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  1. They do but Burrow was getting blasted behind that offensive line. So chance for some sacks and turnovers. I'm hoping Justin is playing by week 3 vs the Browns when I'm up in Cleveland lol. Otherwise it'll be a long trip.
  2. I think it's pretty clear that they don't trust Andy to do any of that.
  3. That's the number 1 problem tonight. They have a major corner problem at NB.
  4. Marqui Christian needs to go away. Dude is very very bad at nickleback. They switched the coverage and he's been late every single time. Vildor on the outside has been good.
  5. Who in this thread has made excuses for him
  6. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings
  7. Hey Eddie you may want to make the tackle on that blitz
  8. Dalton's deep throws look like dying ducks.
  9. Dalton throws to someone covered lol
  10. Where have I been defending Eddie Jackson in this thread? He's been *** the entire game.
  11. I just love how your so fixated on Eddie Jackson. It's been amusing.
  12. It's interesting that you didn't mention it though.
  13. Lol there's a major coverage mistake but the tackling is the problem.
  14. That was just fine. Be more mad at the coverage.
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