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  1. Star Wars Battlefront II

    It's hilarious that they nerf the exploding sentry ability, yet do nothing to the Emperor. I guess they nerf only the things people complain about, and since folks rack up the kills with Palps, no one complains.
  2. Site Hacking?

    I do not have the hacking notice but I get the Fios ad. It takes 2-4 refreshes to get rid of it, and then it ends up coming back.
  3. Star Wars Battlefront II

    I hope part of the patch is nerfing the Emperor, especially once the star cards are in the blue and purple rankings.
  4. Exactly. Johnson had so many things set up for him from Abrams sequel, and he failed to appropriately address them. Rey's parents? Either addressed or yet to come depending on what you believe? Who is Snoke? Who cares, we treated him as a joke when we showed him dead with his tongue out. Those were the two biggest talking points that fans of the FRANCHISE were talking about the past two years, and we can't even appropriately address them. Let's also not forget the Knights of Ren reference from 7, and that wasn't addressed either.......unless you are one who believes that they were Snoke's guard. It's no wonder they want Abrams to come back and direct the Episode 9. I can name only three things I liked about this movie. The first, I really liked that they did the ramming of Snoke's flagship through hyperspace. Second, I really liked that one of Snoke's guards had the light whip, another EU weapon that was added back. Third, and this is really minor.......the companion guide, which is canon like the movie, states that Luke has a Jedi Crusader pendant in his hut. If true, then Revan is now a canon character, no longer just legends. I love Star Wars. I've played all of the video games over the years, starting with Dark Forces and the X-Wing/TIE Fighter franchise, all the way to SWTOR, where I've completed all 8 class stories and been a subscriber since launch. I have all of the EU novels, and now all of the new novels. After fully detoxing from The Last Jedi, I have to say it felt like it was "DLC" for The Force Awakens rather than it's own standalone movie in a trilogy, not to mention completely ignoring the plot points that they knew the fans were talking about. If they are talking about putting an entire new trilogy into Johnson's hands, they better do a hard reset on that.
  5. College Football Coaching Carousel

    Coach Ken is such an ingrained person in Annapolis. They do so much for the community they live in, as well as for all of the Mids at the academy. I didn't seriously think he was leaving. I'm sure Navy gave him another raise, and on top of that, the academy covers just about all of his living expenses. There's many reasons for him not to leave, but I applaud Arizona for thinking a little bit out of the box, but I also don't think going from one extreme to the other is a smart idea.
  6. Future CFP title sites beyond the 2023 season

    Dan Snyder wants a new stadium, so it won't be in Landover that late. The Fed Ex lease is up in 2024 I think (or around that) and it is looking like they are going to move the team into VA, with an off-chance of going to the old RFK site and rebuilding a new stadium. Snyder loves to make money, so having a dome is not beyond the realm of possibility. I agree with the thoughts on not having it in cold-weather environments unless a dome is there- they want this to be about the experience, not having folks bundled up for five-plus hours in the stadium.
  7. Rose Bowl | #3 Georgia vs #2 Oklahoma

    Lets go Dawgs!
  8. Darren McFadden cut, should we?

    He could give us a leg up with game planning, but at this point, lets see if Marshall can provide a spark.
  9. College Football Coaching Carousel

    It's all speculation based of something McQuery said, and Schiano denies. There wasn't that much around it, he was a fringe mention at best
  10. College Football Coaching Carousel

    As a Navy fan, I remember Rutgers always being a cake walk until he came on board. He would be a great pick for any program that needs to get back on track and rebuild on the talent side. He's now got an apprenticeship under Urban Meyer under his belt, this would be a pretty good hire for UT in my opinion.
  11. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Which EA has already done to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community with end-game content in terms of the drop-rates for items gained with Command XP. Forcing the players to grind and grind and grind. After months of complaining, they made some adjustments but people are still pissed.
  12. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Welcome to the things that are plaguing SWTOR, another EA product, right now, as far as RNG goes. They need to bring back Walker Assault. I hate the Galactic Assault being split into multiple game modes, like walkers here, then go here, etc. There also need to be more game modes personally. I love everything Star Wars, but this game does have a shelf life. You are correct, it doesn't do anything innovative, and after about a month, I'll probably only put it back in for DLC updates. Which can keep things fresh, obviously.
  13. GOTW | Week 12 | #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin

    There are a ton of good kickers and punters in the UP too. Visiting my dad over the last couple years when he moved up there and was coaching, I was shocked at how well those kids kicked the football.
  14. GOTW | Week 12 | #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin

    I was just getting ready to pos that this was going to be a defensive battle, but then special teams happen.
  15. GOTW | Week 12 | #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin

    GusBus calling the game, I like it!