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  1. Patrick Mahomes exits game with knee injury

    Mariota is for sale
  2. TNF: Chiefs at Broncos

    Chiefs to trade for Mariota
  3. Other Games/Teams Thread

    I’m looking big picture here. If what you just described happens, then what? Do we re-sign Tannehill since he was the one that got us on track? Would Mariota for sure have figured it out or was it another fluke stretch? Does he deserve a new contract or does Tannehill deserve a new contract? I think Mariota’s time here needs to be done. It was a make or break year and he’s broken.
  4. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Yeah I’d trade Marcus for whatever we can get. He’s not getting a second contract. If Tannehill goes down we need to just throw Woodside in there or bring back WTFaulk and tank it.
  5. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever seen him run an angle route. Lol. Bad.
  6. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I believe so but was a full participant. I’ll try and dig back through to see if I can find it when I have some more time later
  7. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Pamphile is not on the injury report. You have him and Kelly as options to plug in at RG, there is no excuse to keep playing Davis.
  8. Trade Deadline Rumors

    He would tear it up with a good QB. His skillset is that of a baby TO
  9. Trade Deadline Rumors

    0% This organization has struggled to bring in WR talent since it’s inception and now that we actually have some good ones there’s no way we’re going to give up the one with perhaps most potential. His lack of production is also a product of bad QB play. He’s averaging 3.3 yards of separation, he just needs the ball thrown to him
  10. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Anything’s possible obviously but I don’t see it. Even if we lose this week I don’t see Robinson and Vrabel throwing in the towel and trading Delanie would reflect that to the locker room. He’s still performing as a top 5-10 TE in my eyes and that’s even after a broken leg. It’s not his fault his production isnt reflecting his play (bye Mariota). This is also my opinion but I believe he can keep it going for another 2-3 years. He doesn’t have the wear and tear on his body that a 35 year old TE normally does
  11. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Not for sale
  12. Mike Vrabel

    Yeah but benching Jahmil Douglas for Nate Davis is like benching Nick Williams for Cameron Batson. Pamphile has been a full participant in practice going on the second week now. You also have Kelly sitting on the bench. I know you specifically don’t like it, but Conklin sliding inside at the very least has to be somewhat of a consideration. There’s options to choose from here. This isn’t the WR situation from last year where there was literally no one after Rishard quit. It’ll be beyond us both if they trot Davis out there again on Sunday. If you wait to fire Arthur at the bye you may as well also wait until the end of the season to fire him too because our bye week is so late. If he goes he needs to be gone now. That’s probably the one thing our entire forum agrees on.
  13. Tannehill to start

    Ahh yes that’ll be no problem. As a side note, I plan to continue to start Nate Davis. We’re really liking his development so far and what we’ve seen when we’ve reviewed the tape. Making great strides but just need to continue to work and do better each week. I realize we’ve scored 7 points in the last 10 quarters but the play calling of run, run, pass I’m confident will break through eventually. On the 3rd and long situations we’ve been facing our receivers need to do a better job of creating separation with our 2 man route trees. We’ve specifically designed these plays to have our receivers end up in the same area so when the QB rips it we have 2 able bodies in the area to make the catch. We must continue to work at it, that’s what my father instilled in me anyways. We also need to do a better job improving upon our ability to spread the defense out with our condensed 3 TE formations, and I will be the first one to admit that. We’ve got to do our jobs better. Pruitt is a weapon we absolutely must utilize better with Jonnu and Delanie on the field. I’m making it a point to get him more involved. Now that coach Vrabel has decided to go with Tannehill as our starter, I really like the thought of going to the Mariota sweeps you’ve seen us use in the wildcat more often. I think when defenses see Tannehill split out wide, Mariota coming in for the fake, and Henry taking the snap ready to pound it, they’ll never suspect the plan is to let Henry fling it to a STREAKING Darius Jennings. We’ve got a few wrinkles I’m excited to throw in using this personnel.
  14. Tannehill to start

    This plan may come to fruition with Arthur Smith as our OC.
  15. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Those are probably the loser *** Oregon fan boys who latched on to the fan base because of Mariot tbh. Glad they’re gone tbh