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  1. Obviously McVay and those weapons hid a ton of his flaws, but I do think he has genuinely regressed since 2018 on top of that. Mentally rattled from last few seasons in LA. He's a QB that needs a lot right to show his strengths, which is to say he's nothing special.... but he was very accurate and smart with the football when attacking all levels in LA from 17-18. I think key was the protection. Doubt we will ever see another team pick him as their QB, but I see a long career as journey man with occasional stretches or even seasons where he starts.
  2. We’re not talking about running backs as a whole, we’re talking Derrick Henry, and why can’t Derrick Henry be an outlier? Off the eye test he certainly looks to be a special, HOF talent, the kind that would be the exception to a “rule.” No real evidence to suggest 1 way or another that Titans without Henry would be worse off, as he’s missed just 1 game since he became who he is and plays nearly every snap.
  3. Feel like Henry is getting a bit disrespected in this thread. I think if you gave his workload to 2 JAGs the run game numbers nosedive from near the top to middle of the pack. He’s not a back that’s consistently getting 5 yard carries and piling them on to get his big numbers (which to me would be more indicative of great OL play). He’s a homerun threat in ways only a few RBs are. So when his does OL does dominate on a particular play, he makes the D pay. Just look at his yards after contact numbers, they’re absurd year after year. His 2nd level and open field ability isn’t going to b
  4. How do you figure? Going off our standards this is a below average OL, RB group, and awful QB room. If by talent you mean 247 ratings, then maybe, but I think this is a very average offense talent wise that is combined with poor coaching to produce one of league’s worst Os.
  5. Mertz has had 12 starts now since the immaculate debut, and the numbers are vomit inducing. Of course the coaching, supporting cast, etc., all play a role in this too but... yikes. 6-6, 20.8 PPG 1,883 yards, 56.4% completions, 6 TDs, 12 INTs, 105.1 PR 4 lost fumbles, 2 rush TDs 1,883 yards in 12 games in 2021 is just insane. Such an anemic passing attack can be pinned on just about every player/coach involved in this mess of an offense. The lowest passing yards a Wisconsin team has had over a 12 game regular season this century? 2000 and 2018 teams both had ju
  6. They have such an easy schedule compared to those 4. They will be favored in every remaining game except @KC (probably). I'm thinking 14-3, which will probably get job done unless Arizona is a truly great team. NFC is a juggernaut no doubt, and I probably rank them 5th in the conference (maybe biased) but if they get that 1 seed? Prospect of them only needing 2 games to reach SB is concerning, even if they've done nothing with such opportunities in the recent past.
  7. Trevon Diggs joins Brian Russell (Minnesota 2003) as only players in NFL history to have an INT in each of their team's 1st 6 games. Nobody has done it in a team's 1st 7. One of 9 players to record 7 INTs in team's 1st 6 games, however, only he and Rod Woodson (Pittsburgh 1993) have done it since 1965. No player has recorded 9 INTs through their 1st 7, and no player since 1965 has recorded 8 INTs. Courtesy of Sports Reference.
  8. Couldn’t agree more. Embarrassing showing. D played fine, but only fine by their standard. The win is 100% on them (even if they fell asleep in the end). Offense was once again awful. There’s just no passing game, and the run game is good but not nearly good enough to carry an anemic pass game. The only RB who I’d call talented is 17, and the OL is one of our worst in recent memory. Just a mess. I like Mertz, but is there anything he does particularly well? Just see 0 to look forward to with him. Has to improve in so many areas.
  9. Bittersweet but it had to happen. Let Goedert shine (and get him extended ASAP).
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