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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    If Skyler Mornhinweg is anything like Marty, the punch that got Gerald Willis thrown out of Florida, should have earned him a statue.
  2. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    If Hakeem Butler is available I wouldn't be shocked if we took a flyer on him
  3. I think there's a good chance we take Justice Hill or Darrell Henderson. I also wouldn't be surprised to see De'Lance Turner play a much bigger role in the offense this year.
  4. NFL Draft GDT: Day One (no spoiled picks!!)

    In Daniel Jones' defense, Blaine Gabbert has thrown 48 touchdowns over 8 years.
  5. When he was drafted, he was controllable for five years, whereas now it is only four years. Additionally, he under performed last season.
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    I feel like Metcalf is going to be an Ashley Lelie type, get's a lot of big plays, but never puts it all together.
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    My gut says we trade out, likely with New England, and take some combo of: 1) A center, either Erik McCoy or Garrett Bradbury 2) A big receiver and a small receiver (big being Miles Boykin / Hakeem Butler / AJ Brown, small being Parris Campbell, Andy Isabella) 3) An explosive running back (Justice Hill or Darrell Henderson) Honorable mention being Michigan defenders, Devin Bush if he falls, David Long, or Chase Winovich
  8. Draft Trade Block

    Making a separate thread for rumors of players on the trade block. Some names that at the right price might be interesting: 1) Solomon Thomas 2) Darron Lee
  9. 2018 CFB/2019 Draft Prospects

    Times have changed

    Dwayne Fatkins
  11. Baltimore Ravens 2019 Draft Thread

    I think four. This draft reminds me of 2011, where there was a lot of good talent, but a bunch of quarterbacks are over-drafted. Plus Daniel Jones = Blaine Gabbert. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_NFL_Draft
  12. Bold Prediction Thread

    I don't think this would happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if Oakland trades the farm for a veteran QB, specifically Aaron Rodgers.
  13. Favorite Plays In History

  14. 2019 Ravens Forum Draft Game - 20 Prospects

    I wish I had the time to do a complete Control F for the most popular picks, and do a wisdom of crowds analysis. It looks like the most popular picks are as follows: (This list does not claim to be comprehensive) 1) Erik McCoy - 6 1) Clellin Ferrell - 6 1) Chris Lindstrom -6 1) J.J. Arcega-Whiteside - 6 5) Hakeem Butler - 5 5) Chase Winovich - 5