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  1. Seahawks trading TE Nick Vannett to the Steelers

    I'm sorry man but we could never let you get our chosen one. Wilson to Willson is the final piece of the puzzle and even Bill wakes up in cold sweat at night when he realizes that in the coming Super Bowl, we will throw the ball again, and this time Luke will reduce Butler to cleaning the confetti as we set time and history on its proper course again.
  2. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    I am still waiting for the new, updated version of "Grandma, I'm free" video from AB, but this time he says it eerily as he drowns in his own pool of egomaniacal tears.
  3. Cowboys release DE Taco Charlton; claimed by Dolphins

    It's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable.
  4. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    He's electric and is arguably the best player on the team, honestly.
  5. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    This is the part of the movie where we part, and the next time we see each other, we are on different sides of the battlefield, leaving everything behind as we have grown too much apart. Goodbye, my not-so-old friend. I will admit this though, Son is a hell of player. He'll be in my fantasy after this gameweek, my team has grown enough in value so I have enough leftover money to get him.
  6. New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks -- Week 3

    I agree with you guys, came to say exactly the same. I also have a feeling that it's going to be a tough game, frustrating more often than not and we will probably play our best football in the closing minutes of the game when we will call upon Russ.
  7. Cowboys release DE Taco Charlton; claimed by Dolphins

    Patriots are sure lucky they avoided getting served the Taco special on the weekend, Bill's black magic at work again.
  8. Dolphins bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, to start Josh Rosen

    Benching Fitzmagic is a big no-no, bad move Dolphins. Such an unholy sacrifice will doom the franchise until it snows in Miami.
  9. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Change allegiance while you still can buddy, it's not too late.
  10. 2018/2019 EPL Thread

    Well, take it from somebody who has been an Arsenal fan most of his life - I haven't been happy with the results most of my life haha. Currently we are almost always playing down to the opposition level, and what is the most frustrating thing, instead of having our own style of play, the coach changes formations and players so often that there is absolutely no consistency (apart from Pierre and Alex, but we don't deserve them, man). It's been a rough few years, seeing a team whose players seem to have a really fragile mentality. I haven't been watching football for long, but just watching the Seahawks mostly stubbornly run the ball and call to Russ in only the times of biggest need is relaxing compared to being a Gunner for life. I'm happy though that our infrastructure seems to be improving - Raul Sanllehi is a madman, Edu is a good hire too, and that gives me confidence that we will be more ruthless in our approach, both off the field and on it.
  11. Predict Joker's box office

    Don't worry man, I wasn't referring to the general train of thought here, just people around me with whom I talked too, they seem to be hyping it up just too much.
  12. Quite literally and figuratively.
  13. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Well, there's going to be drama no matter what happens since we are talking about the Giants, so it should be a fun ride.
  14. Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Week 2

    I agree, even though Ramsey would likely thrive under Pete, but more so the next season rather than now. You are right about Sherman though, but I think we ultimately cut him because the relationship just deteriorated, the Achilles (more so) and the money (slightly less so) were just the final catalysts, ultimately.
  15. 3-0 but don't trust them.

    I don't think the Bills' results will hold up, but San Fran is looking good. The problem is that our division is going to be a damn bloodbath, so somebody is ought to get the short end of it. Hopefully the Rams.