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  1. Is it just me or does Joey and Nick Bosa look like total meat heads?
  2. Draft Room - Day 2

    I don’t keep up with draft talk at all lol
  3. Draft Room - Day 2

  4. So I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of Mike Groh so the image I have in my head is Chelcie Ross as the old pitcher from Major League. Could anyone else see that?
  5. Are you admitting to certain illegal activities? Second question, you live in NYC???
  6. FOLES WATCH: Signs with the Jags

    Can we close this thread now?
  7. With our luck, Jordan Hicks will go on to be a multi year pro bowler 😔. Shame he could never stay healthy but it lends me to wonder how awful our trainer staff is.
  8. Love the signing. Good replacement for Jernigan. I hope we can get good depth in the draft or later FA before camp
  9. RB? What would you do?

    I have not done my research on RBs but I believe the best course of action is to draft a RB in the draft relatively early. Clement would be our 2nd string and Adams, Smallwood and other training camp folks duke it out for the 3rd (and possibly 4th) spot 1st: relatively high draft pick 2nd: clement 3rd: Adams/Smallwood/other the only wild card is Darren Sproles. Boul has to retire already.
  10. Bye everyone. I’m going to Greece on Wednesday.
  11. FOLES WATCH: Signs with the Jags

    He wants to buy out his option. Lets hope someone wants to pay the franchise tag which is roughly 25m
  12. We now have a vacant assistant OL coach. Let’s make JP retire and take that position.
  13. Out of all the team specific forums, do we give Webby the most trouble? Seems like he visits our forum once every other month or so 😂