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  1. Dak vs Kirk

    Dak's better with the game on the line, Kirk makes the stat lines look pretty
  2. Rookie watch thread, other than Doncic

    Forgot all about this guy
  3. Franchise Tag Updates/Rumors

    Too young
  4. Anthony Davis Demands Trade

    I wonder what Jrue's trade value is. I'd love to have him in Orlando but we'd probably have to give up Gordon.
  5. Orlando Magoc Thread

    We currently have the second longest win streak right now at 5 just behind Toronto who's won 6 straight. Hopefully I'm not getting invested again just to get burned lol
  6. Players That Are "Being Held Back?"

    Most the players mentioned here are on teams that have a lot of talent so they don't get enough burn to show off their potential. I think the last thing the NBA needs right now is expansion. The lesser teams just need to be better at managing their cap, scouting, drafting, and developing their players. Franchises that are having success that haven't been in the mix to sign or trade for super stars have done well in those 5 areas. Franchises such as Denver, Milwaukee, Indiana, Portland, New Jersey, Utah, San Antonio, and Sacramento. Then you have the crap franchises that suck at most or all of those things such as New York, Phoenix, Chicago, Cleveland, etc. The crap franchises just need to be better so they can compete with the teams that have such an influx of talent, so much so that some players are being, "held back."
  7. How much trade value do the following have right now

    Only 3 of these QB’s have a playoff W hmm...
  8. Offseason Thread

    I don’t recall which year it was but I remember Barr being selected 9th right before us and being so upset lol. I’d love to bring him in.
  9. Players That Are "Being Held Back?"

    In what ways do you believe Clifford and the Orlando organization are holding back J Isaac defensively?
  10. Orlando Magoc Thread

    lol wthhhhh
  11. DPOY Frontrunners

    So sexy
  12. Orlando Magoc Thread

    Lakers always trying to **** on us. We swept they *** this year tho
  13. Yeah it’d be tough to pull Briscoe right now but if Fultz is a go and that shot is fixed you got to. Atleast we’ve found out that Briscoe is a capable back up. Dream scenario would be Fultz coming back 100%, getting something for DJ’s expiring contract next year, and letting Briscoe take on the backup pg role for good. But yeah Khem’s probably as good as gone if we don’t bring back Vuc (which we should). Bamba will easily be able to do what Khem’s doing and more once the game slows down for him, he’s lost af out there lol. He needs to continue to learn the game and bulks up as a reserve. He barely played half a season at like 15 mpg and his leg already broke lol. We’re gonna be a lot worse next year if he and Khem are our centers. Vuc gotta be brought back.
  14. Probably won’t need a winning record to make the playoffs in the East haha. We have like the 4th or 5th easiest schedule to end the season