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  1. I think cisco has huge bust potential but is worth 79/80.
  2. Apparently he’s reached out multiple times or something according to his agent.
  3. Jenkins is as polarizing as Parsons at this point LOL.
  4. He’s good IMO. Worth the pick even if people won’t like it.
  5. Trying to convert players is the mental gymnastics that got us our draft class last year.
  6. I wanted to take some kind of tackle by the end of the 3rd. Granted, I would trade up to secure one with a higher floor, but TDN trades are premium only.
  7. You basically told me you didn’t watch him. Then quoted an anonymous scout. A scout who actually praised him. Is it his fault his teammates busted coverages? Do you really want me to break down where good free safeties went by school or conference? I can pick these arguments apart in so many ways. If you gave me something that wasn't so shallow, we could actually have some kind of reasonable discourse.
  8. James Hudson looks interesting. Same with Walker little. Depth might push some of these guys down the board.
  9. I’m tired of drafting bad players. Grant is not that. If he’s a 24 year old rookie, he’ll be 28 at the end of his rookie deal. That isn’t old. Safeties play into their 30s when they’re good. If he even gets to a 2nd contract that’ll be a big improvement of most of our secondary draft picks. With respect, this is idiotic analysis at best.
  10. Most of these guys we signed will not be impact players. We can draft an impact DL at 17 and I'm all for it.
  11. Extremely strongly disagree. His intellect is his biggest attribute. You can't teach that. Plus shown me a weakness in his game besides man coverage on WR's.
  12. He can play all over the line. I think his potential is sky high (pro bowler) and his floor is high too.
  13. Nah. Out the box JOK is amazing in coverage and has great instincts. He’s a monster hitter and has an insane feel for the game. Im not saying we need to take him, but he’s an excellent prospect. The guy is pure muscle. He’ll add 10-15 pounds over time in the league, but even rn he’s a playmaker on day one. Parsons is a much better blitzer than coverage LB at this point. He could be really good but is not as safe a player as JOK IMO.
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