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  1. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    I would say this is the easiest path from the S16 to the F4 ever, and not just from UK's perspective.
  2. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Week 7 POSTED!)

    Predators trade Zach Strief S16 8th round pick Pirates trade: Russell Okung @RuskieTitan
  3. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    I think the universities are free to receive gifts, I mean what would you call the millions they receive in donations from boosters?
  4. Bucs sign Vinny Curry

    Yeah I personally defined stuff as any tackle on a run play that resulted in 0 or less yards.
  5. NCAA Tournament Midwest Region Discussion

    Really don’t like this matchup for you guys, I foresee a blowout like the UNC F4 from the other year, but I pray I’m wrong. Would love nothing more than an 11 seed to knock off Duke.
  6. NCAA Tournament Midwest Region Discussion

    This seems to happen every year with Cuse causing trouble in the tourney despite pretty lackluster talent. It’s like in the regular season teams know Cuse is on the schedule and prep adequately for the 2-3 zone and can handle it, but when March comes and you get 1-4 days of prep, teams suddenly have no answer and look like they’re trying to solve a rubix cube behind their back.
  7. NCAA Tournament West Region Discussion

    Legendary shot, got fouled too. Wow. Couldn’t hit a 3 all day but got it when it mattered.
  8. Nuggets are like tanker;s kryptonite. Lost to Dallas a few weeks ago, now about to lose to the Grizzlies. Huge blow to our playoff hopes. Gary Harris likely out for the rest of regular season too.
  9. Bucs sign Vinny Curry

    Psht, would have been cheaper if you just gave us a pick for him. Curry is a beast, fixing for a true breakout year. Not to say he wasn't already playing at a high level last year: 42 tackles, 3 sacks, 47 pressures, 14 stuffs (most in NFL) in 576 snaps
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    He's a stud, go figure the lowest rated recruit in Kentucky's class would be their best player and possibly highest pick in the draft. Cal has done a great job crafting him into a pure point, and he's got a ceiling up there with anyone given his length, athleticism and bball IQ.
  11. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Buffalo didn't have a chance when the jumpers started falling for UK, and stopped falling for them. When they brought it within 5 at the 10 minute mark it looked like this may go down to the wire but UK just put the foot on the gas on offense. Finally a Duke-esque path to the F4 opens for Kentucky, KSU or UMBC next, then maybe even Loyola or Nevada in the E8. If only they had this kind of path in the last 2 years, they'd have run through it. With this team, it will always come down to whether SGA has come to play or not. The second he is off or gets shut down, it will take a lot of things that haven't been going right to start going right for this team to win.
  12. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Whether or not this is a good deal is completely dependent on factors out of their control: who goes #1 and #2. Worth it if they get their guy, awful trade if they don't. Giants have to be foaming at the mouth seeing what the Colts got to go from #3 to #6. If it's the Bills who go for #2, the Giants are probably looking at a future 1st, and multiple 2nds.
  13. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    I would say overall he was very successful in the tourney, and never had the same sustained regular season success as Bennett has had, but he made the tourney 14 times, mostly as an at-large, and failed to make it out of the first weekend half the time. Considering what he was working with, it's a miracle he made that many tournaments, and most of the teams predictably fell well short. I think Bennett is a tremendous coach, and suggesting this style of coaching doesn't work was wrong of me, but it really can hide a lack of talent, and I don't think you can keep hiding that in the tournament.
  14. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    UK, Buffalo, KSU or UMBC will be in the elite 8. All but one of those options would be bananas.
  15. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Bo Ryan's coaching style doesn't work in the tourney... or rather, it can allow teams to build great regular seasons while not being all that great. The last 5 years UVA has earned the following seeds: 1, 2, 1, 5, 1... They've only reached the elite 8 once, and it was in Brogdon's senior year. Look at the Wisconsin teams that made deep runs, and they had some great individual talents. Guys who could carry the offense.