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  1. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    $10 million AAV counts as a big signing as far as I'm concerned. That's someone who likely has more than a couple suitors and someone you have to keep up with.
  2. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Why would the Redskins draft Tua though? They can take Chase Young, and give Haskins a year to develop. If he does well, then great. If he doesn't do well, then this team is in a position to draft Trevor Lawrence. Someone created a thread in the Redskins forum about our record. While i haven't replied there yet, it's littered with 5-6 wins at best, which is my feeling even if Haskins does progress. If he doesn't, then this is looking like a team challenging for the #1 pick again next year. I'd rather let things play out with Haskins and take Chase Young, and then see what happens and make that call again next year.
  3. Tampa Bay- need someone to protect Brady's blindside, and that's probably their biggest need right now. Baltimore- Marshal Yanda retired, and they need to upgrade their interior line. Williams can fill either tackle spot along with Stanley, and allow Brown Jr to slot in at guard, where his size makes him a better fit. Miami- after selling off their players for picks to tank, they have been an active team in free agency trying to retool, and will likely have a new QB under center. They could easily spare the assets for Williams. Of course, the problem for all of these teams would be making the cap work, especially if he still wants that huge deal.
  4. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    No wonder he got taken for over a million by an investment hack. Bad advice is bad advice, and Taylor got taken in along with Trent. Fire this guy.
  5. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I personally think we will come out on the better side of that deal than Cleveland will, but that's just me. For the Redskins to have targeted three big fish in free agency, including one where the offer was over $100 million and another who set a record for his position, it definitely sounds like they tried. The thing is, you can't contact everyone, and you can't force everyone to take your deal. It appears they had a free agent board, and they got 1/3 of their primary targets.
  6. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    That's awesome news. It would still be 14-18 months after human trials are started that we would see a vaccine from this though, correct?
  7. Redskins sign Kendall Fuller 4 years/40mil

    They did the same for Landon Collins last off-season if you recall. Artificially low for him sounds like a good descriptor now that we've seen this one.
  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I had a buddy of mine who had two stints at Johns Hopkins for a heart condition in Baltimore. What sucks is that they converted all of their vending machines and cafeteria to all diet drinks, but we found out the maternity floor had machines with regular sodas in them so if we needed something, one of us would raid the maternity floor machine. We weren't the only ones who knew that, either.
  9. One of the many, many reasons that I despise Ray Lewis.
  10. Random Game Talk

    There is a lot that I like about the Mass Effect series, but The Illusive Man is one of my favorite characters in my video gaming history.
  11. So help me understand how one guy can turn around recruiting in just a couple months? This is nuts.