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  1. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    So the only matchups that will go beyond 5 games are the 1-8 and 2-7 match ups in the West.... Feel like that's gotta be a 1st in the ~15 years since 1st round became best of 7.
  2. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Lou Williams is so cold blooded.
  3. Tyreek Hill under investigation for battery

    Call me cynical, but I feel like if this was Hunt, an evidently expendable player at a relatively easy position to replace, he'd be gone. Chiefs wouldn't want the bad PR of a guy, who already has a very serious history with domestic violence, who might (50/50?) be the culprit of a crime police believe happened (---> thus general public will also believe happened). He was lucky to be drafted, now this? Goodbye... of course Hill, unlike Hunt, is an irreplaceable player quite frankly. Now I don't think the Chiefs should cut Hill, as far as the law is concerned he didn't do anything. I'm just saying, with how they swiftly reacted to Hunt incident, I think they are PR-minded and would have jumped out in front of this way earlier and cut bait if we swapped places with the two. Of course this is a bit apples and oranges. Hunt 100% committed crime he was accused of, with Hill it's <100%. Just as important, the public could see the Hunt tapes. If we've learned one thing from the public in regards to NFL players and crimes, it takes seeing things with their own eyes for their to be strong reactions (which determines how hard the NFL comes down).
  4. NCAA Recruiting Thread

    I'm a never say never kinda guy, but yeah this has UK written all over it. If a guy reclassifies AND is about to pick a school, you know he's already made his choice... and UK has been the early favorite. Only thing keeping me from thinking it's 100% UK is the fact that there's gonna be some real competition for PT unless Quickley transfers, but then again he's probably seen how Booker, Murray and Herro came to UK and then far surpassed their pre-season draft projections. Definitely looks to be a 1 and done, especially if he goes to UK. Long + good shooter. 3 and D NBA wet dream.
  5. What is Rosen worth and to who?

    Agreed. Not just QBs, any player.
  6. #2 Toronto Raptors vs. #3 Philadelphia 76ers | 2019 East Semifinals

    Bad matchup for the Sixers, but I'll still say it goes to 6 games and I definitely give the 76ers a real chance, their starting 5 is unrivaled in the East from a pure talent perspective (of course MUCH more goes into on court success than pure talent). Odds are Embiid is not going to be able to feast down low with their interior D, and it will fall on Jimmy Buckets to essentially outplay Kawhi, which I do not foresee. That's my key matchup no doubt.
  7. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    No, 1st. ACL doesn't scare me long-term, and I think he was a top 10 talent. It would suck getting no immediate help from a 1st round pick, but hey we're pretty accustomed to that... Getting a potential stud at 25 would be well worth it. Depends on what other DTs are around though, I think these mocks had 5-6 DTs going off the board before we pick.
  8. 2019 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    Been seeing Simmons pop up in mocks for us lately. I'd like that.
  9. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Playoff P is the biggest meme. Even if it was an objectively bad shot (debatable, that shot is 100% in Lillard's range, but it was also fairly well contested and it was a tie game with enough clock to get closer to the basket. I'd say not a bad shot, when you're feeling it you are feeling it), who the hell says that? You allow the series clinching shot and your first instinct is to say "well, it was a stupid shot." !?!?!?!? What a clown.
  10. 2019 Eastern Conference First Round Thread

    I’ve been looking forward to these ECSFs for months, glad there were no upsets so we got the big boys. I think, and hope, we get 2 very good series here.
  11. 2019 Western Conference First Round Thread

    Amazing performance from Nuggets. Everybody showed up, energy was through the roof. Aldridge missed an outrageous amount of bunnies. Amazing that there has only been 1 close series this postseason, and it might not even go to 7 (though I think it will).
  12. Predators would like to claim their stake in Jawads championship for providing Eric Berry and Tarik Cohen... Congrats Flux and thank you Nacho as always.
  13. Indianapolis Initial S18 Keepers QB Matt Ryan- 4 tags HB Joe Mixon- 3 tags WR Cooper Kupp- 3 tags DE Khalil Mack- 3 tags DE Myles Garrett- 3 tags DT DeForest Buckner- 2 tags CB Denzel Ward- 1 tag (rookie) S Jessie Bates- 1 tag (rookie) @TheKillerNacho For clarification, if I had additional tags, and wanted to also tag Frank Ragnow (rookie guard), he would cost 2 tags rather than 1 since I'm already using the "1 tag clause" on 2 players right? Looking for 2 tags, will trade picks.
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Have we actually seen a named character as a wight yet not from the same episode as their death (I know we saw the wildling clan leaders as wights)? I'm wondering if they just won't go in that direction at all. In a TV show, it's probably a bit too complicated (convincing an actor to come back to the show to play a zombie with no lines OR spending a lot of money on the CGI which probably would look out of place). I'm all for seeing characters of the past come back as undead, but I just think it will happen as it's never been teased and we've only got 4 episodes left.