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  1. MNF GDT: Saints at Panthers

    Just a classic divisional game. What a swing, would have given them a TD lead... now they hold merely a FG lead.
  2. 2019 Transfer Thread

    I'm not denying Kirby lied (I have no knowledge of situation, but assume it has to be the case), but at a certain point at that stage in the process it should have dawned on Fields that going to UGA would mean facing tough competition to get the job early (and if it didn't occur, well I can guarantee it was thrust on him by every recruiter not named UGA). At the point it shouldn't matter what Smart is feeding you, actions speak louder than words, and UGA has a true freshman QB who just had a fantastic first quarter of the season. Given the current circumstances, that he is not going to win the job over Fromm and basically is left to just sit around hoping Fromm declares ASAP, I totally get the transfer move, no brainer... but now you've just wasted your freshman year + have to spend a redshirt year. Picking UGA never made sense, even if Kirby is lying any more than the other top dogs (and if he is, surely it'll catch up to him and start hurting their classes?)
  3. MNF GDT: Saints at Panthers

    Awesome play design and great time to bring it out.
  4. 2019 Transfer Thread

    This has to be case, and even then I think this was a pretty stupid decision by Fields and his family to choose UGA, with their top flight freshman QB, if he wasn’t prepared to sit for awhile. His commitment always puzzled me, it came just as Fromm was becoming the next big thing.
  5. The Refs hate the Cowboys

  6. MNF GDT: Saints at Panthers

    All the NFL powers have fallen so it'd only be fitting that the Saints get upset as well... It's a divisional foe with their back against the wall, at home, so I think Panthers give them hell of a fight, but ultimately the Saints prevail and put a bit of spearation between them and the rest of the NFL, en route to being the odds on SB favorites as the playoffs get underway. Saints 31 Panthers 24
  7. Is it just me, or does this team LOVE to almost blow leads? Goes back even to last year. Don't get me wrong, we go ahead and actually blow leads too, but so many of our recent wins have ended with us just bleeding out and limping by the end of the game until the final drive or so where the D finally secures a win at the last possible moment. Our last 12 wins, I count 9 such games 2017 week 14 vs Rams: 24-14 lead at the half, end up needing a go ahead field goal with 3 minutes left and a stop to win 2017 week 15 vs Giants: take 5 pt lead with 4 minutes left, need a red zone stand to win 2017 week 16 vs Raiders: N/A 2017 div vs Falcons: take 5 pt lead with 5 minutes left, need a red zone stand to win. 2017 SB vs Patriots: two separate 10 pt leads, end up needing a go ahead TD with 2 minutes left and 2 stops to win 2018 week 1 vs Falcons: take lead with 2 minutes left, need red zone stop to win 2018 week 3 vs Colts: take lead with 3 minutes left, need red zone stop to win 2018 week 6 vs Giants: N/A 2018 week 8 vs Jaguars: Up 17-6 in the 3rd quarter, they get the ball only down 6 with 5 minutes left but we stop them 2018 week 12 vs Giants: N/A 2018 week 13 vs Giants: N/A 2018 week 15 vs Rams: Up 30-13 in the 4th quarter, end up punting it deep in our own territory with 3 minutes left only up 7 The rare occasion where our defense hasn't made the needed stand is when we've ended up with some of our 7 losses (Titans, Panthers, Cowboys)
  8. What does everyone do for a living?

    Professional forum poster.
  9. Do you think that Brady has fallen off?

    A little bit... Father time is clearly catching up, or at least it's finally becoming a bit noticeable (I could have sworn he looked physically better last year than the year before). Mind is as sharp as ever, arm is good enough, and he can still take hits, so he remains a top QB in my minds but from here on out he is only going to slowly get worse.
  11. Eagles vs Rams SNF GDT

    7 games w/ Kupp* Goff: 176/245, 2436, 17-5, 118.0 passer rating Rams: 34.9 PPG (30+ every game) 7 games w/out Kupp Goff: 154/267, 1837, 10-8, 78.8 passer rating Rams: 29.1 PPG (held under 30 4x) *Didn't count Denver game since he got hurt early in 2nd, but did count Seattle game since he played into the 4th IIRC) Kupp is a difference maker.
  12. NBA GDT | 18'-19 |

    Nuggets having one if the best defenses so far despite nearly identical personnel has to be one of the biggest shockers so far this year. Not like Malone is a defensive guru or anything.
  13. Eagles vs Rams SNF GDT

    This is what I tend to think but worth noting they torched KC w/our Kupo. He is definitely Goff’s favorite target just in terms of chemistry, and losing such a steady safety net is killer.
  14. Eagles vs Rams SNF GDT

    They won’t because he’s not gonna be healthy, but hypothetically I’d def rather gamble on Wentz than hope Foles continues miraculously good play like he had in CC/SB or pre-4th quarter tonight (miraculous for him). There is something to be said about him having playoff experience, but Wentz is our QBOTF, he’ll need to play his 1st playoff game eventually. It is pretty odd how good the rest of the offense played today. Run game going, WRs getting open, definitely leads me to believe Wentz needs to work on his rapport with Alshon and maybe not lock onto Ertz so much. Run game likely just result of such a weak run D.
  15. Eagles vs Rams SNF GDT

    30-13 lead, just a dominant game where everything is finally going our way, driving in the red zone... somehow it feels like we’re lucky to win. This team just doesn’t have it, but looks like they’re gonna string me along for at least another week. Foles also turned back into normal Foles in the 4th which is concerning, crucial INT and missed Ertz on a probable game sealing 3rd down. This is the most frustrating team ever. Guessing we win next week then lose to Josh Johnson? All things considered, great performance by the team, to beat the Rams as mangled as we are is impressive, even if they’re slumping... our secondary of scrubs held their own, Foles came in and played a great 3 quarters... but how it ended just leaves such a sour taste.