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  1. Yeah.......as much as this fanbase will implode from drafting an FCS QB like Lance, we will equally implode if this team somehow makes a playoff push and is worse off next year. Which brings me back to my original point.......I want to see the young guys develop. If we've got young guys in who we need to evaluate and we are winning games, that's awesome. But to be winning games with Alex Smith, Thomas Davis, Jon Bostic, Dontrelle Inman, Jeremy Sprinkle, etc getting lots of snaps instead of younger guys who we need to see..........that's not as awesome.
  2. So if we won the division and made it to the NFC championship game and lost, we would be picking 29th. If we did indeed end up that far back into the draft, we don't get a legit QB of the future, miss out on immediate impact high-end talent and we likely end up with fewer wins in 2021 because we also get a first place schedule, and most of those teams aren't going to regress.
  3. Apples and oranges. UVA best compares to Kentucky or Vanderbilt, not Clemson or Alabama.
  4. With Dalton and Martin back, and Zeke able to do his thing, I don't even think this game is close.
  5. So you will need to go a little bit more in depth for me, dawg. Because as a Georgia fan, I can't hold Kirby picking the wrong QB against Fields. Kirby wouldn't know the right QB if he was struck across the face with a Mike Tyson-esque punch by said QB. I mean, look at how long he waited to play Daniels this season, likely ruining a national-title level defense in the process. At least we have Daniels, Pickens and Zeus coming back next year, but the secondary is going to be depleted.
  6. Friday November 27th #13 Iowa State @ #17 Texas 12:00 PM ABC Nebraska @ #24 Iowa 1:00 PM FOX #2 Notre Dame @ #19 North Carolina 3:30 PM ABC #15 Oregon @ Oregon Stat 7:30 PM ESPN Saturday November 28th #4 Ohio State @ Illinois 12:00 PM FS1 Kentucky @ #6 Florida 12:00 PM ESPN Maryland @ #12 Indiana 12:00 PM ESPN2 Texas Tech @ #23 Oklahoma State 12:00 PM FOX Penn State @ Michigan 12:00 PM ABC #20 Coastal Carolina @ Texas State 3:00 PM ESPN+ #22 Auburn @ #1 Alabama 3:30 PM CBS Pittsburgh @ #3 Clemson 3:30 PM ESPN #8 Northwestern @ Michigan State 3:30 PM ESPN2 Colorado @ #18 USC 3:30 PM ABC #7 Cincinnati @ Temple 4:00 PM ESPNU LSU @ #5 Texas A&M 7:00 PM ESPN Memphis @ Navy 7:00 PM CBSSN #9 Georgia @ South Carolina 7:30 PM SECN #11 Oklahoma @ West Virginia 7:30 PM ABC Virginia @ Florida State 8:00 PM ACCN
  7. Even with Covid........these are some pretty bad rankings at first glance. Nice to see Auburn still hanging in there to help strength of schedule though.
  8. I was at the game where we beat the Cowboys. Dakota pushed the ball the entire fourth quarter and nearly engineered a pretty damn good comeback. A field goal off the upright prevented the tie if I recall correctly.
  9. But we are Kentucky. We might be able to make a bowl game if that great transfer guy comes in.
  10. A couple things here......... In the past, we didn't used to have game updates. So you could have spent $60 on a game that didn't work, or was terrible, like that Superman game on the N64. Be glad that they can update, even if you have slow internet. EA may not even have a say on the price of the game right now. I am not sure on how they price it to discount and when, but I am sure that the NFL has some say in it as well. I completely get that you and others are frustrated. It is easy to dump on EA. They got really greedy when MUT hit it big. I personally know guys who were in the GameChanger program then, and they were franchise guys and the focus made an immediate pivot to MUT. But I am not sure they are 100% to blame for the pricing here on the game, and while I haven't followed it, at least they are trying to make updates. EA has done a lot of damage by rushing titles out, but at least they've committed resources to allow the developers time to fix them (Battlefront II and Anthem.)
  11. In an ideal would, I'd like to see Allen moved for a similar player at another position. We have too many riches on the DL and need to use one of those guys to upgrade elsewhere. They need an infusion of talent at LB now, in the worst way. That would be where I would primarily focus my FA money, as well as FS and a #2 WR. I think this off-season, all options need to be on the table to improve. A couple FA signings like Fuller, a trade or two and then the draft. I'd even consider some other reclamation projects like Darby again.
  12. It's taken forever to move off the $60 tag. Considering inflation all around us, we got off easy keeping $60 for the past two console generations (and then some.) Can't really blame EA for this one.
  13. Coca Cola recently announced that 200 brands would be axed. If I had to guess, Cherry Coke Zero is one of them. The entire Odwalla line is one I know about for sure.
  14. I used to own a sports gaming website/forum. We used vBulletin for the forum and WordPress for the homepage. We used a host who specialized in operating both, and I had a graphics guy do the skin and homepage.
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