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  1. Horrible, sad and I am still in disbelief. I got into basketball as a young kid in the 09/10 season and what an introduction that was at the end, that seven game thriller against the Celtics. I'm just rambling, man, this is all just awful..
  2. Just watch the tape and then make the call, but I guess that's not ever happening in this sport
  3. I didn't expect us to actually do something productive in this moment of the game
  4. I was agreeing with you, just being sarcastic
  5. Did you say let's keep running the ball? It worked out against the Cowboys last year my guy
  6. Let's not doubt the Seahawks impeccable ability of keeping every game close!
  7. Good thing that he's with us since Russ does have a habit of making every guy on offense productive
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