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  1. Bassey in primetime tonight vs tough Houston D.
  2. Embiid and Jokic sure playing like they do, can’t say same for rest of their teammates.
  3. Random but it's scary that Gonzaga could be even better next year, and I think this current squad may be the best team since 2015 UK, of course hard to do any historical comparisons in a) this weird shortened season and b) w/ Gonzaga since they play such an easy conference schedule... but if we're just arguing talent, these Zags are up there. I'm sure I'll change my tune if they get dusted up by the 8/9 but I can't see that happening. However, they have a better than not shot at landing Holmgren, who looks like a pretty special prospect and if he's who we think he is, would instant
  4. So... what do we do? The FA gutting we experienced has proven to be a lot more harmful than we anticipated, while Murray has, again, failed to take that next step after quite literally taking that step a few months before the season tipped off. Weird. MPJ is kind of the same player that we saw last season, as to be expected since that was a few months ago. I'm not gonna expect any strides in his game until he gets a full offseason with this clear new role we have planned for him. Jokic has been a new player since he lost the weight, as good as anyone really. Yet we're playing .500 ball.
  5. Elite Great Franchise QB (established franchise QBs) Borderline Franchise (whether I need to see more film, or their play level is on the cusp) Mediocre (don't look to be franchise QB material) Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes Russell Wilson Tom Brady Deshaun Watson Josh Allen Ryan Tannehill Derek Carr Lamar Jackson Matt Ryan Dak Prescott Matthew Stafford Baker Mayfield Kirk Cousins Kyler Murray Justin Herbert Ben Roethlisberger Carson Wentz Jared Goff Joe
  6. All you heroes who picked Jeopardy over Sopranos out of pity for Trebek better keep that same energy here.
  7. Great acquisition for Indy. I think he will again be viewed as a top 10 QB after 2021. Just refuse to believe Wentz forgot how to play QB, or was somehow propped up for 3 years to look good, unless I see another poor year.
  8. Unless there is a steep drop off in 2021 QB class to 2022 QB class, then I strongly oppose trading assets to get a QB in 2021, but not as strongly as I oppose sitting at 6 and taking whoever’s left. We have a QB we just drafted last year in the 2nd, to already quit on him (and not fire Howie) would make my brain melt. He didn’t look great, but he certainly didn’t look bad either. I absolutely think he’s worth giving a year, meanwhile use draft capital to bolster our bottom tier roster. Not further gut it just to get a rookie QB who will come in w/ less help than Wentz has had. If Hurts sucks
  9. Fire coach and hire Reich 2.0 to try and appease QB... end up trading him for a 3rd and conditional pick anyway... Roseman the genius. Poor return, and simply an embarrassing saga in Eagles history, but it's OVER and that's what matters. Time to move on, Wentz won't be an issue for us since we won't be reaching SB any time soon.
  10. @TheKillerNacho Jarvis Landry was involved in me and Malf's deal, he should be on Knights' roster now. Otherwise tags look good on my end.
  11. Cavs resting Drummond as they look for a trade implies to me that there are suitors and a deal is being negotiated so they don't want to risky injury. Man, if the Nets somehow move mountains to make the $$$ work, they will be in for a rude awakening when they add a career negative defender to their already poor defense.... Could also just be that Cavs are using this as an excuse to primarily play Allen and work towards future, which Drummond is not a part of.
  12. Man Zeke is is off to a HOT start from 3 in his short career. Was 4/6 from 3 the other night, 4/4 tonight. Maybe a mirage (like Zion's debut...), but if he's stroking it at a good rate all year that's huge. Was not really thought of as shooter at all coming out of Zona, and dare I say would have been a lotto pick if he was hitting 3s in college?
  13. Facu is a highlight machine, but it's been pretty boom or bust on offense. He'll foolishly take it up into the trees and get swatted, or have a careless TO. Still needs to adjust to NBA on that end... but his defense on the perimeter is FIERCE. That was a big knock coming over here from what I remember, that his size and athleticism would make him a defensive liability and keep him out of NBA rotations, but he's overcoming that with effort. Just a true pest out there. Don't know if it will be here, but I would love to see if he can develop into a starting PG in this league... might be a bit to
  14. Nice big lead for Denver heading into the half vs LA, what could go wrong...
  15. For sure. Could be 2nd option, low 20 PPG on a merely good team. I think Simmons as a rich man’s Draymond+ is his optimal role, facilitating on offense and locking it down on D.
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