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  1. NSFL S17 DRAFT (OTC: RandyMossIsBoss MISS: waffles7)

    OLB Vontaze Burfict ILB Reggie Ragland (move Kwon Alexander to OLB) @khodder
  2. Persistent OBJ trade rumors

    Guys who get by primarily on their route running ability and understanding of coverages last well into their 30s. He will no doubt lose some big play ability, but would it really surprise anyone if AB has a more productive next few years than OBJ? Guys like Marvin and Rice were still racking up all-pros well into their 30s. I don't disagree that OBJ is more valuable, but I don't think it's 2nd overall pick vs 4th round pick here (hot take). Also you make it seem like OBJ is going to get faster, "entering his physical prime." He's been there. I would say all but guys who play in the trenches are entering the league in their physical prime, and certainly reach there by year 2 or 3. I assume you just meant prime in general, which I agree with in theory, 25-30 is sweet spot of still having your athleticism while also having a few years to focus solely on training and gaining experience, but it doesn't apply to everyone. If you are an all-pro level WR as a rookie, odds are you won't get much better.
  3. Name Someone On A Bad Contract You'd Take On Your NBA Team

    If Blake's contract is considered "bad" I'll take him all day.
  4. Persistent OBJ trade rumors

    It is crazy how some talking heads are floating around of idea of OBJ being worth a 2nd overall pick but AB not worth anything more than a mid round pick. I get that AB is 30 while OBJ is 26, thus even though AB has been a better WR, OBJ could carry more value, but that much more? Personally think everyone is off base here and they'll go for similar amounts, OBJ will fetch a bit more for age factor.
  5. NSFL S17 DRAFT (OTC: RandyMossIsBoss MISS: waffles7)

    K Mike Badgley P Cameron Johnston
  6. NSFL S17 DRAFT (OTC: RandyMossIsBoss MISS: waffles7)

    WR Will Fuller OT Jack Conklin @khodder
  7. NSFL S17 DRAFT (OTC: RandyMossIsBoss MISS: waffles7)

    SS Eric Reid CB Jason Verrett
  8. DPOY Frontrunners

    Certainly not a rim protector, defends less than 4 attempts near the basket per game.
  9. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    I don't think the Steelers would have to pay AB a cent if he wasn't playing by choice. I risk it unless it's an offer that actually moves the needle. We're talking an all time great WR here. I'd rather have 10 more months to try to hash things out, on the 5% chance it actually works, than trade him for a mid round pick, personally. He's a sunken cost regardless, if dead money wasn't at play then yes I would agree you get whatever you can for him and move on.
  10. DPOY Frontrunners

    Gobert. He should win it, and I think he will. Perimeter guys simply can not make near the same impact on the defensive end as big men can, so I'm always rolling with the best rim protector when it comes to DPOY. Perimeter guys don't get it often either, just Kawhi (x2) and Artest in the last 20+ years, so even though Giannis and PG have had great defensive years, I think Gobert remains safe pick. He has the reputation as reigning DPOY, and has backed it up with his play, will be hard not to vote for him.
  11. Antonio Brown officially asks for trade

    Brown seems to be sabotaging his trade value every day, but in reality would Steelers trade him for anything less than a 2nd considering the $20M in dead cap they'd have to eat? If I was the Steelers, I would 100x rather keep AB and hope the relationship miraculously heals than trade him for a mid round pick. Slight chance of having elite WR play for you + not have him play for anyone else >>>> mid round pick + $20M dead cap AB was building an all time great WR legacy, would he really ruin that by taking a year off/be so cancerous the team doesn't even want him around or in games? If Steelers play hard ball and keep him, I wonder...
  12. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Where The All-Star Break Can't End Soon Enough

    Yeah Magic are on a quite run. This 5 game win streak isn't too impressive considering the competition, but in their last 8 they only lost to the Thunder in a close game, and beat the Pacers and Nets. Even looking at the 10 games before that, though they were a paltry 3-7, it was about as good a 3-7 as you can have lol. Wins over the Celtics and Rockets, then very close losses in the each of the 7 Ls which included OKC, Houston again, Nets x2, Bucks and OT loss in Detroit. Last 18 games they have an average PD of + 6.3 which is 6th best in the league in this specific stretch. Could maybe serve to disrupt the ECSF of Bucks, Celtics, 76ers and Raptors that we are all expecting...
  13. It's Always Sunny Mafia: Day 1

    As a defending champ of IASIP mafia I must play. Sign me up.