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  1. I think Saints will win. We saw their mediocre offensive showing and questioned Brees, but that Bucs D is no joke... while this Raiders D is. Even without Thomas, I think with the rust gone and against a weaker D we will Brees and the offense moving. Saints 34-20.
  2. Over Russell Wilson!? 9 TDs to 11 incompletions on the year... edit: I do think he has a chance to win it for sure, but right now Wilson is clearly in the lead.... For what it's worth, which is not much just 2 weeks into season.
  3. We can pretty easily go BPA which is nice, but I bet 7 or 8 would fall right outside that blue chip prospect range. Although Trey Lance will probably be on the board. From 1 QB factory to another 👀
  4. I feel like something finally clicked with him on attacking Howard. Dwight was living rent free in his head for awhile there and he was losing his cool, but realistically Dwight poses a lesser challenge than Gobert, who Jokic "cracked" after a few games in the series. Lakers look good though man, maybe I am being biased but I feel like this is the best they have played all postseason. It's not just the Lebron and AD show, their role players are stepping up. I mean, obviously they played awful including Lebron during that stretch that let us right back into the game, but they've had multiple stretches between these 1st 2 games where they've looked like nobody will have a chance at stopping them. Not counting this squad out, not after the grit they've shown in game and throughout multiple series, but I also can see that a sweep is a real possibility. Losing this one, which we really should have had, hurts. Makes Tuesday a can't lose.
  5. Realistically I think 5-7 wins right now. 2-14 total tank would be nice, get a kings ransom for #1 pick? Hell, flat out take TLaw? All fun things to dream about, but I just don't see it happening. We lose to the Bengals, and/or hit the bye at 1-7? Then maybe, but as of now I think we will go 3-3 in division (it really sucks) and take at least 2 more games. You've got Bengals, banged up 49ers and Browns as only teams left on schedule that won't be strong favorites, but I'm sure there's a trap game in there (for the other team, where we are the trap). Jets, Giants, Dolphins, Bengals, Falcons, Jags and Vikings off top of my head are looking like they will be in the mix with us for a low pick. Hard seeing us pick above the 1st 3 I listed. I will say this is a really bad year to suck. I'm not sure how good this draft class is supposed to be, but COVID is going to negatively effect team's judgement, no? Way less tape will be out there between the guys who opted out and less games being played.
  6. That is what frustrates me the most. It seems in 2016 and 2017 DP was engineering the offense around Carson, as any coach should do, especially for their new QB... but since then, well, since the injury, we desperately want Carson to be somebody he's not. Something of a cerebral west coast pocket passer. I know Doug comes from WC tree, but it's hard to believe he'd so stubborn as to force his offense. I wonder if the injury spooked him and Carson into trying to force the transition, which is fine, but it's clear it's not going to work, so go back to playing to Carson's strengths. Getting him on the move, outside the pocket, and threatening the defense on all levels with his arm strength. He has never been a particularly accurate passer but we are asking him to drop back 30+ times and make 15+ little throws to move the chains, and when just when of those throws is off target, the entire drive gets compromised. That is how it has felt to me for the last several years. The margin for error is next to nothing, and there are next to no explosive plays. It can work if you've got a Drew Brees or Peyton who can actually operate within that slim margin for error, but that's just not going to work with Carson. Even 2017, what defined him was his big time playmaking ability. I'm not saying the accuracy he's put on display in 2020 is acceptable, of course not, I just don't see this gameplan doing him any favors. edit: and sure, Carson is not the same athlete he was pre-injury, but he still must fall around average in a league that gets more athletic at the QB position every year (11th in rush yards among QBs in 2019). I saw Big Ben make a handful of plays outside the pocket today, and he is damn near 40.
  7. Yup, even last year you look at the roster and it was mediocre besides a string, but aging OL and DL. Well most of them are too old now, and we didn’t do good job replacing. Sweat is lone young talent on D that we drafted. Hargraves also can hopefully work into long term plans. The question will be is Wentz worth keeping through a true blow up? Or will he just hinder it (let’s assume he will be closer to 2018/19 on the season as whole rather than to weeks 1 and 2)? You look st Lions, Stafford has been very solid top 15 QB there but clearly never elite. They’ve been definition of treadmill team for the past decade, and a lot of that is because Stafford is too good to have them picking in top 5 a few years like they need to but also not good enough that you can build just an average offense and see him carry it to top ranks. Now you take a step back, and you wouldn’t actually blame Stafford, one of the line bright spots on the 2010s Lions, for them not breaking through, but he is certainly why a proper rebuild hasn’t been allowed to happen. The best franchises can seamlessly rebuild and do it smoothly. Think Baltimore, they went from Flacco to Lamar, completely rebuilt roster in span of 2-3 years, and I think highest they picked was #7 and there was never that blatant “blow up”, it just happened. but us? I think it’d need to be that blatant blow up, and I’m not sure that is possible w/ a franchise QB. Tough decision. Our only hope to escape a very ugly 4-5 years is a new hire in 2021 that revitalized Carson and offense while we rebuild defense:
  8. I agree. I'm guessing we're not hearing people complain about them because it should go without saying how bad the entire defense was. I mean they let up 37 points, and much of it looked effortless. We're hearing most about Wentz, Doug and the offense because they have fallen the shortest of expectations, but the D 100% deserves more blame for today's L than the offense. There was 2 or 3 series, I think last drive of 1st half and then few early in 2nd half, where they looked like they had woken up and were wreaking havoc, but then they just started getting whipped in run defense. If Cox and Hargraves can't anchor a top tier run D, I don't even know why they are here.
  9. TE production needs to be better, 9 catches on 15 targets for 72 yards today*. We have the best TE duo in NFL and QB that loves throwing to them, when he drop backs 43x, 72 yards just doesn't cut it. I put this on Doug, there was 0 creativity with our TEs outside of Hurts' debut snap where we got it to Goeddert up the middle. Or maybe it's not Doug, and one simply can't expect consistent production from TEs since they are easier to scheme against than WRs? Either way, Doug is the reason we invest so much in the TE position, he needs to show us why. No excuse of the middle of the field being clogged when we are fielding 2 deep threats at WR almost every snap. *Closer to 100 if Wentz hit Goeddert when he got a step on Ramsey.
  10. Vikings are most shocking to me. What changed so much for them to look like this after an 11-5, divisional playoff appearance?
  11. I thought Cam looked really good. Gives me hope for Carson...
  12. Yes, I don't know how anyone can look at this team and their first instinct be to blame individual players or units. The #1 problem is the FO and coaches, and until that changes, nothing else will. Fixing our LB problem, getting better WRs, younger at OL, replacing your QB, etc., that will change nothing as long as Howie and Doug are here. Maybe only one needs to go, maybe Doug has been handicapped by the awful talent he is being provided, or maybe Howie's not doing as bad a job as we think and the staff just can't develop, but shake up is needed.
  13. So pathetic. Keep Roseman as the cap wizard, let him have a nice title, but don't let that mean near another draft.
  14. *would have been MVP/MVP caliber I mean, it’s possible given a serious injury, which Wentz had. However, can you go from top 12 QB (consensus on Wentz after 2019, probably also after 2018) to trash in lieu of any serious injury? I don’t think so. I can’t think of a reason when he’s 27. Maybe the bizarre offseason hitting him harder than most? Your guess as good as mine. Would be very odd if it keeps up.
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