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  1. I’m not the one who said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, or that silence is violence, while taking in billions. But carry on buddy
  2. Of course. But there’s a difference between prioritizing, and complete silence. Since the organization he and the NBA are 100% behind believe that silence is violence, it’s awfully strange they won’t say a word about China.
  3. That’s not the position. It is this - Lebron and the NBA are getting laughed off because they stand for social justice here, but not for the people in a country that has hundreds of thousands in concentration camps (among other things) because it will too harshly effect their pockets. That doesn’t mean I, or others, don’t care about the issues they’re bringing up.
  4. It’s not past failures, it’s present. He and the rest of the league refuse to say anything. But go on!
  5. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere...or atleast I’m told
  6. Or, atleast, be vocal about it being wrong from the country that’s giving your league billions of dollars. That seems to be too much to ask though
  7. He is def better at trying to get the league to quit and losing viewers
  8. Another wild theory: If your vocal about injustice bejng wrong, then be vocal about it being wrong everywhere.
  9. Nope. Don’t tell me your about ending injustice if your not concerned about the injustice happening to the people in China who’s government is giving you billions of dollars. Don’t sell out for money and maybe I could take them seriously.
  10. That seems to conflict with the report from the LA Times. The 10,000 goal was reached in 2013 and by summer of next year that number will be down to 9,757. So nearly 250 officers will be cut due to a 5% budget slash. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-01/lapd-budget-cuts-protesters-police-brutality
  11. Nobody spun anything for me. I do my own research. The LAPD cut their budget by $150m which was intally ~3b and that reduced the number of officers the city had to below 10,000 according to reports. Do you seriously think that’s going to be unique to LA?
  12. And I would argue the symptoms must be contained until there is a cure. Destroying people’s lives and livelihoods isn’t helping anybody.
  13. @TheRealMcCoy If the police force is rooted in such deep racism, isn’t it strange that 81% of blacks want equal to or more police? https://news.gallup.com/poll/316571/black-americans-police-retain-local-presence.aspx
  14. To an extent, sure I’m here to talk about that, but then you have a place like Minneapolis that’s proposing to completely abolish it. But these riots are proving exactly why things like armored carriers are indeed a necessity when everyone was saying they weren’t. Budget cuts would reduce the number of police that are able to respond to calls and reduce resources they can tap in to. We would need to see the specific finances.
  15. Guess you should go back and read the context then. Nothing I brought up is irrelevant.
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