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  1. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    Cramp Hopefully it just cramped up.
  2. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    "Silly"... is David off his meds or what??? I don't want to see his face on the stadium all preseason. How many games should the team suspend him for?
  3. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    I don't care about draft slot either. We've had a plodded be the lead back the last five years? One of these years we will have a lead back that can produce better than 3 ypc. Young, fresh, explosive legs. Jones will do it this year if old Dirk doesn't wait until the season is almost over before he let's him shine.
  4. Bucs training camp discussion - IT'S HAPPENING

    I like Barber but there better be a massive dose of Jones this season. He should be the starter week one.
  5. FIRE! Rocking this one all season. Thanks a ton!
  6. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    If I am not mistaken there were some posts while back with sites saying we'd be in the six win range. Div games are always a battle but I don't mind the schedule at all. Eagles and Pitt is a rough start but the rest of the out of div games are about as easy as it gets. With or without Winston we could be 0-3 after the first three games. It is going to come down to how fast our def can gel and how alpha they are. Howard, Godwin with a year under their belt and the juice that Jones will bring to the running game... the off will be fine. I was pissed reading 6-10 but 2-14... #itsabucslife so I wouldn't be shocked.
  7. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    That's a move to think about. Haven't looked but the Jets must have tons of cap. Not sure they would let Teddy go to save $6M this year.
  8. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I've never been butthurt so I'm not trying to convince the internet how bad of a guy Winston is like you are. He did it he's scum like everyone on this board has said multiple times but you just have to keep pounding away how inferior everyone is because they aren't up 24/7 crying like you are. I'd smack the **** out of you if you talked to me like this in person. You're an idiot and always have been. Keep up the good fight though if it makes you feel better fool.
  9. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Damn... same thing over and over and over again... we know we know like fourteen pages ago what's up. It's like someone is just trying to get their post count up. Isn't there a rule somewhere regarding that? Sad because everyone isn't pounding their chests and smashing their keyboards in anger.
  10. Your work looks so fresh and so clean. Much appreciated if you could toss a Kwon Alexander sig my way.
  11. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Gag on it then because I didn't say what you said I said.
  12. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Comprehend **** them comment sucker. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR STANCE trust me. Slow your role, you are jumping every chance you get. I said... "not one team would pull that trigger today." Guys get in a fight at the club, gets busted for smoking eh do your time and keep things moving. If he raped a girl I college I would walk him out the door myself if I had the chance.
  13. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I'm sure everyone on this board, site and vast majority of the population thinks that the actions Winston has been accused of is vile. If it can be proven that he did what he was accused of in college or two years ago kick him out of the league period. He has never been convicted of a crime, the league looks the other way so it's up to everyone to come up with their own conclusion of what he's all about. My last post I commented that I think it's a joke how the league is run. From trying to dance around the brain issues from years ago, being able to pound back massive amounts of medication but they are the devil if they smoke, punishments for abuse/assault being all over the map, what's a catch - what's not a catch, tackle like this not like that, muscled by the president to have to stand for the anthem. Every year it's the same trash over and over. No other major sport (baseball, basketball, hockey) has this much drama year after year after year. I don't watch sports for the politics. I don't watch sports and hope all the athletes would be good enough men to marry my daughter. Do I now look at Rice, Ben, Kobe, Winston, Lewis etc. different before I knew what they were all about... sure. That won't stop the train from moving though. To each their own if they want to stay on for the ride or get off.
  14. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I still LOVE me some ball. Watching, reading, listening, talking, gambling etc. The way the league is run is such a joke though I'm not going to lie, the 100% I've been all in my whole life is down a few percentage points.
  15. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    Why wouldn't you want there to be consequences for his actions? Hmmm.