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  1. I don't recall this... the AFC, hell the entire NFL, was the Patriots to lose after they beat the Colts IN Indy. By midseason it was clear we were witnessing an all time great team. Maybe there was disappointment when they got upset by the Chargers, but I on't think them not winning it all in 2007 revive the "Peyton can't win SB" narrative when he just did it a year prior...
  2. Will Marcus Mariota Be a Top 15 Quarterback Again?

    Yeah this statistic by itself, while cool, is way too easy to spin in either direction... High in aggressive pass %? Good arm, can fit it in tight windows, not afraid to make the tough throws. Has no choice but to throw guys open. Low in aggressive pass %? Good decision maker, takes what the defense gives him, doesn't make dumb throws. Can keep plays alive until guys get open. Also we only have 2 years worth of data, so it's too early to really use it IMO. We have no idea if it's something that is going to totally vary year to year, or be pretty constant (like "oh QB A always has one of the highest aggressive pass % so you know he's ___")
  3. ThuNF Week 7: DEN @ ARI GameDay Thread

    Oh hell yes, this is what TNF is all about.
  4. The NFC LEast Thread

    Similar career arcs, but I mean Dak is about 10x less gifted than Kaep. Weaker arm, smaller, slower. They both came from college offenses and failed to fully adjust. Tthey just aren't capable of being asked to drop back, sit in the pocket, and read the field. They really need to be put on the move, where the field gets cut in half and the reads become obvious (which carries the disadvantage of also cutting the field in half for the D).
  5. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Packers definitely going to need this one if they're going to finish with the best record in the NFL, which I was told they would do.
  6. The Polls are a Joke

    If UCF goes undefeated, they will probably get in (I will say ~60% chance). Make no mistake, a lot of that will be because of their accomplishments last season, committee will no doubt pay more attention and feel more pressure to include them precisely because this would now be their 2nd undefeated regular season.... but the key will be how the rest of the field shapes up, which is looking pretty good for UCF. You can count Bama in, safe to assume they run the table. Bama running the table means LSU and Georgia both have at least 2 losses. Pac-12 likely produce at best a 2 loss team. Big 12 already is also likely producing a 2 loss team. That leave Clemson, ND and OSU as biggest threats.
  7. Tyreek Hill

    well if you extrapopulate his game last night over a 150 game career going forward that'd amount to 21k yards and 450 TDs, so with those kind of numbers have to say easily #1 right now. Arguably GOAT if he keeps it up imo
  8. The NFC LEast Thread

    When Cowboys utilize Dak's running ability, he instantly looks much more comfortable out there to me and the offense as a whole obviously benefits from the gains. He's built like McNabb, and you haven't invested anything in him yet, so might as well let him use his legs even if it exposes him to more hits. I can only assume keeping him in the pocket Y2 was a deliberate attempt by the coaching staff as part of gradual transformation to see him go from zone read spread QB at Miss St to a traditional pro passer, but clearly is not working out, as a drop back passer he is simply mediocre.
  9. Week 6 GDT

    That throw by Keenum was insane... Just dropped it in there perfectly. Buys himself another few quarters.
  10. Week 6 GDT

    and that offense is really only below average by looking at all their games and averaging out the performances. By that I mean they usually either look terrible on offense (Dak being forced to make plays) or they look pretty damn good (run game going, pass pro solid, Dak able to operate in game manager role). Dak instantly becomes at least a quality starter when he is willing to use his legs/coaches incorporate his running ability. He's built like a brick and really nothing special, and has yet to receive a big contract, so I have no idea why they don't fully utilize that running ability.
  11. Top five defenses in the league

    This is the year of no great defenses... Just like the poster above, I probably would have said Bears, Jags, Browns are top defenses, but now all 3 are/are getting humiliated today. Who knows. Ravens have only had 1 slip up, and it was TNF, I think they jump to my clear #1 for the time being.
  12. The NFC LEast Thread

    Looking like both Redskins and Cowboys are going to notch impressive wins... Spin zone: Maybe those teams, Panthers and Jags, aren't as good as we thought and our schedule isn't as hard as it initially looked...
  13. Week 6 GDT

    Free Alex Collins! Feed that man, he is the best runner they have no question.