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  1. I haven't watched the A&M center much, and I haven't really cared much for an A&M OL outside of Jake Matthews, but I know he's on a lot of people's lists for the 2020 draft.
  2. I've been following him, he's got all the tools and traits to be a hell of a nose tackle, he just needs to play smarter. I'm hoping the Lions draft him to be an understudy of Damon Harrison. He's got the size, strength, length, and athleticism to be a hell of a player. He just doesn't use great technique at the moment, there are moments where his vision wasn't good enough and he didn't find the ball, and he needs to do a much better job at holding double teams longer to keep his LBs free. It isn't hard to see his potential though with the way he can stack and shed blockers with ease. He already shows the lateral quickness to get off blocks and move over into the hole to make the tackle as well. @MSURacerDT55 you should watch him if you get the chance.
  3. He had a hell of a game. Usually, it takes a pretty special talent at RB to break so many tackles and look that good against a Don Brown coached defense. He's gonna be a problem for Big Ten teams for the next 2-3 years.
  4. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Should be a fun game. Even though Ohio State hasn't been looking great they still won those close games to make this a legit high stakes matchup. Even with a win Ohio State likely would still be out of the playoff but playing for the big ten championship game is still a big deal. And then of course for Michigan winning this game is huge to get back in the W column and move closer to a playoff bid. It will be exciting to see what Michigan does on offense. Both teams always save some things for this game, Michigan might have quite a few things saved. They haven't needed to use many of their setup plays this season.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    He's a decent receiver but his blocking is 100% a liability. You can't use that guy inline and expect your runs to not get blown up.
  6. What Position To Draft In The First Round

    Lions will have money to spend, they can get those guys. Allen rushes the passer well. That's what he does.
  7. Trubisky vs Watson, long term

    Try harder
  8. 2020 Draft

    Jonathan Taylor says hi
  9. What Position To Draft In The First Round

    Trey Flowers and Bryce Callahan
  10. I mean, it's my fault for jokingly putting it in there as a poll option to begin with.
  11. We held a vote a bunch of jokesters voted for this game over all the others
  12. Who | #12 Syracuse vs #3 Notre Dame When | Saturday, November 17th - 2:30pm EST Where | Yankee Stadium, Ney York, NY TV | NBC Players to Watch #12 Syracuse QB | #2 | Eric Dungey | SR RB | #21 | Moe Neal | JR WR | #17 | Jamal Custis | rJR DL | #95 | Chris Slayton | rSR EDGE | #94 | Alton Robinson | JR S | #19 | Andre Cisco | FR #3 Notre Dame QB | # | Ian Book | rSO RB | # | Dexter Williams | SR WR | #81 | Miles Boykin | rJR DT | #99 | Jerry Tillery | SR EDGE | #53 | Khalid Kareem | JR LB | #4 | Te'Von Coney | SR
  13. The predicted score for this game is 72.4 to 0.0
  14. Who | The Freakin' Citadel @ #1 Alabama When | Saturday, November 17th - 12:00pm EST Where | Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, AL TV | SEC Network Players to Watch The Citadel QB | #16 | Brandon Rainey | rSO FB | #8 | Lorenzo Ward Jr | rJR RB | #10 | Jordan Black | rJR EDGE | #38 | Noah Dawkins | SR DL | #98 | Randolph Joseph II | JR LB | #9 | Willie Eubanks | SO #1 Alabama QB | #13 | Tua Tagovailoa | SO WR | #4 | Jerry Jeudy | SO OL | #73 | Jonah Williams | JR DT | #92 | Quinnen Williams | rSO DT | #99 | Raekwon Davis | JR S | #14 | Deionte Thompson | rJR
  15. TAST Dynasty League Discussion

    Also I could use some QB assistance so if your team sucks but has a good QB hit me up