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  1. Coaches on the hot seat

    Fantastic addition for Michigan, Nua did a great job with the Navy defensive line for years. His influence has been missed this past year on the Navy defense.
  2. Austin Kendall transferring to WVU from OU

    Neal Brown left Troy for WVU.
  3. Austin Kendall transferring to WVU from OU

    WVU is a guaranteed starting job for him with Will Grier leaving, and a brand new coaching staff being put in. It's a chance for him to showcase his talent and the focus to be on him for the year.
  4. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I agree with this. We also have Dunbar who has more size and can take the taller receivers. Someone who can handle faster, quicker receivers in our cornerback rotation is a must at some point.
  5. Kyler Murray

    Yes, but we gave up #6 to get #2, so it was a swap. Two firsts and a 2nd to move up four spots. Either way it's a bad trade, but saying we gave up three first rounders, while in a way correct, is misleading on the trade.
  6. The good news is, because of the nagging injuries he sustained this year, there is a good chance he takes a one year deal to prove himself into a big pay day next off-season. The bad news? We don't have a legit starting QB throwing him the football, so he would be better served signing that one year deal with another team.
  7. Kyler Murray

    Remember one of those firsts was a swap, so it really doesn't count. Still a horrible trade all around, the team at the time wasn't just a QB away to justify trading those picks.
  8. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Devin White the 3-4 MLB who can play all three downs and call plays on defense. While a #1 CB would be nice, ignoring a player who could lead the defense for the next decade-plus may not be the best move.
  9. 2019 Transfer Thread

  10. Jalen Hurts to Transfer to Oklahoma

    Some place in Vegas yesterday was giving great odds to Maryland though. As far as threads go, if you want to grow a forum at this point, you need to have threads for news-worthy topics, and QBs transferring from top Power Five schools are noteworthy. Also noteworthy is a school trying to block a graduate transfer of their own player when they just transferred another in. Guests, lurkers and infrequent users never venture into the mega-threads, they pass everything by if they don't see something they specifically want to talk about.
  11. WSH Coaching Changes: Gray out? Kotwica Out.

    We all know Gruden is a mediocre coach, this isn't news. He hasn't hired a DC worth anything, and the best year with his offense was when he was essentially forced to have McVay call plays. The fact that Snyder is convinced that Allen is the only person who can get him the stadium he wants is crazy. Those are his brother's political connections, not his own.
  12. What do we have to look forward to as fans?

    Yep, what we've been saying all along.
  13. WSH Coaching Changes: Gray out? Kotwica Out.

    Ollivadoti actually came back after leaving. So if he wants out, that could be bad. It could also be that he wants to coach with LaFleur, who spent a year on staff with him in 2010.
  14. Jalen Hurts to Transfer to Oklahoma

    For the Austin Kendall discussion- and there's plenty to discuss- click HERE