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  1. Even if he did decide to upgrade it's not terribly difficult to sell a switch, and with how out of stock this Switch+ is going to be, I don't see that changing much
  2. With all the delays you arent missing much my dude
  3. I am playing Pokemon Insurgence right now, fan made game, really good!
  4. We'll see. I think 40 is a stretch for Holland
  5. I am pretty confident Devonta Smith will be a good player, but would worry more in GB than at a dome team. Not sure it's a great fit for us either way
  6. I played through as bad Shep but I wasn't even as big a monster as @ET80
  7. If we stick and pick, which I doubt we do, gun to my head I think we take Jevon Holland. Just have a feeling
  8. yeah there is a bunch of new stuff I'm excited to get to. We finished Spring 27 in 2 days haha. I planted potatoes on Spring 22 and we loaded up 28 just to check the money we made and the potatoes aren't done?????? I didn't miss watering I was so mad. Have like 50 potatoes in the ground thats like 5k I feel robbed of
  9. Started a new Stardew Valley farm with my gf the other day. This game is still one of the goats.
  10. No and I would highly doubt they change any story elements. I'm sure you would assume the same. Only new stuff that I can find is the reworked mechanics in ME1 but even I can;t find a lot of detail on that
  11. He said it was his timing and hitch. He was much more defined in his drops and that attributed to leg strength. So yes that's why he was working on leg strength so much this year.
  12. Yes. There are supposed to be some tweaks and it sounds like ME1 is getting adjusted the most. Yeah ME1 was terrible as anything other than a soldier. I never beat ME1 tho so I look forward to playing through it all forn the 1st time
  13. I will finish this I promise, have had some health stuff going on this week and haven't done much of anything. The plan is still to sim year by year and post career stats for the core of the Falcons - McGee, Mays, Sherwood (lackluster career I think), Justin Seawright maybe depends on how long he plays. Thank you to everyone who was involved an followed this!
  14. I will do some yearly sims and post stats, but I will take a break first
  15. Why would you be upset? Rousseau has only one year of tape, that looks intriguing though. But the Packers are pretty much set on EDGEs, so I surely didn't want another luxury pick, especially in the first round. The 2020 Draft was more than enough luxury for a team that is in a win now mode and has other glaring holes. Edge is a premium position. We will move on from Preston after this year I'm sure and having 3 solid players there would be great. Getting a player with his upside that late for me is a no brainer. He would also see playing time as a rookie - Z can play inside on
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