefully, we can start this draft soon but there is still no rush. We have over a month before the season starts.
  3. Incredible, incredible work. As always this mock is fantastic. Love that you gave the Lions my guy Daniel Cooney. I was mortified that you gave them Wilton Speight and then I was even more mortified when I realized that it is actually realistic. Loved seeing Emmanuel Butler climb all the way up to the early part of the draft. Liked the inclusion of Ryan Bee, although I can see him going higher after another solid season (he heavily resembles Trent Murphy IMO). As always, great work.
  4. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    @Ozzy I like Najee Harris too, I just like Brian Robinson more. Harris is (obviously) bigger but I think Robinsom has a more well rounded skill set while also being a pretty big back. Harris in an ideal world is Derrick Henry 2.0 but he isn't the same kind of freak that Henry is. Robinson reminds me a ton of Jay Ajayi (with healthy knees).
  5. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    I liked him more than Najee Harris when they were recruits. Still do. I think he eventually passes him for the top RB spot there.
  6. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Brian Robinson Jr, Alabama
  7. Charting/Analytics?

    Market share statistics for skill players and defenders
  8. FF Dynasty League

    In hindsight even more mad about this
  9. FF Dynasty League

    This league still a go? My roster is too stacked to let this league die @NickChowaniec
  10. I'm also open for trades. Hill and Cooks are probably my only "untouchable" players. Also open to trading away or trading for picks. Just message me if anyone wants to trade, I might send out a few offers as well if any interesting players are made available.
  11. Suck it, other divisions
  12. I'll be returning if the league actually stays alive. If the league dies out I might start another Devy league. The first one is going well so far, would like to have another deep devy league with 40+ deep rosters
  13. Unique League Ideas

    It's a hell of a fun league. I would start one like that on here if there were enough people willing to go that deep. Definitely need to be a hard core NFL & CFB fan to do well in a league like that. Have to know the best college players before they get mass attention, really have to evaluate incoming freshman as well.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 250+

    He's a good player, he was really fun to watch live.
  15. Unique League Ideas

    Super deep leagues with creative scoring are the best way to do it. Once you're in a challenging league like this it's hard to do anything else. Best league I'm in is a 12 team, 40 man roster devy league. Minimum 10 players on the taxi squad but you can go over if you like, it just cuts into the number you can have on the active roster when you go over. It's a super flex, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, and 2 standard FLEX lineup. No kickers or defense because they're annoying. It's a PPR with TE's getting 1.5 per catch. RB's get 0.3 points per carry. So basically it puts a premium on having 2+ good QB's, having a handful of good RB's that get lots of carries, having at least 3 starting level WR's, and gives you the option to have 2 TE's because they have premium scoring as well.