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  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I’m no expert on the numbers, charts, etc but why do we keep comparing ourselves to Italy? Their housing, the way they communicate, and average age are all significantly different than us. Seems like apples to oranges to me.
  2. How has your team done in FA?

    Titans get a solid D so far.
  3. Your football mount rushmore

    Personally? My dad (introduced me to and taught me the game), Steve McNair, Eddie George (my childhood heroes), and Jon Robinson (brought the Titans out of the dark ages I experienced throughout my teenage and early adult years).
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Yeah, like I said I think it’s been around longer than what’s reported (February) and if it’s going to get much worse it will be next week not in 2 weeks according to our city officials.
  5. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    For everyone freaking about Florida.... I had to take my wife to the hospital last night in the greater Orlando area (she’s okay) and the only people in there were doctors and nurses. My wife’s cousin works at ORMC and said she’s never seen it slower than the past week and a half. I also have a buddy who works at a hospital in Miami and he’s been told to take PDO’s the last 2 days. I get that’s only 3 locations in the entire state, but in Orlando specifically (a major tourist city) our hospital’s aren’t being overrun from people dying or being sick to covid19. I think most people are taking the sanitation, social distancing, and quarantining seriously. What will destroy us is losing our minds, not the virus itself. Personally, I think it’s been going around longer than February and if it was going to get a lot worse (in Orlando anyways considering it’s such a hot spot for tourists) then it would have already. There’s too many people working from home, self-quarantining, social distancing, sanitizing, and places temporarily closed for it to get much worse here.
  6. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    Ryan Tannehill, obviously.
  7. Lions signed Wr Geronimo Allison

    Who would name their kid Geronimo? Must’ve been conceived after his parents jumped off a cliff or something
  8. The Playoff Hype Video Thread

    This one was cool too...then he was stifled in the AFCCG 😂
  9. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Throwback Thursday Night Football. Too perfect
  10. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Some are still open, some are closed. Depends on the county. Sister in law went to Melbourne beach yesterday and said nobody was going near each other.
  11. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    I can’t wait for AJ Brown to abuse him twice a year.
  12. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Right but that's just the style of defense. It clamped down in the red zone and a major part of that is because of our top 5 secondary. Like I said, prolific passers throwing for a bunch of yards on us isn't unique to us. It happens all the time to even the best of secondaries. However, as we've both acknowledged our secondary is up against it even more compared to the other top secondaries because of our lack of pass rush from our front. 9 of our 39 sacks came from the secondary in 2018. We literally only had 30 sacks from our front lol. An actual pass rush paired with this secondary? Our entire will defense will be elite.
  13. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    No I'm not a strict numbers guy. They provide great context but don't tell the whole story. In 2018 our secondary was a top 5 unit. The numbers and eye test showed it and it was showing again this year before injuries struck. Imagine how even the best secondaries struggle against prolific passers. Now imagine how much more the unit would struggle without a pass rush from it's front. That was us in 2018 and the secondary was still tops in the league. Same for 2019 and then injuries hit.
  14. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    Gotta stan for my boy Tanny. Dude was literally historic last year. 10 games played compared to 16 for the others hurts his bulk numbers, but he was more efficient than every single one of those guys.