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  1. Also being a hard worker doesn't change the fact that he's tiny. That has to be considered a concern on some level. Even the staunchest Smith supporter can admit that.
  2. I mean agree to disagree. Amari was a physical specimen coming out of bama who could separate and produced at a very high level like Smith. I respect your take, but I'm sticking to my guns here.
  3. Exactly. No one is doubting Smiths' accomplishments or his rare polish. But refusing to look at measurables even a little bit is foolish. Can you consider Smith a better prospect than Amari Cooper? I can't.
  4. Because the NFL is a physical game and receivers who can win at the catchpoint, separate, AND dominate physically after the catch are a rarity. 170 pounds is tiny. No doubt smith has the sauce, but if he doesn't get bigger, he's going to get roughed up in the NFL.
  5. He's gonna go hard after defensive vets. You can just feel it.
  6. He's really explosive. And has some mass. Can get bigger. I think with time, he could be a good run and chase LB, but we'll have to see.
  7. As much as people hate it, I think it's better to give him one more shot seeing as his contract is not guaranteed past this year. If not, we open up a massive hole that needs to be filled.
  8. I wouldn't call it exceptional. There were exceptional moments. I'd say it was good and an improvement.
  9. He's flashed a lot. Not super super consistent, but he has some serious upside. If we can land him in round 2, I'll be very happy.
  10. I mean I'm open to keeping or dealing Carr. I just want the team to win. I actually voted not to extend him to evaluate him next year before extending or cutting/trading him. But some of the scattershot plans to get rid of him that I've seen are not a recipe for success, or establishing a winning team/culture.
  11. You're being contradictory. If the Chiefs had a bye week and circled us on the schedule for the 2nd matchup, which they did, why did they struggle again with us? That throws serious doubt on the "effort"/gameplanning argument that would have been fairer if we had gotten blown out after the first game. And don't come at me with doing "real research". The irony of you talking about sports psychology when I'm a physician in training. Let me give you a hint. You're way out of your depth here. And before you ask, I've worked with football players and athletes extensively. I have
  12. I like both. I think Holland is a better pure safety and tackler, but Cisco might be a little faster and more ballhawky, but misses tackles and blows coverages at times.
  13. Ferrell played well, but we need more sacks/pressures in general. I still think we take another DE/DT in the first 2 rounds, if not one of each.
  14. Also still excited to see what gus can do with our young secondary players. I still have some hope for Isaiah Johnson, arnette, amik, mullen, etc. Abram has pissed me off, but hopefully he can reign him in.
  15. I watched more of Jenkins. He's a good backup for me. Fine bringing him in as a Harris replacement.
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