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  1. This... if we can't change our opinion after a series like that, I don't know when we could. Besides the fact that he just played a level above what we're used to, he dispelled the notion that his playstyle was not conductive to championship basketball. For awhile now I've had a big 4 of Kawhi, Giannis, LBJ and Durant at the top, and it's close enough between those guys that a series or 2 can/will change my rankings.
  2. S21 Joey Slye [16 GS]: 35 of 38 (92.11%, 55 LNG) S22 Joey Slye [8 GS]: 17 of 22 (77.27%, 43 LNG)
  3. Oh yeah, Shaq was unreal those finals. 38 points on 60% shooting, 17 boards, and 3 blocks per game against a well rounded Pacers squad. Shaq had silly numbers every finals in that 3 peat but 2000 sticks out since it was strongest opponent and Kobe was not an all-nba caliber player yet. KD has some outrageous finals #s but Cavs were just so overmatched in those series that KD’s outings feel less meaningful. Like they still win the series even if he plays half as well. Which isn’t fair to him, can’t pick opponent, but makes those forgettable. Giannis definitely put himself right
  4. Most dominant finals since 2000 Shaq. Off a hyperextended knee no less. Awesome to watch, pure dominance. Closing it out with this kind of FT showing was cherry on top.
  5. Suns would be better off playing Frank over Ayton tonight.
  6. Injuries can ruin any team’s title hopes, but they’re far more likely to happen to a team full of older, load managing players that were in and out of lineup all season for various reasons… it doesn’t make it any less true that IF the Nets were healthy, they would have likely cruised to a title, but we’re being blind if we pretend that wasn’t always a big if. I mean it was THEE question heading into the playoffs.
  7. Outscoring opponents 132-68 in the 1st half. Being outscored 47-87 in the 2nd half. Is this just RNG or related to aggression? @TheKillerNacho
  8. Crushing loss for the Predators but at least Ridley quickly made his presence felt. D just wasn’t able to contain Sea Wolves O.
  9. I don’t think so, and that’s coming from someone who value picks pretty low. Not sure OBJ is even keeper these days, and if he is, not much longer. Ramcyzck is a stud for sure, but in the short term Duane is not a major downgrade and maybe you don’t want to spend 3 tags on an OT. Losing Von hurts, but those 2 1sts and 2nds are the band-aid. Fair trade between win now squad and rebuilding team.
  10. Tyler Lockett, S23 1st (IND), S23 1st (ANC), S25 1st for Calvin Ridley @Scalamania @TheKillerNacho
  11. I follow Braelon Allen on Twitter and this kid is simply a freak in the weight room. Puts up preposterous numbers at his age and size. TBD if it translates on the field, but we know work ethic is there.
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