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  1. It's interesting to look at for sure, and I have to say, I didn't get a whole lot of chances to review anything beyond the game. Eye test looked good. The Cardinals really tried to let Jones and Phillips beat Christian and Martin. Jones tossed Christian around. Martin held his own against Phillips, despite what was going on next to him.
  2. I think that is going to be one hell of a matchup for MNF. I think it's also pretty bad that the 49ers are going back to the same stadium where they had all of the injuries this past week, and on top of that, due to covid protocols, they had to fly back to the west coast, and then fly out again before the game.
  3. Lets keep our GDT clear, as well as not clog up the TOTWTF topic. Feel free to discuss the rest of the week's games within our forum.
  4. Thursday Night Football Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday Early Games Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons Los Angeles Chargers @ Buffalo Bills Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings Las Vegas Raiders @ New England Patriots San Francisco 49ers @ New York Giants Cincinnati Bengals @ Philadelphia Eagles Houston Texans @ Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday Late Games New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks Sunday Night Football Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints Monday Night Football Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens
  5. Baltimore still doesn't put the Colts name up on the scoreboard when they show Indianapolis scores. Yet there is a Johnny Unitas statue outside of the stadium, so I am wondering what's with one and not the other. That whole situation was crazy, and with social media the way it is now, the Colts moving away in the dead of night would never be able to happen today.
  6. My closest friend and I, along with his fiance, would do both of those to kick off Phase 4 of the MCU. I'm going to be really interested in seeing if Disney continues with that $30 fee.
  7. Yeah, but that injury just cements Scherff's departure via FA in my mind. He just can't stay healthy, and I don't see them paying him top guard money to not play all 16 games.
  8. Andrew Norwell was an UDFA guard who turned into a 1st team All-Pro Player. Ryan Kalil was a 3 time All-Pro during Rivera's tenure with the Panthers, too. Their OL coach, and now ours, John Matsko, is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. Now that Alex Gibbs is out of the league, he, along with Chris Foerster, are probably the best Zone-Blocking coaches in the NFL. To another poster's point on the Broncos Super Bowl game, that is on Mike Remmers and Mike Shula. Remmers allowed two sacks and multiple pressures from Von Miller, not the interior line. Shula, the OC, did not scheme for any help at all, which was foolish given how much of a beast Von Miller was back then. And then, on the other side of the field, you had Michael Oher going against Demarcus Ware and the field was so bad, it looked like he was sliding on ice skates a few times. Also, Rivera and Gettleman share some of the blame here, as the Panthers did not invest many high resources in the draft on the OL, especially at OT. They relied on Matsko to coach these guys up. And in a sense, you get what you pay for by bringing in a couple journeyman guys to start at OT, and then during the Super Bowl, they ran into arguably the greatest pair of pass-rushers to suit up next to each other during the past decade. So the coaching will be fine, it will just depend on how they put resources into the OL via the draft. Who had more control, Gettleman or Rivera? If I had to wager based on how much of an emphasis Gettleman put on the OL this year, including taking Andrew Thomas with the #4 overall pick, I'd argue Rivera had quite a bit of pull back then.
  9. Two school districts in Virginia have let parents decide if their child will attend virtually or in-person. This actually sounds manageable, at least from the perspective of the building. Not sure how the teachers feel about it- https://www.wtvr.com/news/back-to-school/these-2-virginia-school-districts-let-parents-pick-virtual-or-in-person-learning?fbclid=IwAR0b_saKVbFPYOWjXPFprkiqHgrRPnlsuESQj38QRqzQX-9Elkyg2W4fNbw
  10. Giants are rumored to be bringing in Devonta Freeman for a workout
  11. Talking about production? Yeah, I could buy that. But if that's the case, then move the date to get more available. At this point, I wonder how much these are going to go for on eBay and the like.
  12. And it's not just the edge talent. They also have Payne and Ioannidis rotating around as well for the other DL positions (along with Allen.). We won't be able to keep them all, and I imagine that someone, somewhere, gets traded for help at another position, but it's nice to have them right now.
  13. We didn't have this problem with the current generation. I had no problems getting a pre-order for both at Gamestop at the mall near my work, and now I heard they had 10 total for the PS5. And then I heard every place that had preorders open for the PS5 basically had them go in minutes. It sounds like bots are at work for those who want to sell them for huge profit. Topps is especially hit hard by bots for their premium products (like Sapphire) and Topps Now.
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