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  1. Has @Phire checked in or has he dropped off the earth? I know he was in that hurricane a while back.
  2. Eagles release Malcolm Jenkins

    I’m not crying you’re crying.
  3. Honestly I say we let Sidney, Rasul and Avante fight for the 2nd outside spot. Let Crev’on be the nickel and slide Avante to that 3rd safety spot whenever we do that weird stix? defense
  4. Yea he had a TBI a few years ago so it was only a matter of time. I don’t want to say we were expecting it but we knew he didn’t have much time left.
  5. Good news is that it should be temporary. My dad passed away in the fall and my sister and I just filed his life insurance claim so I don’t want to be too worried but I also don’t want to solely rely on that.
  6. Me, a 24 year old filing for unemployment much like a bunch of other 20 somethings
  7. As of right now I expect these guys to all have spots on the final roster for DL graham, Barnett, Sweat, Cox, Jackson, Hargrove and Ridgeway I think we’re pretty much set at DT. We could always stock up on DEs and slide some inside if need be. But then we got Hall (PUP most likely), Miller, Ostman fighting for the last spots. Let’s draft another DE if there is one BPA or find a cheap rotational vet. I expect them to carry 4DTs and 6 DEs post final cuts.
  8. Do you guys think if Agholor, Clement or JP don’t get much love in FA they might come back? I think JP would be the likeliest.
  9. Ngl, if we signed Clowney (which I don’t think will happen) I would be hyped AF.
  10. What if all these whispers about Dillard were drummed up by Jason Peters’ camp to get the media and the fans against the front office in the event we would let JP walk. Call me a conspiracy theorist.
  11. Dude has one of the best OL coaches in the NFL. Plus he had the opportunity to work with JP. If he were to learn from anyone it should’ve been him (or Joe Thomas). I expect a leap next season for Dillard
  12. According to Jeff Mclane, the eagles don’t have faith in Andre Dillard
  13. All or Nothing: Eagles

    That being said, I’m assuming the Eagles had a say in what would and wouldn’t be presented like the Josina Anderson thing or the Zac Brown thing.
  14. All or Nothing: Eagles

    I really liked the series because it humanized all these guys who we think are invincible and have skin thicker than steel.
  15. So any chatter about McLeod and Jenkins’ contracts? Still think we should move rasul to safety if one of those guys isn’t here next year. im also incredibly excited to see what the new DB coach can do. I want Sidney Jones to turn the corner and finally be the guy he was supposed to be. Dude should’ve gained a lot of confidence coming in cold in those last games last season.