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  1. 2018 NFL Draft

    Early days, but I'm loving our draft class so far.
  2. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    I know that everybody is familiar with his story by now, but he is a really good football player. He's in the right place to succeed in the NFL, couldn't have turned out better for him or for us.
  3. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    In a great environment playing and training with his brother who is also a great young player for us. This is a great pick, and I couldn't be happier.
  4. Day 3 Draft Discussion Thread

    Way to go Seattle! Welcome to the family Shaquem!
  5. God of War (2018)

    I've done almost all of them, there are some treasure hunts and the Valkyrie fights left for me.
  6. God of War (2018)

    Finished the game. You guys mostly said every good thing there is to say about this game, so there is no need to repeat what's been said. I usually never pre-order games, but as a longtime God of War fan I gave Santa Monica Studio the benefit of the doubt which I felt they earned up to this point., and they did not disappoint. People who are still contemplating on whether or not to get this game - it is truly not overrated and the hype is very much real and fair. It is a wonderful experience which ultimately elevates this game into the realm of art, which is not something that happens often. What they are selling is a fully finished product. No DLC, microtransaction shenanigans, no launch problems. If you can, get this game. It's masterfully done. One of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, excluding nostalgia.
  7. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    Indeed, this way the best possible option if terms of announcing the news. He will not get a little farewell tour until the end of the season and the fans will be united in saying goodbye to Wenger the proper way. If only it happened sooner.
  8. God of War (2018)

    I feel you my man. I pre-order my copy and am waiting for the delivery guy. Can't wait.
  9. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    And this is how it ends. Arsene Wenger leaving at the end of the season. Thank you for everything.
  10. Say hello to the Titans new uniforms

    If I were them I'd keep changing the uniforms until I got my own thread.
  11. The 2018 Seahawks schedule

    Only two home games by the time November roles around. It's nice to finish the season out at home, but this is still a joke. What do you guys think?
  12. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    Well it is much more effective to have psychic receivers. Also would have worked better if Ryan Grant was old. Well, since they can't pass their physicals, gotta put that mental work in.
  13. Giants cut Brandon Marshall

    Only if they can pass their psychical.
  14. Western Conference First Round Playoff Thread

    No reason to be pissed off, they had their chance and blew it.
  15. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    They are pretty good but the constant media attention definitely makes it feel like they are made out to be better than they actually are. I'd still take them over most offenses in the league, but, to answer your question, yes, it is a bit overrated.