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  1. Do we hold tiebreaker over Seattle?
  2. If Adams is out, does Foster see the field or do we roll with the others?
  3. University of Nebraska players suing Big Ten over season cancelation. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/eight-nebraska-football-players-file-lawsuit-against-the-big-ten-seeking-to-reverse-canceled-season/
  4. Gopher WT, Rashod Bateman opting out for NFL draft. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/minnesota-star-wr-rashod-bateman-opts-out-of-2020-college-football-season-will-declare-for-nfl-draft/
  5. PAC-12 may have opt outs en mass. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/pac-12-players-threaten-to-sit-out-2020-season-over-safety-racial-injustice-concerns-per-report/
  6. I'm guessing more states will follow suit. Does this have any effect on recruiting? Some seniors will now be playing 2 season potentially in 2021. Will also affect 2 sport athletes. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/20/california-pushes-high-school-football-to-the-spring/
  7. JACOs moving to spring. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/13/junior-colleges-moving-football-to-spring/
  8. Looks like Pac12 and ACC following. https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/cfb/player-news/headlines/9656571
  9. Not good news coming out of California today. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/3121272001 Also saw a report elsewhere that Alabama was looking to replace the USC game in Dallas with TCU.
  10. ??? I just don't understand the picks so far.
  11. I watched the broadcast yesterday and I thought they said he got a late offer from Boise State, but he had already committed to NDSU and decided to stay with the Bison.
  12. A bit of a stretch right now to think we're beating Minnesota next week.
  13. With Seattle's injury situation, no way they lose to the 49ers.
  14. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/17/iowa-hayden-fry-dead/
  15. From my understanding Notre Dame does not share their bowl revenue with the rest of the ACC. Unless that changes, I don't see the ACC allowing ND to take all that money away from the conference to keep for themselves.
  16. If we started putting together the end of a game like we do a beginning we'll be scary.
  17. I'm basing it off the assumption that schools will still own copyright for the use of logos,etc. Same how you see some ads that feature pro players whether current or retired in the colors associated with the team they may have played for, but none of the team logos cause they do not have permission from the league or team to use it. So if a company wants to use an athlete they can pay a smaller price to have the athlete only, with really just name recognition or it can have the athlete and the logo of the school they are with to make the visual connection as well, so the use of school logo br
  18. No doubt the universities will get their cut out of this as well. In fact, if should end up being a good revenue source for the school I think.
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