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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    What do you mean "what tape"...the tape of him at UCF...there's plenty for you to find with a quick google search or youtube search. I wouldn't draft him in the 1st or 2nd for the Lions because they currently need to use those picks on LG and DT. But, if the Lions needed a linebacker like they do LG/DT, I'd be very happy to have him in the late 1st/high 2nd. He can play LB. He can play in the slot and be an elite LB in coverage. He can take on blocks, just watch him play its clear to see. He can rush the passer. He's an elite athlete. Watch the Auburn game where's he's running twice as fast as everyone else in the 4th quarter making plays no one else can make. If he two hands everyone would hype him up like he was the 1b to Roquan Smith's 1a.
  2. Do The Lions Think Joe Dahl is Our Future LG?

    Glasgow is better at center than he is at guard. He's the center. I wanted extra competition at RB (like Blount), but Abdullah/Riddick should have been a passable RB duo. Ron Prince's middle school blocking scheme is hard to look good in for any RB.
  3. Do The Lions Think Joe Dahl is Our Future LG?

    Very unlikely. They have gone into the draft with glaring holes before. Cornelius Lucas as the starting LT going into the 2016 draft, Paul Worrilow as a starting LB going into the 2017 draft...now they have Dahl/Wiggins as the "starting LG" going into the 2018 draft. Wouldn't be shocked if they drafted one with pick 20 or 51.
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    lol watch the tape buddy, he can tackle
  5. Lions sign Ricky Jean Francois

    Not sure why everyone is getting so worked up about a signing that hasn't even happened yet. RJF would be a solid backup to A'Shawn if he were signed, how is that such a big issue?
  6. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Everyone always says 3rd place is the new 1st place
  7. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    Robbed again! (Stewart is legit though...)
  8. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    I got robbed! (Jaire was an amazing pick though, top 10 type of guy to me)
  9. TCMD AWARDS THREAD- Awards Posted!!!!

    DAMN Nick Chubb <3 u
  10. lions signed TE Luke Wilson

    Solid player, his snaps and stats will likely see a decent bump with the Lions. They need to replace over 1200 snaps between losing Ebron and Fells, Willson had just under 400 snaps on offense last year. If you take him off of special teams and put those snaps on offense he could be on the field for roughly 500-600 plays on offense. Great athlete for a tight end, he should complement Michael Roberts pretty well. It will be interesting to see how they add a 3rd tight end. My guess is they probably go after someone like Ian Thomas or Tyler Conklin in the 4th or 5th round.
  11. v1.0 first rounder with several trades

    The Lions won't be drafting a cornerback in round 1
  12. TCMD Discussion!!

    @Forge I took Auden Tate with the pick right before you
  13. With the 210th pick the Detroit Lions select... WR Auden Tate, Florida State @samsel23 skipped @Forge next
  14. Who's left

    Tank Carradine signed with the Raiders
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible TE Thread

    @jrry32 you guys should just sign Ebron. He would kill it in that offense. His production at the end of the season was great, his blocking was improved, and his drop rate was good (contrary to popular belief). He probably won't ever be a great blocker but he can be a damn good weapon.