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  1. Damn... Good catch, unfortunately 1 being wrong usually means all of it was wrong for that stat (recorded the new ANY/A numbers but maybe forgot to put them into final chart), and that seems to be the case here. Fixed for ANY/A and updated final chart.
  2. I have it going down Steelers 14-2 Chiefs 13-3 Titans 11-5 Bills 11-5 Ravens 11-5 Raiders 10-6 Browns 10-6 Colts 10-6, Dolphins 9-7
  3. My ballot: Peyton Woodson Calvin Johnson Barber Willis Prediction: Peyton Woodson Calvin Johnson Holt Faneca Peyton and Woodson are locks. Other 3 spots I could see it be anyone between Calvin, Holt, Faneca, Lynch, Butler, Wayne, Seymour and Barber.
  4. No game I’m more confident we lose going forward than this one. vs Seahawks: 0-4 under Doug 0-5 vs Wilson 0-6 since 2011 1-8 since 2005 Cursed vs this franchise. 31-17 Seahawks
  5. Noteworthy PFF grades from yesterday Offense Carson Wentz- 77.6... his 2nd best game of 2020 according to PFF. Don't ask me why. I can only assume for this game they gave blame to rest of team rather than him. Rich Rodgers- 93.2... once again our highest rated player. 90+ is straight up ELITE in PFF's system if you didn't know. GOAT? Interior OL graded good. Kelce, Isaac and Pryor were in 64-80 range. Even Opeta had 62.7 which is respectable. Tackles got WORKED. Peters w/ a career worst 41.0 grade, Lane Johnson w/ season worst 47.8 grade. Peters allowed 7 pressures, including 3 sacks. Lane allowed 3 pressures including 1 sack. Mailata came in and had 67.7 in 26 snaps. Lane is clearly not healthy, and Peters is done. Fulgham w. another low grade, 50.4 Reagor w/ solid 64.2 Alshon with the lowest grade at 35.6 lol, why is he out there!? Defense Slay was our highest graded guy at 76.8... weird, I felt like this was one of his worse games. I feel like PFF watches a different Slay than everybody else because I never understand how they grade him. Cox w/ meek 60.8, Sweat just 59.3 Barnett, Riley, Mills, Edwards, Maddox, all sub-50 grades. Singleton: 57.3 Davion Taylor: 25.1 in 18 snaps... sigh We missed 14 tackles and allowed 18 pressures.
  6. Very similar to Wentz’s injury. Wentz got it a few weeks later in the season, and came back by week 3, but A) that team had SB aspirations and B) in hindsight, it was too soon since he didn’t yet trust the knee and that indirectky lead to a back injury that kept him further sidelined. Has never been the same athlete, but nothing drastic, went from maybe 100% to 90% in terms of speed and agility in my estimation. Carson being garbage in 2020 has nothing to do w/ his knee injury, physically at least. Sucks that his development will have to take 1 year break, and for Bengals that’s 1 less year he’s under the rookie deal, but I don’t think this is career altering.
  7. It’s very bad. Hell, even if Wentz was looking like his 2019 self (not special but clearly franchise QB level), our future would still be looking extremely bleak. Throw in suddenly the worst starting QB in football who will handicap our cap for at least another year, awful coaching, poor FO, and I really don’t think it was an overreaction when I said midgame we have the bleakest future in all of football since the Jets at least will get a generational QB prospect. Lurie is honestly the lone saving grace, in that he’s not an intrusive and dumb owner, which as we’ve seen in our division can be a franchise killer. Blow it up, hope by 2022 we get some hope. 2021 will be ROUGH unless Wentz turns it around or Hurts is good, neither of which I have much faith in at this point (Wentz because of his play of past 10 games, and Hurts because I very much disliked him as prospect).
  8. Playoffs are only fun for a week if you lose. Leading up to it and then the 20 minutes or so until things started going south. Draft pick are fun an entire offseason, from the pre-draft hype to the post-draft excitement. The amount of options, and talent, you can select from at #5 vs #19 is night and day and the excitement you will have over a guy you picked top 5 vs a guy you picked top 20 is also going to be night and day. They will last much longer than a day. IF we're purely getting down to enjoyment, a cameo in the playoffs, IN THIS SEASON*, gets blown out of the water by a high draft pick for me. Is there an exact science to draft picks? Is the higher pick always better than the lower pick? Of course not, but there's a pretty strong trend (shocker) between success in the NFL and where you got drafted... and if you're at the point in Eagles fandom where you're genuinely thinking "yeah but Howie will screw it up anyway so who cares" then I don't know why you'd care about ANYTHING Eagles football right now. The higher draft pick is nice, but that's not even my main motivation for praying we don't make the playoffs. Losing now and missing the playoffs gets us that much closer to getting rid of or drastically altering the role of Howie and Doug, which at this point, it looks like are essential moves if we ever want to be relevant again. This franchise needs an overhaul, we have been slowly rotting since 2018. You mention rooting for a stable base in another post, but I don't understand that. We clearly don't have a stable base..? Asking to root for a stable base right now is like asking to root that we have Pat Mahomes at QB. Our core of players under 30 is such a short list it'll make me sad to even write out, while our coaches and FO needed to be gone yesterday. Let's also make it clear, I am not rooting against getting hot and making the playoffs at 8-7-1 or something like that. That's an entirely different story than making the playoffs at 5-10-1, and picking 10+ spots later for no other reason than being lucky to be in the NFCE. Literally no other reason. I'm not rooting for us to lose as much as I'm rooting for a team of our caliber to pick where they deserve to pick, which is 5-8 range, not 19+. If we do get hot (will not happen I am 99% sure), I will be absolutely fine making the playoffs and picking 19 or 20, even if it means Howie and Doug get their leash loosened. I can't tell if you're just being insanely optimistic, or are vehemently sticking to the "any given sunday, don't take playoffs for granted" stance on principle. The latter I can understand, and we'll just have to agree to disagree there. We've discussed it before, you've been through dark ages of Eagles football, I haven't, so maybe I'm just being spoiled, but that's just something I'd have to learn firsthand to really appreciate... Hopefully that doesn't happen. *I emphasized this season because normally you need at least 9 wins to make the playoffs, and at 3-6-1, a playoff appearance would mean a lot of winning leading up to that playoff game, which would be a lot of fun. Winning trumps all. This is a unique season where literally 2 wins, ones I would argue may not even be fun (barley beating WFT or Cowboys teams, the latter probably wanting to lose, will not be that fun), could get us that playoff appearance.
  9. Obviously great weapons, blocking, scheme... but that's not unique to Chiefs in recent history. I think Mahomes combination of arm strength, mobility, and accuracy throwing off any platform puts a certain pressure on Ds at all times that forces them to cover more softly, only thing I can think of. If you are not getting pressure, it is certainly game over.
  10. That was the easiest looking GW drive I've ever seen.
  11. Don't know why Raiders don't just run that up the gut and trust that run game, but what a play from Witten to work back to the QB and Carr to find him. Never ceases to amaze me how Witten is able to get even an inch of separation at this stage of his career.
  12. Bucks snagging Craig for probably very cheap is an under the radar move. Guy was a contributor for a WCF team, played 20 MPG that postseason. Big time hustle guy, good defender, and can hit the 3. Probably a guy you'd only want playing closer to 12 or so postseason minutes, but he is a positive signing. Never hurts to have more of those guys on your roster. Not sure why Denver took the qualifying offer off the table.
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