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  1. That block was tough to watch. Just insane, got it right at the apex and all but clinched game with it. The threat of that GIF being posted alone will keep me from posting Jokic’s numbers vs Rudy any time soon lol.
  2. Absolutely an argument if Embiid played even close to as many minutes as Jokic, but as it stands he’s not even #2. Jokic, Giannis, then probably Embiid.
  3. If Brooks is ready to go, any chance Dickerson wins LG spot?
  4. Anyone want to figure out the #1 pick scenarios between me, Punishers and Amish? Are there any playoff implications for my game vs Pete or is he locked in as 3 seed?
  5. Ended 4 of last 5 seasons on IR + One of the most injured teams in league for 3 years This will surely work out.
  6. That is a classic Eagles pick... Way too high given injury concerns. Top of the 2nd!? With JOK still there that stings. I don't mind going after OL though. Kelce is gone any moment, and who knows with Brooks. iOL a big question mark so a guy who can play all 3 spots is nice... but I mean that injury history is hard to look past. Especially with the worst medical team.
  7. Just won an MVP for crying out loud. You don't get cute and try to maximize his value before the inevitable drop-off IMO. No, you thank your lucky stars your franchise has that level of QB play and try to win a SB.
  8. This narrative I'm seeing pushed that the Packers have been doing Rodgers dirty for years is BS. Yes, I've seen how GB has spent their 1st rounders in the Rodgers era, but let's get 2 things clear 1) There are more ways to acquire offensive talent than the 1st round 2) There's a reason GB has consistently drafted defense over offense: defense has been the weakest link (thanks in large part to Rodgers making the offense so strong). The Packers priority is to win SBs, not add to Rodgers individual trophy case. Would anyone look at Rodgers GB career and say he ha
  9. McD AA 4* PG Hickman just decommited from UK. 2nd decommit of the Cal era, and 2nd in last 3 years. Has been no secret that UK has been searching for a PG through the transfer portal and I guess Hickman was having none of it. UK now in desperate need of PG help.
  10. This. This is what makes me love him. The separation he gets is insane, a combination of his excellent fluidity and speed to go along with his great technical skills as a route runner.
  11. When the Knicks traded for Rose it was hard not to roll your eyes. There goes Thibs again getting his guys. Here you had IQ playing well, but Knicks were gonna go waste more minutes on a vet... but that trade is looking like it potentially was the catalyst for this little turnaround from fighting for the 8 seed to possible top 4 seed and it is a joy to watch. Knicks are 19-8 with Rose Prior to his arrival (+ his 11 inactives since joining them) they were 16-20. He's the leader of a bench unit that has been the engine for this run. Averaging 13.6 pts on 49.2 eFG% a
  12. Love that we got one of the top WRs and a future 1st, all things considered. Can’t believe Cowboys traded with us for so little.
  13. What does anyone see in Mac Jones? Has he given reason to believe he possesses elite processing speed or something? That's about the only attribute I could imagine him having that would warrant 1st round, let alone #3, talk (not that I see it, granted that is pretty hard to judge). He's clearly decisive and gets it out quick, but I mean he was also throwing to 1st round WRs behind one of CFB's best OLs. In an age of mobile QBs, he is a true statue. That alone is terrifying. Brady is just about the only statue left, and his all time great pocket presence (and excellent OLs) allows him to
  14. His talent level is simply ridiculous. 6'10, can jump out of the building, good handles, guard like quickness, extremely silky stroke with a release that is not only high but quick. Whether he's a 3rd option or MVP candidate in 7 years will come down to his intangibles and how those develop. He's already bringing a pretty damn good toolbox of skills to the table (as the chart shows), so it's just a matter of putting it all together on a consistent basis. Defense too of course still a work in progress, but he's not the sieve he was at times as a rookie so it's of little concern to me, as the po
  15. BB for 12: 1. Surtain 2. Parsons 3. Smith 4. Waddle 5. Horn 6. Slater Likely the 1st 4 are gone, but I’d be happy with any of these. I like Slater’s versatility even if it’s not as big a hole as WR/DB. Just not a fan of Paye. Picking him is all potential, more so than everyone else. In the 20s? Good value for boom or bust pass rusher, but I don’t like it at 12. Surely will be the pick though knowing Howie... I can live with it, he is pretty freakish but I think/hope we can do better.
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