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  1. Elliott has cemented his place in our lore with that kick, WOW. What a way to overcome losing half our D.
  2. 0 sacks from our vaunted front 7 against their weak OL. Granted Giants are going with a quick passing attack, but we should have adjusted to more press and less soft zone to force Eli to hold it and get pressure. Thanks to Doug going for it at midfield we're gonna go into the half tied, and they get ball at the half.
  3. Smallwood fumble incoming.
  4. HELL YEAH way to make a play young man. I see you Rasul.
  5. Now, will Doug see this as meeting the run quota and abandon the run as soon as it gets stuffed, or will he see that it's working and the Giants run D is inferior to their pass D and keep riding it?
  6. That was just incredible. He's really not that fast but he's got the quick shifty ability very few big QBs possess and some amazing vision as a runner.
  7. Another 60 drop back game for Carson. Doug went to the run on the 2nd play of the game, it didn't work. Therefore, the run game is not effective. Abandon asap.
  8. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    Bryce Love in 4 games: 787 yards on 73 carries (10.8 Y/C), and 5 TDs. All against FBS schools, 3 of which were ranked at some point this season. Since 2000 only Garrett Wolfe has had more yards through 4 games, and he did it on 23 more carries, and got to go up against 2 MAC schools and an FCS school.
  9. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    Florida is definitely winning this... curse lives on through that dime on the WR pass.
  10. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    Florida looks like trash outside of a few series where their front 7 just wrecks. Kentucky could be close to sealing this right now if they weren't making silly mistakes like forgetting to cover a WR or snapping the ball overhead. This one will probably end up coming down to the wire, let's see if they can break the streak.
  11. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    As bad as those teams are, they'd beat Bama as badly as Bama is beating Vandy right now. Their coaching staff could be made up of 10 year olds and the Browns/Jets still stomp. Remember those starters are all NFL players, whereas only around half of Bama's starters are NFL players.
  12. GOTW | Week 4 | #16 TCU @ #6 Oklahoma State

    Gary P and the boys are back. Always can count on his 4-2-5 to make seemingly great offenses look ordinary.
  13. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    Looks like Wisconsin may have a challenge for the B1G West crown after all in Purdue... Have hung with two very good, and very different, teams so far this season. So weird actually having to be cautious of Purdue.
  14. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Wanted to make a thread where I could post my own power rankings and MVP race. Feel free to share your own and update them as well. My power rankings are based off of preseason rankings which I never got around to posting. My MVP race is from scratch, so it is sure to look funky right now and will fluctuate drastically in the first few weeks. Power Rankings (week 2) Packers (↑ 1) Cowboys (↑ 4) Chiefs (↑ 5) Steelers (--) Patriots (↓ 4) Seahawks (↓ 3) Raiders (↑ 1) Falcons (↓ 1) Broncos (↑ 1) Ravens (↑ 8) Giants (↓ 4) Eagles (↑ 2) Vikings (↑ 4) Lions (↑ 5) Buccaneers (↓ 2) Panthers (--) Cardinals (↓ 5) Titans (↓ 5) Rams (↑ 8) Jaguars (↑ 8) Texans (↓ 6) Bills (↑ 3) Redskins (↓ 2) Dolphins (↑ 2) Chargers (↓ 1) Saints (↓ 3) Bengals (↓ 5) Bears (↑ 1) Browns (↑ 1) 49ers (↑ 1) Colts (↓ 10) Jets (--) MVP Race (week 2) Alex Smith Sam Bradford Matthew Stafford Kareem Hunt Antonio Brown Calais Campbell Matt Ryan LeSean McCoy Khalil Mack Dalvin Cook
  15. Denver Nuggets Thread

    HC- Mike Malone Projected 2017-18 Depth Chart (as of now) PG- Jameer Nelson / Emmanuel Mudiay SG- Gary Harris / Will Barton / Jamal Murray / Malik Beasley SF- Wilson Chandler PF- Paul Millsap / Juan Hernangomez / Kenneth Faried / Trey Lyles / Tyler Lydon C- Nikola Jokic / Mason Plumlee / Darrell Arthur
  16. That's what my PS4 is at the moment. Had it since christmas and only have NBA 2K17 on it... Wish I got a Switch instead since at my core I'm still a Nintendo guy all the way, for their exclusives blow everyone else away.
  17. Any Xbox Destiny players here? Need more clansmen
  18. Destiny 2

    Anyone on XboxMasterRace want to join my clan? 10 strong atm, but the more the better.
  19. Which 0-2 team will make the playoffs?

    Of these teams, the Chargers have looked the best (just as easily 2-0), but at 0-2 with the remaining schedule they have? Not to mention winning that division is at least 11 wins, I give them little hope. Giants have looked like trash, but they've been without their best player (not himself against Lions) and still are the same very talented team that went 11-5 last season. Being in the NFCE they could maybe win the division with 9 or 10 wins too. I give them a chance to turn it around. If I had to bet though, none of them make it.
  20. What Happened to the Bengals?

    First let's take a trip down memory lane... December 8th, 2015. The Bengals are 10-2, atop AFC power rankings, the 2nd highest point differential in the league. They've seemingly finally made the leap to true contender after years of being playoff fodder. Andy Dalton leads the league in passer rating with 107.1, over 3,000 yards and 25 TDs to just 6 INTs while completing over 66% of his passes. Their offense looks elite, their defense looks more than formidable, the Bengals are looking primed to make a SB run. Of course Dalton breaks his thumb the next week early against the Steelers and the season falls apart. They manage 2-2 without Dalton but 12-4 isn't good enough for a bye (they narrowly lost in OT to the Broncos in week 16 with McCarron, losing the tie breaker). Without Dalton they are knocked out in the 1st round for the 5th year in a row. From 2015 to 2016, they lose offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, receivers Sanu and Marvin Jones, and safety Nelson. For a 12 win team, the player losses are practically nothing, and they seem to make up for it in the draft and FA. The loss of Hue is big, but expected, and in 2015 the defense went on just fine after losing Zimmer. Bengals are expected to resume where they left off before Dalton's thumb injury, and are ranked around 6 or 7 in preseason power rankings. They ultimately finish with a paltry 6 wins. While their IR was pretty crowded by the end of the year, it would be dishonest to put the blame on injuries when they started the season 3-5. So far in 2017, it seems to be the same old story, off to an 0-2 start with no offensive TDs. So since Dalton's broken thumb, the Bengals are just 8-14-1, and Dalton, in 18 games, has thrown for just 18 TDs, 12 INTs, completing 63% of his passes en route to a 87.1 passer rating. What happened? Was that 12 game stretch in 2015 a fluke more than anything where things just happened to click perfectly? (and if so, was the fluke merely Dalton's play, or the entire team?) Was Hue Jackson just integral to the team's success? Do they have any hope of recapturing that brief "glory" with the current regime/QB? Did Dalton's thumb injury have long term effects?
  21. WR's - What is the plan?

    Disclaimer: this is a 100% fantasy fueled concern What is the deal with Cooks? Is he just another talented WR unable to "get" your offense and/or get on the same page as TB?
  22. Giants run D has been looking very weak, but their pass D is as strong as ever. If Doug doesn't utilize the run and makes Carson pass it 50x then I've lost all hope for him. Our D will be good for one screw up but our DBs should be safe from long developing routes that usually burn them since we should be able to get consistent pressure with our front 4 alone.
  23. Power Rankings and MVP Race Thread

    Power Rankings (week 3) Chiefs 2-0 (↑ 2) Falcons 2-0 (↑ 6) Steelers 2-0 (↑ 1) Broncos 2-0 (↑ 5) Patriots 1-1 (--) Packers 1-1 (↓ 5) Raiders 2 -0 (--) Seahawks 1-1 (↓ 2) Cowboys 1-1 (↓ 7) Lions 2-0 (↑ 4) Ravens 2-0 (↓ 1) Buccaneers 1-0 (↑ 3) Eagles 1-1 (↓ 1) Panthers 2-0 (↑ 2) Titans 1-1 (↑ 3) Vikings 1-1 (↓ 3) Cardinals 1-1 (--) Redskins 1-1 (↑ 5) Rams 1-1 (--) Texans 1-1 (↑ 1) Giants 0-2 (↓ 10) Dolphins 1-0 (↑ 2) Bills 1-1 (↓ 1) Jaguars 1-1 (↓ 4) Chargers 0-2 (--) Saints 0-2 (--) Bengals 0-2 (--) Bears 0-2 (--) Browns 0-2 (--) 49ers 0-2 (--) Colts 0-2 (--) Jets 0-2 (--) (the way too early) MVP Race (week 3) Kareem Hunt Alex Smith Matt Ryan Matthew Stafford Derek Carr Antonio Brown Von Miller C.J. Anderson Tom Brady Ben Roethliberger
  24. What Happened to the Bengals?

    I'm talking about last season, when they still had the same OL as in 2015 minus Andre Smith. I can see now how they have a makeshift OL that is struggling to keep Dalton upright, but what about in 2016?