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  1. Congrats to the packers fans making a fool of themselves on this site leading up to this game!
  2. Yeah, the games aren't added on right away. Madden usually gets added on around the superbowl, idk about the other sports games. I did it for this year because there was no way I was paying for madden full price, and this way I can play Battlefront and other games that are on there. It is called EA Play now, and it is actually included with Xbox Gamepass which you can get on PC or Xbox consoles, and you have to pay for it separately on Playstation
  3. Yeah, watch for them to attack Chandon Sullivan in the short game. bleh.
  4. I haven't even been able to play my 10 hour free trial for 2 months thanks to a glitch they still haven't fixed. This company is such a joke. I switched to EA Access/Play on the annual subscription so I get them all for $30 CAD per year so I feel less bad about it.
  5. Wow this is so sad. RIP Teddy thanks for everything
  6. I will bang my sign on the bleachers and drink beer proudly. That's funny my friends recently started calling me "my sign" haha
  7. It will make that much saltier if we lose and we're getting the internet beat down cause you couldn't stop yourself from arguing with every non-packers fan 😂
  8. I am about 60 hours in. Which spear? I think I have 3. I also spent a couple hours going around collecting everything for Excalibur and honestly it was kind of a let down
  9. @Packerraymond and @incognito_man damn can u both zip it? Making us packers fans look bad. Why are y'all so overconfident
  10. Based on the chart, which seemed to kinda give guesses on it? Maybe Q3. I was always under the impression it would be approx 1 year after the original launch
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