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  1. I called it after Timmy Jernigan’s injury was announced. I remember you all were hyping him up as a great 34DE. Obviously he would be the DT that eats up the double teams if OLs were stupid and didn’t double team fletcher
  2. as we sit on the highest of highs, let us not forget our lowest of lows. Never forget where you come from! We derserved this more than anyone else after sitting through years of embarrassment and having to watch our team suck. Because this win was so unexpected, it just made it that much sweeter coupled with all our years of failure
  3. In other news pertaining to the Browns, good ol Clyde Simmons is their DL coach. Curious to see how his experiences playing with Reggie and Jerome translate to his coaching abilities.
  4. It’s like watching a highlight of da’quan bowers or jadaveon clowney (in HS)
  5. This ^^ haiti has so many issues. Half of Puerto Rico is still without power???? Let’s give them a sports complex tho because they ain’t living in makeshift huts and tents since natural disasters made that country turn upside down. Kids will always find a way to play sports. Hopefully the building will be a hurricane shelter but ffs you could’ve easily donated that money to help rebuilding the nation’s awful infrastructure (Or Puerto Rico). Side note: in those situations who would you even write that type of check to?
  6. Ayoooo let’s ick up Cedric Thornton again even if he ends up just being a camp body. We are looking pretty thin at DT with just 3 1/2 people (old man ngata being that 1/2). Let’s kick the tires on cedric
  7. Ya know one time @Phire added me on Facebook. Like a week later he deleted me????
  8. If this isn’t the truest statement than I don’t know what is
  9. All we need is the Dane to come out of retirement and we got ourselves a super bowl caliber forum.
  10. Eagles in London?

    I cherish sleep so I didn’t set an alarm to buy tickets. They’re already sold out and it’s not even 9am eastern time.
  11. Why draft the guy when he MIGHT not even pan out as a OT. He’s has experience running the ball so why not get him in a position where he might be more comfortable while he’s learning the ropes at OT?