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  1. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I don't think a player is going to sign to play a position he's never played in his life. He's coming back to play RT unless injuries are a big deal again, but if he didn't, he would walk.
  2. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Yeah you guys all pretty much touched on what I was getting at, but the bold is the jist of it and the same happens for young QBs. Sure offensive coaches have had a couple years of success recently, but just as many, if not more, defensive coaches have stood the test of time. More than anything, good consistent QB play seems to be tied with teams and sustained success. Whether or not the HC is offensive or defensive doesn't seem to have any bearing on that long term. Also, and unfortunately for us, finding a good HC and drafting a QB involves a ton of luck. It's usually something teams only allow GMs to do once or twice so it's difficult to evaluate and improve upon.
  3. Other Games/Teams Thread

    Nelson Agholor still being in the NFL is amazing. His alligator arm failure to attempt to catch a deep ball last night would be enough reason for me to cut him this week. He's trash. When people mention us needing an offensive HC Pederson is often the first one brought up as a success story, but right now they have the same record as us and look just as bad. People constantly troll the good to great comment, but what about them going from great, to good, to bad? It doesn't matter what side of the ball your HC is from in my book. I don't think that has any bearing on sustained success in the NFL. Success is a previous year means nothing.
  4. Mike Vrabel

    I mean I'm furious he didn't challenge but I agree with him and the play call and I still think they got it. Refs were incompetent all game. Im sure he touched on why he didn't challenge I'll have to fins that. I bet it's a doozy
  5. Jon Robinson

    I think he's actually becoming a pretty good run blocker. Blaming him for not going 1 on 1 with an edge rusher would be like blaming Woodyard for not being able to cover Ekeler. Just a nightmare matchup for as soon as it was snapped.
  6. Jon Robinson

    Yeah he's definitely had some misses, but I think he's here for awhile. The team looks talented, now can we find coaches and a QB that know what to do with it. The OL is our only really bad unit on the team, but I think both our QBs make them look worse than they actually are. We have QBs who hang on to the football.
  7. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Only 2 punts today. Pretty big improvement.
  8. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I don't think so. We relied on Tannehill playing well above expectations to score 23 points, even though we only had 3 possessions in the first half, that's not a lot. I think some of these awesome tight window throws become INTs fairly soon. I wouldn't be surprised if we score 9 points next week.
  9. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    I agree completely with the play design, I just didn't know if there was any sort of confirmation it was intended for Jonnu Smith. I initially thought it was too, but I think it was because the camera angle only showed him until after the throw.
  10. Mike Vrabel

    I have paid zero attention to the Redakins so I really can't comment, but based off reputation that does seem like a good fit.
  11. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    The defense wasn't great in the first half. 10 points on 3 drives that could have been 13 if they kick the FG. But honestly they were good in the 2nd half, just very bad on the last two drives until the last play of the game.
  12. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Tannehill was way better than I expected today and I don't expect him to repeat it. So many throws into tight windows today. Do we know with any certainty that the one throw was intended for Jonnu Smith? Not saying it wasn't, but he was so accurate the rest of the day it's odd he had one pass that was 6 yards off.
  13. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    He's been trolling ever since Mariota was benched. I think he actually hated seeing Tannehill outperform Mariota today lol
  14. Mike Vrabel

    I liked Vrabel. I was willing to give him a chance to turn the team around. I don't think he's it. He makes too many situationally questionable decisions. This team is talented and ready to win. If we get rid of Vrabel, who are you hiring to draft a QB and take the team to the next level? It almost needs to be a retread instead of starting all over with a first time head coach.
  15. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    Depends on what we're talking about when you say paying him. He's not one of the best OTs in the NFL, but he's a solid player. I wouldn't make him one of the highest paid at his position. Most RTs don't get huge contracts, but some do. Kelly is a solid backup, but he really needs a lot of help on his side. If Conklin walks, I don't think going forward with Kelly as the starter should be the plan at all. We would need to draft or sign someone. I also don't know what Conklin's injury is either, but if it's significant that could come into play.