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  1. OTA's

    I'm also thinking they'll keep 4 backs... though one may not be on the roster quite yet.
  2. OTA's

    Conference call from reggie and gruden... enjoy
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    I won't criticize Obi until/unless he sucks on the field. Can't knock someone's talent for injuries... There's still time before training camp. If he's missing time there, that's a problem.
  4. Grade the offseason?

    I feel great about this offseason. Competition added all across the roster. They were aggressive in adding players who can play and filling needs. The draft is boom-bust, but this team is trying to win NOW and has the talent/competition on the roster to do that. If we add Adam Jones and perhaps Galette, I'll be as happy as can be.
  5. Rnd4 pick 10- CB Nick Nelson

    From what I've seen of him, I'm a fan. He has the size to play inside or outside, he can mirror receivers fairly well, and his 3 cone reflects his smoothness in coverage. Being coached up some more will do him good. He'll contribute in year 1. He may be our 2nd most impactful rookie.
  6. How good is Jadeveon Clowney?

    He really hasn't been.
  7. Rnd3- DE Arden key

    I'd be down for this. Would mack do some inside rushing at times here?
  8. How good is Jadeveon Clowney?

    He's getting to the point where he can be mentioned with all those guys and no one will bat an eye. He's a very good player, of that I have no doubt.
  9. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    We won 6 last year when everything that could go wrong went wrong and a mediocre at best coaching staff. Just based on coaching alone, I think last years team could win at least 2-3 more games. If we're going across positional groups, we're improved at WR, improved at LB (whitehead and johnson are complementary to each others games and are both proven commodities), improved on the DL (I'm very sold on Hurst), and edge (ditto for Key), and Safety (prefer Gilchrist at the very least to Nelson last year). Maybe I'm optimistic, but I see a very good team this year. There's talent infused at positions where we've lacked it for years.
  10. Steelers trade Bryant to Raiders

    But show me something to substantiate this hot take... Where is the discussion? I don't see Washington having a similar skill set at all and you've said/done nothing to coroborate your perspective.
  11. Steelers trade Bryant to Raiders

    I have no issue with James Washington as a receiver. But to call his skillset comparable to Bryant, or to call Bryant "expendable" is a joke. This has nothing to do with him being on our team. I would call this guy out regardless because what he's saying is outrageous. I have no doubt Washington can be productive as a #3 for the Steelers, but Bryant is more than that. He was just shoved into that role as the odd man out on a team filled with talented pass-catching options, including Bell.
  12. Steelers trade Bryant to Raiders

    You're kidding right? Being a deep threat in college is not even close to a guarantee that it'll translate to the league. Yes, that 4.54 40 will definitely translate to 50+ yard touchdowns on NFL cornerbacks, the same way that 5'11 frame will allow him to box out like Bryant at 6'4. Where do people even come up with these takes?
  13. Penn is still a good tackle. Kolton will get LT reps, but Penn SHOULD be the starter. He's a proven player who handles good players on a week to week basis and still can help us win. That being said, in preseason I'd like to see Miller get some good reps in to learn from. He'll be our starting right tackle this year IMO.
  14. Raiders sign former Chiefs MLB Derrick Johnson

    My bad I meant on defense.
  15. Raiders sign former Chiefs MLB Derrick Johnson

    Most of the old players on the roster won't be on the 53 man roster. Is that so hard to understand? We won't have any starters older than 30 this year aside from potentially Johnson.