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  1. Nathan Peterman starts a game at some point this season.
  2. Definitely expensive in most places. But the good outweighs the bad imo Although Ive only ever lived in Northern California. I basically view SoCal as a seperate state and agree with you. Would never live there.
  3. Im in Sonoma County. Still ok so far. Evac zone is still several miles away. Crazy though since this has become a yearly occurence.
  4. Seems to me the better question is whether the coaching staff will even give him a legitimate opportunity? From everything I've seen from him so far, Parker should not be on an NFL roster. Being a Cable pet project has kept him around imo.
  5. Not always. Just ends up being majority divisional matchups since no team can play on TNF more than once. I think theres usually like 3 or 4 non-div games. NO seems like a random choice though. Would definetly prefer a division rival for a primetime game
  6. I'd be happier with Compton as backup MLB. I wonder if a vet min contract is even worth it for him now though since his podcast got picked up by a major media distributor.
  7. In all likelihoood it will not be up to them. And if short term profit is their primary motivator, probably a good thing it isn't. Fingers crossed for reduced capacity at least.
  8. Very interesting thought experiment. I probably would have went with something like: 1.12: CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma 1.19: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Az St 3.80: Cameron Dantzler, CB, Miss St 3.81: Zack Moss, RB, Utah 3.100: Amik Robertson, CB, La Tech 4.109: Charlie Heck, OT, UNC 4.139: Bradlee Anae, DE, Utah Wouldnt have considered double dipping on WR in the 1st but board fell thay way imo. Other picks were a combination of personal faborites and BPA/areas of need.
  9. NCB Amik Robertson, DE Bradlee Anae, and OT Charlie Heck are guys I watched a lot of the past few weeks. All fill a depth position of need. Would be down for any or all of them.
  10. 24th or so. Fluff passing yards. O needed upgrading
  11. Yup. Backup RB and WR. Possibly even allows the option of only carrying 2 QBs. Most of all massive improvement at returner IMO. Important area team was lacking last year that doesnt get mentioned enough.
  12. Same. But I think its the same for both channels
  13. Yup. Wingo leading it and bouncing between guys fron both networks
  14. All 3 top WR being gone before 12 isnt ideal but Id be stocked if that type of trade back was available. Especially when it gives us 2 1sts next year. Personally, not particularly high on Jefferson and just havent seen enough Johnson. If another trade back isnt available at 19, I would probably go Aiyuk and Terrell instead.
  15. Ive always thought it was the quality of the coaching staff. Top tier staff that coaches up top recruits the right way. Tough and fundamentally sound. No doubt strong corelation with successful teams as well.
  16. Yikes. That would be a pretty tough scenario. Probably Henderson for me.
  17. I said "the least" not "not at all." Obviously arm strength and other relevant attributes matter. But do you care about bench press reps or vertical? Not particularly. Not my contention. There is no such thing as a cant miss prospect. Thats an oxymoron. Its merely a projection. An educated guess. I was merely stating my opinion why he is a top level (elite) prospect. This literally applies to every single rookie QB. No exceptions. Even for Luck who you seem to regard as the poster child for an elite QB prospect. His "supprorting cast" got him a broken body and early retirement. Also, I personally dont put much stock in the Wonderlic. Its a useless mechanism for evaluating football intelligence. At best it can confirm low intelligence if there is other practical evidence of that fact. But certainly not on its own
  18. His RESUME. QBs are judged on physical attributes the least of any other position group. He put up big time numbers, in big time games, at a national powerhouse. Agree or not, that makes him an elite QB prospect in most scouting circles.
  19. Historically is there any correlation with QB success in the NFL and the quality of their supporting cast? Do you have this same criticism of Burrow? Would seem to apply.
  20. WR1, CB2, RB2 for sure. Then probably LT2 and DE3. Although would be good swapping those with either FS2 or SLB/MLB2.
  21. Yup some of the worst air qualitg in the country. The consequences of being below sea level and surrounded by ag. Despite the username, no longer live in Stk. Moved to the northern bay area some years ago. Feel like I added years to my life with the air quality difference.
  22. It's not that it is arbitrary. But in any proper statistical analysis you have to define terms and provide context. Otherwise you can just cherry pick data and manufacture conclusions.
  23. I disagree. 3 issues came to mind when I saw this: -How they determined "uncatchable." Any logical defenition would likely account for a more skilled receiving corp. -Similarly, how they define "open" and what percentage of these instances make up the QBs overall pass attempts. And again WR quality would play a roll. -Is pressure factored in? Are these only throws with protection or regardless of whether the QB is under duress. Again supporting cast factors in. Context matters. Just to be clear, Im not defending/supporting any of the QBs referenced. Mostly I have a dislike for PFF that flares up time to time
  24. Solid read as was the Sharpe/Parker breakdown. Im also a fan of Peart. I understand your point about him not having experience at LT. I dont think that rules him out though. He needs development but he has the physical measurables and athleticism to be a LT. Unlike a lot of other later round OT prospects. As far as other prospects: I also like Charlie Heck from UNC. Another big body with experience at both tackle spots. Actually reminds me a bit of a poor mans Kolton Miller. Similar frame, though less athletic, but flashes potential in pass pro but issues with inside rushes and hand usage. Could be a good pick up in mid Day 3. Also like Jared Hilbers from Wash later on day 3 for similar reasons.
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