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  1. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    I will as well. Ultimately both will need to prove useful on ST to stick around tho
  2. Raiders trade DE Jihad Ward for WR/KR Ryan Switzer

    Yea he missed all of OTAs and training camp on the PUP list. Foot surgery if i remember correctly
  3. Undrafted RFA signings

    Hercules and Holton hill to Vikings it looks like. Poona Ford to the Seahawks
  4. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    I've always rooted for him as another Stockton guy. He was one year ahead of me and was a pretty good QB on some ****ty teams
  5. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    It will be interesting what the FA market for CBs looks like. There seems to be more starter level players available than normal which hopefully will keep prices down. By FA standards at least. Trumain Johnson seems to be the one CB guaranteed a big contract. Then there's a 2nd tier with players like Butler, Breeland, Colvin and probably also Melvin. Hard to say what the going rate will be. Hopefully the more affordable options in the next tier (Amukamara, Fuller, Grimes, Joseph, Claiborne, and Carrie) will keep contracts reasonable.
  6. HB Mock Offseason V1 update 2/28 V2

    To me it's both unrealistic, in numerous areas, but also doesn't amount to much of an upgrade. With respect to the FAs: I'm a big fan of Logan. He's certainly an upgrade over Ellis, still young, and won't be nearly expensive as other options. (I see Loutilelie mentioned a lot). But I don't like the others. Absolutely not to Fitzpatrick. No thanks. And with Dennard/Brooks our secondary actually looks worse overall. More needs to be done than adding an average at best starter and virtually no change to the safeties. And no way Cobb takes a reasonable deal to be a WR3 if he's cut. No major issues with the draft. Not who I would pick in 1 and 2 but okay. No way Crosby is there in the 4th. Well be lucky of he makes it to us in the 2nd I think.
  7. Raiders Defense

    True but I don't view that as devoting resources to the position. They certainly play DT. But that is not the primary spot for either. Getting a true DT has been neglected. We've relied on hybrid d-lineman like ward, me j, and autry for snaps, and UDFAs like hester and Latham. Ellis and Vanderdoes isn't enough and D has suffered as a result
  8. Raiders Defense

    How so? In my view DT has been the one of the most neglected positions the last few years. Second only to ILB probably
  9. Around the league v.1.0

    He's a good but not great ST coordinator IMO. He certainly has a track record here of developing fringe roster guys into strong Spteamers. Seemed like we always had really good gunners while he was here. Not so much returners
  10. Raiders Defense

    That's definitely encouraging to hear. I would prefer a 3-4. Mack is elite, I don't think the scheme really makes all that much difference for him. Irvin is much more useful, MEJ I think is best suited as a 5-tech (Ward too, although less important obviously), and Bowman fits better (if he's resigned). I think Vanderdoes is the only DL who would've benefited in a 4-3 and I dont expect to see him next year after the ACL tear. 3-4 is also easier to get upgrades with this crop of free agents and the draft.
  11. Gruden's Staff

    That's a little misleading. Only one was actually drafted by them. Joeckels draft position, by another team no less, is not indicative of his skill. Brown didnt come over until about halfway through the season was actually solid for them. Not defending cable but facts taken out of context aren't necessary to effectovcely criticize
  12. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    If Smith and/or Anderson is cut (I think at least one, if not both, is gone) I would like us to take a look at Vontae Davis. He would be a nice stop gap insurance as a starter while we see what we have with Conley. I think he would be a reasonable price given his age and the fact that he opted not to resign after getting cut and instead had season ending groin surgery. I think his recent poor performance was the byproduct of injury and he still has something left in the tank. Thoughts? Would still need to address the other corner spot whether another FA, draft or resigning Carrie.
  13. Raiders Defense

    I know, I get it. I cant dispute your logic. Just a simple difference of opinion on my part. I think he's special
  14. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Would love to see an H-back type to develop on day 3. Dimitri flowers from ou is a personal favorite
  15. Raiders Defense

    Completely agree but I find that equally, if not more, applicable to every single dt prospect. (Particularly wilkins imo) I just find his foundation of skills the highest and most appealing among them