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  1. Yup. I do wonder if this was truly a voluntarily leave, not that it makes much of a difference, just would be extremely mature if he actually made the decision to focus on this and remove himself from being possible distraction. Huge loss nonetheless, was really eager to see him in 2018. Very talented WR. Fortunately we've got a fairly solid corp, so we will survive if he's not innocent as claimed and rightfully kicked off the team.
  2. I have Giants and Texans in the playoffs at my first go of NFL predictions.
  3. The NFC East Thread

    There's a stark difference in the tone between this post and the one he made. Regardless I still have a major problem with being lumped in with the 10-6 Giants, 9-7 Giants or 10-6 Ravens. Teams that only snuck into the playoffs and then overachieved. It just completely ignores the fact that the 2017 Eagles were one of the best teams in the NFL, if not the best. Not some meh team that suddenly caught fire in the playoffs. Foles caught fire in the final 2 games and in that regard it felt like a Cinderella run, but really we just replaced MVP caliber QB play with MVP caliber QB (that was the miracle), hence why we were able to continue succeeding in the postseason just like we succeeded in the regular season. Unlike those Giants teams or Ravens team, going forward we don't need to rely on a subpar QB elevating his play several magnitudes at just the right time if we want success. Of course I would say to win the SB, you need to catch fire, regardless. The SB winning Pats teams, the Seahawks, '15 Broncos, they all got hot at the right time (or stayed hot). There's just some pretty clear implications with the language used by you and Mknight that seem to completely rewrite history.
  4. Rank these Super Bowl losing teams in order

    2016 Falcons and 2017 Patriots are pretty easily the worst. Would have them at 4a and 4b. These other 3 were complete teams that dominated. 2013 Broncos, historically great offense. 2014 Seahawks, very similar to all time great 2013 Seahawks team. 2015 Panthers, 15-1 team that went on to beat the 2x defending NFC champs and then dominate a very good Cardinals team. I'd probably go 2014 Hawks, 2013 Broncos, 2015 Panthers but it's very close.
  5. The NFC East Thread

    How does suggesting our SB run was a stroke of luck or pretending we don't have anything less than a fearsome OL and DL anything but trolling? Honestly would love to hear these explained.
  6. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Because then the whole thread would just be fans of that player's team defending him and telling the OP he is wrong. Guys getting way too much for what they will bring to the table in 2018 IMO... Jimmy G. Obviously has great potential not to be. Joe Flacco Olivier Vernon Marcell Dareus JPP Jamie Collins Robert Quinn Trumaine Johnson At first glance guys like Cooks, Watkins, Jeffery and Adams all seem kind of overpaid, but that's just the reality of WR contracts nowadays.
  7. The NFC East Thread

    and you wonder why I can't pick up on your "sarcasm." Read his post, it's complete trolling. The fact that you didn't pick up on it, and must have thought it was a legit take which got you all excited, shows what a clown you are. Oh yeah, those Eagles sure got lucky facing a bad Vikings O, bad Pats D, and only managing 13 wins with an easy schedule. To me there is a clear difference between trash talk and posts made with the sole purpose to get opposing fans worked up. Worst of all, we can't go and do it in their forums because I doubt there mods are as cool as ours.
  8. The NFC East Thread

    If you're gonna give out warnings for personal attacks, do the same for trolling^
  9. The NFC East Thread

    It's pretty hard to detect sarcasm from the same poster who thinks Dak is a good QB, and who used to (hopefully not anymore?) argue his superiority to Wentz..
  10. I mean insignificant in regards to projecting how a team will perform in the regular season. It definitely has value for players who are fighting for something, be it a starting role or just a roster spot.
  11. The NFC East Thread

    Best team in the regular season team winning the Super Bowl? A less than stellar QB elevating his play to that of a stellar QB? Where is the fluke here? We've seen it happen plenty of times in the last 10 years, surely we will see it again very soon (granted the Eagles are the first to achieve BOTH, but that's due to unique circumstance of losing their starting QB). Is this some good old Texas-style low level trolling or the actual narrative you've decided to run with in order to cope with the Eagles winning a SB? Hilarious if the latter.
  12. I saw someone attempt a subtle jab at the Eagles, one that I believe the poster genuinely believed in, and responded how I saw fit. How does that translate to me caring about the preseason? I guess you could say that I care that people comprehend the insignificance of the preseason. This is a rough time of the year for someone like myself who likes to talk football but understands the reality of the preseason, as left and right I will see takes based on what's happened in a preseason game.
  13. It's the damn preseason, when will people learn? These games are good for getting a feel of rookies and helping coaches decides who makes the 53. Sorry but anyone looking any deeper into it is going to get "smartass" and "defensive" comments.