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  1. And guess what? It failed us each and every time. It’s ridiculous that this happens and people are here to defend it, not specifically you. Organizations, not just sports teams but they are certainly included, get better by both going outside their organization/knowledge group and promoting from within. We’ve done neither under Snyder.
  2. I mean, he came from the same front office as Hurney and Rivera so that’s probably on us
  3. The new Thrawn book that just came out in the Disney continuity was pretty damn good too. Glad you enjoyed the OG series though.
  4. That athleticism is going to help in the NFL. Given our recent success coaching up DBs, I really like this pick. Also, CIncinnati had a great defense this year, they really showed up in the Peach Bowl against Georgia when they could have laid back.
  5. You guys know we would hate Tom Wilson if he wasn't on our team. I hated Sean Avery too, but back in the day if Avery got too pesky, you had Donald Brashear around to shut him up. Want to get rid of pests like Wilson? Bring back the enforcer.
  6. Usually I do as well, because it isn't smart asset management. Cap space for a high-dollar player is an asset, just like a first round pick is. I just think when you are talking an elite QB in their prime, that thinking has to go out the door somewhat. Stafford wasn't that guy for me, and I am a Georgia fan. Watson definitely fits the definition.
  7. Really intriguing that no one spent a seventh on him.
  8. I told you they have a type now. Nothing wrong with it, but they are going to have to develop them well.
  9. It's hard to do that again with an unknown quantity, but I am all behind doing it for a top 3-5 QB in their prime.
  10. He's going to be 29 next year. I'm honestly not sure if he fits the window to compete. Although, we could see Adley this summer, and make the landmark big FA signing this off-season and start the process in 2022. Just not sure how this plays out with the timeframe.
  11. It fills the #2 tight-end spot, that much is sure. Thomas still has at least a year as the top guy, and we have the athlete guy to develop and see what they get. Not a bad spot to take a guy like Bates either.
  12. Only one I remember, I was 3 the last time it happened. In any event, I think Means might be just the third TORP that we've developed in the last 30 years.
  13. Can't wait for Adley. Getting really tired of Pedro being lazy defensively, and Sisco being terrible at everything except getting hit by pitches.
  14. Bostic has nine lives here, so that isn't surprising in the slightest.
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