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  1. Packers sign CB Breeland

    This pleases me
  2. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Not a good sign for King's groin
  3. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    I desperately need a depth RB. Looking to trade Geronimo Allison, Albert Wilson, Paul Richardson for a borderline rosterable RB lol
  4. Packers DE Wilkerson out for the season

    I like Wilkerson, but this isn't a core loss. If we lose Kenny Clark our front 7 is screwed
  5. Cardinals to start rookie QB Josh Rosen over Sam Bradford

    My man Rosen finally playing. Love it
  6. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    You seem like a fun person. Stay classy It was more of a joke
  7. GDT Week 4 - Bills (1-2) @ Packers (1-1-1)

    Maybe start with the fact that the Packers have ten thousand more things in common with the Saints of last year than the Bills do and that if one of the two teams is more likely to turn things around, it's the Packers. Or maybe that while @The BILLievers was passed out beside a case of empty beer cans after the bills got embarrassed 47-3 on opening weekend, the Packers had a historic 2nd half comeback and beat the Bears. It's also possible he just forgot that some teams actually play Sunday night in something called primetime
  8. Mike Pettine Defense

    The bears game?
  9. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

    Lol yeah same. I know most of the fun in the game is flying around new York, but doing that all 3 times just for the backpacks, and then the photos, and then the birds, and the research stations and on and on. All before you have fast travel lol
  10. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

    Hmm ok. Good point Play the game how you want my friend! Just letting you know cause you get what 100xp from stopping a robbery and 1500-3500 from missions
  11. Mike Pettine Defense

    Our halftime adjustments in games 1 and 3 were awesome.
  12. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

    It will help you get better at using the core fighting mechanics sure, but you level up waaaay faster through the story missions XP. That's when you unlock the better tools that really make the fighting more enjoyable/varied. In my opinion, I found it a little bit annoying to go around and collect everything, and then have a wave of new stuff unlock all around the map like 4 times throughout the game. If I played it again I would do a little more story earlier on than I did. Just my 2 cents
  13. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    This isn't any different that the Mack trade to Chicago. If a deal is close, Pitt will give that team permission to talk with Bell's agent about an extension.
  14. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    I am shockingly a will fuller start in week 1 away from being 3-0. My team is way overachieving with all of these injuries lol