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  1. Things other than Redskins

    Alex Cora and the Red Sox mutually agreed to part ways, as the speculation is that Cora may receive a harsher penalty than AJ Hinch, as he was the one who designed and ran with the replay system tracking pitches.
  2. Alex Cora Gone

  3. Yet what about him the year before? I'm not saying that Burrow isn't a great prospect at this point, but I am really concerned about the optics of his performance last year versus this year. Burrow came out of nowhere with this excellent season. He was mediocre at best in 2018. Joe Brady designed one heck of an offense and Burrow took advantage of it, but he also had a lot of playmakers around it.
  4. Chris Cooley on the Staff !?

    Ok. I stay far away from the radio shows here. The only times I ever have it on are on gameday over the speakers while we are tailgating.
  5. Jay Gruden to The Vikings?

    I'm not buying Ron Rivera as that guy, as you can obviously tell from my postings on the matter. But Snyder has had 20 years to make changes, and all of the same results are generated, so it's on him at this point.
  6. 2020 Draft thread

    Trey Adams could be a stud OT, but his prospect status was decimated by injuries. He tore his ACL in his junior year in 2017, where he had a first round grade, and went back to school. A back injury wiped out most of his senior season in 2018 and it took him over a year to see the field again. He did play in all of the games this year for Washington except their bowl game, but the damage was already done to his draft status. I would expect him to go in the second, but a team who needs OL help could trade into the back of the first (I'm looking at Cleveland here) and could nab the left tackle they covet.
  7. Jay Gruden to The Vikings?

    Anyway, Gruden and Zimmer have a knowledge of each other from spending time under Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati. I'm sure that Zimmer would trust Gruden to implement his offense, especially with his familiarity with Cousins. Their offense right now is probably better than any of the units that Gruden had in Cincinnati or Washington, and are set up perfectly for what he likes to do.
  8. Jay Gruden to The Vikings?

    It just shows you what the one constant is throughout the past 20 years. The peak of this team for any coach is a division championship, and a losing record. And in my opinion, only two things are going to change that. One being an ownership change, and two being that we hit a home run with the next big head coach somehow......but with the owner we have, the odds of that happening are next to nil.
  9. Things other than Redskins

    Panthers bringing Joe Brady on board as their new offensive coordinator. I hope they keep Newton now, that's going to be a scary offense.
  10. Chris Cooley on the Staff !?

    I'm going to get lambasted for this by some, but what's he proven to you that he's a good eye for talent? I realize that we have to start somewhere, and Cooley, just like any other player or whomever wanting to coach, should start at the bottom rung as some sort of offensive assistant.
  11. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    They just allowed him to promote a 27 year old to offensive coordinator, so it seems Kelly is firmly entrenched at Notre Dame.
  12. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    I would tend to agree, but I could also see someone making the argument that it's a lateral move, if not a small push in the positive direction given the states of the programs right now. I am concerned that Fuente hasn't done as much as he should have with VT at this point. Also, I should clarify that one place that reported this said he was a finalist, and another place reported he is set to interview. But there is mutual interest.
  13. It's crazy how much better college football is

    College football used to be a lot harder for me to watch until my cousins started to play in the mid 2000's. I followed them at that point, and afterwards, I lost interest until the playoffs were implemented. And at this point, I'm more invested in college football than the pros. Part of that is that the Redskins are terrible, while UGA and Navy have done much better in comparison over that time. The other part is that the NFL is just too oversaturated right now. I used to spend all day Sunday watching NFL games, and Monday night was can't miss TV, and then Thursday's as well. Then it got oversaturating to me, and I spent more time watching college games than I did watching NFL games. I can easily clear my Saturday schedule for most weeks, but I've got other things going on in life that I'd rather do than clear my schedule to watch NFL games.
  14. Joe Brady to the Carolina Panthers

    Brady signed a new three year deal with LSU a few days ago, which protected him from taking lateral promotions within college, but not college head coaching positions or NFL jobs. The concern was always that the NFL would come calling, and they did just that. I do not think the Bengals will be accepting offers for Burrow. They need him in the worst way, and it would be foolish to pass on that kind of talent. And the Panthers would be giving up 2-3 years of high draft picks to make a theoretical move, and they are not just a QB away, especially after Keuchly's retirement announcement a few minutes ago. Todd Monken may not be retained by the Browns, and he could be a name to watch in the college ranks, as he's been tied to openings at Notre Dame and UGA.
  15. Final AP Poll released

    1 LSU (62) 15-0 1,550 1 2 Clemson 14-1 1,487 3 3 Ohio State 13-1 1,426 2 4 Georgia 12-2 1,487 5 5 Oregon 12-2 1,249 7 6 Florida 11-2 1,211 6 7 Oklahoma 12-2 1,179 4 8 Alabama 11-2 1,159 T-9 9 Penn State 11-2 1,038 13 10 Minnesota 11-2 952 16 11 Wisconsin 10-4 883 11 12 Notre Dame 11-2 879 14 13 Baylor 11-3 827 8 14 Auburn 9-4 726 T-9 15 Iowa 10-3 699 19 16 Utah 11-3 543 12 17 Memphis 12-2 528 15 18 Michigan 9-4 468 17 19 Appalachian State 13-1 466 20 20 Navy 11-2 415 21 21 Cincinnati 11-3 343 23 22 Air Force 11-2 209 24 23 Boise State 12-2 188 18 24 UCF 10-3 78 NR 25 Texas 8-5 69 NR Others receiving votes: Texas A&M 54, Florida Atlantic 46, Washington 39, Virginia 28, USC 16, San Diego State 13, Arizona State 12, SMU 10, Tennessee 8, California 6, Louisiana Tech 2, Kentucky 2, Kansas State 2, Louisiana-Lafayette 2