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  1. General News - The Offseason Edition

    For sure they are but then why not split those games instead of marking us down 0-13 record against them. Find it funny is all.
  2. General News - The Offseason Edition

    Doubt we win the SB but is this a joke? Browns, Skins, and Panthers down for wins. We are being swept by two division rivals and the Bears are taking us down as well.... Is anyone losing sleep the night before we play the Bengals, Giants, 9ers, Ravens or Cowgirls?
  3. Offseason Workout Discussion

    How long before Buckner is leading the def?
  4. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    What the heck... pulling away from guys. Our new GL back lol.
  5. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    If so thats such a joke!
  6. Our biggest remaining need(s)?

    CB - RT - S We've added to the DB room which is great for this year but Grimes is in his last year and VH is on the hot seat. Right now Davis looks to be the number one next year and behind that it's very thin.
  7. Draft Grades

    I put it at 0% Licht isn't running the draft next year. The town should burn if he's not there. His contracts have been great. Drafting gets a thumbs up from me. He always had a smile on his face. I'm a HUGE fan.
  8. Draft Grades

    No clue how anyone can knock JPP, Vea, Jones, Davis, Cappa.
  9. Draft Grades

    Pretty safe to say most wanted James if the big three were gone. What's the saying though... the games arewon and lost in the trenches? Vea would have been a Skin if we didn't take him. James last until the 17th pick. Not saying Vea is better than James but safeties got the cold shoulder in FA as well. Build from the lines out.
  10. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    He was being interviewed in NFL network and they asked about what he does for fun and he said hiking... doesn't sound like he will he a problem lol.
  11. Bucs Draft Thread

    I can't recall, will they be bringing in the second round guys for interviews?
  12. Bucs Draft Thread

    Next year draft RG, RT.
  13. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    I was calling for Jones a few weeks back and would have stayed on him had I know Guice head isn't right. Really pumped to watch teams try and figure out how to stop Evans, Jackson, Brate, Howard, Godwin, and Jones.
  14. Bucs Draft Thread

    Make a move for Harrison or Reid with those picks.
  15. Bucs Draft Thread

    There we go