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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Trading patterson. Why god?
  2. Cordarrelle Patterson traded to the Patriots

    Terrible news. This guy has been one of my favorite players in the league and one of my favorite Raiders. I'm really not happy about this. He was awesome for us in so many ways in a down year. Great on special teams, dynamic as a rusher and receiver. Ugh.
  3. Marshawn Lynch to return in 2018

    Relax. I think we'll take Chubb in the 3rd. You'll get your Georgia fix and he's a good player.
  4. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Are people seriously arguing if Irvin is worth his deal? If he was on the market right now, he'd get at least 11-12.
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    I'd much rather see MEJ as a base end. He's best at 4-3 DE anyways.
  6. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    You think we would take a shot on Calloway with the character concerns on day 3, or nah?
  7. Marshawn Lynch to return in 2018

    He was the best offensive skill position player on the field last year #casualfan Also, if you think that it was Lynch's responsibility to save us from Downing's offense, I don't know what to tell you.
  8. Marshawn Lynch to return in 2018

    Lmao. Everyone saying "boo" based on purely on the field don't know football. People have been ducking me left and right with garbage answers. CLEARLY the Raiders saw that Mr. Lynch tied for the NFL rush lead in the last 8 games in Downing's pathetic offense and know what he's capable of. Please watch the games people who think Lynch is average/mediocre. For the haters.
  9. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree

    If it helps you sleep, sure.
  10. Raiders sign RB Doug Martin

    LB's I have a big problem with. Taking Nick Chubb when say Christian Kirk may be on the board in the 2nd I would have a problem with, and I really do like Chubb.
  11. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree

    Was hoping to see him with a better qb, but happy for crab to get his money.
  12. Raiders sign RB Doug Martin

    Reggie will still take a RB is there is value to be had in the draft. He just won't force the pick, which I like a lot.
  13. Raiders Sign CB Rashaan Melvin

    This is the worst take of the day? Who would you rather be signing? Guys are overpaying left and right and the Raiders have acquired solid, starting caliber players for very affordable prices without jeopardizing long-term cap space. Whitehead is a dependable starter at LB, which we haven't seen in an eternity. Gilchrist is an average safety with versatility who we just signed for pretty cheap. Melvin was a very good corner last year and we paid him half what his market SHOULD dictate purely on his level of play. We got Nelson despite heavy interest from contenders like NE/Seattle/NO. There's no way Doug Martin got some kind of huge money. He has no leverage. It's probably a one year deal with minimal guarantees. Free agency can't take this team over the top. We need our young draft picks to develop and this years draft to be impactful. On the first 2 days we can potentially land 2-3 starting level talents and hopefully our first round pick will be a star. THAT will take us over the top. Not signing a good player to an extravagant contract.
  14. Raiders sign Rashaan Melvin

    It's a shame it's only one year. I'd offer him 4-40 with a team option after the first 2 years based on what he did in Indy.
  15. Jordy Nelson to sign with Raiders

    He may be in a decline, but I'd like to see it for myself with a good qb throwing him the ball. The fact that New England, Seattle, and New Orleans were interested is very telling to me.