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  1. Asante Samuel needs to explain his career to Darrell Green though.
  2. Star Wars Universe Thread

    Yet we still don't know this current timeline's origins of the first Force users, nor do we know when the schism between the Dark and Light happens, or if the Sith were a large organization like the Jedi Order, or if they always started as the Rule of Two. Plenty of stuff for them to explore without involving Frank yet.
  3. What team goes WORST to FIRST in 2020?

    Gotta laugh at some of the Redskins ones. There isn't much talent on this roster right now, a new culture is needed in the worst way and worst of all, no team does better than 20th in total defense when they are switching defensive schemes like the Redskins are. It's going to be another season picking in the top five, but I'm OK with it. We need to continue to stockpile talent, at least 2021 in the top five, and a likely top 10 pick in 2022.
  4. The Official Recruiting Thread

    One of my coworkers is thinking it’s going to be Maryland keep refreshing his phone. I just played the fight song for OU. He mad. He said they almost have a top 10 class, and I said with a bottom 10 coach.
  5. Full Team Fantasy Draft Draft Thread (eagles suck OTC)

    Vita Vea @mike23md
  6. What should be the new name of the Washington NFL team?

    Right, it's my feeling on the team, who I can freely root for or not. I'm not judging anyone who stays and who goes as far as their fandom is concerned. But, when you have an owner who has treated the Redskins like his own fantasy team, manipulated players, coaches and even executives and pitted all of them against each other at one time or another, eventually a breaking point is reached. Just under the last head coach, I've seen them trot out Chris Cooley to announce that the GM of the club who had an already documented drinking problem was drinking again, bring a guy in from the NFL office to run the business operations only to fire him nine months later because they heard he was quitting, having Bruce Allen put back in charge after both incidents, having Allen show up in a polo shirt to a press conference firing Jay Gruden and have the nerve to say the culture is damn good. Let's also not forget how they treated Kirk Cousins on the way out, traded a player and didn't tell him (he found out on Twitter), gave almost as much money to Alex Smith as Cousins got from the Vikings, and just wasting the 2019 season because no one could agree on a direction of the team. And there are more media leaks inside Redskins Park than the falling down office building in your neighborhood. We can go further back into Snyder's tenure of the team, but in the end, some fans who have given their support to the team only had the glory days of the Redskins to fall back on when George Allen and Joe Gibbs coached the team. And now the team won't be the Redskins. I don't disagree with changing the name at this point, but it's the "Finish Him" from Mortal Kombat after we've been beaten down for 25 years. You seriously underestimate the power of a brand here.
  7. Preseason Cut in half

    One of my employees is on his high school team, and the coaches told them to still do their training and conditioning at home over the summer, but also that they werent sure that there would be a season. I imagine a lot of seasons will be getting cancelled. College, who knows? Navy just had a Patriot League team cancel on them for football, so they are scrambling to find an opponent. The Ireland game against Notre Dame was moved to Annapolis, and I just heard that for the first semester, all of the midshipmen will be required to stay on academy grounds. I know people in the athletics department, and there is talk about only having a quarter of the fan capacity at the game as well. Reports keep coming in of positive tests for players at programs who are returning for workouts, and some campuses are getting ready to do online classes and may not have sports if everyone can't return. If the returns of baseball, basketball and hockey struggle out of the gate, or any one of them has to shut it down, you can definitely say goodbye to most high school and college seasons. Who knows what the NFL will do at that point.
  8. What should be the new name of the Washington NFL team?

    I just feel differently about it. He played for the Redskins, not for whatever they decide the name should be. He was a Redskin, not a ________ (insert potential new name here.) ANd that's me personally. Others will feel different about it I'm sure.
  9. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    True. He also needs to have the right fit. He is deaf in one ear, so he has to line up over the left tackle so he can hear the QB cadence. I imagine it would be much tougher for him, especially this late in his career, to switch.
  10. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Team control plays a part in it, obviously. One of the things I've heard right now is that 2nd and 3rd day players on expiring contracts might be getting a lot of interest for depth purposes. A lot of the Redskins media picked up on trade talks for Ryan Anderson and saying there are talks of him going for a fifth round pick. The same fifth round pick we just got for a much more talented, better player in Quinton Dunbar. I don't have a very high opinion of Anderson, as I view him as a bubble guy, so if we got a fifth for him I'd help pack his bags myself. The NFL trade winds are always crazy.
  11. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Despite how the value on the field is increasing for TE's, their compensation is certainly not doing the same thing. For Kittle's production and importance to the offense, he should be getting paid more.
  12. 5-2 defense

    Good thought, but they spent a seventh rounder on his replacement. They also mention something I agree with in the article below- the NT is going the way of the fullback here. I don't see them spending another draft pick, even in 2021, on another NT only player. https://www.dkpittsburghsports.com/2020/05/11/steelers-nose-tackle-plan-2020-tyson-alualu-daniel-mccullers-carlos-davis-fdl/
  13. No supplemental draft, preseason cut in half

    I wonder what this means for my season ticket plan if we get no pre-season games. They probably did variable pricing this year for that reason.
  14. Golf Thread

    All of that bulking up didn't really do him a whole lot of good either.