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  1. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    Okay. I didn't see the other safety. I was on the right side of the endzone ( looking at the field, to Goffs left if he's looking at the endzone) like 4 rows up so I didn't have a perfect view. Fair enough. I appreciate you looking at the play.
  2. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    I believe it was the drive after the Colts missed the field goal in the 3rd quarter. Our first drive of the 3rd quarter.
  3. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    Looked like both safties bit down and Sammy was crossing right in front of the endzone. Would like to know what you see when you do get a chance. I'm sure everything seems more open in person too.
  4. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    You're probably right if you've saw different. I haven't rewatched it. He missed a wide open Watkins though.
  5. Week 1 Rams Vs Colts

    I was at the game. Had a great time. One thing that stuck out to me is Goff had Sammy wide open for a touchdown right in front of me and threw it to woods instead. Didn't look like he even looked at Watkins the whole play. Makes me believe that McVay is starting him from scratch. Giving him only a couple options to actually read until he gets more comfortable.