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  1. Mariota's mobility is really dangerous in the RZ. Need more of those packages for him, plus short yardage.
  2. The jags offense has pretty mediocre talent. Lawrence will be fine once they add a few more pieces.
  3. Chargers collapse makes the wild card race really interesting. It's really about us, since we play them and the colts to end the year. Still a long way to go for us.
  4. LB, DT, OT, WR. Maybe a CB for depth.
  5. Tyron Johnson is actually an nfl receiver. He should get a few snaps here and there. Very different player than Zay.
  6. Mullen is coming back soon too. He looked really good to start the year. Locked up diontae Johnson.
  7. Better to pay him now honestly. I’d give him 18-20 if he’ll take it.
  8. Right before the patriots game. Perfect.
  9. The NFL values running backs more than analytics guys. I'm more with the NFL on this one tbh.
  10. Jones is really a YAC WR. I've realized that now. He looked good on the catch and run plays. Edwards Zay and Djax can't separate in intermediate areas of the field. Foster, Waller, and Renfrow can.
  11. It has a lot more to do with the AFC north IMO. If cincy falters, we have the tiebreaker over pittsburgh/baltimore. Same thing with New England. How they play down the stretch is also key.
  12. As long as you have Olsen/Bisaccia you'll see more of this.
  13. He's walking for free so we can definitely get him. Also, we could get mullen back next week bois so that'll be good if it happens.
  14. Zay actually really looks good on YAC/catch and run plays. I think we should use him as that vs down the field.
  15. He played pretty well. I still think he could have done better. Let’s see if he can keep up this new chemistry with Jackson.
  16. Eh. I work around a lot of people who are really smart. Even the blind squirrel finds the nut sometimes.
  17. Carr wtf was this bro. There were 5 defenders and 2 blockers.
  18. Alas. That’s how the cookie crumbles. But at least we can throw 2 yard passes to our running back on designed screens. That’s good.
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