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  1. Pick #80 is in: RB/WR/QB, Lynn Bowden, Kentucky

    Definitely bring up some valid points here. I think he legitimately has talent as a receiver and RB, much like Jerrick Mckninnon did, but had more production than Mckinnon in a much harder conference.
  2. Raiders Defense

    There are reaches, but the way reach is conventionally defined is ridiculous. Especially when people are saying that a player is graded 2 rounds below where they are taken. I don't buy that at all. There are also players who are taken at positions of need over conventionally better players. I wouldn't call that a "reach" as much as a prioritization of talent.
  3. Tight Ends - Best of the rest

    1.Kelce 2.Kittle 3.Ertz 4.Waller After that, I see a glut of Andrews, Hooper, Henry, Cook, etc. I like those top 2 and top 4 over the field though. Waller will be better in year 2 if our new WR and a healthy Tyrell Williams can take some pressure off him. For those who haven't watched him enough, just see his 70+ yard screen catch against Denver to see the kind of athlete this guy is.
  4. The QB Thread: Everything Carr, Mariota and beyond

    Joyner was the issue. They're adamant about him in the slot, but he was absolute garbage. He'll be gone next year IMO. Robertson is already a better slot corner IMO, as crazy as that sounds. Is faster, moves more smoothly, and has better ball skills.
  5. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    I would definitely make a run at Rankins, Jones, or Clark if they hit the market. My prediction is that we cut 1-2 vets (possibly Jackson and Joyner) and go BIG after whichever star player hits FA, whether it's one of the DT's, a CB/S, edge rusher, etc.
  6. Raiders Defense

    A lot of that was his 40, which was "false" at 4.56. If he ran the mid 4.4 time that he did, he would have gotten way more buzz. I had issues with all the corners you listed. Diggs has awful technique (especially footwork) and is not ready to start, which scouts even echoed (see Bob McGinn's article). Fulton had medical issues, missed a year due to drug problems at LSU, and was grabby at times, as much as I liked him. Johnson feasted on an incredibly weak conference and played poorly in a few big games, including against USC. Gladney who I also liked some was on the smaller end and was pretty grabby at times at TCU. Arnette played extremely physical last year in press man, had GREAT coverage metrics when thrown at, tackled extremely well with a broken wrist, and at the end of the day is 6 feet tall with a mid 4.4 and ~ 200 pounds. Not to mention he's coming out of an OSU secondary with a LOT of pedigree. He did grab at times, but it wasn't a "staple" in his game like it was at times for say Fulton/Gladney. In a press man scheme where you NEED to tackle, I can definitely see why they picked arnette. If he didn't play with a broken wrist, I can easily see him turning some of his PBU's into INT's as well.
  7. Raiders Defense

    I think the staff already invested in Johnson, Arnette, Mullen etc. I understand the rationale for hall, but I always saw him as more of a zone corner and the medicals weren't good, especially with his injury late last season. Understandable though.
  8. Raiders Defense

    Also @Turnobili, who would you have taken at pick 100? I'm curious. I had my eye on several players, including Burgess who were gone before we had the chance to get them.
  9. Raiders Defense

    Sure. I mean we have established players at every position as opposed to scrubs/journeyman at those positions.
  10. Talib may not deserve it, but he does have a superbowl pedigree. Rivers and Eli are two qb's I never want to see get in, especially Rivers. Eli I can still live with because of postseason heroics.
  11. Raiders Defense

    If Hurst+Collins are a duo, we are in GREAT shape. Hall and Hankins are fine run players as well.
  12. Raiders Defense

    This is a poor strawman. That is contingent on who he viewed as the top talent. I didn't view hamler as a 1st round player.
  13. 2021 NFL Draft Thread

    Because of cap flexibility (I think Joyner is a goner), we can easily resign Randall and Collins if they play well and warrant it.
  14. Raiders Defense

    We have decent talent. There is practically no player we picked at 100 who would have been an instant starter on this team. Hence taking players who can be backups now and potential starters down the line in Muse, Simpson, and Robertson. Considering Kwiatkoski and Littleton are under contract for 2 years minimum each and more likely 3, it gives a backup player time to develop and adapt to the mental and physical challenges of playing in the NFL. I'd rather gamble on a player with an elite athletic profile in what is essentially the early 4th, than take a player with a higher floor but less devvy upside who isn't being counted on to start. Muse can play special teams in the meantime. I thought Anthony Nelson had a higher floor than Crosby last year and I completely whiffed and Mayock was correct. I'm not saying that Muse is this year's Crosby, but I don't see anything wrong with drafting a hybrid LB. I still find the concept of "reach" comical. According to whose board? If the pick hits, no one cares where they go in the end.
  15. Raiders Defense

    @NYRaider was on it. Definitely an athletic profile worth gambling on.