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  1. As much as I would love Flip back I would love Caldwell more. He could really hone Carson’s ability and be that voice to question Doug when he isn’t thinking straight without overstepping his position imo
  2. Around the NFL - NFL General GDT

    This is how we are evaluating talent now. God help us.
  3. Nabbs the former mod unhinged. Stay tuned for more action after a word from our sponsors.
  4. What would DougieP do on the sidelines of games if he’s not calling plays? Sit with Carson and review the tablets?
  5. I wouldn’t mind bringing back Curry at the right price. He’s a vet who can provide leadership to this younger crew. If he doesn’t want a lot let’s bring him back.
  6. Remember how the team was very high on Joe Ostman? Looks like we’re basically replacing him with Daeshon hall assuming ostman makes the roster. I liked Josh Sweat’s progress this year. I definitely like him as a situational/rotational pass rusher. I’m also excited to see Genard Avery next season and see a what an off-season here will look for him.
  7. I’m leading the train to bring noodle arm here #noodlearm4OC2020
  8. I’m pretty sure Carson has said Josh helped him a lot. Maybe not the mobility stuff but definitely helped him with becoming more well rounded altogether
  9. Pat shurmur is 1-0 while being the play caller here. How dare you
  10. What is that? A ball of corn? Corny??
  11. Howie did mention in the PC that they will be announcing a new person in their FO that they’re excited about. Kinda curious to know who it is.
  12. Fire Undlin and find a DB coach who can make this group better. I’m not ready to give up on Sidney Jones yet and I think he could be a good starter if we coached him up properly and got him over his mental game issues. Move Rasul to safety or trade him. This team isn’t moving on from Jalen Mills and he’s definitely starting next year barring an injury or Schwartz leaving.
  13. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    What do you guys think about CeeDee Lamb? What is an NFL comparison to him? Where do you guys think he will go in the draft?
  14. Doesn’t Wade Phillips prefer to run a 34? If he only runs 34s I don’t want him.
  15. The Big 10 isn’t the NFL though. There’s only like 4 high quality teams year after year teams in the Big 10. Wasn’t his defense ranked no. 1 going into the first Ohio St. game and they got smacked?