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  1. What fundamental rights are LGBTQ people been denied and how are they kept out of positions of power?
  2. I'm not disagreeing with any of this. I'm just pointing out that we live in a culture that deems it hate speech if something mean is said to LGBTQIA people, but it's just life if something mean is said to a christian. To me that says the tide is shifting.
  3. Do you think people who sometimes say mean things about people who are LGBTQIA is just life, or do we live in (or at the very least moving towards) a cultural climate where that's deemed hate speech and should be a crime?
  4. Me pointing out the inconsistencies of what can and can't be discussed doesn't mean I'm offended. Your just making stuff up. For example there were warnings and bans handed out for discussing Lebron James' politics, but now we can have a full blown thread on Carl Nassib's sexuality - even though both topics (politics and sex) were not allowed to be discussed. Maybe you should work on your comprehension before you go throwing out nonsense.
  5. Sexuality isn’t a hot topic of discussion/debate? You must be living under a rock. Anyways, by what moral standard are you calling something right and wrong?
  6. Again, your going back to should and shouldnts. It’s about what is. It’s a controversial topic period the end. I just find it hilarious we’re all banned from discussing “controversial topics” (ie race, religion, sex, politics) until now. Glaring double standard. Will the thread get locked if we continue this discussion into religion and morality? I mean who wouldn’t have known that’s where this discussion ultimately always leads. Or is that crossing the line that’s already been crossed?
  7. It’s not a matter of should or shouldn’t it’s a matter of what is. Sexuality is an extremely controversial topic. Idk how you could argue otherwise.
  8. When it's labeled "controversial" it does. And reading the last few pages any other thread would have been locked by now. I think you and I both know that.
  9. All other non-football related discussion gets shut down around here so why are we making an exception for this?
  10. Ben “You Make 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take” Simmons
  11. Should have kept Fultz and traded Simmons while they had the chance.
  12. Do you think he maintained his arm strength and can launch a watermelon from the produce section in to aisle 3?
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