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  1. Damn imagine being Jim Caldwell and being told you're being passed over for HC by a guy who was on their practice squad/active roster that year
  2. Mine is also derived from my last name. I think I could kick her arse.
  3. She really should. She became active in 2008 I started using this name in like 2005 sooooo
  4. Look at this guy talking like he runs the place or something. We all know the order of mods is Kilty, pete, that one eagles fan that mods the baseball forum and then you.
  5. This has been my username for literally any login since I was in 5th grade (11 years old?) when I made my first runescape account. Give me a break lol
  6. Maybe Doug was doing that to set up Defenses being honest in 2021 (not knowing he'd be fired). Doug was out here playing 4D chess
  7. I could probably count the amount of times we've interacted on two hands.
  8. I am curious to see how this new coaching staff approaches the WR issue. It probably depends on if they want to take Chase or Smith with that 1st rounder. But right now, the WR room is Reagor, JJAW, Fulgham, Hightower, Watkins, Goodwin (lol he's still here too). I expect them to move on from AJ, possibly/probably? Goodwin and I really hope Desean retires as an Eagle. Dude comes back from an injury and gets a cheap shot on a punt return and is out again for basically the rest of the season. If his last pass caught was that 81 yd bomb for the TD I am totally fine with that. Should be an int
  9. You and ninja should win the "cutest couple" superlative for this forum
  10. politics aside, are you happy now?? This represents not only my mood towards getting an avi but also towards 2021
  11. Listennnn this is what makes me unique. You can always tell it's me because of my jjaw takes
  12. So from what he said, did he sound like he was placing equal blame? Do you think he was asking for carson to be benched because he sucked or because he didn't want carson to get hurt?
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