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  1. Best corners that never even got a single Pro Bowl honor

    Did Jabari Greer ever make one? It feels like he should have
  2. Strangest careers

    Ryan Fitzpatrick has had a very up and down career. Seems to be pretty good in spurts but not good enough to commit long term to. Feels like one of the best Journeyman QBs we've seen. LaRon Landry....seemed to full of potential. His arms became bigger than his career
  3. Bountygate back? Version: Steelers

    Sure...why not! Anything goes in Goodells house of fun.
  4. Bountygate back? Version: Steelers

    Saints are about to lose more picks because of this.
  5. If a pro sports lost an entire season...

    Why would you possibly have 1 of these guys on the bench. Waste of a pick if you already have 1 of them
  6. Im gona have to pass...cant really add any more leagues
  7. Everything Free Agency (Rumors, notes and news)

    Ingrams agent told the Saints they had a standing offer of 8 million per year from Baltimore (which he did not) Saints offered about 5 million per year if i remember correct. But once his agent told them 8 they immediately turned to getting a replacement. Its not that the Saints couldnt afford Ingram. His agent kind of blew it up.
  8. Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

    I honestly don't know what the real vikings team is but they seem to give the Saints alot of fits. Not an automatic win by any means.
  9. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    Playing 4D Chess
  10. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    AB posting zebra striped shoes and 2020. Already conceding this year? And possibly a shot at the refs lol?
  11. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    Most likely... But who knows. Saints said 2 months ago they werent interested so things can change. I believe teams about as much as agents
  12. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    2 other teams may have interest as well. Granted its his agent saying this.
  13. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    Mike Triplett said it was unrelated to MTs hand. I think there is a decent chance its a move for next year. Saints force the leagues hand and they suspend him. He comes back and (hopefully) stays sane enough to ball in NO. They'd have to sign him to a very team friendly 2 year deal. Given that no one else wants to touch him i think he would
  14. Saints working out Antonio Brown

    AB about to wreck the league or the Saints. Guess we'll find out which one if he gets to play. Which i doubt he'll be playing this year
  15. NFL Week 13 GDT

    Fairly sure 90% of the onside recoveries have been against the Saints