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  1. Yes it is. They got **** for a backup QB who can't read coverages and Nick Foles who also sucks. I'd rather start Nick Foles. Reality is their starting QB for next year needs to not be on this team.
  2. Take this game and throw it in the bin.
  3. Might as well now. **** it. Maybe we can have Bray take a few snaps too.
  4. Why do I have to answer you? Your good at dodging questions. Can't I partake?
  5. He has the second most pressures on the team.......
  6. You wanted your proof there it is. Why isn't Mitch starting right now?
  7. Give me some time to watch Hannibal I guess
  8. You know what the amusing part is. He'll still start. Guess it's because Mitch is so much better.
  9. Horrible Horrible throw. And I'm done
  10. I don't know why this is controversial or all that stunning.
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