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  1. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    I've been saying since his freshmen year at Oregon that he would be our savior. He's clearly the second coming of Drew Breesus Christ. Clearly top 10 imo.
  2. Is it Time ??

    Meh, considering where this team was three off seasons ago I'm not criticizing the GM. I still think he's done a pretty good job. Not every pick is gonna be a hit. If Jonnu Smith was a hit the team looks a lot better right now.
  3. Week 7 GDT - Titans @? Chargers

    27-13 Chargers.
  4. Is it Time ??

    It's not the last two games that is the issue. It is all 6 games outside of the 2nd half vs the Eagles. We have 5 TDs in 6 games. Injury issues aside, that's about 40% of the season as a sample size. What is the 3rd game where the offense looked promising? The Texans game where our only offensive TD came on a drive where Derrick Henry had the most snaps at QB? I don't think we can blame injuries for the lack of scoring in those games any longer. We're about as healthy as we're going to be all season, and getting healthier hasn't changed anything. You're certainly more optimistic about the rest of the season than I am. I wasn't even confident we would beat the Bills coming off the Eagles win. Until we put up 4 offensive showings in a row, I probably wont' have any faith in the team.
  5. Is it Time ??

  6. Is it Time ??

    I honestly don't think we'll be picking at 17th overall unless we just all the sudden solve the offensive woes that have plagued us in 5 out of 6 games. Maybe we improve. But yeah, either way, it's a problem without a solution. There isn't a guy worth replacing him with in every draft, and in the ones where there is they're usually first overall.
  7. Is it Time ??

    I don't think anyone is trying to argue he's worse than those guys. I would put him right there with Ryan Tannehill and Alex Smith. The issue is a lot of people believed he was a franchise QB and not someone who is just adequate. They want to blame every issue on someone other than him. Most people believed that was his floor, but that he could achieve greatness. No one wants to hear that if he hasn't done it by year 4 he's not going to. I didn't want to either.
  8. Is it Time ??

    I placed blame on LaFleur too in the same post. And it's not absolving the WRs of blame. It's pointing out a misconception that we seem to have that someone is going to have 2 yards of separation on every play. It's not like that in the NFL. If we're shaming our WRs for not getting open, shouldn't we be praising Butler for covering WRs by the same standard, even though it's a reception? If our WRs have been covered, then the majority of Butler's receptions allowed have been covered as well.
  9. Is it Time ??

    I don't think it's as simple as saying he needs to go. Replacing a QB is so hard and we know he can succeed given the perfect situations. I just don't think he's the franchise QB we hoped he was. He's Alex Smith. It's not a cut him and find the next solution thing. We may have him for a couple years while looking at other QBs in the draft before we find one we think we love. I think there's only one of those guys in this years draft and unless we pick first overall I think we have Marcus only next year.
  10. Is it Time ??

    Yeah I don't think he has an accuracy issue at all. He's actually got a good arm. He's just choosing not to throw it. He's also shown he can anticipate guys getting open in the past, but I saw two chances on those sacks from last week for him to drop it over a linebacker and under a safety and he took the sack.
  11. Is it Time ??

    If he's throwing it where only his guy can get it and it's intercepted it's probably his fault and not the WRs unless the WR bats it up in the air somehow. A drop is a lot better than a sack. Neither Davis or Sharpe has had drop issues. That's two guys he should feel comfortable throwing to in tight windows. But we haven't even seen him try to throw guys open. If they don't have separation, he doesn't throw it. Sometimes you have to give your guys a chance to make a play. But whether or not he "trusts" his guys or not doesn't matter. If guys are causing interceptions on perfectly thrown balls it's up to the coaches to get them out of the game. He has to have a short memory, because guys don't consistently separate in the NFL, and if you don't throw guys open and you can't locate the ball in the one place only your man can reach it, you're going to have a bad offense.
  12. Is it Time ??

    I understand they haven't been great, but Davis and Sharpe have one drop between them. Taylor's drops have been an issue and the other drops have been on practice squad guys who the majority aren't even on the team anymore. Our top 3 WRs really haven't been the issue with the drops. It's been the cruicial situations the practice squad guys were in. How many times have we seen a perfect ball placement in a tight Window? Against the Jaguars there was one to Davis that wasn't caught, but it was placed too low. He needed it to be around the knee and it was closer to the ankle. It wasn't even considered a drop because it was too inaccurate. Outside of that? Maybe the Taylor drop on a comeback against the Eagles. I'd have to rewatch it. It was considered a drop. The drop to Mattews.
  13. Is it Time ??

    We've talked about how bad Butler has been, but on how many of his allowed receptions would the receiver have been considered "open" by the same standards that we're defining "open" for our WRs? The Crabtree TD certainly wasn't open. QB put it where only Crabtree could get it. Jeffrey was usually well covered. QB put the ball where only he could get it. At what point do we accept that in the NFL guys don't consistently run across the field with two yards of separation and you have to fit the ball in tight windows and put it where only your guy can get it to be successful? Also, being "open" usually doesn't persist throughout the route. You will often have less than a half second window and have to throw the ball before the receiver is open. I don't feel like this has been acknowledged at all when we talk about our WRs. Anyone can throw to wide open guys. Agree on the LaFleur point. This is much closer to Shannahan's offense than the Rams, and we don't have the personnel for it. I think we all thought we were getting the Rams offense with the 80% 3 WR sets and west coast concepts, but it's been far more suited to the multiple TE/FB offense Shannahan runs. We don't have anyone that can play TE or FB so that is really hurting.
  14. The 3 in the 3-4 defense

    I didn't realize you were brand new. Welcome to the forum. And yes, the missed tackles this season have been infuriating.
  15. Is it Time ??

    After the Patriots sweep you all for the 20th season in a row, why don't you all hire that playoff winning coach as your new HC to be your savior? Our "loss" is your pain gain.