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  1. Week 5 - Rams at Seahawks - TNF

    I would like McVay to be prudent. Pete Carroll is a great coach. Need a great game plan, with no tolerance for stupidity.
  2. Banger's post pro days mock

    I don't predict trades, so let's get started right away. ROUND 1 Jerry Tillery DL Notre Dame Well he is a disruptive force and a big, lengthy prospect, with great quickness off the snap. Has strength, but also knows how to avoid blockers with his use of hands, while he performs his moves. He might be opposite of Darnold in Wade's scheme, but either way, he has ability not only to rush the passer, but is a pretty good run defender as well. One thing is for sure though, he's not wearing 99 on our team LOL https://youtu.be/M79f2soiqKw ROUND 3a James Williams RB Washington State This guy is very explosive, has great ability to catch the ball out of the back field. Very solid when in space, with very little concerns when it comes to ball security. He was able to absorb hits and stayed on his feet. All in all, very good receiving back, to spell Gurly on third down. https://youtu.be/Jcszi8Vp3vM ROUND 3b Joe Giles-Harris LB Duke Very good linebacker, with great fundamentals. He has very good recognition skills and is a secure tackler. Could be a very good ILB in Wade's scheme. Very low risk kind of prospect, who might become a great starter. https://youtu.be/DMJXyO-uPO4 ROUND 4: Mark Fields CB Clemson This corner has a lot of potential, but is limited to nickel setups. Has good speed and is able to stay with receivers, also is a sound finisher. Had some off the field issues, but if handled correctly, he could be a steal. If not, not a big risk in this round, can easily be cut. https://youtu.be/f1oUHz8Pzjw ROUND 5: Ryan Davis WR Auburn This receiver has speed, agility, most of all, soft hands. He was versatile at Auburn, as a back and returner. Sort of a swiss army knife on offense and special teams. Good prospect for this round. Great value potentially as a gadget play guy. https://youtu.be/42i2QX0YTkw ROUND 6: Mitch Hyatt OL Clemson He is a tackle who has great understanding of the game, but lacks athleticism. He might be a good depth for our O line, but can also be a good starter if moved inside. Not a great risk in this round. https://youtu.be/47Xx6-LuppU ROUND 7: Johnnie Dixon WR Ohio State Young man is a fast and versatile player. Can contribute as a special team player, but also in the slot. More of a depth pick. https://youtu.be/oxqDchlWeLA So that would be it for this year. Don't be shy and share your opinions. Take care.
  3. Free Agency News & Rumors

    Should Rams pursue Zach Brown? Very good LB, who is fast and has range. He is a Rams fan as well and might give us a discount, if we give him a multi year deal. Barron was good, but I believe Brown is better.
  4. Rams agree to terms w/ Danté Fowler

    I think that 14 million is too much for Fowler. If he delivers, it would be justified, if he doesn't have at least 12 sacks, it's a disappointment.
  5. Banger Post Combine Mock Draft

    Thank,s LBC. I feel we need to try some backs out. Most of all, we need to threaten with elusive, as well as banger type of back, since we don't have a FB on our roster. On Herbig, I am sure he can play guard and center. He is not perfect, but can be someone who can replace either Sullivan, or Saffold. But I might be wrong. Take care.
  6. Banger Post Combine Mock Draft

    Thank you jrry, I've been busy so haven't had much time to write on the forum. Thank you for your insight as well, much appreciated.
  7. So the combine is over, so I will try to do this as realistic as it gets, without trade scenarios, as usual. Here we go... ROUND 1 DeAndre Baker CB Georgia When I was watching Georgia this past season, I was having an impression, that this guy was always around the ball. He might not be a prototype body type, but I think that he will be an improvement over Peters. I think that this guy is just what this defense needs, so we wouldn't have guys going ballistic on us, like many receivers did against Peters, exploiting him in man coverage and his discipline to execute his duty. To many bonehead penalties for my taste, so with Baker, I think we would get a better and more savvy player. Oh, BTW, he is a good tackler as well. https://youtu.be/VZY29WBcg8c ROUND 3a Chase Winovich DE Michigan I just hope that this guy is going to be available at this spot. When I watched Michigan, he was one of the guys that were a focal point of the opposing defense. Just tremendous motor and will to get where he needs to go. His passion in the game, reminded me of Kevin Green. His hear style too. At the combine, he was excellent and showed sound fundamentals. I think that his status is going to rise, so I hope he is there for us at this spot. https://youtu.be/TtMk8KU7hyI ROUND 3b Trayveon Williams RB Texas A&M Like Winovich, I hope he's there for us, because he could be a similar change of pace back, that Anderson was late in the season and playoffs. Gurley needs someone to carry the load with him, and I think this young man can do it for us. Was very productive at A&M and should make the opposing team worry about him as well in their game plan. https://youtu.be/FZX5_8qJZWA ROUND 4 Nate Herbig OG Stanford With Sullivan probably gone, we will need to find another smart guy that can play that center position. Herbig is a guard, with ability to play either side. If we don't figure out who will replace Sullivan, from our existing roster, I believe that Herbig can play center and be a good starter for our offense. Since Saffold is in question too, if he leaves, we will have a player that can fill that position instantly. He may even become starter his rookie year. https://youtu.be/ZEDzuEUDlcM ROUND 5 Ugochukwu Amady S Oregon All I need to say is, this guy is a play maker. Solid safety, with great fundamentals. Lombardy award winner. If we want a play maker on safety position, we have to draft him. Joyner might be gone, so if we want to be safe, we get this guy in fifth. https://youtu.be/919FSmGrBlI ROUND 6 Kendall Joseph LB Clemson We need depth at LB position, and this guy is a savvy player, who is quick to read and react at the snap. Was a solid player, with over two hundred tackles in his two seasons as a starter. Good value as a sixth rounder. https://youtu.be/sA7Ahzd-pYE ROUND 7 Jacques Patrick RB FSU A low risk pick of a power back, that can provide some bowling ball type of effect between the tackles. Physical runner, that can get that dirty yardage on third and one, or two. No upside, but can be very good if utilized properly. https://youtu.be/xX8rG1inxQU So that would be it for now. I will probably do another one, just prior to the draft. Let me know what you think. Take care.
  8. Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots

    Let's hope that our team has a good game plan, but either way, I'm satisfied with the Rams season, no matter the outcome.
  9. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    I love that we play against the Saints, because I would love that Rams show everyone they are the best offense in the league.
  10. Cowboys @ Rams

    Peters needs to go. Too many dumb plays he's made all season.
  11. Cowboys @ Rams

    Yes you did. This is a whole new deal. Two pro bowl type of backs are going to test your defense this time arround. Anderson found a new life in our system Thus far Anderson and Gurley are taking the Lawrence's soul.
  12. Cowboys @ Rams

    Yes you did. This is a whole new deal. Two pro bowl type of backs are going to test your defense this time arround. Anderson found a new life in our system.
  13. Cowboys @ Rams

    So, the Cowboys are coming to the Colosseum. I guess that they will try to run the ball on us. One thing we need to do against them, that is blitz them on third down. If it's zone, or man blitz, depends on the yardage, but there should be some additional pressure from, either safety, or LB positions. Pretty confident that Gurly and Anderson can provide yards on the ground.
  14. You're right, they are the lowest seeded team