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  1. In season news and notes

    Do you guys think this was Jalen's fault, and that he was responsible for the deep right? It was a 74 yard TD to Lockett at 3:52, in the 4th quarter, against the Seahawks (for those of you with gamepass so you can check the all 22) It's at around 9:20 here but you don't really get the full picture.
  2. Nacho Simulation Football League (S15 - Preseason)

    Someone refresh my memory, does the sim just skip over seasons where players barley played? Or do they treat it as a full season and only look at the per game numbers? Wondering if it looks at AP's 2015-17, or his 2013, 2015 and 2017 for the upcoming year. Tentative keepers. Mack- 3 AP- 3 Lane- 3 Lavonte- 2 Buckner- 2 Wagner- 2 Berry- 2 Myles- 1 (is this correct?) Corey Davis- 1 Marlon Humphrey- 1 Take away Davis and Humphrey's tags if Myles will cost 3) Verrett, Zach Brown and Whitehair are some of the notable guys I am not tagging.
  3. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Bortles comes up big, and defense gets back to shut down play. Jags 24 Pats 20
  4. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Definitely a bummer that the weather won't play much of a role. I'm most confident just making a prediction that this will be an ugly, low score game, under 40 total pts, where TOs ultimately decide the winner. So I'll go Eagles 39 (Foles: 12/14, 206 yards, 1 TD) Vikings 0 (Keenum: 6/29, 88 yards, 3 INTs)
  5. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Yeah here are the last 3 RB franchise tag prices: 2017: $12.1M 2016: $11.8M 2015: $11.0M The average of various measures for the last 3 offseasons: "must be offered a one-year contract for an amount no less than the average of the top five salaries at the player's position as of a date in April of the current year in which the tag will apply" Cap Hit 2017: $7.2M 2016: $8.6M 2015: $10M Average Salary 2017: $7.7M 2016: $9.1M 2015: $10.4M Total Cash 2017: $10.7M (not including 2017 rookies since that's after April, but including 2016 rookies) 2016: $8.9M 2015: $11.6M I am stumped. My other theory was that there was some provision that didn't allow for the franchise tag value to ever decrease, but I quickly found that to be false as franchise tags in 2011 were higher at many positions than they are even now, and certainly in the following 2012 year.
  6. Williams' was much worse in my eyes simply because of the situation. 10 seconds left, 1 point lead, you tackle him in bounds it's game over, you even push him out of bounds and the Vikings have to attempt a a 50+ yard FG. I believe in Ravens-Broncos there was 30+ seconds, and it was only 3rd down with a 7 point lead. Williams' mistake directly lead to a loss, Moore's mistake lead to a tie which ended up being a loss. Ignoring situation, they were both equally poor. Both safeties tried to make game ending plays (Moore: an INT, Williams: a tackle in bounds) instead of taking the more conservative route, and simply screwed up in their attempts. I do think it was just a bad play call by the Saints. Williams screwed up, but erase the screw up that we're all talking about and the Vikings are still in position to win the game with a ~52 yard FG. The defense as a whole failed, or rather the playcall itself, to allow Diggs to get as open as he did. You look at the play and right off the bat they not only show a 4 man rush, but they do just rush each of those guys. Usually you'd only rush 3 there. You have to sell out to stop the sideline throw. Also, why have 2 guys covering the middle of the field so close? The Vikings needed at least 15 yards to get into FG range, you don't need to worry about jumping on the quick out from a slot WR or RB out of the backfield, which is why you'd want guys in that zone. Hell, the inside defender on our left literally doesn't even move on the play, so it's not like they tried to give one look only to have those 2 defenders retreat toward the sideline, instead he really was just covering the middle of the field outside of FG range. The Vikings were playing for a 15+ yard gain that would end out of bounds within 9 seconds, the whole world knew this... does this look like a defense designed to stop that?
  7. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Bit off topic, but why is the cost for the RB franchise tag as high as it is? The average salary of the top 5 backs certainly was not $12M in 2017, which is how much Bell got (and thus would now get $12M x 120% if tagged again). What am I missing?
  8. Jeff Fisher Bowl II cannot come soon enough.
  9. The SB is practically a holiday at this point, and the pageantry that comes with it has certainly transcended the game of football.
  10. It's the Super Bowl, do you guys seriously think the match-up actually matters in regards to ratings? Maybe the small niche of hardcore fans will be less interested, but "casual fans" are not going to skip out on SB parties because the teams lack the prestige.
  11. Which SB matchup do you want?

    I would have 0 problem outright cutting Carson Wentz if it meant winning a SB... I'm rooting for an Eagles-Jaguars SB. I think the Eagles stand a much better chance against the Jaguars than the Patriots. If the Patriots don't make it, man, what a BIZARRE SB we will be treated to. 2 teams that have never won a SB, 2 teams that weren't even in the playoffs the year before, 2 teams whose starting QB many considered awful at the start of the year. This didn't dawn on me until now. I don't think we'll have seen a more unlikely matchup in SB history... will have to check the odds on that one though. The best SB in terms of the game would probably be the Vikings-Patriots, as you'd have the AFC 1 seed vs what was essentially NFC's 1 seed. The 2 pre-playoff favorites going at it is generally going to be a good game, especially if the Pats are involved.
  12. #6 for Brady & Bill

    Don't think their legacy can get much stronger. However, this would be a bit of a different SB run for them to make, one where their road looks easy on paper and they will be overwhelming favorites in every matchup. So in a sense, maybe it would change their legacy in a way by somewhat lessening the memory of the 2007 and 2011 runs that weren't. Mariota--->Bortles--->Foles/Keenum They were double digit favorites against Tennessee, opened as 8.5 against Jags, and I'd imagine it would be double digits against the Eagles and around 8.5 against the Vikings (unless they just curb stomp Philly). They've had this kind of road play out in front of them before, in 2007, where they were overwhelming favorites in each game and avoided the Steelers, defending champ Colts, and 13-3 Packers (granted they still would have been easy favorites in each of these since they were so damn good, but it wouldn't be by as much. I believe they were favored by nearly 2 TDs in each game) A SB run this year would mean revenge against Coughlin and then actually beating a team that has no business beating them in the Eagles or Vikings (reminiscent of the 07/11 Giants).
  13. The playoffs!

    I hate to keep being the debbie downer, but damn guys, I really do kinda of get depressed thinking about how untimely that Carson Wentz injury was. Of course we still have a chance, but just seeing our defense play like they have and showing they are in fact the real deal (at least at home), knowing we are hosting the NFCCG, having that tight locker room and great mentality, but missing one of the league's brightest QBs... It stinks. Again, I'm not giving up hope! Just thinking out loud. Anything short of a SB will make this feel like the season that wasn't, all because of some fluke injury. The farther we advance, the more depressing it would be if we lose, knowing things would be different with our savior. Hopefully we don't lost though, hopefully we shock the world. Minnesota is just as inexperienced with an equally unlikely QB starting as us, and while absolutely nothing would suggest we could beat the Patriots, the Giants pulled it off TWICE so why the hell can't we?
  14. The Catch That Broke The Curse

    Sure bud, just like when Freddie Mitchell broke the Eagles' curse on 4th & 26.
  15. The playoffs!

    Does anyone else think Keenum is not much better than Foles? To me they are both mediocre QBs, Case definitely has the edge in terms of pocket awareness and mobility right now, but the former can be chalked up a bit to the fact he's been playing with starts nearly the whole year. They both need a steady platform to get throws off, otherwise they look like they have very weak arms, they're rhythm passers. Take away their anomaly seasons (2013 Foles, 2017 Keenum)* and the stats are very similar. They performed identically poor in Fisher's system. I consider him a capable QB in an ideal system, who is just feeling it at the moment. This is the primary reason I think I slightly preferred the Minny matchup, I trust our defense against Keenum more than Brees, and I think either way we would hold the run game in check. *I know Vikings fans will take issue with calling this an anomaly season for Case, and I don't blame them, I would do the same until proven otherwise. Also not exactly apple to apple to comparison when you could say Keenum is in the midst of said "anomaly" season, where as Foles is well removed from his. This is not me talking up Foles in any way, that 1st half is still very fresh in my mind, it's just talking down Keenum big time. Perhaps a bit too harsh, but I just don't see a stark difference, besides the mobility, when I watch him, nor do I see anything above a solid QB.
  16. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Cursed franchise my behind! That was the stuff of miracles. Beyond even 4th & 26.
  17. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    That actually kind of was a good throw. Obviously better catch but where he put that only Thielen could get it.
  18. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    Let's go Vikings, prove that 1st half wasn't a fluke. Vikings-Eagles NFCCG confirms at least 1 cursed franchise will make it to the big game.
  19. GWT: Week 19 Saints @ Vikings

    To the Vikings, this game was the only thing standing between them and a SB trip, which might explain the choking. High pressure game.
  20. At this rate the Vikings will be favored more on the road against us than the Patriots will be at home against the Jags. I am ready for the Foles V Keenum showdown.
  21. I think the Vikings are the best, and most complete, team in the NFC but at the end of the day I'd rather play Keenum than Brees. I very well could come to regret that, but oh well. Never want to face a future 1st ballot HOFer.
  22. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    I legitimately have more faith in Bortles than the Jags defense, and it's not a knock against the Jags defense as much as it is complete faith in Bortles for some reason. You just get that feeling. I am so pumped for this AFCCG.
  23. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    < YOU ARE HERE> Bortles won’t win MVP Bortles won’t repeat as Super Bowl MVP Bortles won’t go on to break the single season TD mark Bortles won’t make a comeback down 35-3 in the Super Bowl Bortles won’t win his 3rd MVP Bortles won’t win his 4th Super Bowl to top off a 19-0 season Bortles won’t retire a 47 year old Brady in a playoff shootout Bortles won’t end his career as the GOAT
  24. GWT: Week 19 Jags @ Steelers

    It’s called hedging your bets! $$$ softens the blow of a loss, and who cares if you lose some money but your team gets the W? Can be risky though if your team loses AND covers. Really only viable in games with spread between -2.5 and +2.5