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  1. Fun fact, Warrior's father is Dale Carter, who had a cup of coffee in Baltimore on the back end of his career.
  2. How many long snappers can you name off the top of your head?
  3. I get the argument, he has just never felt special to me. I'd imagine they think Akeen Davis-Gaither Jordyn Brooks, or Wallie Gay Jr. can offer comparable value in a later round. My guy says we trade out of the pick, but I could see Mekhi Becton or K'Lavon Chaisson falling to use. In the crazy scenario to monitor list, what if Isaiah Simmons falls and we trade up to say the 10-12 range.
  4. Can somebody sell me on Kenneth Murray other than need?
  5. I'm greedy, there's no reason you can't have both.
  6. Antonio Gibson, he's just an explosive playmaker., I think he's Cordarrelle Patterson 2.0, perhaps with better hands. Will never be a 1000 yard rusher or receiver, but will be the type of guy you always have to account for in space. I'd imagine he could put up Darren Sproles type numbers. Which in our scheme is 2018 Patterson of steroids.
  7. I think we have historically had a different philosophy in the second round as compared to the first, and that that philosophy has been less successful. If we do the same list back to 2002, I come up with Boller, Clayton, Elam, Perriman, and Hurst as busts, With Oher as a fine player, but not living up to expectations (not sure what Grubbs was, as I think he was best in his 5th year and for other teams). (I will leave my long documented Flacco hatred out of this discussion). Boller and Perriman were high-risk picks, whereas Clayton and Hurst were thought to be day 1 contributions with limite
  8. I think there is a category that needs to be created for the purpose of this argument, successful career but not worthy of a second round pick. I’d put Weaver, Chester, and Upshaw in there. Terry, Cody, Jernigan, and Williams were busts. Bowser, perhaps it’s too early to tell, but he hasn’t lived up to expectations.
  9. Names I most like, albeit not in the first are Antonio Gibson and Lynn Bowden. Think they are great scheme fits. Hoping for K'Lavon Chaisson in the first or a mid round flyer on Terrell Lewis,
  10. He feels like the type of guy who falls to round 2, we draft him, say he's such a steal. And to my earlier point, the safe, high floor, high motor, bad athlete doesn't pan out. I think Raekwon Davis is the most obviously Raveny pick though.
  11. A.J. Epenesa for me. I don't think he's athletic enough. A running back would do the trick as well, but I just don't think any other the RBs in the calls are remotely good enough for this to be considered.
  12. I think there are certain things Ozzie valued in a prospect, age, going to Alabama, etc. that limited a player's upside, and we see this more so with today's analytics. Where a player is drafted matters. Had Upshaw been taken in the 4th or 5th we'd view him as the next Jarrett Johnson.
  13. Upshaw is the type of guy you would call a bust if he were drafted anywhere else. He was a very solid role player, but didn't live up to his draft status.
  14. I should have clarified that I think we have historically picked "low risk" guys in the second round, and they have often bombed spectacularly. Looking at the second round historically, we have often selected guys who are described as, "plug and play," "high motor" "low risk," and I think we have hit on three pics since 2002, Ray Rice, Torrey Smith, and KO, and maybe Kruger. Hayden Hurst falls in the same category but was a first. 2002: Anthony Weaver 2004: Dwan Edwards 2005: Dan Cody / Adam Terry 2006: Chris Chester 2008: Ray Rice 2009: Paul Kruger 2
  15. I generally think that "high floor: low bust risk guys tend to bust at a higher rate. Look back at our "safest" picks, they have been littered with busts.
  16. I voted Winfield but would want to trade out in this scenario.
  17. I see a Percy Harvin / Cordarrelle Patterson type role for him. The bear case is, unfortunately, Darius Reynaud or Antwan Goodley.
  18. Antonio Gibson would do amazing things in our scheme.
  19. I would assume that there will be more teams looking to trade down this year than typically. If one can expect to hit on 50% of their picks in a typical year with good information, I would imagine the number drops this year, with less perfect information to let's say 40%, which makes having more picks even more valuable.
  20. Trade Down, Trade Up, or Stay: Trade Down Pick # 28: K'Lavon Chaisson Pick # 55: Cesar Ruiz Pick # 60: Antoine Winfield Jr Pick # 92: Raekwon Davis Pick # 106: Antonio Gibson Alternate: Lynn Bowden
  21. Antonio Gibson Raekwon Davis Tee Higgins K'Lavon Chaisson Antoine Winfield Jr. Darrell Taylor Chase Claypool Malik Harrison AJ Dillion Jonathan Greenard Cesar Ruiz Cam Akers Terrell Lewis Javon Kinlaw Lamar Jackson Bryce Hall Scotty Washington Donovan Peoples-Jones Lynn Bowden Ashtyn Davis
  22. Looks to be putting up monster numbers in an offense that has produced back to back NFL quarterbacks, and is on TV today. Thoughts? https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/stats/_/id/4383351/trey-lance
  23. If Skyler Mornhinweg is anything like Marty, the punch that got Gerald Willis thrown out of Florida, should have earned him a statue.
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