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  1. Does PS4 do cloud saves too? I’d assume it’d carry over. Yes. If you have PS+ you can upload saves to the cloud and they confimred you can download the saves on PS5. This is if you are playing a PS4 game on PS5 (inserting PS4 disc in PS5, or downloading PS4 game you have from PS+ on PS5). However if there is a free upgrade you aren't likely going to be able to use a save from PS4.
  2. I got one in store at EB Games (Gamestop in Canada) a couple hours ago. I still have a best buy one as well, and my girlfriend is going to take that one. Both disc edition. We will be trading in our PS4 Pro and Slim 500gb this weekend, and 4 games that qualify for $100 credit under a different promo. The consoles will give us $270 and $215 respectively. Cost of the console is $629.99 afer tax $711 so we are getting one of them for like $130. Pretty happy with that, we both upgrade for $420 each (about $295 USD)
  3. so cute dude it read like a grandpa writing about the game. you made me smile
  4. I checked into PCs. It was close to 1200 in parts to build one to the same specs of either of the upcoming consoles. 300 just for a Ryzen 7 cpu alone. Of course. Prices of GPUs will likely come down once the new generation of AMD GPUs is out which will lower the cost a bit. Then you have to factor in how much a PC costs to just be a PC, which is usually around $500. If you don't need a new computer, or don't want a desktop, then yes the whole cost is going to be way more than a console, as it always has and will be. However if Xbox doesn't drop the pay for online, you can factor that in as well over time. PC online is free. Plus, PC games are much more frequently on sale, but you don't have the trade in option like you would with console discs, but that option will likely be gone before this gen is over
  5. Makes me wonder if this accidentally saves his job. If Herbert looks good and Tyrod comes back and starts in 2 weeks... Part of me now wonders if Lynn was saying all this stuff this week about starting Tyrod because he knew Tyrod couldn't play, so he was just being respectful and giving Herbert a couple weeks to make it obvious that he is the starter.
  6. Yup, makes sense. PC + PS5 is the way for me. I got my PC this year, budget pre-built but good enough to play anything I care about playing.
  7. You guys, mistakes happen. I feel for the doctor. Imagine spending a decade in school and more learning only to get nationally **** on for making one mistake Anyway, this is a bad situation for the Chargers as they have unnecessary noise around this, but Herbert looked better anyway so good for the offense
  8. Gotcha. So he would set his kids to the Home Xbox and they'd use their account on that, and he would use his account on his xbox and he would have Live.
  9. That's awesome! If you don't care about the Playstation exclusives then I would recommend XBOX this gen, as you decided. If what @Kiltman suggested about setting home consoles or whatever so you can access everything on one account, then it's a no brainer. How does that work if both xbox's are on at the same time?
  10. As someone who has a PS5 pre-ordered and has a PC, I am going to wait to see what games will come to GamePass. I will get most games for PS5 mostly because I enjoy the console experience - moving it to the TV for single player and monitor for multiplayer, and I love the Playstation exclusives. I may end up getting GamePass for PC and run the subscription month to month for a game that comes out there that I cant play on the PS5.
  11. I am more or less talking about watching both games this year and watching them run with the same variables. But I don't care to talk about this anymore. Enjoy your bourbon shower
  12. Yes it is my opinion that he is a better player. Saying "the fact that he is" is an expression. There is no fact that one player is better than another player, it's all opinion. A fact would be saying that one had more yards than the other. However I will die on that hill that he is better, so not sure how that changes anything 😘
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