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  1. Not expecting to win this one, but will be pleasantly surprised if we do.
  2. Expect to see a lot of Agholor and Renfrow in this game. And Jacobs out of the pass game. Hopefully Ruggs will be good to go for next week.
  3. He is playing well but not much better than last year. He has better weapons is all. I want to see him continue to grow and fire down field when appropriate.
  4. Put davante adams and steve smith together. That's Ja'Marr Chase.
  5. Richard needs to secure the ball, even if the pitch sucks. If the play is for a loss because of a bad toss it's on Carr. But you can never turn it over like that.
  6. These cheap vet RB's can always be found. He was always a decent player. Denver just has a bad OL.
  7. Booker and Richard are excellent backups. I don't want to hear any backup RB complaints.
  8. It's time to get ruggs involved. Give him some rushes. Try to find him on some option routes or deep crosses. He's a much better route runner than people think. His speed is his elite characteristic. Not just his deep speed. Let him show it on all parts of the field.
  9. Russ. Can do the most with the least.
  10. Sure. He did deserve blame. But a couple of bad drives and he's washed? Not saying you're saying it. But I think we need to be patient sometimes. I'm as passionate as the next guy and want more out of DC but he's doing a fine job.
  11. We need to chill the f out on Carr. He made some bad throws but knows what he's doing out there. The defense has been horrific. That's the issue here.
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