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  1. Giants newly drafted CB Corey Ballentine injured in shooting

    Now I want the Giants to win the Super Bowl so he can visit the White House and Forrest Gump the nation.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft talk

    My boy had a ticket for end game that started at 9. 10 minute drive to the theater. He was raging that the Seahawks took their entire time for both picks, then we trade away our pick. Hahaha he boned out quick. Nice to get back into the 2nd though. hopefully we draft Chase Winthisbitch
  3. What are some of NFL's longest unresolved mysteries?

    Why the Rams let Hawk Davis go and why the Jags haven't unleashed him.
  4. Lions sign RB Malcolm Brown to offer sheet; Rams match

    If the Rams don't match is and don't trade for Jordan Howard I will be skeptical going into the season. I like Brown a lot. Hard runner and can tip toe the sideline
  5. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    We were also the 2nd highest scoring team in the Super Bowl this year.... so there's that.
  6. Clay Matthews Signs with Rams

    Obviously the Rams are loading up for the first shutout and 3-0 victory in the Super Bowl.
  7. Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Wonder where Vontaze goes? Don't this his style of play is a Burfict fit anywhere.
  8. Free Agency News & Rumors

    I don't know if McVay and co. would want to kick the tires, but if we can get Jordan Howard for a 5th I would love it. Especially if Gurley is going to be a potential liability going forward.
  9. Jaguars release Blake Bortles

    One thing that both Rams and Eagles fans can agree on is as great as both of our young quarterbacks may be, BDN is so good that Bortles can't even be in town with him.
  10. Cardinals sign Brett Hundley

    UCLA quarterbacks all over Zona
  11. 49ers are working on a trade for Dee Ford.

    Did Ford just get 87 Mil?
  12. 2019 NFL Free Agency - let the money flow like water!

    Benny finna shoot his shot
  13. Rams resign Dante Fowler

    Dang... was hoping it was around 10 max.
  14. General Season Talk

    What were the tenders we put on Malcolm Brown and Cory Littleton? I don't recall seeing what round tender was put on either of them.
  15. Raiders trade Kelechi Osemele to Jets

    Giving up Osemele and a 6th ( bears pick) for a 5th round in return sounds more like a salary dump than anything. Raiders are doing their thang though. Can't argue that.