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  1. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    I agree, but luckily the Jags don't have to make any real investment. Unless you think passing on a QB this year with their top 10 (likely outside top 5) would akin to investing in Minshew? I would disagree since the Jags are riddled with holes, they need help everywhere, and with their pick it's not like they'll be able to grab their top QB prospect most likely. I think they should go BPA in the 1st, and then take a QB sometime later in the draft. They don't need to reach for any QBs, but they also shouldn't act like the QB position is set for the foreseeable future.
  2. Just How Good Is Josh Jacobs

    Jacobs is looking real good, but come on, Barkley is simply more talented. He is on his own level as a RB in this league. Give him competent QB play and/or a very good run blocking unit and he'd have frightening running numbers.
  3. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | the lakers are good

    Very impressive sto see both Doncic and Trae ascend to new heights after great rookie campaigns. Look poised to be faces of the league, despite not really fitting any NBA superstar mold. Doncic is relatively unathletic for a wing player, while Trae is tiny and doesn't exactly make up for it with explosiveness like an AI. These guys are just products of their insane skill and bball IQ, despite being 20 and 21.
  4. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | the lakers are good

    Rockets org reminding us they are a bunch of losers, I remember these shenanigans from the WCF each of the past 2 years. Poor franchise, been robbed of 2 rings, and now a win, in what I assume was the 7th times that this happened this season.
  5. Week 14 GDT: Who Cares. We suck. Life has no purpose

    Giants 31 Eagles 28 This week, the Eagles offense AND defense shows up, but Jake the Snake misses 2 FGs, we fumble on a return, and allow a kick return TD.
  6. Who gets the AFC's 6 Seed?

    I know we already have our AFC WC race discussion thread, but I'd be curious to get a poll on this and see everyone's predictions. Steelers (7-5, current 6) at Cardinals (3-8-1) Bills (9-3) at Jets (4-8) at Ravens (10-2) Titans (7-5) at Raiders (6-6) Texans (8-4) Saints (10-2) at Texans (8-4) Colts (6-6) at Buccaneers (5-7) at Saints (10-2) Panthers (5-7) at Jaguars (4-8) Raiders (6-6) Titans (7-5) Jaguars (4-8) at Chargers (4-8) at Broncos (4-8) Bills (9-3, current 5) Ravens (10-2) at Steelers (7-5) at Patriots (10-2) Jets (4-8) Relevant tiebreaker info: Head to Head Steelers beat the Colts Titans 1-1 vs Colts ---> Titans 2-2 in division w/ Texans 2x, Colts 3-2 division w/ Jags left. Raiders beat the Colts Bills beat the Titans Titans and Raiders play this week Bills and Steelers play in 2 weeks Conference record Bills 6-2 Steelers: 6-3 Titans: 5-4 Raiders 4-4 Colts 5-6
  7. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | the lakers are good

    11/38 from the field, 24/24 from the line. Disgusting. Man, Jokic is relative trash this this year and I’m officialky worried. Don’t know what’s wrong, but we’re 2 months into season and he is playing as poorly as he did first few weeks. Well, offensively anyway. His D has improved significantly from early when his effort wasn’t there.
  8. Week 14 College Football Playoff Rankings

    Committee putting Utah at 5 means, at least to me, they should get in over OU/Baylor winner, assuming they win... yet somehow I don’t believe for a second they’d get in over OU. We will see.
  9. MNF: Vikings at Seahawks GDT

    A 13-3 5 seed traveling to a 9-7 or 8-8 4 seed, while unlikely since it would means 49ers and Seahawks going a combined 5-1 against tough competition before week 17 (and the 12-3 team winning), might just be what it would take for NFL to change HFA in the postseason to best record.
  10. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread (through Week 13)

    Ravens 10-2 (--) 49ers 10-2 (--) Seahawks 10-2 (↑ 1) Saints 10-2 (↑ 1) Patriots 10-2 (↓ 2) Packers 9-3 (↑ 1) Chiefs 8-4 (↑ 1) Texans 8-4 (↑ 1) Vikings 8-4 (↓ 3) Bills 9-3 (↑ 2) Titans 7-5 (↑ 2) Rams 7-5 (↑ 2) Steelers 7-5 (↑ 3) Colts 6-6 (↓ 4) Cowboys 6-6 (↓ 4) Eagles 5-7 (↓ 1) Panthers 5-7 (--) Bears 6-6 (↑ 4) Browns 5-7 (--) Raiders 6-6 (↓ 2) Buccaneers 5-7 (↑ 2) Chargers 4-8 (↓ 2) Broncos 4-8 (↑ 5) Cardinals 3-8-1 (↓ 3) Falcons 3-9 (↓ 1) Lions 3-8-1 (↓ 1) Jets 4-8 (↓ 2) Jaguars 4-8 (↓ 1) Dolphins 3-9 (--) Redskins 3-9 (↑ 1) Giants 2-10 (↓ 1) Bengals 1-11 (--) MVP Watch Lamar Jackson (--) Russell Wilson (--) Christian McCaffery (--) Deshaun Watson (--) Aaron Rodgers (--) HMs- Mahomes, Cousins
  11. MNF: Vikings at Seahawks GDT

    Rudoph's 2019 highlight reel is fire
  12. NBA GDT | '19-'20 | the lakers are good

    Melo was named Western conference POTW over Doncic!? That is hilarious. I love how the fans, media, everybody, is treating Melo like a damn Make a Wish kid out here.
  13. GDT Week 13 Eagles vs the Fins!

    The Dolphins game is kind of weird with judging the D, because I feel like 150+ of Fitz's yards, including several big conversions/TDs, were lobs to WRs who then proceeded to SON our sorry CBs. They were in position, just pathetically outplayed at the point of the catch. Can't blame Schwartz when execution was as poor as it was... although at the end of the day, 38 points to the Dolphins, if you can't figure out a way to slow them down then you are not doing a very good job. That's why I am no fan of Schwartz, he seems to never adjust.
  14. MNF: Vikings at Seahawks GDT

    Vikings need to Old Yeller Rhodes yesterday.
  15. Super Bowl Prediction

    Still a good team? Probably, like 9 or 10 wins. Hard to say for sure since that offense is completely tailored to Lamar's strengths and weaknesses. I would say if you give them like a Jacoby Brissett, run a conservative, power run offense, along with that defense that has been pretty good as of late, and they'd be a playoff team in 2019. Nowhere near #1 in power ranking, best team in the league, territory.