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  1. That's what my PS4 is at the moment. Had it since christmas and only have NBA 2K17 on it... Wish I got a Switch instead since at my core I'm still a Nintendo guy all the way, for their exclusives blow everyone else away.
  2. Any Xbox Destiny players here? Need more clansmen
  3. Destiny 2

    Anyone on XboxMasterRace want to join my clan? 10 strong atm, but the more the better.
  4. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    Of these teams, the Chargers have looked the best (just as easily 2-0), but at 0-2 with the remaining schedule they have? Not to mention winning that division is at least 11 wins, I give them little hope. Giants have looked like trash, but they've been without their best player (not himself against Lions) and still are the same very talented team that went 11-5 last season. Being in the NFCE they could maybe win the division with 9 or 10 wins too. I give them a chance to turn it around. If I had to bet though, none of them make it.
  5. WR's - What is the plan?

    Disclaimer: this is a 100% fantasy fueled concern What is the deal with Cooks? Is he just another talented WR unable to "get" your offense and/or get on the same page as TB?
  6. Giants run D has been looking very weak, but their pass D is as strong as ever. If Doug doesn't utilize the run and makes Carson pass it 50x then I've lost all hope for him. Our D will be good for one screw up but our DBs should be safe from long developing routes that usually burn them since we should be able to get consistent pressure with our front 4 alone.
  7. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Power Rankings (week 3) Chiefs 2-0 (↑ 2) Falcons 2-0 (↑ 6) Steelers 2-0 (↑ 1) Broncos 2-0 (↑ 5) Patriots 1-1 (--) Packers 1-1 (↓ 5) Raiders 2 -0 (--) Seahawks 1-1 (↓ 2) Cowboys 1-1 (↓ 7) Lions 2-0 (↑ 4) Ravens 2-0 (↓ 1) Buccaneers 1-0 (↑ 3) Eagles 1-1 (↓ 1) Panthers 2-0 (↑ 2) Titans 1-1 (↑ 3) Vikings 1-1 (↓ 3) Cardinals 1-1 (--) Redskins 1-1 (↑ 5) Rams 1-1 (--) Texans 1-1 (↑ 1) Giants 0-2 (↓ 10) Dolphins 1-0 (↑ 2) Bills 1-1 (↓ 1) Jaguars 1-1 (↓ 4) Chargers 0-2 (--) Saints 0-2 (--) Bengals 0-2 (--) Bears 0-2 (--) Browns 0-2 (--) 49ers 0-2 (--) Colts 0-2 (--) Jets 0-2 (--) (the way too early) MVP Race (week 3) Kareem Hunt Alex Smith Matt Ryan Matthew Stafford Derek Carr Antonio Brown Von Miller C.J. Anderson Tom Brady Ben Roethliberger
  8. What Happened to the Bengals?

    I'm talking about last season, when they still had the same OL as in 2015 minus Andre Smith. I can see now how they have a makeshift OL that is struggling to keep Dalton upright, but what about in 2016?
  9. For the homie B60 and Agholor's comeback.
  10. Denver Nuggets Thread

    Re-signed Plumlee to a 3 year $41m deal.... ugh, not a fan of keeping him at all. That's about the contract I figured he would get, but I didn't want it coming from us.
  11. What Happened to the Bengals?

    People keep talking about the OL, but how does that explain 2016? Wasn't it the same OL minus Andre Smith?
  12. It's really beating a dead horse at this point because I've been harping on this for years, but RUN SPROLES! I understand the prevalent theory that he is too small to take the punishment of a #1 back workload, and it may very well be valid, but why not test it out? He's not someone I would consider vital to our success, and if you're not vital to our success, we shouldn't approach your role/usage cautiously. I'm sure Sproles would love to get a proper workload too, and I honestly think he can handle the punishment, he is built strong despite his appearance. When I watch him, I see a very talented RB, even in his old age. He is good at finding holes and slipping through them, can bounce off tackles, has excellent acceleration and shiftiness. In his career, Sproles has gotten 10 or more carries just 13 times! In those games, he has gone for 788 yards on 177 carries, for a very nice 4.5 Y/C.
  13. Is Aaron Rodgers prime being wasted by Thompson/McCarthy?

    No. Now have they been doing an optimal job building a team? No, but they've managed to put together some pretty damn good teams. 3 NFC championship appearances in 7 seasons, a SB win, playoffs every year. If Rodger's prime is being wasted, so was Brees's, and pretty much any elite QB who wasn't a part of a dynasty. A prime being wasted is what is happening with Luck.