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  1. Darren McFadden cut, should we?

    He could give us a leg up with game planning, but at this point, lets see if Marshall can provide a spark.
  2. College Football Coaching Carousel

    It's all speculation based of something McQuery said, and Schiano denies. There wasn't that much around it, he was a fringe mention at best
  3. College Football Coaching Carousel

    As a Navy fan, I remember Rutgers always being a cake walk until he came on board. He would be a great pick for any program that needs to get back on track and rebuild on the talent side. He's now got an apprenticeship under Urban Meyer under his belt, this would be a pretty good hire for UT in my opinion.
  4. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Which EA has already done to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community with end-game content in terms of the drop-rates for items gained with Command XP. Forcing the players to grind and grind and grind. After months of complaining, they made some adjustments but people are still pissed.
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II

    Welcome to the things that are plaguing SWTOR, another EA product, right now, as far as RNG goes. They need to bring back Walker Assault. I hate the Galactic Assault being split into multiple game modes, like walkers here, then go here, etc. There also need to be more game modes personally. I love everything Star Wars, but this game does have a shelf life. You are correct, it doesn't do anything innovative, and after about a month, I'll probably only put it back in for DLC updates. Which can keep things fresh, obviously.
  6. GOTW | Week 12 | #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin

    There are a ton of good kickers and punters in the UP too. Visiting my dad over the last couple years when he moved up there and was coaching, I was shocked at how well those kids kicked the football.
  7. GOTW | Week 12 | #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin

    I was just getting ready to pos that this was going to be a defensive battle, but then special teams happen.
  8. GOTW | Week 12 | #24 Michigan @ #5 Wisconsin

    GusBus calling the game, I like it!
  9. The Official Baltimore Orioles Thread

    We won't fix the super-fraudulent pitching either if the best we are going to do are Andrew Cashner or Jason Vargas
  10. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    Orioles are interested in both Andrew Cashner and Jason Vargas to their rotation. Can't say I'm happy, but it's par for the course with how the team operates right now. No way will we be in on any other starter, especially after the failures of Ubaldo Jimenez and Yovani Gallardo on the FA market.
  11. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    Navy is getting taken to the woodshed right now
  12. The Trashing of Cousins

    But when the reserve OT has been injured as well, any injury to Williams or Moses (or both) is magnified even more. Ty Nsekhe could start for a couple teams, and if he's healthy and we lost our LG, Williams actually shifts inside and Nsekhe handles LT duties. OL is actually a place where we have decent depth.
  13. Dusty Baker out as Nats manager

    But you fighting against history proving that the Nationals organization does not value managers. They don't give out three year plus deals. They used to give out options, until they had to pay Matt Williams for firing him, and Dusty didn't even get that option on his deal. They couldn't even afford Bud Black, who would have been great for the pitchers on the roster. I just don't see them attracting anyone of note until they prove themselves differently, and that will need to be done with the next hire they make. It's not going to be the splash people want or think it will be, but they've got to do everything right by the next guy.
  14. Dusty Baker out as Nats manager

    Slateman, you are right that Baker wasn't the right guy moving forward. However, given the history of how they've gone through managers and how they want to establish contracts, which former manager looking for another chance, or which high-profile coach looking for his first gig, are going to go coach for the Nationals? While the specter of losing Harper looms large, combined with Murphy also a FA after the year, I don't buy that the Nationals job becomes unattractive because of that. There are still some good pieces on offense and the field (and why Victor Robles is rightfully off-limits) and their pitching is still going to be a dominating force. However, the Nats aren't getting a top manager candidate because of their history of how they've treated them and ran through them, even if this has magically opened the eyes of the Lerner family. They've got to prove with the next hire that they have the full support. After Riggleman, Williams and Baker, they've got a lot to prove.
  15. Cubs Fire Pitching Coach/Wizard Chris Bosio

    I want the Orioles to get Bosio. If he can reconstruct Jake Arrieta, then he can get to work reconstructing our pitchers. Already, people in the FO know say that when a team acquires an Orioles pitcher, they need to "de-Oriole" them. If thats the case, I want the guy who did it with Case Zero.