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  1. I caught up I'm moving in a week and a half so I prob won't start mine for a long time. Keep it up bro great work. I'm excited to try the new scouting but seeing you hit so many hidden makes it seem easier lol. Will def need to have strict rules for picks
  2. You son of a *****, I'm in I won't be able to do mine until much later this year now, so I hope you stick with this for a while!
  3. I am trying not to keep up to date on this since it's a year out... but my god. I might have to buy a Series X for this. I don't want to play this on a monitor
  4. I hope you enjoy it man. I played it raw so it had a ton of issues, I really don't know why has been fixed. I still enjoyed it tho
  5. They better not delay this scouting update
  6. True but I believe Sony only owns Spiderman and the Xmen so they can only make them as Playstation exclusives. I have no facts toi back this up but I think it is correct
  7. It will be a timed exclusive for PS5. I am not sure if I will get ti for PS5 or wait for PC...
  8. I'll hold my breath on it, but I am excited by the idea. Considering it's being made by Insomniac (Ratchet & Clank, Spiderman PS4) I am pretty optimistic
  9. KOTOR, Wolverine, Spiderman, God of War. Wolverine was a great surprise
  10. I have never played mut for more than a few hours vht I low key user to find the auction system pretty fun
  11. WHy would they do that? lol
  12. I am in the same boat. You will get a digital download for the PS5 version that will kind of pop up when you put in the PS4 disc. You have to have the PS4 disc in the console to play the PS5 version. If you were to buy a physical PS5 version, it is full price.
  13. Just giving you double confirmation, I had finished the first island on Ghost of Tsushima and was able to pick right up where I left off on the PS5 version. Make sure you download the PS5 version and not the PS4 one. I think you have to pay an additional $10 but it's worth it
  14. I really like it too. We all know the issues was over promising and under delivering, but it is still a massive game and I had a blast beating it. I will play it again when the PS5 version comes out.
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