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  1. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    Pretty sure I'm the only one voting for Navy/Notre Dame, but I really like Malcolm Perry and think the offense under his direction has a chance to do well against Notre Dame, and their offense is a great test for Brian Newberry's defense. I'm going to have to have two TVs going at 3:30 though.
  2. Arkansas fires Chad Morris

    Good post. I do think a good coach can keep your program in the bowl hunt every year, and like @jrry32 said, 7-10 wins is reachable. In a good year for your program, you might upset 1-2 of Auburn/LSU/Alabama, but in the current climate of the game, I don't see Arkansas being a team in the hunt for the SEC championship and the playoffs year in and year out. The fact that someone (maybe you) said recently that they had a recruiting class just recently sneaking into the top 25 attests that they can draw good talent.
  3. Update: Chase Young suspended two games for NCAA violation

    Three miles from College Park, and DeMatha is one of the biggest high school football programs in the country. A lot of kids from there definitely go onto UMD. I could buy it. But it's petty and silly from both sides.
  4. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Even if you factor that in, Frank could still send Vader or any number of Inquisitors after it. Those guys went down hard to a bounty hunter droid and a Mandalorian. Vader would make quicker work of them than the poor saps on the Tantive IV, and an Inquisitor would dispatch them with ease.
  5. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Apparently there are no movies scheduled after the Game of Thrones guys left, and I read something where Bob Iger seems to think there is a huge future market for series like these. They are likely going to end up doing the same with Marvel.
  6. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Personally, my big problem plot-wise is that this is a huge bounty for a being with some sort of potential. Following the Star Wars timeline, this being was born in 42 BBY. The Phantom Menace occurs in 32 BBY. I have a problem believing that both Yoda and The Senate aren't trying to chase down this being themselves.
  7. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Yoda's canon birthdate is 896 Before Battle of Yavin. So he is 899 years old at time of death. From this baby being 50 years old, there is a definite curve to the species at the beginning. Another longevity species from Mass Effect, the Asari, have long lifespans but they don't age like this either. So they still have some explaining to do.
  8. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Judging from the fact that the Mandalorian took this bounty from someone in command of stormtroopers and the main antagonist is a former Imperial Moff, my guess is that the baby is going to have some sort of protection arc.
  9. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    I've also added multiple choice to the poll for this week.
  10. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    Thursday November 14th North Carolina @ Pittsburgh 8:00 PM ESPN Saturday November 16th #5 Alabama @ Mississippi State 12:00 PM ESPN Indiana @ #9 Penn State 12:00 PM ABC #11 Florida @ Missouri 12:00 PM CBS #14 Wisconsin @ Nebraska 12:00 PM BTN Michigan State @ #15 Michigan 12:00 PM FOX Kansas @ #22 Oklahoma State 12:00 PM FS1 Alabama State @ Florida State 12:00 PM ACCNX #23 Navy @ #16 Notre Dame 2:30 PM NBC #2 Ohio State @ Rutgers 3:30 PM BTN Wake Forest @ #3 Clemson 3:30 PM ABC #4 Georgia @ #12 Auburn 3:30 PM CBS #18 Memphis @ Houston 3:30 PM ESPN2 #19 Texas @ Iowa State 3:30 PM FS1 West Virginia @ #24 Kansas State 3:30 PM ESPN Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech 3:30 PM ACCNX #8 Minnesota @ #20 Iowa 4:00 PM FOX #1 LSU @ Ole Miss 7:00 PM ESPN #17 Cincinnati @ South Florida 7:00 PM CBSSN #10 Oklahoma @ #13 Baylor 7:30 PM ABC #25 Appalachian State @ Georgia State 7:30 PM ESPNU South Carolina @ Texas A&M 7:30 PM SECN UCLA @ #7 Utah 8:00 PM FOX New Mexico @ #21 Boise State 10:15 PM ESPN2 Arizona @ #6 Oregon 10:30 PM ESPN USC @ California 11:00 PM FS1 All times are Eastern Standard Time

    Roster spot for a bubble player who is actually wanting to get out there and play? Maybe the next Quinton Dunbar or the next Kyshown Jarrett?

    If he wasn't giving a bunch of effort in Tampa Bay, what makes any of you think he's going to give much more effort in the losing battle here?
  13. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    Origins and backstory meant something like this by default, at least in my opinion. Before the Phantom Menace, the writers in the EU could reference the Clone Wars in general, but nothing specific as he didn't want anyone to write much about it. You couldn't even mention the specifics of said character's backstory, origins, etc. Nothing. Even after stuff was being released from TPM and on through the Clone Wars TV show.
  14. Han Shot First

    So it was done when he added Hayden as Darth Vader's Force Ghost at the end of ROTJ?
  15. The Mandalorian (Spoilers!!!) Episode 2- 11/15

    I understand that, but I am bringing that up to underscore how crazy it is to bring this up in the first episode of a TV show. They've got a lot to do to make good on the reference.