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  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Plus two novels (and a third on its way.) . Also, one of the guides to The Last Jedi said that Luke has a Jedi Crusader pendant in his hut on Acht-To. This would mean that Revan is canon. However, the SWTOR MMO, KOTOR I and II are all considered Legends right now. SWTOR is the only active Legends project under the Star Wars umbrella.
  2. Sammy Baugh

    My uncle caught four TD passes from Baugh. He also knew of Baugh's prolific skills on the baseball diamond and said he could've had just as good of a career there as opposed to his football career.
  3. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    The problem with that theory is that there is another one, which is what occurred in Legends, where the creation/birth of Anakin Skywalker was the Force fighting back against the machinations and Dark Side rituals from Plagueis and Sidious. A defeated Palpatine from ROTJ would not shape to create a being such as Rey at this point, unless he used/took over Snoke for that purpose. A theory I've enjoyed is that Plagueis is actually Sidious, and could actually be Snoke. Just an immensely powerful Dark Side being who runs bodies to the end of usefulness, is then killed by his apprentice and then he takes them over via Essence Transfer.
  4. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I do agree on it not being a gift. In Legends, Jacen Solo's fall to the dark side was caused by a vision he saw of his daughter and his desire to protect her. I do agree with the rest that Luke has always seen the good in people, so why would he decide at that point to do something outside of his character?
  5. Nick Chubb

    I'm stuck on him in my primary league now as a keeper. EE and Gurley are sure-fire keepers, as is Zach Ertz, but now I have to decide between Chubb and Mike Evans (also have Julian Edelman.) .
  6. I’m gunna say it

    We have to wait and see how this plays out, everyone overreacts right after draft day. I remember the Davis/Thomas/Kelly draft getting rave reviews, and that turned out to be a horrific draft. I will say that it appears we played the draft game well, but now the talent has to produce on the field.
  7. This isn't like it's microfracture surgery, it's an ACL. Some players have had both replaced and gone on to have fine careers. ACLs are on par with Tommy John surgery in MLB, just about all of the players come back and pick up where they left off, if they don't improve from it. EDIT: I also don't see you hating on Montez Sweat for his injury concerns. Some teams had him off their board entirely due to his heart condition.
  8. Yup, and Love likely sits out most of this season to recover from it, while Thompson is a FA after this coming year and if they cut Peterson after one year, they don't owe him much guaranteed, if anything.
  9. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Simple answer? They decided to subvert expectations while also seeing how much money Black Panther made, so they decided to make the new Captain America into Sam so they have another African-American led franchise character. It looks like they have also have precedent, as a 2012-15 comic arc had the character become Captain America as well. Also, agree 100% on Captain Marvel. I also think we are oversimplifying the one in 14 million just being Tony Stark's sacrifice. What also plays into it are Banner and the Hulk meshing into one, the odds of a rat reactivating the Quantum Realm machine after five years and returning Ant-Man to the real world and a host of other plot items that happened that have long odds/chances attached to them.
  10. I was definitely thinking WR if they traded back into the first to team with Haskins so he could have a running mate from Day 1. That being said, I can't argue with this pick. Sweat was mocked by some to the Redskins at the 15th pick originally. While he does have the heart issue, we have made out well with a few players recently who have had injury concerns- Jonathan Allen immediately comes to mind. Sweat definitely makes an immediate impact and will strengthen the front seven immensely. I'm still worried about inside linebacker and safety, however. Big, athletic tight-ends, and running backs out of the backfield are going to be a huge problem for us this year At the very least, it's seemed that we've learned the draft game well from the two years Scot McCloughan spent here. Go BPA on your board no matter what.
  11. Exactly this. And the fact that the potential Big Three next year (four if you count Jacob Eason) could easily put this draft class to shame. The biggest wild card for me, despite not ranking it this way in my above post, is the coaching staff. They've got the right guys to develop Haskins, if they give him the same message and work together with it.
  12. I've made it known that I'm a proponent of tanking and that I prefer the group of quarterbacks that could be entering the draft next year. There is a lot to dislike about Haskins- his slow 40 time, one year of starter experience, slower progressions and ball security issues, our offensive line offering decent pocket security- but there are some things to like. 1.) He stepped up his play in big games. He destroyed Northwestern, a very good defense, in the Big Ten championship game and was MVP of said game. He was selected Rose Bowl MVP and was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy after shattering multiple records for OSU and the Big Ten. 2.) While he does need to improve his speed of progressions, his accuracy stands for itself- 70% both in 2017 garbage time and his 2018 season. The big-time arm is also there. 3.) He's going to be motivated. He went to high school locally, and has an established relationship with former Redskin Shawn Springs. He's already on video laughing about the Giants picking Daniel Jones over him (I am doing the same) and he will play the Giants twice per year.......and has the additional motivation of 14 other teams passing over him. 4.) The Redskins are also uniquely positioned to have multiple people assisting in Haskins' development. While this could be a potential negative if the coaches don't work together and send the same message to the player, this also has the potential to work out extremely well. Jay Gruden has his hands in the offensive gameplan and calling plays, leaving Kevin O'Connell additional time to work with Haskins, as well as new QB coach Tim Rattay and now senior offensive assistant Matt Cavanaugh, who has primarily worked with QBs over his coaching career. This is a trio who could get Haskins ready to go sooner rather than later, keep his confidence up and make sure he can play the game efficiently. Haskins isn't perfect, but with the team desperately needing a QB and wanting to compete (this is a stated desire from ownership) I think they made the right call on this draft pick. I've read up quite a bit on Haskins and watched a decent amount of film on him this off-season, especially over the last two weeks. While I still prefer the QBs next year, the Redskins didn't trade up and got their "choice" on a franchise QB, and didn't give up anything for that player. Now they have to go out and develop him and get it right on the field. I would've also preferred a WR if the team was trading up into the draft again to help Haskins out from Day 1. However, Sweat was mocked in some cases to go to the Redskins at pick 15, so I can't argue with the value they got. If nothing else, the team has learned to play the draft game well from Scot McCloughan, and I'm happy it seems they went BPA in that scenario.
  13. Draft Day Thread - Round 1

    Multiple rumors that Snyder has taken control of the draft room and plans to trade up for a QB, apparently he is enamored with Dwayne Haskins, who has ties to the DC area and counts Shawn Springs as a mentor (Springs and Snyder maintain a close relationship.) This is when being a Redskins fan really sucks.
  14. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    It was a horribly written part for sure. That being said.........there was always a darkness in Luke in the EU. He falls to the Dark Side when the Emperor Reborn comes into play. He falls for the Unifying Force theory which led his nephew to the Dark Side. He murdered Lumiya when he thought that she was the one who killed Mara, and worked with multiple Siths (including Darth Krayt) to defeat Abeloth. If they had done something to that effect, then I would be behind it. As it stands, it was a poor choice to write it as such, and a horrible way to cause the destruction of the Jedi Temple.
  15. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Remember, the time from Han dying to the end of TLJ is maybe a week apart. Whoever is left in the Resistance has had time to gather resources, and I imagine Leia and Chewie searched out Lando to tell him his friend died and he wants to help.