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  1. Same. It's mostly just be "Wait and see tomorrow".
  2. Yeah see I dont think that's going to change. Nick Foles knows this defense all too well by now. I think he wins the job easily. But that's just me.
  3. It's been a while but was Mitch good in camp last year? From what I can remember Nagy was saying one thing but writers at camp were saying he wasn't looking good.
  4. Yeah I agree with Hoge's take. Honestly though Foles showing up Trubisky everyday in camp is a possibility. Unless Mitch all the sudden can read defenses up to Foles level he's probably going to struggle in camp.
  5. Tell it to someone who will believe it. I guarantee if we were in their position with Big Ben on the edge retirement/always hurt and there was no viable backup despite multiple attempts to develop one you'd be calling for his head.
  6. Yeah I'm calling bull****. You wouldn't be satisfied. Did you forget Landry Jones and Dennis Dixon?
  7. Exactly. I really like the group of guys that we have. I mean the way Windy talks it sounds like we're contending for a top 3 pick. This if everyone stays healthy should be right in the mix for playoffs.
  8. Have you been paying attention the past few years especially when Big Ben is out? How has that looked with the QBs that they spent resources on?
  9. Yeah the Steelers QB situation has been the mark of stability
  10. If you expect fans to stop filling the seats because of a 7-9 season or 8-8 your kidding yourself. The last paragraph is just a pipe dream. That "half" the fan base will still show up. In the end he shouldn't listen to them. Base it on results. I saw Bears fans wanting Nagy fired after the 2018 season on 670 The Score page. If they go 3-13 then they should all be gone. Anything in the 500 range and up they should be back. I'm tired of changing execs and coaches. That's the way the league has been shifting the past few years.
  11. He’s not going to answer the last question
  12. Need to start off quick.
  13. Maybe Patterson will be used more on offense? That would be ideal.
  14. Patterson should be extended not gotten rid of. He's the exact type of player you want. As for Ginn I would be shocked if he doesn't make the roster. He's stuck around for a long time and is easily the better #4 option right now.
  15. In trouble as in how? If they get rid of him they'd be insane. Keep in mind he covers punts and kicks.
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