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  1. In b4 sloman gets sent to FA for life
  2. Doubt it would make a difference with the way this game is going.
  3. Higgles coming up clutch so far
  4. You're welcome That's a terrible attempt at trolling. You're actually the most level headed person on this site... but also.... DOT
  5. Alex Smith probably. Only difference really is Smith found success with the team that drafted him.
  6. I just don't understand. Titans are used to being 1 yard short. That's 3 feet. Half way to social distancing and they still making mistakes.
  7. 79.5 career sacks after today. Only 17 away from Sapps career totals.
  8. Kyle Vick doing his thing on that run.
  9. And Shanahan at 5? Shanahan is what you have at home when your mom says she ain't getting you no McVay.
  10. Considering it's the Titans, I think it would be disrespectful to @RuskieTitan if we asked for anything less than the death penalty to the organization.
  11. Redskins make a power move in their quest for Lawrence, and the Jets do what they do best.... counter by starting a better QB.
  12. Hate that call, but can't take anything away from Allen. He never stopped fighting even when there was no momentum left on his side.
  13. What a throw by and catch there. Damn. Allen just kept his team in it on 3rd and long situations. Hell of a game
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