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  1. Fire Mike Groh

    How many “Fire _____” threads do we have now?
  2. A screen that almost worked. Wow
  3. Let’s hope Sidney Jones goes Sheldon brown on the saints today and show us all what we expect of him since we drafted him.
  4. We seriously can’t get rid of this injury bug. It’s quite annoying now. Our offense is supposed to “go off” for the past couple games now. I don’t think we’re going off. Ol”cutting words in half”and
  5. Is it too late to ask Asante Samuel to come out of retirement and play corner for us?
  6. I’m sorry “Biceps”?? Both his biceps are f-Ed up??
  7. Lets get this bread boys In this edition of our game day thread, Jerry's World brings their two ring circus of Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot to the Linc to face off against Wentzlyvania and the funky bunch which now includes this guy The Eagles under Dougie P. are 1-1 off the bye week. We have a lot of positives to look forward to with this game; - Golden Tate's first game as an Eagle -Timmy Jernigans (potential) first game back -Jalen Mills (potentially) out - Sidney Jones, Corey Graham, Darren Sproles also could be making a return -A hopefully slightly more healthy Eagles team This game has the potential to put the nail in the coffin for the Cowboys' season; this could also put the nail into our coffin as well. But we want to avoid that and troll Jerry Jones s'more. KEYS TO THE GAME Spread the Offense out. RAM THE BALL DOWN THE SEAN LEE-LESS DEFENSE Get in Dak Prescott's Face Create turnovers Make Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot look like steaming hot garbage. If we can accomplish these, we will win the game. TL;DR This is a must win game and I am putting the team on my back in hopes we win this game and make the Cowboys' fans go back into their holes until next September. We are
  8. Cowboys/Eagles GDT will be up late tonight bois