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  1. 49ers fear Jimmy Garoppolo has a torn ACL

    Might be a blessing in disguise. This team needs a little more "oomph" to get them into the playoffs. Some good draft picks will help.
  2. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    You guys remind me a bit of us in 2016. Enjoy the wins. Close wins are still wins
  3. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    The lions look good today. This is why you don't write a team off after 2 weeks.
  4. Steelers listening to offers for RB Le' Veon Bell

    Will be a shame if he leaves pittsburgh. He's iconic in that scheme/those colors/with Ben/AB.
  5. How did Buffalo Bills become so terrible

    Josh allen baby. I love this kid. He has a likeable personality and has a crazy frame.
  6. The Good, the Bad, the Winless Gruden Era vs Miami

    Our run blocking is such trash. Don't give Lynch **** he's actually been pretty good. Breaks a lot of tackles and pushes the pile. Unfortunately... the pile often starts at or behind the line of scrimmage. If we can actually open up some holes, he can break some big runs.
  7. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    We don't target him on enough conventional routes. I don't see why we couldn't have had him run the same routes he ran on Roby this week. Slants, outs, etc. to gain separation. He's clearly capable of doing it very well and separating consistently.
  8. Week 3: Oakland Raiders (0-2) @ Miami Dolphins (2-0)

    Good game guys. This was a tough one. Well deserved.
  9. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    It's the whole "coverage is shifted that way", but there are still ways to get your best players involved. Look at cooper vs the Chiefs last year. We let him run deep and intermediate routes and he excelled.
  10. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    I doubt he's given that amount of time. I'll rewatch today and see if he made any improvement.
  11. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    The problem here though is that Pace is trying to win RIGHT NOW. You don't trade away cost controlled first round picks unless you are trying to win right now. If it takes Trubisky 3 years, the roster will be 3 years older. Most of the Bears players will be pushing 30. Many of their promising youngins will be up for extensions. They will have relinquished the advantages of having talented cost controlled rookies. What's worse is that they likely won't be able to acquire a qb prospect they like in 2020. If they are really bad in 2020, their 2 2nd round picks likely won't be enough to trade higher than 20 and that would be pushing it, where quality quarterback prospects generally can't be had. Like I mentioned earlier, it's not like that rookie will help them win immediately, even if they acquire their guy in 2020. Unless the Bears felt like Trubisky was ready now, or in the next year or so, they shouldn't have made the Mack trade. Their window would be a for after Rodgers begins to decline and after the Vikings core peaks (hopefully for them). Not right now. And surrendering further cost controlled picks handicaps their ability to do so, especially if Trubisky isn't the answer.
  12. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    Uhh. I'm not box score scouting. His statistics are the least of my concerns when watching him. I don't need to man up. I misread it, sure, but when you see total touchdowns as a quarterback, you think mainly passing touchdowns. If you think Trubisky's rush touchdowns are sustainable as 1/3 of his scoring production, then that's your problem, not mine. I'll be honest. All I see are fans trying to cope with poor performances. Like I said, the only reason why more people aren't turning on him is that his defense and cast are CARRYING him right now. If the Bears were 0-2 right now, this wouldn't be the case. Point being that statistically right now, he's a bottom 5 passer in the NFL and watching him only corroborates my point. I'd easily take Flacco over what I've seen from Trubisky so far and this forum knows what I think about Flacco. But sure, I'll man up and admit I misread the post. Doesn't change the foundation of any of my arguments. Based on what exactly? Blind homerism? Above average in the league right now means being better than half the starters in the league right now. Best case he's a year off from that. Worst case, he never gets there.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Possibly. But Key was a nice high risk high reward pick and he gambled where he may not have in the past.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    I think Gruden has kinda reigned Reggie in as far as the "cute" picks. There are a ton of garbage picks he's made in the mid rounds where he passed up established players from big schools to take small school niche guys. That and not taking WR's, CB's, or LB's early at all, which is just awful. Missing 2nd and 3rd rounders consistently is atrocious and I think this years class in collaboration with Gruden and the staff could be the best since 2014.
  15. Mitchell Trubisky's Future

    No one is saying it's IMPOSSIBLE for Trubisky to improve. He just hasn't showed me anything thus far this year to suggest that he's going to be a good quarterback, i.e. Matt Ryan/Stafford level. Maybe he will be, but he's going to have to make significant strides, especially when he starts going against good defenses, like the Rams or Vikings twice this year. If Trubisky is bad, Pace will have crippled a good Bears roster. Another reason why the Mack trade COULD be iffy. If trubisky plays bad this year and handicaps the bears, they will have no way to replace trubisky until 2021. At that point, everyone on their roster will be 3 years older, which means a lot of their good players will be far closer to out of their primes. In addition drafting another rookie means even more growing pains and additional years, meaning their roster will continue to age. TLDR, this roster is built to win now, but if Trubisky doesn't improve this season and beyond, their roster will waste away for nought. If the Bears defense wasn't playing so well and keeping the bears in/helping them win games, I guarantee much of their fanbase would be turning on Trubisky right now. Imagine if they lost the Seattle game and were 0-2. I can't blame Bears fans for being optimistic, but man this gamble better pay off.