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  1. Raiders Defense

    I actually think the back end has begun to become the weakness of this team. Our corners aren't making plays and Nelson is always late on deep balls.
  2. Raiders Defense

    Mario Edwards hasn't been a consistent contributor? Ellis has also been really good as of late. Ward is looking like a flat out bust, as was Calhoun, but at least a few of those "hit" reasonably well.
  3. GDT: Week 7

    If you're cousins, why would you want to go to that team?
  4. GDT: Week 7

    In a league of parity, there is the NFL... and then there is the Browns and 49ers.
  5. Christian McCaffrey's rookie campaign

    I stand by my Kamara > McCaffrey take even more now.
  6. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    I will say that all this JAMEIS WILL BE GREAT from the draft crowd was overblown. He was a good prospect and deserved to be the #1 pick, but he had and still has issues that he needs to correct to be considered a good to great quarterback.
  7. Winston and Mariota vs Goff and Wentz

    Agreed. Somewhere in the 5th-6th year is where they really hit stride for me.
  8. 2017's parity. Why?

    Remember in NFL Gen when people were asking if the Pats would lose a game or go 16-0? Me too. Parity is great to see. I'm pretty excited to see how this season plays out.
  9. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    He's a scrub? You should appreciate the importance of good blocking seeing how gurley struggled last year.
  10. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

    When you give him a 2 way go, it's over.
  11. Marshawn Lynch suspended 1 game

    Such a bad take. You don't watch the Raiders if you think this is true. He's very good after contact and breaks a lot of tackles. He hasn't been one of the problems with this team, unless you live in the fantasy football world.
  12. TNF Week 7: Chiefs @ Raiders

    Where is this revisionist history with Lynch coming from? I've watched him all year and he's a good power back. Can move the chains and convert short yardage, hasn't always had the blocking. He'll be a factor as the year goes on.
  13. TNF: Raiders vs. Chiefs

  14. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    No I see what you're saying. Take Earl Thomas off Seattle and that's a different team. Berry can cover and play the run very well. It's definitely a big loss, though I didn't think it'd be this big either.
  15. TNF: Chiefs @ Oakland

    Good game guys. Some very questionable reffing throughout, but we really needed this one and you guys probably have the division close to wraps at this point. I'm curious about the defensive coaching. Last year, Sutton owned Carr. What was the difference this year as far as the defense? I know Berry is out, but this isn't the kind of defense I'm used to seeing from KC.