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  1. Which team is the biggest treadmill team in the NFL?

    If we're going by mediocre and not a treadmill of bad? Dallas, Washington, and Miami would be my picks. On a slightly higher treadmill tier of mediocre to good, but never great: Houston and the Chargers.
  2. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    He plays a good amount of base end doesn't he? Would be a massive upgrade to the Frostee Rucker role from last year.
  3. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    Haha wow. Plausible deniability. Where is this? Is this a football forum? Not a crime novel, right? Apparently this forum has conditioned you to a highly paranoid and cynical view of other posters. "Vet" status comes with some drawbacks it seems.
  4. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    I knew what he meant? Riiiight. That does seem to be the rushed twitter finger type response. I'll continue to ask before concluding based only on my initial assumptions though. I fail to see the passive aggressive or bait aspects of my posts. I asked for clarification. NB provided it. I responded briefly and moved on. No mention of disagreement or discontent. If that's baiting in your world then you're exceedingly sensitive. I wouldn't expect such emotional delicacy from a "forum vet." Maybe step away from the keyboard for a minute. Take a breath.
  5. "Ideal/great slot receiver"

    Be honest, did Julian Edelman steal your girlfriend or something?
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    The offense at ole miss and what he was asked to do concerns me as well. His pro day will be insightful I think. Will show his development in portions of the route tree that aren't nececessarily available on film.
  7. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    So I had a good guess as to what he was talking about but asked for clarification before I made assumptions. I was under the impression that's what adults do, no? I suppose I should have jumped to conclusions instead. Additionally, my question was directed at NickButera. He provided a response. What is your contribution to this exactly? You've provided two pithy comments to a question I didn't ask you. And why? You're holding some grudge over a disagreement we had two days ago? Petty.
  8. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    Gotcha. I thought you were referring to the lawsuit but didn't want to assume. Yea I read the City's complaint as well. Should be interesting to follow from a legal perspective going forward.
  9. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    Right. Thank you for your clarification. Very insightful. But my question was to clarify what he meant by "treating." Is there a development in the Coliseum negotiation? Is the city asking for a crazier price now or something? If there any update? This is a discussion board, no?
  10. Bryant on IR/Suspended

    A restricted free agent maybe? I don't know if he's hit the three years of service requirement with all the suspensions.
  11. "Ideal/great slot receiver"

  12. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    What do you mean?
  13. "Ideal/great slot receiver"

    Ability to: sustain blocks on off tackle runs, run dig routes through linebacker traffic, identify coverage in the middle of the field, be able to run routes in space without benefit of sideline, etc. You seem to just have a bizarre vendetta against slot receivers.
  14. "Ideal/great slot receiver"

    Gotta disagree. Slot receiver is most certainly a specific position and while nearly all elite receivers can play there with varying frequency, not every effective "outside" receiver can play in the slot. You're overlooking differences in the route tree, lateral quickness, and run blocking responsibilities etc. It all depends on what the slot receiver is asked to do on any given play. Any scheme can modify the slot receiver responsibilities to accommodate an outside receiver, tight end, or running back. Doesn't meet that player can excel in every aspect of slot duties.
  15. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I'd like him at the right price as well but in my view his "price" and utility is that of a situational pass rusher at this point. He'll be 30 by the start of next season. Players don't suddenly become less injury prone at that age. I think he'd be more effective in a limited role with less snaps. But I doubt he or his agent see it that way. Some team will overpay probably.