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  1. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Brian Burns reminds me of Danielle Hunter. He doesn't have the extreme low body fat % that Hunter has, but they tested similarly at a similar size so it doesn't really matter. Go back and watch Hunter at LSU, then watch Burns at FSU. Pretty similar. It is fairly routine for NFL players to gradually get larger and stronger throughout their NFL careers, and its probably safe to assume that someone entering the league at barely 21 years old will get at least a little bit larger in the NFL. The only concern about his weight would be his ability to hold up against the run, but Burns has a really long wingspan, which will help him take on and shed blockers. Where he lacks in weight he should be able to make up in length.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Hjalte Froholdt is basically the same prospect that Austin Blythe was
  3. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    It obviously isn't bad to have safety depth, but they already have depth there and spending a 2nd round pick on backup safeties isn't a winning strategy. Of course, there is the potential for them to run 3 safety sets, but with a slot corner as talented as Justin Coleman in the fold, that gets reduced to dime-package situations (i.e. less than 20% of the time). Spending a 2nd round pick on a role player is also not a winning strategy. The reason why I focus on needs so much in mock drafts for the Detroit Lions is pretty simple: it's what the actual Detroit Lions do in the actual draft. Under Bob Quinn, they have consistently and aggressively targeted immediate needs with their 1st and 2nd round picks. Anything other than that is not going to be predictive of what the Detroit Lions will actually do. I don't see the issue in speaking about that. The point of commenting on peoples mock drafts is to give them feedback, and @wcf1989 clearly put some effort into this so I thought he deserved good, thoughtful feedback.
  4. 2 RD MOCK 3/16/19

    Doesn't make a whole lot of sense from a Lions perspective. Josh Allen is probably the one guy that they would choose over trading down, so taking a trade down where they have to send back their 3rd probably wouldn't be enough to pass up the guy that is probably at the top of their board. Greedy isn't good enough against the run and is a risky style of player who will likely give up some big plays, so he isn't a fit for what the Lions look for at corner. Taylor Rapp makes zero sense for the Lions. They have their long term starting safeties in Tracy Walker and Quandre Diggs. Tavon Wilson, Miles Killebrew, and Andrew Adams will provide depth for them at safety. There is no room for a player like Rapp. Bob Quinn won't waste a 2nd round pick on a player who has no real path to playing time. Taking a WR in the 2nd also doesn't make sense for the Lions. They have their starting WRs in Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. They signed Danny Amendola to play in the slot and Brandon Powell looked promising at the end of the season, likely earning a spot as the final WR on the roster. A 4th or 5th round pick at WR with an eye on special teams makes more sense for the Lions. If you want to keep the trade down, you should have gone TJ Hockenson in the 1st, ideally a small trade up for Julian Love with the first 2nd, and then one of Chris Lindstrom/Erik McCoy/Dru Samia with the other 2nd. Staying at 8, taking Josh Allen, and then trading down in the 2nd/drafting a guard in the 2nd would also be very good.

    I wouldn't take him there over Josh Allen, but I could see it. And, the Jets would be smart to not get ahead of themselves. You have a super young QB and a new head coach. It's going to take a minute to actually compete.

    I can see the Jets taking Cody Ford. The league apparently is higher on him than the national media is. He fits the mentality they need up front and has the skills to maximize a running back like Le'Veon Bell. The Jets would also be smart to build up their offense first around Darnold. Gets long-term pieces around him set and then search for more defensive talent. The Jets aren't realistically ready to compete yet. Get it built up right and get set up for a run a year or two from now.
  7. Mock half way through FA

    Yeah, the base defense will have 5 DBs
  8. Mock half way through FA

    Trey Flowers is the starting defensive end. The Lions will really only have one "defensive end". The Jack LB spot (where Devon Kennard starts) is basically like the other DE spot, but they play from a two point stance and not a three point. Romeo Okwara is now the backup to Trey Flowers. Damon Harrison is the starting nose tackle. A'Shawn Robinson is his backup. Da'shawn Hand is the starter at the other defensive tackle spot. He doesn't really have a backup at this point, it could be Ricky Jean-Francois if they re-sign him or a rookie they draft one in like round 5 or 6. Devon Kennard is the starter at the Jack LB spot. Eli Harold was his backup (hopefully they can re-sign him). That spot is like a 3-4 OLB. It has a lot of the responsibilities of a defensive end but they stand up and drop into coverage once in a while. Jarrad Davis is the starter at MLB. Christian Jones is the starter at WLB. Jalen Reeves-Maybin can backup both spots. The WLB is probably the least important starting position on the defense because that's the spot they sub out when they go into heavy coverage packages. The WLB spot can play like a traditional 4-3 OLB, it can play like a 3-4 OLB, and they can even put them out in coverage over the slot. It really doesn't have a true role in the defense, they basically just use that spot to matchup against what the offense is doing on any given play. Depth chart listing would look like this: DE: Trey Flowers - Romeo Okwara NT: Damon Harrison - A'Shawn Robinson DL: Da'shawn Hand - Ricky Jean-Francois/Rookie? JACK: Devon Kennard - Eli Harold? WLB: Christian Jones MLB: Jarrad Davis - Jalen Reeves-Maybin
  9. Mock half way through FA

    Because it isn't really a need. A'Shawn is a backup to Damon Harrison. If they lose him, then they lose him, but they'll still have Harrison and Hand as their starters. You don't spend a 1st round pick on a backup, especially when they have needs at RG, CB, TE, and LB.
  10. Mock half way through FA

    A'Shawn is a 2020 free agent. They'll try to re-sign him next offseason or sign him to an extension this offseason. If Quinnen is there at #8 they would more than likely use it as an opportunity to trade down
  11. Pro Day Results

    Time to be honest. Have you ever actually watched Oklahoma football? Because the Oklahoma offense is literally not a "one-read" offense. You can turn on tape from every game and find Murray executing complex NFL concepts at a high level.
  12. Pro Day Results

    Yeah it was a toe injury
  13. Pro Day Results

    The idea that Lincoln Riley's offense is basic shows a fundamental lack of knowledge about his offense. Damn near every NFL team has called up Oklahoma since he took over trying to copy some of plays and passing concepts. If anything, Lincoln Riley has prepared him better for the NFL than any other coach could.
  14. Pro Day Results

    I said being concerned over the difference of fractions of an inch is ridiculous. You already know he's short and he's been measured twice. No new measurement will tell you anything new because it will tell the exact same thing as the previous two measurements: he's short but not too short. You know this. That's the end of it. Make a judgment based on the facts already given to us. Calling for him to be measured again just comes off as a witch hunt to get something that better fits your narrative. Also, you shouldn't be concerned about his hand size either. They've already measured that too and they are more than big enough.
  15. Pro Day Results

    They aren't valid concerns, you're just looking for excuses to not like him. He measured for MLB teams and he measured at the NFL combine, and both measurements were similar. The height measurements at the combine have been trusted for literally every other prospect. Not trusting them now is ridiculous. We know his height. We know he's fast. You don't need to get confirmation of that *again*