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  1. Technically, shouldn’t that be Lawrence getting a check to go out to dinner, since he jumped offsides and gave us another chance?
  2. ESPN’s answer to PFF……its a laughable stat.
  3. This UGA defense is special, I just hope the offense can deliver the rest of the season.
  4. As a Georgia and Redskins fan, Spurrier has been nothing but disappointment and anger for me. I won’t even acknowledge him as an offensive genius because of how he embarrassed us the two years he was “head coach”
  5. That’s why he’s a DB and not a WR
  6. Georgia gets the safety to head into half……….should have more points on the board but we wasted a drive with SBIV
  7. Jordan Yates is going to finish with more passing yards than DJ has total yards……….oof
  8. Paul Johnson left a few years ago, so the triple-option is out.
  9. Daniels dropped another dime for a score
  10. Cincy is already at their ceiling. They are kings of the AAC, and now headed to the BigXII where they are going to be a medium fish in a bigger pond. Fickell got them to that level, but he’s earned much more through this.
  11. A 5’11, 3* QB for Georgia Tech, with all of their impressive recruiting classes, is throwing for more yards than DJ.
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