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  1. I have 2 guys i want to attempt to get. But having said that i really dont trust anyone to be able to come in and have any decent impact without knowing this system. Jacoby Brissett would be nice to have. But for the above reasons i just cant see him being up to speed quick enough... Then there is the return of TEDDY! but i dont think we can make that work financially.
  2. Honestly, for me its been Marshon Lattimore. He hasnt been super consistent these last few years. Hell you could make the argument he has regressed each year against everyone out side of Mike Evans. Bad hand and all I really like how he has played thus far. Seems to look like rookie Lattimore
  3. He'll be the new Ryan Fitzpatrick when he retires. He seems really made for that. Good enough to win you a handful of games but probably not someone you want full time
  4. You will never get me to complain about a team trying year in and year out and competing superbowl or not. Because on the other end of my fandom spectrum i have the pelicans who cant do anything right and its a miserable existence. Lol
  5. Im def in. Sorry...dont check this site much during the offseason
  6. Didn't know he was hurt. Also didnt anticipate being this hurt about losing a punter. But the guy was great on and off the field. Will be an asset to any team that can grab him
  7. They have a punter they are high on. Morestead kind of fell off. It was time
  8. Never even should have had time to make that hail mary
  9. Ok bill you just won the be a GM for the year contest. Balance the Saints cap....and go!
  10. I would pay good money to see an average fan deal with NFL contracts and make trades.
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