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  1. This take is so bad I’m not even gonna respond anymore to Carr stuff.
  2. The whole point of government is to put the good of everyone above individual "rights". Keeping other people safe isn't an obstruction of freedom. It's part of the contract we all enter into when we live in a governed state. We have to be team players in exchange for protection/infrastructure.
  3. And when I say this, people are up in arms. I feel like this is part of Rodger's frustration, but that's just me.
  4. Yeah of course. I 100% agree. We need a premium defensive tackle. I have been saying that I think we should trade Mariota and a 2nd/3rd rounder to Washington for one of their D tackles (Payne/Allen/Ioannnidis) because they can't resign them all.
  5. Let's see how this all plays out. I'd be thrilled to have adams though. He's such a gamer.
  6. It's comical how politicized it's become. And my favorite argument: "we don't know the long term side effects of the vaccine". What is more likely to give you long term side effects: a vaccine engineered to help reduce the burden of your symptoms. Or a particle (virus) that has mutated several times, causes systemic inflammation, autoantibodies leading to clots, and has killed millions.
  7. Employers mandate immunizations all the time. This is no different. It's not unethical at all.
  8. I'm well aware. How many people have been hospitalized with myocarditis-related arrhythmias from a COVID vaccine? And to your second point, you're still not forcing it. No one is forced to do anything. You have freedom of choice. But actions have consequences. The NFL is a private employer and they can do what they want. I see no downside for the NFL to penalize teams and players who don't get vaccinated.
  9. COVID has significantly more bad side effects than the vaccine. It's not "the common cold" and the NFL knows it. Hence why they're cracking down so we can watch football.
  10. You realize myocarditis is easily treatable right? And the myocarditis risk is extremely low. Around 1000 cases in over a hundred million people who have taken it. 1000/162 million is .00006%. That's about double the risk of being eaten by a shark in your lifetime. No one is forcing vaccination, only enforcing consequences for not taking it.
  11. This is gonna go badly as a thread for sure. To put it bluntly, players blindly trust doctors until now. Suddenly everyone wants an opinion on something that quite frankly they don't understand. The vaccine is more than safe and not taking it will potentially jeopardize the football season for the team they play for. There's already evidence of reduced viral shedding and transmission among vaccinated people. The myocarditis risk is exceedingly low. Not getting the vaccine is choosing not to be a team player both figuratively and literally.
  12. The good news is at least we addressed free safety, which is also a super impactful position on the defense. I think we go DT in the first round next year not gonna lie. That or cornerback.
  13. Yeah I won't deny that at all. I'm hoping the offseason of chemistry will make a big difference.
  14. I mean resource allocation is one thing, but he's definitely one of the best backups in the league. We let Agholor go for nothing. You don't see me saying he was a scrub.
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