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  1. Dak already struggles with fumbles...could you imagine what Mack would do to him? I don’t think Chicago would really have to do much on offense to win tbh.
  2. Not bad. Can’t be that good of a player if he has that much experience but is stuck on the PS though right?
  3. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Fair enough I can agree with you here
  4. Around the NFL

    Wow. Wasn’t he just a HC candidate?
  5. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I’ll find it and quote it later when I’m on my computer. Pretty sure it was in the AFCS Discussion thread in the Jags sub forum, but either way, last year was a flash in the pan and his true colors came to light which all of us knew it would. Living right next to UCF and going to the high school that Oviedo is rivals with, I never thought he was ever going to be anything special in the pro’s when I watched him first hand. I was pleased when you guys drafted him 3rd overall.
  6. AFC South Discussion Thread

    We may already know what Marcus is, but even if who he is now is who he will be his whole career, it’s still proven that that’s at the very least good enough to make us playoff/division contenders. I believe if he has continuity in a real scheme along with a couple more pieces on offense he can step his game up another level. If not, he’s an average guy that can hurt you with his legs that likely beats you if the ball is in his hands with the game on the line. And oh no no no, I specifically remember you calling Blake a, “damn good QB” not “average’ish” haha I can’t let that one be swiped under the rug
  7. So an update for me... In the opening post I mentioned I played the LM in round 1 of the playoffs who screwed me by not telling me he changed the scoring from standard scoring to ppr... I took a massive dump right in his mouth and won by 30. The deciding factor was the Bears D scoring 20 for me and Goff scoring -0.3 and Cooks scoring 5.2 for him. Glorious.
  8. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Right, but how do you project in to the future? You observe the past in to the present. That’s how we all do everything in life. The recent past in to the present has shown that we are a .500+ team that has been contending for the division going on 3 years. With a rookie HC and rookie OC taking their lumps while still keeping us above water, and Marcus having some continuity I see no reason for that not to continue. There’s no reason to believe that we’re not on the come up as well.
  9. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Why wouldn’t we be? Luck and Watson are both healthy this year and with only 3 games left a 10 win season is still very possible, finishing ahead of the Colts is still very possible, and even if it’s a long shot the division can still be had.
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    To the bolded: The first sentence of my reply was in reference to the Colts and Texans, which had nothing to do with you guys. So you can stop with the head to head matchup thing. To the rest of your post: You can't not include us as part of your main competition when we've been playoff contenders going on 3 years. The fact of the matter is, all 3 of the Colts, Texans and Titans are your main competition because first, your team sucks and second, all 3 teams are playoff contenders. You have no idea if we'll be right there with them over the next couple of years. In fact, recent history shows that we will be.
  11. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Oh you mean your main competition that we split with this year and the other main competition we have an identical record to? But nah, the team that swept you 2 years running that’s also in the middle of the playoff hunt with the running back known as your biological father isn’t included in your main competition.
  12. Avengers: Endgame

    Speaking of which, when does that trailer drop?
  13. Probably because there were a number of King Kong vs Godzilla movies made way back in the day
  14. orlondo magoc (9-10): sell high

    Do we suck again and can I go back to Vuc trade ideas?
  15. orlondo magoc (9-10): sell high

    Simmons is awful in iso's lol