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  1. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Wanted to make a thread where I could post my own power rankings and MVP race. Feel free to share your own and update them as well. My power rankings are based off of preseason rankings which I never got around to posting. My MVP race is from scratch, so it is sure to look funky right now and will fluctuate drastically in the first few weeks. Power Rankings (week 2) Packers (↑ 1) Cowboys (↑ 4) Chiefs (↑ 5) Steelers (--) Patriots (↓ 4) Seahawks (↓ 3) Raiders (↑ 1) Falcons (↓ 1) Broncos (↑ 1) Ravens (↑ 8) Giants (↓ 4) Eagles (↑ 2) Vikings (↑ 4) Lions (↑ 5) Buccaneers (↓ 2) Panthers (--) Cardinals (↓ 5) Titans (↓ 5) Rams (↑ 8) Jaguars (↑ 8) Texans (↓ 6) Bills (↑ 3) Redskins (↓ 2) Dolphins (↑ 2) Chargers (↓ 1) Saints (↓ 3) Bengals (↓ 5) Bears (↑ 1) Browns (↑ 1) 49ers (↑ 1) Colts (↓ 10) Jets (--) MVP Race (week 2) Alex Smith Sam Bradford Matthew Stafford Kareem Hunt Antonio Brown Calais Campbell Matt Ryan LeSean McCoy Khalil Mack Dalvin Cook
  2. The NFC East Thread

    Tackles on run play, 0 or less yards allowed: DEs: 24 (Curry- 9, Graham- 6, Barnett- 6, Long- 3) DTs: 15 (Jernigan- 8, Beau- 4, Cox- 3) LBs: 19 (Kendricks- 10, Bradham- 4, Walker- 3) DBs: 9 (PRob- 3) ^Tackles here aren't exclusively credited, so some may be shared. Overall we've stuffed 56 run plays, a stuff rate of 29%, good for top 3. We were number 1 before last night's game.
  3. Top 20 Wide Receivers Of The Last 20 Years?

    To all these saying AB isn't "special" or not that great, I kind of understand since he's like Rice in that he doesn't jump out at you physically or with wow catches (sure, Rice managed to overcome that to the tune of earning the "GOAT" nickname, but he had to outproduced everybody by an outlandish amount). However, I would disagree. Bit by bit there's nothing generational about him, perhaps, but the sum of the parts is truly special. Very good hands, great speed, quick feet that allow him to run routes at an elite level and an ever growing football IQ that just enhances all of his other talents. I'd point to the Jaguars game where he sonned Ramsey (though Ramsey did bounce back to have a good 2nd half), possibly the best CB in the game. He just gets in and out of his breaks so smoothly, no missed beats, it's a fairly impossible task to stop him 1 on 1. edit: I don't even know if people were saying anything like that in this thread lol... Maybe this just poured over from the legacy thread over in gen. Oh well.
  4. I didn't follow too closely last draft season, but I watched some Lattimore. He looked like 1st round talent but elite CB from day 1? Not in a million years. Ramsey, now he's a guy who looked special, and it was no surprise to see him come in strong and rapidly blossom into a top flight corner. Same goes for PP. Even now watching old Lattimore tape I still don't see it, perplexes me a bit. Just hard, for me anyway, to really gauge the little things, which CAN be translated to the pros, and which CAN make a big difference. Think that's the case with Lattimore. He obviously was so much more than just the freak athlete I saw him as. What even are our needs at this point? DP just has the train moving and making our weaknesses look like strengths mid season. Suddenly CB and RB look to be near the bottom of our list. Even LT doesn't feel as much of a need with Big V holding his own. I'd like another receiver for Wentz, preferably a burner. A guard for depth and potential to be the guy in a few years. Taking an LT high and grooming him for the future is still probably the smart move unless big V really shows he is the real deal the rest of the way. Linebacker needs depth and possibly a starter if Hicks isn't in our long term plans. Can always use more DL for our high demand rotation, but that'd be day 3 kind of pick.
  5. The NFC East Thread

    If it's just a tie between us and the Rams, and we lost to them, then they'd have the tiebreaker. If it's a 3 way tie with the Rams, and the Vikings or the Saints (and the Saints beat the Rams), then the next step is NFC record, followed by record in common games (minimum of 4), followed by combined record of opponents you beat. We currently sit at 7-0 in the NFC, Rams are already 4-3 in the NFC, so they're pretty much screwed in any tiebreaker that they can't win via head to head. Realistically we could probably afford 2 more losses, and still get the 1 seed. However, if we truly want to control our destiny, we actually can only afford a loss to the Raiders. Here's a few ways it could play out and where it would leave us: Saints win out Vikings win out Eagles lose 1 to anybody but the Raiders Outcome: 1. Vikings, 2. Saints, 3. Eagles (Vikings win three team tie on strength of victory, Saints win tie with Eagles on strength of victory) Rams win out Vikings lose at Detroit. Saints lose at Rams Eagles lose at Rams, and anybody but Raiders Outcome: 1. Vikings, 2. Saints, 3. Eagles, 4. Rams (Rams get beat by everyone with their NFC conference record, then through SOV we end up with same order as before) Vikings lose at Detroit. Saints lose at Rams Eagles beat Raiders, Rams and Bears, lose 2 out of the Giants, Cowboys and Seahawks game Outcome: 1. Vikings, 2. Eagles, 3. Saints (Vikings on SOV, we get the nod over Saints on common opponents) If we're tied with the Vikings, we're losing that tie-breaker unless the Raiders were our sole loss. Of course I don't expect the Vikings to win out, but that is why theoretically even one misstep would mathematically take the 1 seed out of our hands, well, until the Vikings have a misstep. Let's just save everybody the trouble and go 15-1.
  6. ESPN NFL Playoff Machine 2017

    Ridiculously easy schedule for the Lions from here on out. I think they're a good team, top QB with an opportunistic defense, think they make a very strong playoff push. Think Carolina is going to completely fall off, although tonight alone will probably show whether that prediction is right or wrong.
  7. The NFC East Thread

  8. The NFC East Thread

    Breakout season 102.4 passer rating, 65.6% cmps, 8.1 Y/A, 5.1 TD%, 1.3 INT% Next 10 83.6 passer rating, 59.7% cmps, 7.3 Y/A, 3.8 TD%, 2.7 INT% Breakout season 98.3 passer rating, 62.4% cmps, 8.3 Y/A, 4.6 TD%, 1.4 INT% Next 10 81.8 passer rating, 56.2% cmps, 7.3 Y/A, 4.4 TD%, 2.8 INT% Breakout season 119.2 passer rating, 64% cmps, 9.1 Y/A, 8.5 TD%, 0.6 INT% Next 10 83.5 passer rating, 59.7% cmps, 7.0 Y/A, 4.1 TD%, 2.7 INT% RG3, Kaep and Foles. Breakout season 104.9 passer rating, 67.8% cmps, 8.0 Y/A, 5.0 TD%, 0.9 INT% Next 10 89.8 passer rating, 62.8% cmps, 6.9 Y/A, 5.0 TD%, 2.2 INT% Perhaps Dak joins them to make a quartet of one and done QBs on the decade?
  9. Denver Nuggets Thread

    HC- Mike Malone Projected 2017-18 Depth Chart (as of now) PG- Jameer Nelson / Emmanuel Mudiay SG- Gary Harris / Will Barton / Jamal Murray / Malik Beasley SF- Wilson Chandler PF- Paul Millsap / Juan Hernangomez / Kenneth Faried / Trey Lyles / Tyler Lydon C- Nikola Jokic / Mason Plumlee / Darrell Arthur
  10. Confidence only leads to disappointment. I'll be hyped about this team when they have a 4 score lead with 5 minutes left in the Super Bowl... Sad but true. We should be able to destroy this team. Trubisky is a mediocre rookie, and their only offense comes from the run, which we obviously excel at shutting down. They are good on defense, but nothing scary. Now the one thing that gets me about this team is how they've manage to trip up some of the best teams in the league. Beat Pitt and Carolina, and kept it tight with Minnesota and New Orleans. Hopefully we come out and just blow our load of RB depth all over them en route to a relaxing win, because this is our last resting stop before our schedule goes straight to hell. 3 straight road games, including 2 out west against NFC contenders and then against the Giants (never count out divisional games, especially against teams with nothing to lose. Remember when we beat Giants last year in the final weeks?).
  11. Verdict on the skycam

    Remember how NBC used to have SNF available live on their website, and you could pick from several different angles?? The tech is 100% already there, or at least the networks know how to utilize it properly, but I'm guessing it wasn't a success if they got rid of it (which I don't even know for sure). I don't know how you would translate that to television, aside from having multiple channels air the game a la the National championship game in college football.
  12. A Look at the NFL's Home Field Advantages

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AjvqihcNb--nbY5yIoMB4NrsaJY (let me know if link doesn't work) A look at how every team has fared in their current stadium. Newer stadiums were not included as the sample size is too small. A couple of observations I had The Cowboys are currently the only team without a home field advantage. They actually lose 5% more at home. They also are the only team that either scores less, or allows more points, at home, allowing 6% more points at home. The Lions win an NFL best 78% more at home than on the road (45% win rate at home, just 25% on the road). The Seahawks have the biggest gap between home winning% and road winning%, 73% at home vs 42% on the road. There doesn't seem to be much of a correlation between region or whether the stadium is a dome or not.
  13. MVP leaders at this point.

    I think voting would be pretty close right now. Fresh face in Wentz, who holds a league best 9-1 record. Brady's been better, but voter fatigue is no doubt a thing. Brady would get my vote FWIW. Alex Smith pretty much took himself out of the race with his awful performance.
  14. A little bit, it's very fun but only with the right group. Much better than that PUBG PC game everybody has gone crazy over. I know a few people who were in the same boat, D1 fanatics who have been sorely disappointed by D2. I didn't get into the series until the summer, but D2 felt like they took the finished D1 (the only one I ever played) and only added a better campaign while simplifying everything. Base D2 should be better than end D1, but at this rate that probably doesn't happen until the 2nd expansion or so which is ridiculous.
  15. Leaderboards ---> got a card. Get with the lingo. Glad you felt that way playing Bastion, you have a heart after all. Widowmaker is the sniper, she has a zoom and can one shot most heroes. Hanzo can do the same damage from long range but has no scope. Ana has a scope, but her sniper only does 70 damage (vs Widow's 120) and cannot headshot. I tend to agree, and if you ever enter the foray of competitive play you'll find snipers are frowned upon. They have a high skill floor, yet are some of the most popular picks. As a result a majority you play with don't reach that floor and are useless. If played well, they can definitely work though, and often wreak havoc. In quick play/arcade just have fun and/or try to improve.
  16. South Park was great. I breezed through it in the first few days. Destiny 2 was kind of disappointing, campaign was great but that's it. I played it a ton for the first few weeks but haven't touched it since, just wasn't much more to do. Started playing Warframe instead, a free game which is basically a copy of Destiny but with much more to do. More customization. Graphics aren't on Destiny's level, worlds are smaller, a bit buggy, but basically everything Destiny should be. If you combined the two you'd have a masterpiece.
  17. Depends on your background. If you're a seasoned COD/FPS player, then Soldier: 76 will be very easy to pick-up since he is basically your standard FPS character. Heroes like Lucio, Reinhardt, Junkrat, Mercy, Torbjorn, Bastion are probably the easiest to be serviceable with and thus have a good time with, while you'll probably want to stay away from heroes like Genji, McCree, Sombra & Winston at first since if you don't know what you're doing you won't have much fun. I'd try everyone out, get a feel for what they can do. Even if you don't play them, you'll know what to expect when you encounter them. OW is heavy on game sense, which you can only develop through playing OW. It does seem like a lot at first but you catch on pretty quick. BTW guys OW is free to play for another day or two, would reccomend/10
  18. What do the Chargers do from here?

    I've always had a soft spot for the Chargers and have rooted for them to succeed. I just am thinking that what they are going through is not something I've seen before. Generally when a team in any league relocates, they lose a huge chunk of their fanbase, if not most of it. However they usually make up for those losses, and then some, with all the new fans from the fresh and hungry city they've moved to. They already had a fairly weak fanbase while in San Diego during down years, but we see that all the time. Now they left San Diego, and naturally lost a chunk of their fanbase who are now bitter towards the franchise for leaving the city after trying to make them foot the bill for a stadium. The problem is that unlike most relocators, they weren't necessarily wanted at their new location. LA just got the Rams, a franchise that many in LA probably considered "there's" all along. On top of that, the Rams have become a good fooball team already, sitting at 7-2 with SB aspirations. Timing matters, if there were people in LA who didn't know which LA team to root for, odds are many have been rooting for the Rams as of late and will become emotionally invested in them. I feel Spanos has done irreparable damage to the Chargers franchise, and it ultimately will cost him the most. Is there really any hope for them in LA, barring they don't turn it around quickly and win a SB or 2 in the near future? I'm not saying the fans are bad fans, I just think the fanbase itself has to be one of the smallest in recent memory, and I don't see it changing when the Rams will dig their roots into La (already have, probably) way before the Chargers do.
  19. SNF GDT: Eagles at Cowboys

    Yeah I easily take the Pats receiving options. We're including TEs and RBs right? Pretty neglible otherwise, Jeffery is prob best of bunch (marginally) but Pats are deeper. Not saying he's better than Brady though, tonight clearly showed he's still quite a ways away from being elite.
  20. Dak is simply CRUSHED that he has been pulled and robbed of 4 minutes of garbage time (or as the Prescott's call it, prime time).
  21. Dak just picking apart the D. Impressive. Don't think Wentz had a drive with this much yardage.