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  1. If we get a dominant DT and another LB (more athletic one, if morrow/white don’t work out), we’re looking pretty good.
  2. I swear just let him play to his strengths and he’ll cook. He’s only gonna get better as these guys gain chemistry.
  3. If you can slide eleumenor over and maybe bring in Andrew not well for a 4th/5th, I would.
  4. Every time a team focuses on Waller and Renfrow, Edwards and Ruggs go off.
  5. Can't count on that all the time need a vet in to create some holes and keep Carr clean.
  6. Just need Richie and Mullen back. And maybe an OL trade.
  7. The pass defense has been pretty good all year. Mullen is hurt but he normally runs with faster receivers. This is a tough one for you guys without Jeudy and Hamler. Offense would definitely look better with them.
  8. Edwards had his worst game of his career last week and now looking great.
  9. When the OL looks good, this team looks good. Parker looks good. Now if we can just replace a certain someone ...
  10. Yikes gotta hold the edge. A good coach will keep him around IMO.
  11. Amazing that as soon as Olson takes over the offense looks like last year.
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