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  1. Ravens 2018 UDFA

    I believe I am the official driver of the De'Lance Turner bandwagon ...
  2. Chris "The Panzer" Ezeala

    If y'all didn't see, Baltimore was awarded a fullback from Germany to the practice squad; Chris Ezeala. Obviously he has limited experience, but he has freakish triangle numbers, and plays a position that requires less of a football IQ than say QB, I'd love to see him make the active roster at some point this season, if only because I have christened the nickname "The Panzer". http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Ravens-Awarded-Another-Rookie-And-Hes-From-Germany/d97826cc-a1a4-43a4-a162-16a25d767d84
  3. Ravens 2018 UDFA

    De'Lance Turner fits the profile of someone who can make the team
  4. I'd suspect he needs a year in the weight room before truely making an impact: Starting OLine Prediction: Stanley Hurst Skura Yanda Lewis
  5. I really hope the Ravens go all in on building the team around Lamar. A year on the bench is probably good for him, as they need to invest a lot more in players who are good in space - Percy Harvin types - to put him in a position to thrive.
  6. I hate this pick, he's going to be 25 before the start of the season (same age as Maxx Williams). he's not going to get any better and wasn't worth a first round pick to begin with.
  7. 2018 Ravens Draft Weekend Thread

    Big big blocked me on twitter for pointing this out
  8. Draft Rumors

  9. 2018 draft talk

    Maurice Hurst
  10. 2018 Ravens Forum Draft Game - 20 Prospects

    1) Lamar Jackson 2) Derwin James 3) Anthony Miller 4) Malik Jefferson 5) DJ Moore 6) Dallas Goedert 7) Dalton Schultz 8) Sony Michel 9) Frank Ragnow 10) James Daniels 11) Orlando Brown 12) Quadree Henderson 13) James Washington 14) Jessie Bates 15) Duke Ejiofor 16) DeShon Elliott 17) Derrius Guice 18) Nyheim Hines 19) Jaylen Samuels 20) Mike White
  11. Calvin Ridley - 1st round option

    You are completely missing the point; the older and more physically mature a prospect is, the less potential for future development they have. i.e. he is physically mature, and has been competing again less physically mature athletes. Amari Cooper is in fact older than Ridley.
  12. Calvin Ridley - 1st round option

    Let's talk about how Breshad isn't even a year older than Ridley
  13. Predict the Pick: 16, Ravens

    I voted for Davenport, but their isn't a name that jumped off the page at me, and I'd be inclined to move out of the spot.
  14. Some nominees that haven't already been mentioned off the top of my head: Kerry Collins, Randall Cunningham, Kordell Stewart, Vinny Testeverde, Michael Vick.