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  1. Might as well bench him now for Bray. He wanted to get Nagy to eat his decision to bench him. Should happen again.
  2. The chance Ted gets fired is probably close to 0.
  3. That's essentially what Pace is here for. For now.
  4. Since we're assigning blame today. In that scenario George deserves about 80 percent of it.
  5. With the owners there too. Only 5 games of this crap left.
  6. This game just had to be on during the last day of a long weekend into a long week. ****.
  7. Do we actually know how much input he actually has before claiming that he's like a devil talking into George's ear? God there's such rush to judgement to start creating scenarios.
  8. Yes I'm putting blame on him. He deserves blame.
  9. George can do with that opinion as he likes. The problem is he made the wrong hires.
  10. On that drive yes. He might as well start the other 5 games. Why not?
  11. He can't just stand there and get spoon fed. It has to be a give and a take. I'm not sure if he was actually mentally prepared to play QB in this league and if he ever will be.
  12. In the day to day operations of the Bears he has nothing to do with it. Not one thing. I don't care if he gets fired so long as Pace and Nagy are. They matter.
  13. It's not a maybe it's a fact. In 10 years Nagy won't be even remembered. It's going to be Mitch especially in this QB class. Having tools is only the first step.
  14. Phillips has nothing to do with the Bears football Ops. That's all George now.
  15. Whether you like it or not Mitch will always be the bigger failure. Easily.
  16. They both did and they should both be gone. But there's nothing saying Mitch would have developed under anyone else. Right now he's just a bust that can't read defenses and it wasn't like he was rushed into action.
  17. It has to be a partnership for him to develop. Who's to say they didn't try everything to get him to develop and he did his part? We knew at the end of last year during the press conference he hadn't mastered coverages yet. Why? Is that on the coaching staff?
  18. I'd rather they just pound Rodgers into the ground if they are going to get called.
  19. Well Mitch is gonna help keep the defense off the field atleast
  20. They are down all 3 starters. Which team isn't going to have a pitfall after that? They are starting Urban at DE right now.
  21. Yeah why aren't the backup players all pros? We've only lost RRH,Hicks and Goldman this year. Must be the scheme.
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