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  1. Friday Night Preseason: Vikings at Seahawks

    What happened to this guy? Had a few sick highlights in college and I thought he went off the map?
  2. Sean Smith Arrested on felony battery charge.

    We can also see if he's willing to take a paycut next year.
  3. Sean Smith Arrested on felony battery charge.

    What I mean is if he caught her abusing his sister, which might qualify as "immediate danger", no?
  4. Ranking the Raider Roster on Importance #2

    Where's carr at tho. Edit: I'm an idiot. It's Mack allday. But after Cooper and Penn at 3 and 4 for me, there's a big dropoff.
  5. Sean Smith Arrested on felony battery charge.

    Smith has allowed under a 60% completion rate for something like every year of his career. That's crazy consistency. You don't cut that until you're sure he's done, especially on a full salary guarantee, which isn't after game 1 of the preseason. As for this case, I don't have enough facts to say. Obviously if he did what he did and it was unwarranted, he'll be cut. I think there's more to the story though.
  6. Sean Smith Arrested on felony battery charge.

    At this point seems like just you and me...
  7. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    I mean I'd rather go off of 14 regular season games than 1 preseason game... right? Am I the only one who isn't super down on Sean Smith? We need to let him press more too. Has been a schematic issue.
  8. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    Umm.... "[Smith] allowed a 56.8 percent catch rate, which is in the top quarter of the NFL for players with 825+ snaps. He allowed a catch on just 1 in every 11.6 coverage snaps, which is in the top third of the league." All while playing with a team tied for 31st (iirc) in sacks... Dude got targeted all the time, which is bound to lead to big plays. He also sucked week 1 and 2, but Brandin Cooks and Julio Jones are pretty damn tough covers. I'd say he was top 40 at his position last year~ Pretty good.
  9. Raiders CB Sean Smith charged with assault

    He was pretty good last year outside of the Falcons and Saints games, which were also his first 2 regular season games with the team in a new system. The narrative that he was continuously burnt last year is awful.
  10. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    "Keeps"? You mean one preseason game?
  11. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    "Pagano on Sean Smith: everybody has bad days, liked back to back good practices this week, now he has to translate that to good game film." He's still done right?
  12. Top QBs under 30

    Most definitely. Wilson is still not in an ideal situation. Far from it. Still, if his supporting cast was truly as bad as some people make it out to be, one of 2 things would be true 1. Wilson is a demigod and is one of the best 2 or 3 players at the position to put up the best YPA and 2nd best passer rating in NFL history. 2. Maybe his cast isn't as bad as some people think it is.
  13. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    Agreed. It's not like I'm rooting against KNJ, but we've invested enough in the defense for it to be respectable. The talent is there now, but it has to gel. Joseph was looking really good all things considered when I was rewatching some old games from last year. Add in Obi as a cover guy and I think we'll see a lot less explosive run/pass plays. One thing I really did like in the first preseason game was that there was a lot more presnap disguise than last year. Last year was as vanilla as it gets. I also wanna see more creativity with safety blitzes using karl, or a gap blitzes with marquel lee, who was a really good blitzer at wake forest. My hope is that more disguise, better interior rush (healthy autry, healthy MEJ, Eddie V), less explosive plays, and having Conley to cover speed/quick guys will be enough to push this defense over the top.
  14. Top QBs under 30

    His OL is truly awful. Bottom 3. But Seattle's skill position players aren't bad. Jimmy Graham and Doug Baldwin are good receiving threats and Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett are both rising talents. I think people overlook his receivers, but they're good players.
  15. Good, Bad, Ugly Preseason Week 1 vs Cardinals

    If the communication stays bad and can't be coached up, someone will get fired for it. This is professional football, not rocket science. These guys should be in position and be able to do their jobs. Crazy how many blown coverages there were last game.