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  1. JD Martínez is a Red Sox

  2. Is it the cap hit? His health? Was his replacement last year any good?
  3. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    Since they're doing a lot of champ vs champ fights, Whittaker vs Woodley would be fun to watch. Would suck for RDA though.
  4. I think Russell holding out most of the season then getting the contract he got had more to do with the draft cap than Bradford. Bradford was just the last #1 quarterback to be drafted before the cap.
  5. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    Haha unfortunately I think Romero is still getting the shot. I read that Dana said Romero will fight Whittaker next, so I didn't quite get what I wanted.
  6. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    I'm happy seeing Whittaker fight tbh. Would be crazy to see GSP fight him if there isn't a #1 contender. Whittaker isn't as big as some of these other 185'ers, and used to fight at 170.
  7. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    Because it creates chaos as to who will fight Whittaker next.
  8. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    I was rooting for Luke until Romero missed weight. I like chaos.
  9. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    Yea that's true. Heck maybe, since they do whatever they want, they'll give bisping a token shot on his way out 😂😂 Or I guess it could be Weidman.
  10. MMA Thread | Stipe vs DC at UFC 226

    There won't be an interim champ if Romero wins. Whittaker will remain the sole champion. Interested in who gets the title shot if Romero does win. Can't give it to him after missing weight. Can't give it to Rockhold off a loss. Maybe Jacare gets it.
  11. I believe that's the year that, at one point during the Lions game, we were winning 3-2 after James Butler ( I think it was him) got an int and went back into the end zone for a safety. Thought it would be fitting if that was the final score.
  12. Is Bill Bellichick solely to blame for Patriots loss?

    I think people should focus less on looking for someone to blame, and praise the Eagles players and staff for what they did.
  13. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    I know Los Angeles gets destroyed when the Lakers win. I'm sure when the Rams win the same will happen.
  14. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT