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  1. Dillard just walked in? I think they're going heavy heavy
  2. I am so stoked to have Smith Reagor and Watkins
  3. I mean line drive shots are what you should aim to do for a longer distance FG. Lower angled so it travels further.
  4. This is an exciting time for rookies/young players. Davion Taylor, Landon Dickerson and Kvon Wallace will all get time. We’ll get a good look at Wallace who I expect will be in the box more often than not. See if he’s worthy of talking trash or not
  5. It'll be cool to see a team actually collapse during season as opposed to watching some bum team in the preseason that we already know will suck.
  6. Oh you bet im putting money down on a "Kittle to score a TD" player prop this weekend.
  7. The Davion Taylor era in Philly is about to begin
  8. Could you imagine a "healthy" Saquon on the Ravens, Chiefs or Bucs?? That would dope just from an overall football fan perspective. Make their games that much more entertaining.
  9. I have Trent Cole and Shady. As much as I would love a Dawk jersey I think I'd get a Reggie White jersey in kelly green first. Reggie was just on a different level in his Eagles days compared to Dawk at his best imo
  10. Even bolder prediction: Garoppolo gets benched because of a mistake he makes and not because our D is that good
  11. AD is definitely only a LT. If you can move your LT to replace AV and trade for Dillard you might have a more stable line.
  12. We’ve sucked for so long I forgot that existed /sarcasm
  13. It'll be interesting to see who they have shadow Kittle around. This is the game we all wanted to see last year but both teams were riddled with injuries. Now we have a healthy OL and they have a healthy DL. I look forward to this matchup A LOT.
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