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  1. I knew this dude was an idiot when he tried to jump off a second story balcony. Actually I don’t remember if that was before or after him doing donuts in an intersection of a busy city
  2. Who has the tweet from Kuharsky of him getting plopped to his *** on that extra point attempt
  3. His first NFL snap was on an extra point attempt. He immediately got plopped on his *** as soon as the ball was snapped. Bye layzay.
  4. I don’t think so. But he still has more playoff wins than Wentz
  5. Welcome to Nashville JJ
  6. He was great both this year and last year. He’s probably the 6th or 7th best QB in the league
  7. The King just needs 2 more 2k seasons and he'll basically be at 10k at only age 28. Easy work. in b4 acl tear
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