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  1. Denver Nuggets Thread

  2. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Wow this is like a dream draft for the Nuggets for me. Vanderbilt is another boom or bust guy. Can probably come in day 1 and be the best rebounder the roster, but will have his work cut out for him if he wants to crack the rotation Fared hasn't ben able to crack.
  3. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Exactly, you forget about the fit when you have a guy who very well could have bee the #1 overall pick if a) didn't hurt his back and b) lived up to hype. There was nobody on the board at that point that I think could have come in and instantly improves the team, so in lieu of that, take the dude with the most star potential. I mean am pretty low on Porter's future, I think there's only like a 40% chance his back isn't something that haunts him indefinitely, but at 14 I'll take that gamble. I don't understand 76ers Mikal move, he was such a good fit. Is this because they are now anticipating Lebron? Dangerous game to play if that is the case, Mikal is a great talent.
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Don’t need defense when you have a more physical KD mixed with better shooting Giannis with a spice of McGrady.
  5. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

  6. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Porter porter porter porter please! At 14 you don’t get this kind of upside often. Nuggets can absolutely afford to whiff here as well, so I honestly feel like Porter is a no-brainer but the Nuggets have almost never done what I wanted (for better or worse). Bet they take Porter and trade him for cash...
  7. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Alternatively, he completely turned his back on his own teammates. We still don't know the details of the situation, and maybe we never will. If the doctors on your team cleared your central player, but he refused to play, how are you suppose to interpret that? However, if that is how it went down, I wouldn't blame Kawhi for being mad either, since you obviously want your teammates to trust you. Regardless, the diva comment is more about how he is now only willing to sign with 1 team, and for what I can only assume is because he wants the large spotlight that place provides (why else would it be LA? It's not like they've already acquired Lebron and PG). This completely screws SA in the process.
  8. Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio

    I am pretty low on Love but yeah, that is extraordinary value. Essentially 14th pick for a salary dump + Love. Almost too good to pass up if it got offered, even though Love is a poor fit. I don't think they'd ever get that kind of offer though.
  9. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I agree that playing under the spotlight has benefits, but what exactly are those benefits for already nationally relevant players that receive the max? That already have signed their shoe contracts?
  10. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    This Kawhi situation is wild. Who would have ever pegged him as such a diva? LA might as well wait on Lebron, if he comes over then you move assets to get Kawhi now, otherwise just wait until he hits FA next season and comes over. I will never understand players' fascination with LA or NY in a capped league.
  11. Yup GG. Closer than the final score, I was trailing into the 4th quarter.
  12. Top 10 Players Overall

    I am pretty comfortable with the first 9, although their order is pretty fluid. #10 was tough, no clear guy popped to mind like guys did for the first 9 spots. Antonio Brown Tom Brady Aaron Donald Aaron Rodgers Rob Gronkowski Von Miller Khalil Mack Julio Jones Luke Kuechly Odell Beckham Honorable mentions: Brees, Russell, Rhodes, Ramsey, Bell, Gurley, Elliott, Cox, Harrison Smith, Bosa, Campbell, Martin, Frederick, Wagner...
  13. What was the trade that saw hammy get Wentz? Totally missed that.
  14. Joe Mixon: 21 carries for 75 yards (3.57 YPC, 13 LNG), 1 touchdown. Adrian Peterson: 10 carries for 64 yards (6.40 YPC, 19 LNG), 0 touchdowns Will obviously give Mixon a few more weeks, but might not be ready to start. I have a feeling whoever is is my #2 will put up great Y/C. Also Mixon was limited to just 1 catch (granted it was TD), and AP had none. AP not catching any balls is normal, but when Mixon was my #2 he was a big pass catching threat out of the backfield. Also desperately need WR help for poor Matty Ice, but gonna have to wait for midseason firesales. If you've given up on your season and want future picks, you know where to come.
  15. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    Porter is the biggest risk in quite some time. I think a team would be crazy to take him in the top 5, but once the 4 bigs and Luka are off the board? I definitely consider rolling the dice on him.