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  1. Don't be petty taking shots at beekay. He may be a bit overconfident but y'all know how it feels like to lose like this. Be humble
  2. Unbelievable. Lucky im a Packers fan cause you don't get too many moments like this in Toronto sports
  3. The bucks have been better with giannis on the bench so far
  4. Raps gonna rap. They're nervous, bucks not missing
  5. Picture a straight line. At one end is where I live, at the other end is Winnipeg, and then just about at the middle is green bay
  6. Beeeekay puts him on that pedestal. I don't think he does...
  7. We gonna put Danny Watkins in over Warmack? Damn
  8. Is anyone actually comparing Giannis to Lebron? Lebron is a top 3 player all time who can do everything and Giannis is a top 5 player right now with his limitations
  9. You're right, and everyone else sucked. Him and kawhi both had 30 and the rest was crap. I'm not really sure what you're arguing, you just think the bucks are clearly the better team and have choked, which is just not the case. Both teams, talent wise, are very evenly matched. Anyways have a good time at work lol
  10. If the raps cast played well to close game 1, or even just in the 4th quarter, then the series would have a completely different landscape.
  11. The raps supporting case was as poor in games 1 and 2 as the bucks have been poor in games 3-5
  12. Looking at one side of the argument (your own team) will always lead down the path of blaming yourselves rather than appreciating the other.
  13. Sure but unless the Bucks start hitting shots, that doesn't really matter. He will go to the post, get doubled and neutralized, and have to pass. Giannis has been productive in the transition game, and when he is able to drive from past the foul line. Int he first 2 games, he was able to get a ton of offensive rebounds.
  14. I'm not going to say that the Raptors gave the league the key on how to play Giannis because like others have said, the Raps have phenomenal defenders. Giannis is still a superstar, we can just see that there are flaws. The last 3 games are not his fault though, he needs to do a better job of getting the ball out to open guys, but the Bucks have just been poop shooting, and while the Raps have been REALLY good at closing out on defenders, there are still a fair number of open shots getting bricked. I really though last night we were going to see someone on the Bucks other than Giannis knock down shots but it just didn't happen. This series is NOT over... if anyone know's the Raptors, they will at least flirt with screwing game 6 up.