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  1. Sounds good. I’m in to defend my title.
  2. Gotta agree here. He is the type of player you replace with a 4-7th round pick, and quite frankly, is a player that the good teams let go to free agency because they usually draft well and have their replacement in house. This is the perfect example of what the Ravens do in being selective in who they extend, which I think @e16bballmentioned in an other thread recently.
  3. Haven't seen one that good since the Undertaker shock guy
  4. I think Curl and WJ3 can be laid directly at the feet of the coaching staff and decisions that they made. For Jackson.......why do you pay the man #1 corner money, with the success he's had in man coverage, and bring him in to play zone? If he doesn't fit the system YOU want to run, DONT sign him. It is literally that simple. We saw the Eagles do this with Nnamdi Asomugha. It doesn't work. I can't lay that at the feet of Jackson, because when you saw lack of effort and an issue tackling, it could literally be a side effect of him trying to process what is going on in front of him.
  5. Great point on the Ravens. You see them extend a player like Ronnie Stanley, an elite OT, but let Orlando Brown, their RT, walk because they have his replacement drafted. Same at OG, and same along the interior of the DL and LB. They almost always take an OL with a Day 1 or 2 pick, and have the next player ready to go. Problem with Scherff, and it's the same problem we had with Trent Williams as well, is that you need to rely on the player for 16 games, and you just can't rely on him to be there. And with that, I let him walk. Some team will pay him, but it shouldn't be us.
  6. Agreed, we have McLauren who has to get paid, and the hope has to be Samuel is healthy, plus the investment into Dyami Brown, who also suffered through injury. If they got someone on a 1 year prove it deal, I could see it happening, but I can't see a big contract handed out at WR. More than likely, another Humphries deal to bring in a veteran.
  7. If it is trading up in the draft, absolutely not. But if those three picks are for Deshaun Watson, in the prime of his career? Absolutely. I make that trade 11 times out of 10, especially with the roster we have. Look, I get that it's not perfect. But a great QB, and Watson is that, elevates you. Re-sign McKissic, and RB is good for another season. Obviously, we all want a #2 receiver, but a healthy Samuels, an extended McLauren with a legit QB throwing the ball to him looks mighty good to me, especially with the resources we've invested in the draft there. TE looks solid for nex
  8. Discuss the games in real time and afterwards here.
  9. This. I’ve been thinning up top for quite a while. When I made lifestyle changes over the past two years, I’ve noticed that my hair has been the same. Hasn’t improved but hasn’t gotten worse. The laser comb really worked for my mother. She bought me one last year and I am still not quite there to try it yet.
  10. It will reduce some, but the summer marine layer will still make it the homer dome.
  11. I’m still stunned. After UGA, the Orioles and the Redskins have disappointed me for so many years, I’m shocked. I was prepared for a loss. I didn’t allow myself to do this after our failures before.
  12. Lanning has also called a good game tonight. Gonna be a great start to next season with him bringing the Ducks to Atlanta
  13. I just hope we don’t play Appalachian State while his kid is there I wont have a voice at work tomorrow and I will enjoy every minute of it
  14. So this is what it feels like, to finally have one of your teams win something. All these years of disappointment as a UGA, Orioles and Redskins fan………..I can finally say it. Blouses.
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