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  1. He's really fast. Look at the georgia TD where he beat the angle. That was definitely fast enough to take the top off an NFL defense. Not only that, his ability to shred defenders with acceleration on double moves is scary.
  2. Not sure how much we can trust vic after he already said mcdaniels was out.
  3. Yep poor coaching in the RZ has been plaguing this team for years. No diversity/creativity. Look at what good offenses do in the RZ. It's not the qb. The play calling is impeccable.
  4. Him or the steelers guy but we're not getting him if it's mcdaniels imo.
  5. He won't and he's gonna do a lot of time. I wasn't sold on him in year 1, but honest to god he looked special. I've never seen a WR who can run like he does and also jump like he does. Like burning a defense for a 80 yard TD and mossing Xavien Howard is something else. And he was barely starting to get some nuance his routes. Ugh. I still can't watch highlights from early in the year because it makes me upset to watch him play and wonder what if.
  6. I don’t want Bowles. You need an offensive coach in this league.
  7. Yeah he absolutely would love the players we have rn. Just revamp the OL and add 1 playmaking wr and the offense is really good.
  8. Mcdaniels is definitely not a bad play caller. NE just has horrible skill position players. Will he gel with a GM, staff, and players tho. Idk
  9. If it’s mcdaniels but dodds is the GM I can live with it.
  10. He was absolutely was coming into his own. It set us back years.
  11. Ugh. Want harbaugh and dodds not McDaniels and Ziegler. Need dodds as GM.
  12. Hard to audible with so little time left. That was a horrendous play call. I can't blame him for that 1 bit in that situation. Just shows how god awful our coaching staff is.
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