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  1. I really want this circle tug to end but I also hate the fact that the characters line up perfectly with my internal images of y’all
  2. I listened to most of it live. I was caught off guard by it too. Someone on WIP mentioned that Brandon Graham was always on Reagor about trying to stay off social media because he experienced what reagor goes through. I can totally see Brandon Brooks coming at the same approach with Reagor but from a psychological approach. Tried to be one of the vets who help rookies adjust to the NFL level.
  3. As for the status of our OG/C positions, assuming Kelce is back, we’ll have Dickerson-Kelce-Driscoll(or Seumalo?). I assume Seumalo would take Kelce’s spot unless they draft an actual replacement for him early in this draft.
  4. I have so much admiration for Brandon Brooks. Both his on-field performance and everything he did off the field for helping with normalizing mental health. Arguably the best RG in football and if he played all of the last two seasons, I totally believe he would’ve been named first team AP at least one more time. A class act through and through
  5. It’s crazy because our beat writers don’t believe he’s retiring but the bigger names think that. regardless, I wish we could’ve seen Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson more over the past two years
  6. So there’s speculation that this is so he can be moved? Or stay here for cheaper I’d assume? I think a healthy Brooks is still better than a healthy Driscoll/Herbig combo. I’m sure Lane would prefer Brooks, they are super tight
  7. Maybe we’ll hear what was going on this season
  8. Sean Payton was def burnt out. After the season they had this year I would be too.
  9. Damn. Even though yesterday's games were low scoring this weekend was by far the best one for the NFL playoffs
  10. I don’t blame him one bit. If he does figure a way to turn it around and become a serviceable it won’t be here. Too much working against him now w/ fans and media.
  11. I was in the category of I would have liked to see Gannon with better talent, but I’m not upset he’s leaving (should he get hired). As long as his replacement doesn’t try switch to a 34 defense. if we ran a 34 with our current roster we’d have below. Everything seems so out of place except Edwards. I think he’d be a good 2nd ILB on a 34D Williams-Hargrave-Cox Sweat-Edwards-Taylor/singleton-BG?
  12. I think the only critique that can be made of our coaching staff is they’re all young. They might consider an older guy like Fangio so they can infuse that experience with what the coaches are trying to build. Regardless, I’m sure Howie and Co will kick the tires of Fangio and the other bigger DC names should Gannon leave us.
  13. Even I know not to run a QB run from like the 40 with 14 seconds and no time outs left. It’s crazy how they’ve deflected blame from the fact they ran a play that guaranteed the clock to continue running with 14 seconds left.
  14. I didn’t watch like any raiders defense this year including when we played them. Don’t they run a 4-3 and fangio is a 3-4 guy? Yannick and Crosby are better as 43 DEs than 34 DE/OLB. That could be the only negative to Fangio (unless he’s run 43 schemes in the past).
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