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  1. Teams are getting their cap situation in good shape in preparation for a lockout after the 2020 season. With no new CBA agreed to, teams are limited to 30% year-to-year cap hit escalations in 2021 and later. Most contracts have low-ish cap hits in the first two years while seeing a decent jump in year 3, but teams won't be able to do that next offseason. Most teams signed their long term contracts this offseason with minimal cap hits in 2019 and 2020 with a large jump in 2021 followed by, at most, 30% increases in the years after. Teams are hoarding cap space to roll over into next offseason s
  2. he's a WR, moving him to TE wouldn't make sense. His blocking would no longer be a strength at TE
  3. It will be interesting to see if teams are interested and if he is/can get into game shape. He was a pretty damn good player when he retired and he's still young enough that his body should be in a really good physical condition. I wonder if he'd be willing to compete for a right guard spot... the Lions could use some extra competition there
  4. Tavai is a pretty good player. Not concerned about the 40 time, he looks plenty fast on the field and he didn't get much of a chance to prepare for his pro day because he was still recovering from surgery. He also won't play a typical LB role in Detroit. He won't be asked to play in space against players with a legitimate athletic advantage over him. He'll mostly be playing near the LOS, blitzing, rushing, setting the edge, covering shallow areas, or covering players that match his athletic ability (he covered Josh Oliver well in college, if that gives an idea of the kind of players he can han
  5. Gettleman doesn't know a damn thing, he's lying to put up a front to make people think he knows what he's doing.
  6. Fulgham is definitely a guy they took for his special teams value and developmental potential. He can push Andy Jones for one of the final spots at WR by competing primarily with him on special teams. Then, if he makes the roster, they will see how he fares as a deep threat, working out of multiple alignments, etc. and then try to develop him from there.
  7. IDOG_det


    Oday Aboushi started 8 games for the Seahawks while Darrell Bevell was there and had a career year last year for the Cardinals playing RG. Kenny Wiggins played a lot last year and wasn't a disaster (he wasn't good, but he didn't repeatedly get beat). Tyrell Crosby was only drafted in the 5th, but they had him graded higher than that and got him that late because teams had concerns about concussions. Unless a better player gets cut or becomes available via trade, they'll just hold a competition between those three and your starting RG is whoever looks best in Bevells offense.
  8. It isn't a perfect comparison, but there is some Louis Delmas to him. He's a better athlete though, longer frame as well. Harris will compete with Tavon Wilson and take over the SS spot in 2020. His role will be similar to what Patrick Chung has been for the Patriots
  9. It's the 6th round, they're basically just getting first dibs on UDFA at that point. Most boards run out of draftable players at the end of the 5th/start of the 6th. Also, you should watch Fulghum light up the Virginia Tech defense. He can separate.
  10. You need to find a new hobby if the Lions draft got you this upset
  11. He isn't limited athletically. He's actually a very good fit as an athlete for the position they will use him in. He isn't a dime LB that will be asked to step out and cover guys one-on-one half the time. He will play the spot Christian Jones played, which mostly is responsible for controlling backside gaps to prevent cut-backs, pursuing plays from behind, blitzing/rushing, and setting the edge from their 5-1 look. And, he did kind of dominate his level of competition. He was the best player on that defense by far, he was often making impactful plays, and he was a very productive player o
  12. I love how you guys immediately hated the pick because you didn't know who the player was. If you guys had ever stayed up to watch a Hawaii game or bothered to watch any of his cut-ups on youtube you would know he's a very good player. The Patriots were planning on taking him and he is a good player. Anyone thinking he's a reach needs to consider that. He will be a contributor and they wouldn't have been able to get him if they trade down or tried to get him with a later pick. Anyone saying he isn't a good athlete clearly is just going off of his workout numbers that came after he
  13. yeah, if anything they're just going to trade back for more picks. The Seahawks value the 4th/5th/6th rounds more than other teams so they often try to trade for a lot of picks in that range.
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