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  1. 2020 FFNBA Draft - Quarantine Edition- Discussion Thread

    I'd rather it just be rotation than write ups, that sounds like a lot of work lol
  2. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    PG Monte Morris SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
  3. 2020 NCAA/Draft Prospect Thread

    What would be the short list of WRs that are possibilities for us at 21? Would like to start watching some film. Reagor Aiyuk Shenault Jefferson Mims Higgins Missing anyone? Any of the above doubtful to be taken this early? I figure the big 3 are pretty much the consensus top 3 WRs, likely the pick if they somehow fall to us, so not really worth spending time on.
  4. I knew I won this week and didn't even have to bother checking because I didn't get a notification for a "GG"
  5. Yeah there is no way Mills is going to fill the hole Jenkins left. He is not a good football player, that transcends positions IMO. His instincts are poor. I hope he proves me wrong and he's just been playing out of position this whole time and is actually a natural at safety, but I have my doubts. At the very least he is more athletic than Malcolm, so we should defend against big plays better.
  6. Don't like that... we need a damn WR after sitting on our hands during FA, and need to just pull that trigger in the 1st. Losing Ertz + a shot at a WR in the 1st? Poor Carson.
  7. 2020 FFNBA Draft - Quarantine Edition- Discussion Thread

    Are you talking MPJ? Made my picks quick, didn't think of him. He is a huge steal this late, would have taken him for sure if I remembered.
  8. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    Gary Harris Erik Spoelstra Tyler Herro Nerlens Noel @Bullet Club
  9. 2020 FFNBA Draft - Quarantine Edition- Discussion Thread

    I don’t care either way, we got a long time of no ball ahead of us, but a lot of people are antsy so what’s the harm in adding 45 min-1 hour timeslots that start at 10AM and end around midnight? That’s how NSFL does it and those drafts go smoothly.
  10. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    PF Paul Millsap C Al Horford @Bullet Club
  11. 2020 FFNBA Draft - Quarantine Edition- Discussion Thread

    No, you’re not considering him in MVP form, IT has nothing to recover from. The damage he has sustained is evidently permanent and he will never return to form. Whereas those 3 are all sidelined from acute injuries that they can “recover” from. Of course I think it’s fair to assume they won’t be the same, but that’ll be up to voters, right? Wall could conceivably come back and be 100%, nobody knows yet (obviously unlikely given age and history)... but we know IT is done. Personally I think Klay will be 100%, KD will adapt and still be elite (but less active on D), while Wall’s all star days are over and he’ll come back playing at a level akin to current D Rose.
  12. Favorite to win MVP in 2020?

    Mahomes has to be the favorite, and then there are about 12-15 QBs I would say have a chance, if not more. Quick early odds ranking would look something like this for me, and I wouldn't bother with non QBs. Mahomes Wilson Lamar Watson Brady Rodgers Brees Wentz Ryan Dak Cousins Kyler Goff Tannehill Maybe forgetting some. Stafford I hold in higher regard than most but I do not see the Lions being in position, or having the weapons, for Stafford to have close to an MVP year.
  13. 2020 FFNBA Draft - Quarantine Edition- Discussion Thread

    Damn, Russell was my guy. All these people double dipping at PG left the cabin pretty bare.
  14. 2020 FFNBA Draft Picks

    PG Eric Bledsoe SG JJ Redick @MookieMonstah
  15. I mean we shredded the vaunted Vikings D 2 weeks before. Pittsburgh shredded Jax even worse in the divisional round. Not like we'd have to score 41 points either considering we'd be going up against Blake Bortles instead of Tom Brady. I see no reason the Eagles wouldn't be favored, and the expected winner, in this hypothetical matchup. Now it's not like we were a juggernaut, so it's definitely possible the Jags could have beaten us, but so could most playoff teams vs eventual SB winner in any given year unless we're dealing with a historically dominant team.