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  1. They have a lot of work to do to improve draft logic.... not having a team draft a QB #1 when they already have a good QB isn't enough. Where are the trade ups for QBs? Where are the draft day trades PERIOD? 2k has had this for ages, even if some of them are terrible. Plus they said they fixed it last year and it was still a mess. Top QB lasting until the 2nd round? Ridiculous
  2. Just way too expensive for me. I am looking at upgrading my PC in 2022. However maybe I buy one used if I want to use it as an emulator
  3. I think my issue with the scouting, which I hope is changed this year, is what you mentioned - you know by scouting them what their overall is going to be. I love the idea of having the projection of where they will be drafted, but I also love the idea of giving players ONE GRADE. This is difficult for the casual fans to understand, because they have had combine grades. I think a decent solution is to have the projection on where they will go, and then instead of the Talent projection, having an arrow up or down based on where the talent related to that. That way you benefit from scouting
  4. KOTOR yes please..... I tried loading it up last year and just couldn't do it. Would also love a new NHL Hitz. I played the hell out of 2002 or 2003 I can't remember. Still one of my fav sports games to this day. It holds up well but I would love a remaster so I could play with people
  5. This makes me want to do a list myself. But there is no way I could do more than like a top 20, and I haven't played a lot of classics to it will get nice and flamed
  6. Totally agree. My first Madden was only 10, and I noticed the downward spiral starting with 13. CFM came so barebones and barely improved upon itself.
  7. I just started playing Civ in the last little it, 6 though. Funny, we only have 1 top 10 game in common (ME2). Love the effort!
  8. Where would you have it? I'd have to think about it, but single digit
  9. Oh, by old do you mean like PS2 or PS3 Madden's? You can only play PS4 and PS5 discs, correct.
  10. You need to either insert the disc if you own an old disc, or you would have needed to purchase the game digitally to play it on PS5.
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