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  1. Idk what's to hate about this. 1) He's trying out for TE, not QB. 2) There's no guarantee he even makes the team. 3) If he does, he at the least brings great intangibles that are a plus for your locker room. 4) If he ever does see the field, it likely means he's improving and can potentially be a little gadget piece. I see it as a net positive tbh. And if the media attention is everyone's great concern, I think that's pretty stupid considering Jacksonville is a small market and it's media isn't some frenzy like the media in large market's are.
  2. Who are some athletes that have come back from L5/S1 surgeries? Not debating I just don’t know much about the injury or of any athletes that have had it
  3. When the average fan hears the name "Megatron" they probably just think of Transformers tbh. Or they confuse it with the NFL on Fox dancing robot
  4. The most popular magazine in sports, Sports Illustrated, described it as, “gravity-defying, jaw-dropping, history-making” https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/02/06/super-bowl-51-julian-edelman-miracle-catch I’m not sure how what’s universally recognized as one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history isn’t a moment that will forever live in Super Bowl lore - especially considering the context of the come back and the point of the game the catch occurred.
  5. Yes but Pitts will eat in to Julio's production so 11-8=3 Likely a 3 win season headed your way
  6. I've never viewed Burton as a good blocker and Firkser is already the receiving TE. And isn't Rodgers still a RFA? Not very familiar with him but he hasn't even played 2 of the last 3 years.
  7. If Swaim has taken his place as TE3, who out there are we going for as TE2? There's really not much out there. Running it by committee with Firkser, Swaim, and Pruitt seems like one of the top viable options. Are we kicking the tires on Delanie? Trying out Jesse James after he failed in Detroit? Who do you want?
  8. So the most famous play from the highlight reel that is Megatron is.... a non-catch? Where as Edelman's most famous play is a top 3-5 catch in Super Bowl history? Maybe it's just me, but I would rather the most memorable moment of my career be one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history instead of a non-catch in what was a meaningless regular season game.
  9. I know you're not arguing who had the bigger moments, but I genuinely can't remember any "moment" Megatron had besides the TD he was robbed of in 2010 against the Bears. He had historic games and historic seasons but there's no big moments I even remember him having (which I know is a byproduct of being on a perennial loser of an irrelevant franchise).
  10. I think this is a good point. I may have been the biggest Davis stan on here, but he even left me a lot to desire with his drops and run after catch ability. If Reynolds can be a similar route runner we may not see too much of a drop off there, but I don't think he will block as well as Corey did.
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