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  1. @mccloughanscot is on twitter and very active

    But they drafted him to be a tackle, and there was no way they could have anticipated the growth made by Morgan Moses, and we can't look back and complain about that now and how we drafted Scherff. At the end of the day, Scherff is a home run pick, the same as Leonard Williams.
  2. ITT We Discuss Hugh Freeze's Unemployment Claim

    No clue why's Mullen would attach himself to a ship taking on water like Ole Miss. I'm sure he will stay with State for now- as you said they've got a great recruiting ground- but he's also been mentioned for more than one promotion as far as prestige goes. He's got plenty of upward mobility.
  3. PM Convenience options

    Hover your mouse over the user name, and then hit the message button
  4. @mccloughanscot is on twitter and very active

    I didn't need another mention of Jarrett, dude got an extremely raw deal with his injury. I also think he made the right choice taking Scherff over Williams, build that offensive line up! In year two, Scherff was a Pro Bowl guard, and isn't playing tackle because he has a potential HOF guy on the left, and a guy on the right whose made huge strides since he felt the push when we drafted Scherff.
  5. Things other than Redskins

    I think he will rebound. At the very least, I'm happy we got a guy who can put kicks out of the end zone, and has a chance from beyond 50. Heck, I'm just happy to have some consistency at both kicker and punter right now.
  6. The Official Pac-12 Thread

    Last couple years, I watched a lot of Utah's games, as I work all of Navy's home football games, so I would either catch them early if they played Thursday, or I would catch them late night. Should I continue to follow Utah, or should I swing my casual allegiance to another team? I'm a UGA fan for life (family played three generations of football) and a Navy fan, as they are the local team for me and my job does quite a bit with the football team, athletics and the academy in general.
  7. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: The Truth is Not H ~~\\~~

    And if the locker room were still regulated that way, Corbin might still have the briefcase, and had that deemed punishment enough. Or, at the very least, not gone out like a punk with a roll-up. But of course, any kind of "wrestler's court" would be considered hazing, which leads to bullying, which we can't have, unless Vince allows it in the case of JBL.
  8. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    I love Ian Kinsler and now Mike Matheny calling out the umpires for the terrible job some of them do......especially Kinsler laying into Angel Hernandez yesterday. I truly hope this is a springboard for accountability from umpires, and that we can get the terrible ones out of the game, or at least limit their involvement.
  9. Madden 18

    I remember a few years ago when Peyton Hillis was on the roster, some guy on Ebay had legit PS3 copies almost 10 days early. If you bought the game that year from him, did he ever have the game in other years?
  10. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: The Truth is Not H ~~\\~~

    He also blocked some WWE staff along the way. I also agree with you on his size and getting another chance- they just had to knock him down a peg or two. He'll be on the other end of the push for a couple months to a year, and then he will be back.
  11. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    I've seen Caleb Joseph and Chris Davis at 3B this year for the Orioles......can't be any worse than that.
  12. Official app or Tapatalk next?

    Exactly. The current software, IPB, has the best mobile platform out there, and doesn't need an app- it automatically resizes itself to the computer/mobile device you are on.
  13. Where are the Sigs?

    You will get used to this forum software, it's truly the best out there by far at this point.
  14. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Ian Kinsler got ejected for looking back to Angel Hernandez after a questionable call, and he can be lip-read and also heard telling him to "do your ******* job".
  15. Seattle Mariners Thread (62-61)

    Good game tonight guys, your pitchers quieted one of the best offenses since the break (tops in wRC.). Should be a good rubber game tomorrow.