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  1. Big update, so let's continue the discussion in a new thread:
  2. All of the classic signs are there, and Rivera doesn't know any better and he essentially leaks them out to confirm it.
  3. Thread title almost got me. Same as how in auction leagues I used to put up the other Adrian Peterson and without fail, someone would put a large bid on him.
  4. Maybe this year, but 2019 would have been the same James Coley uninspired offense.
  5. Kiper’s mock today has five QBs going well before our draft spot, and having NE trade up for him. If we want to draft a QB, I think we have to make a trade up.
  6. Possibly related- https://www.gamesradar.com/henry-cavill-mass-effect-tease/?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=social&utm_content=gamesradar&fbclid=IwAR3RtXQi38CFRo76gPdcoYt-QZPOHbxt3tr6UEjl0hz09JuCzEaTun8D97o
  7. Easy answer: Snyder still has influence. In 2019, all you saw with Alex Smith in the owner's box. Then he comes out with this interview saying he wasn't around the team for rehab, and the new coaching staff didn't want him, despite having the cap space to absorb the cut in a rebuilding year. The fact that a guy who is well-known to be diplomatic in NFL circles, and navigated being replaced in two other stops, completely eviscerated this franchise to GQ of all sources, should raise red flags for us as fans, and shouldn't cause us to turn on Alex Smith. But that is exactly what I see h
  8. The only thing I still believe about Snyder is that he's a huge fan of the team. It also seems that he's got his influence on operations back, if evidenced from the latest news of Alex Smith being retained despite his feelings of not being wanted by the coaches, as well as Rivera saying he hired both Mayhew and Hurney based off Snyder's suggestion.
  9. Stranger things have happened. But I think he would just be content with a team. I don't think it's us though. The one thing I don't doubt about Snyder is that he is a huge fan of this team, and he's not going to give it up unless the NFL takes it from him. And if they try that, he's going to fight to keep it.
  10. Apparently the Moag guy who is running what Snyder considers the "smear" campaign has spent 22 hours across 87 phone calls with Bruce Allen.
  11. If Smith got the feelings when he walked into the building that he wasn't wanted, then why would a guy with supposed full control keep him around? There was no thought of competing at that point- it was a rebuild and focus on the culture, and we had tons of cap space to take the hit. Either way, between the "suggestion" that we hire two guys to the front office made by Snyder, and this story, it is pretty clear who is once again involved, and not in a good way. All that time in the ownership suite in 2019 certainly seemed to have paid off for Smith it seems. Also, just stop def
  12. I care, and it should matter to you. Reports in the past were that Snyder would get involved and make "suggestions" such as "Do you like Albert Haynesworth? We can get Albert Haynesworth." So when Rivera was in a press conference saying that Snyder "suggested" we hire both Hurney and Mayhew to the front office, alarms immediately started going off in my head. Now, Alex Smith does an interview with GQ (not any of our local or national media) and says that he felt he wasn't wanted by the coaching staff? I want to know who made the Rivera, who is supposed to have full control, ke
  13. https://www.radio.com/thefandc/sports/washington-football-team/these-ron-rivera-quotes-rubbed-alex-smith-the-wrong-way?fbclid=IwAR2pJbzJx8hHyeHt_dbFlsLjsQ_UFDC9wzyjqS9zapAObZ09yF4Lfxr2vAI
  14. Dan Snyder is too stubborn to sell out, and he has the controlling stake so it's a moot point.
  15. Couple things to note here: 1.) When can we have a normal offseason? And by normal, I mean not have our laundry aired out for all to see? 2.) If the coaching staff didn't want Smith, who forced them to keep him on the roster? Certainly not the coach/GM who has full control, right? 3.) There were some reports when Smith became the starter that he performed the best in camp, if I recall correctly. How bad has our reporter pool become if this is true? No one was even close to getting the true feeling down. Further on the reporter point, they all- local and national- got b
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