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  1. Was Brandon Scherff Worth the #5 Overall Pick?

    I'm fine with the pick. Obviously, we can play revisionist history and say he's a guard, but he was drafted to be the right tackle, and eventually take over for Trent Williams. However, Morgan Moses somehow got a fire lit under him, and he's ended up being pretty damn good on the right side, which allowed the Redskins to shift Scherff inside.
  2. Hottest coaching names right now?

    Chad Morris for sure. I saw SMU under him his first year, he's doing good things there. Time for him to move up.
  3. GDT - Week 2: Washington Redskins at Los Angeles Rams

    Mason Foster gets a lot of hate at times, but there is no denying he can read the QB
  4. GOTW | Week 3 | #3 Clemson @ #14 Louisville

    Loving Louisville's uniform tonight
  5. Week 3 | Other Games Thread

    As a Georgia fan, I was wishing there would be some scenario for a tie in Tennessee/Florida, but I am happy that Tennessee lost in that fashion after how they beat us last year in the last seconds.
  6. Georgia Bulldogs Thread

    Eason has a sprained knee ligament and will begin rehab- Smart expects him back at some point this season, but Fromm could take the job by then.
  7. Exactly the point I made when asked how I would feel if Cousins did the same thing. Excellent post.
  8. Great point about Jarrett, I really feel for the guy, not just because the loss hurt us, but he doesn't get a choice and that's something that is going to affect him moving forward in life.
  9. Probably, it is what it is. Not only do these guys go through a grueling six months as NFL players, they also workout and try and squeeze any sort of life into the other six months of the year plus still have obligations to the team. Oh, and they are under the huge media microscope that is the Washington DC media, which doubles for the Redskins. Yeah, if Cousins said the same thing after everything he's dealt with and gone through since being on this team, my response would be the same. Sure, it sucks but wouldn't let it ruin my week. How we handled the McCloughan debacle on the other hand, no matter what side you stand on, we screwed that up and I did have some rightious anger to expend there.
  10. Nick Saban has already failed in the NFL. Just about any college coach going to the NFL has failed. Pete Carroll is the exception, because he was an NFL coach for two teams (and made the Super Bowl with the Patriots) before going to college and then coming back to coach the Seahawks. Dennis Erickson for the 49ers was a collossal failure. Bobby Petrino didn't last a year in Atlanta. Steve Spurrier was god-awful for us, and without Petrino leaving a note as his resignation notice, would be the worst transitional coach by far. Butch Davis was another who failed in the NFL. Even the great Lou Holtz didn't succeed when he tried to make the jump. This route is what got us to this situation and I have no desire to repeat it again. As for your feelings on McCloughan, I agree. He drafted football players based on results and off-field intangibles, wanting guys who were willing to grind and be part of a team, not a bunch of work-out warriors. He was successful in previous stops doing so, and drafting BPA. However, he's gone now and not coming back, we all need to look forward now.
  11. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    Grier with another pass to Sills for a TD, XP is good for a tie game
  12. Week 1 | Other Games Thread

    There is some truth in that tweet to be honest.
  13. I'm not saying you can't discuss it, but your response indicates you are taking this far more seriously than you should. And again, I'm heavily invested in this team from my family as well as being a season ticket holder. There are some things worth some righteous anger, and this isn't one of them. Who knows why Cravens is pondering retirement.
  14. Snyder will never do it. Actually, he could, but it would take almost all of our fans shunning season tickets, merchandise, etc. Peter Angelos took losing for well over a decade until attendance was at an all-time low for his stadium, which is the crown jewel not just of MLB parks but stadiums period. After just about everyone shunned tickets and merchandise, he finally brought in a proven manager in Buck Showalter and a proven GM in Dan Duquette. Even still, Angelos meddles from time to time- i. physicals, major team direction, locking/unlocking funds- but those are things an owner should be involved with. At this point, the best Snyder could do was bring in a proven personnel executive who had his own personal demons, after he failed with bringing in the proven coach and eventually took power away. So bringing in a proven coach and executive is out at this point, and if you are at the top of the totem pole for promotions at either of those positions, are the Redskins your first choice? Snyder has really put this franchise into a corner with the way he's handled things right now. If the bottom comes out under Allen/Gruden, I truly don't know whats next and where we go from here.
  15. Theres no need to get bent out of shape over this, it's professional football, how is is truly affecting you personally? I consider myself to be a huge fan, but this doesn't matter much to me.