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  1. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    howard with the strong hands today
  2. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    im crying
  3. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    very nice
  4. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

  5. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    someone needs to go low on kwon!!!
  6. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    get the juices flowing
  7. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    JPP get 15 if he was healthy all year playing with these guys.
  8. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    The boys sure do look crisp out there today
  9. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    Damn our interior is going to be fun to watch.
  10. Week 1 Niners @ Bucs

    Vita getting some presses in.
  11. All hail Todd Bowles

    Damn... can't wait to see whats up when Vea and JPP suit up. This is what happens though when daddy is home compared to having the teenage girl down the street watch the kids.
  12. Gerald McCoy feels slighted by Bucs

    And this is why he was never the true leader of the team. Big baby. Rubbed me the wrong way years ago when Winston first showed up and the tug of war about who the leader of the team was. Came off soft then and this just proves it.
  13. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    It's a clean cut. Nobody should second guess this move. McCoy was nice but he is what he is. Winston took the locker room over day one. McCoy sounded sour over it. As soon as Ayers came to town everyone gravitated towards him because he was alpha. It was JPP line as soon as he joined the team. Fingers crossed Suh wants to get paid again next season.
  14. Gerald McCoy released - Signs with Carolina

    Suh please