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  1. 🏈 Week 11: Buccaneers (3-6) @ Dolphins (4-5)

    Do we want to win many more games this year and fall down the draft board?
  2. Dirk Koetter's Hot Seat

    http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9347/dirk-koetter Multiple league sources tell The Ringer’s Mike Lombardi that Bucs coach Dirk Koetter’s job is in jeopardy. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/9270/jon-gruden Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds believes there’s "interest on both sides" between the Bucs and Jon Gruden. There you go boys!
  3. Dirk Koetter's Hot Seat

    You are telling me that what nine years later Gruden/Allen are the reason we still look be a few seasons away from taking that next step? They took a decade plus of good football from all of the fans...
  4. Dirk Koetter's Hot Seat

    Where did I say let's get Gruden to run the O and the D? We have a 23 year old who hopes to be the franchise Qb. We have a 24 year old star WR. Our future monster TE is 22 years old. I'm guessing we bring in a rookie RB this draft. The younger side of the ball is our O. Turn all that over to a def coach and hope he bring in a good coordinator... not what this guy wants.
  5. Dirk Koetter's Hot Seat

    I think WInston and Gruden would be a deadly combo. Winston has the same fire for the game Gruden does. I could see them feeding off of each other. Gruden always talks about the gunslinger attitude and Farve. He never had talent to work with like the team does now. As much as I want the def of old I worry about the Qb and the Off first and foremost.
  6. Dirk Koetter's Hot Seat

    That's coming from a former head coach. I would think he would lean towards the coach side. I'm guessing they might not be (I have no clue either way) giving Dirk that say is because they think he's the problem or at least part of the problem. We've had tons of injuries but I never saw a season like this coming during the summer. It's easy to chew a roster apart now when the team loos so brutal. I don't recall this type of push back in Aug or early Sept though. Play calling has been brutal. WInston is still wild. Teams actions embarrassing last game and like someone said Evans should have been pulled.
  7. Notable 2018 Free Agents

    I said it a few weeks ago but if Lawrence so how becomes available give him what he wants.
  8. Mock Drafts

    Whether it's through the draft, FA or both we need pass rush, pass rush and more pass rush. Then we need help on the back end.
  9. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Winston sniffs 400 yards and 3 tds and we lose... against BUF!!!!
  10. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Pay Lawrence $25 per to play end for us.
  11. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Early draft pick to help the def.
  12. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Same as every week. Start off brutal, push late and lose.
  13. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Howard breakout game.
  14. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Did dirk put money down in how many toss plays we run this year or what?!?
  15. 🏈 Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Oh look at that Winston actually hit Jackson!