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  1. Looking at his contract I suspect your right. $10million dead cap if he's cut this year but does that stop anything with the cap room we have? Next year definitely on the table though. If we draft a DE early and he has another off year he is gone for sure. I hope I don't sound like I'm hoping for it.
  2. Can we unpin this thread now? A lot of sad in the world right now and I come here for a break from it.
  3. If we draft a D-lineman now Murphy is in trouble. I'm hoping cutting Hughes is not a possibility but you never know with his drop in production last year.
  4. Thank you SteelKing for the review. It would have been nice if Vikings did this deal at the trade deadline last year! A telling sign about a player leaving is the comments on the relinquishing team's message boards. I see some people upset about the trade so that means its probably a good deal for both teams. I will be super upset if Jerry Judy is there at 22. I will be following your pick closely as your needs are so similar to ours. The great contract your GM negotiated was the difference between a 2nd and a first. Mims would be my pick at 22. Look at him closely now. I'm worried about Diggs fitting in to this tight group but we will see. I mean we tried to trade for Antonio Brown last year so it can't be worse. We needed a top WR talent and got it while not blowing the bank for the talent on the team we need to keep.
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