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  1. Pro Bowl?

    I remember being bashed when I said there was no way that Adams was going to be cut in 2016.. this site does get a little crazy sometimes, but it is what it is.
  2. Your life User name: MrBoom Age: 29 Born: CA Live now: CA Unique: I’m white with dreadlocks.. and a teacher? Love of Packers Started following Packers: As far back as I can remember Made me a fan: Grandpa Favorite Packer: Nick Collins Favorite moment: SB XLV.. Collins’ pick 6 and Clay’s forced fumble Interests Other teams: Dodgers, Penguins, Duke basketball, Manchester City Outside interests: coaching, being a husband/father, playing sports Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Favorite Band: Florida/Georgia Line I guess Favorite TV show: Big Bang Theory / The Blacklist I have been to a few Packer games in CA (went to the Rams game this year) but I have never been to a game at Lambeau :(. I want to make a trip to Wisconsin next season, I have been there before but only in the summer. What are the best ways to go about buying tickets and what are some tips you would give for tailgating/general tips about watching the game?
  3. Had anyone been to the Packers pep rallies? I was thinking about going to the rally on Saturday but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it and how early someone needs to show up if it is worth it
  4. Your life Username: MrBoom Age: 28 State you were born in: CA State you live in now: CA Something unique about you: Caucasian with dreads? Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: I'm not sure.. birth? What made you become a fan: Entire family is. Favorite current Packers: Mike Daniels, AirOn, Ty Montgomery All-time favorite Packers: Nick Collins, Charles Woodson (does he count?), and Samkon Gado cause why not right? Favorite moment in team history: outside of SBs, probably Harris' pick 6 in OT. Your interests Other favorite teams: Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Penguins Hobbies outside of football: backyard sports - horseshoes, cornhole, darts Favorite movie: can't lock in on one Favorite TV Show: The Blacklist Favorite band: Sidewalk Prophets