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  1. What would it take for the Giants to make the playoffs?

    I think it's just a waste of time to say "for Eli to play really well" here because he hasn't played really well in several years. We're supposed to believe it's possible he'll suddenly have a really good year when they replaced the best WR in franchise history with Golden Tate? If Eli gets benched early and Daniel Jones is OROY level very early, if not right out of the gate, then that offense could be good enough to win 9 or 10 games paired with an overachieving defense.
  2. Madden 20

    The face of franchise mode is a disgrace, don't even bother putting in a single player mode if you're going to put such little effort into it. Just insulting. Didn't play Madden 19. The gameplay feels a little better than 18, but only a little... Many of the flaws still there. Rushing the passer remains too difficult, AI QBs just play too robotic and when they do turn it over it is not satisfying because it's usually just some RNG inaccurate pass. Did they even touch cornerback play? I can see there are some new animations between WRs and CBs but any actual changes to how they interact? Or is it still just the pre determined animations? The graphics in this game are way behind their peers, and really only marginally improved from even 18. Does Madden do anything right?
  3. Goff vs McVay

    McVay. Only QB in recent memory I would take over McVay atm is Aaron Rodgers around 2010, under 30 and I (as well as most others) was pretty confident that he was, and would remain for the next decade, an elite QB. If McVay strings together another great year though then I will probably have to go with him.
  4. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    He's looking better than him... in the preseason...
  5. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    It's preseason, and it absolutely will not change my mind that Jones was only the 4th best QB in this draft or that he's better than Haskins, but he has been looking very good. Arm talent was never a question, but consistency has been there so far. Thought Haskins looked good the other night as well, the dime he dropped while getting nailed was impressive feat. We'll see how they look once we get into real games, hopefully not nearly as well!
  6. Like Whatever Who Cares Take 2.... Preseason GDT Week 2

    Any chance Ward makes the 53? Bring in Bradford, then Kaep after Bradford goes down.
  7. Demarcus Cousins tears ACL

    Sad, just has been injury after injury for him past few years. If he even comes back I imagine he’ll play very different, much more 3 pt shooting. signing that 1 year with GS is going to haunt him.
  8. Is Antonio Brown a Hall of Famer if he never plays again?

    He 100% should be. Might be some bias against him for the way he went out, but I think he would eventually get there and it'd be a travesty if he didn't. Racked up 4 consecutive 1st team all-pros, that is insane for any position and a testament to his historically strong peak.
  9. Frank Gore- HOF?

    No! I like Gore, and I won't be mad if he makes it. I think he has a chance... but does he deserve it? Definitely not IMO. His ONLY HOF attribute is his durability/longevity. His peak is not even hall of very good. 0 1st team all-pros. 1 2nd team all-pro. Unless you're a QB, that 1 2nd team all-pro nod is more than enough for me to discount you as a HOF candidate unless you have all-time great postseason numbers. To be a HOFer, longevity is generally a prerequisite on top of great peaks (handful of all-pros) and accomplishments (awards, SBs, etc.). True, Gore's longevity at this point is rivaled by only a few, but he was only a top tier RB in the NFL for a handful of years in his career, and never once considered the best. I would be interested to hear if there are any RBs in the HOF, who played in the last 30ish years, with no 1st team all-pro nods.
  10. Dak or Wentz

  11. Winning the SB was our end game. Sure we're all still here, posting, living and dying by the Eagles on Sundays, but in the back of our minds... there is a sense of peace. The fire we had that drove us, the fire which burnt hotter in us than it did in any other fanbase, is gone. and yeah, Matts too.
  12. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    I doubt Dak or his party expect to get $40m/year money, but they definitely want more than $30M so this is just part of the negotiation that in most cases doesn't get leaked. Guessing $32M/year (what Wentz got) would be their floor. Dak wants to play for a franchise that believes in him, and if the Cowboys believe in him as a franchise QB, they should be fine with making him close to one of the highest paid QBs (which is pretty much the norm whenever 1 of the league's ~15 or so franchise QBs are negotiating new deals). However, I feel like Dak is so much more valuable to Dallas than he would be anywhere else, and in that regard his agents are rolling the dice by trying to get so much money. I really would be interested to see the deal he fetches on an open market, and from who. Of course as an Eagles fan who doesn't particularly believe in his ability, I love this and hope they give him a pay day. He's an Alex Smith type talent to me and I haven't seen reason to believe he'll be much more.
  13. Daniel Jones is looking better than Haskin

    but even then a ton of what you listed doesn't necessarily translate to the regular season from a preseason game where you are playing a vanilla defensive scheme, that may very well be consisting of guys who will not be on NFL rosters come September. Example of preseason=worthless that hits close to home for me 10/10 accuracy. Great footwork. Perfect reads, and he's playing against mostly starters, surely he translated this play to the regular season!?... but alas, he never looked this good even once in the ensuing 16 games for the Eagles, his accuracy was not always there, his reads and decision making were questionable, his footwork was sloppy. Any NFL caliber QB can look amazing in ideal conditions, the handful worth keeping are the ones that can look good when everything isn't peaches and cream.
  14. Raiders’ WR Antonio Brown is scheduled to see a foot specialist today

    Sad. Dude could have had an all time great career*. Doubtful he would have surpassed Rice in anyone's eyes, but absolutely could have gotten into the discussion. Early, but so far, it looks like it will be a messy end to his career. *I understand he's already a HOFer, which pretty much signifies an all time great career... So I let's say he could have had a truly special career even compaed to fellow HOFers.
  15. Like Whatever Who Cares... Preseason Week 1 GDT

    I truly do not care about preseason. Ever since Bradford looked like a GAWD against the Packers and then, you know, I have become numb to anything preseason. All I hope for is health, and so far, not so good.