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  1. Training Camp Thread

    The guy of the guy has been pretty quiet lately. Wonder if he has some info on what’s goin on with Matthews, Evans and Rak
  2. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Actually if Marlon Humphrey wasn't an idiot, Weddle intercepts the ball and you win. Also, if Canady doesn't completely turn his back to the play he could have easily wrapped up Boyd. So don't put all the blame on Pees when those two were responsible for wetting themselves. Also, I will take being the 6th ranked scoring defense, 12th in yards allowed, 9th in 1st downs allowed, and 1st in takeaways all day everyday
  3. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Already happened. Page 8 of the Ramsey QB Tiers thread in Gen discussion.
  4. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    100% absolutely. But it doesn't change the fact that Jalen is still his son.
  5. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Aside from WR/QB, what other position are the Colts better than us? We quite easily have the better team, the Colts just have a better QB and a better WR. Our team as a whole is better by a landslide. If Mariota is as bad as you say he is, then 9-7 proves our supporting cast deserves way more credit than a slight edge.
  6. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Come again?
  7. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    Even if that were true, Derrick is still Jalen's daddy.
  8. Are the 90's the greatest movie decade?

    You forgot Space Jam.
  9. Training Camp Thread

    Dang that boy went in for the kill.
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I wonder what the running backs, in his opinion, don't suck?
  11. Rate my Mock Draft Thread

    I don't mind them there, it was either Gronk/Kelce or a WR like Hilton/Evans/Thielen/Diggs and I feel like I could more easily live without those guys than I could Mixon/Howard. The WR's seem pretty deep to me this year. As for Davis, it's because he was the 5th pick last year and flashed many times over the course of the season, is in an updated offensive scheme, is showing a great rapport with Mariota through camp so far, and won't be entering the season trying to come back from an injury he clearly needed more time to heal from. There were so many factors working against him last season that are gone entering this one. Thoughts on this one? I like it more. QB: Cousins, Garoppolo RB: Gurley, Howard, R. Freeman, Ingram, Anderson WR: Green, Cooper, Hogan, Goodwin, Matthews TE: Reed, Doyle QB's are serviceable, love the RB's and WR's, and Reed is a good option imo if he can stay healthy. If he can't then Doyle I think is an underrated TE that can spot fill in instances Reed can't go. He had 80/690/4 on 108 targets which isn't horrible. If he can hold off Ebron I wouldn't mind him if a healthy Luck returns.
  12. Training Camp Thread

    I mean, the rock in my front yard could just have easily replaced him if we're being honest
  13. Training Camp Thread

    The only way undisclosing the injury provides an advantage is if he’s not on the injury report come week 1. If he isn’t, then Miami won’t know what’s been bothering him and won’t be able to test his weak spot. If he is, and Vrabels gone to such measures to keep it hidden, then one may think there’s a little something extra to it which would make him even more of a target. Either way, I personally don’t think whatever’s going on with him is that big of a deal and they’re probably over-coddling him because he was our first rounder and they don’t want the same story for his rookie season as Corey’s.