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  1. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Hopefully the weight limit will be higher. I'm 6'4 and don't have much body fat. Would have to suck down 20 pounds just to hit their limit.
  2. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Stupid hover boards have a 225 pound limit. Only thing stopping me from getting one.
  3. MMA Thread

    Naaa lets get crazy with it. After that Goddard vs Conor!
  4. MMA Thread

    I mean... if it's against Nate then no...
  5. MMA Thread

    If nate wins then conor vs nate for the 170 strap 👀👀
  6. I will forever support Jones because of his role in helping to get the votes to bring the Rams to Los Angeles.
  7. Boston Red Sox Thread

    I didn't even know that we're that deep in the stanton trade... do we have the ammo?
  8. What's your heritage/ancestory?

    Italian and German... My lady wants to do the test to see actual percentages of what we really are, but I have no interest.
  9. Boston Red Sox Thread

    What are the odds that we get Hosmer?
  10. I thought only LT was overrated for that....
  11. General Season Talk

    He had 7 carries against the Colts, 11 against the Cards, and 15 against the G-men. 1 against Dallas and 3 against Jacksonville. Zero carries in the rest of our games. Unless we're winning in a blowout he's barely running the ball. Our run game is Gurley and Tay Tay as the change of pace.
  12. Week 10 - Rams vs Texans

    Yea the parking is the killer part. Got get there early and park across the street for $50
  13. Week 10 - Rams vs Texans

    This is going to be the second game that I go to this year. Hopefully we take care of business like we did against the Colts.
  14. Cody Davis to IR

    Dang... Hawk Davis is one of my favorite players. Hopefully he comes back strong next year.
  15. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    Thinking about upgrading to a 75 inch tv. Anybody know if places put tv's that big on sale for black friday?