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  1. Playoff Picture

    😬😬 can't believe we're favored over the Colts right now.
  2. 3 Titans Make Pro Bowl

    Mariota pro bowl alternate with 11 TDs lol what the hell? Byard deserves it. Henry getting alternate consideration off of 2 games lol.
  3. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    Lewan looks ridiculously good in both of those. His get off on the snap on the inside zone is crazy. In the outside zone run you can see where Spain just looks like he might be a little slow for the scheme. His man doesn't end up making the play as he's walled off by other guys, but his feet look slow and he isn't able to get outside his man after chipping.
  4. Week 16 Redskins vs. Titans

    We have the fewest throws 20+ yards downfield in the NFL according to NFL Matchup on ESPN on Twitter. The Bears, Chiefs, Browns, and Bills (what?) all have double or more the big throws that we do. We also have the highest completion percentage on such throws out of the 15 teams listed in the graphic. Not sure we we rank against the other half of the league. We're playing it safe with the big throws and not throwing them if they're contested. This is also part of why we have to convert 7 first downs to score. This has been a lot easier in the last couple weeks when we started getting big plays in the run game even though we don't get them in the passing game. Hard to say if that's more LaFleur, Mariota, or the WRs we have... Probably combination of all 3.
  5. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I also agree that they aren't going to want to have a wide open starting spot at EDGE and have no one to fill it but a rookie, even a first round rookie. As good as Evans and Landry have been, they still weren't the starters. I think Conklin is the only player in the Robinson era who was a starter week 1 of his rookie year. I also think there's zero chance we trade up for Bosa (going to require 3 first round picks to get that high) and likely zero chance we trade up for Allen if we have to get into the top 10 to get him. I could see us moving up a couple spots for Montez Sweat and signing a stop gap OLB. I could also see us trading for someone and drafting another position. I don't think we expect a rookie WR to be our #2. Supposedly this offense is hard enough with all the option routes, we don't need a guy who's learning how to be a WR in the NFL also tryin to learn that. Quincy Enunwa is my favorite as well. Tyrell Williams is my #2. Golden Tate is my #2 if he's available.
  6. Week 16 Redskins vs. Titans

    Cowherd just said that the Colts are the #1 scoring deafness since week 7. Crap. Not what I wanted out of our division.
  7. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    I'm critical of Mariota, but I've said multiple times he's not going anywhere. I just don't think he's the long-term option that others do. Maybe he improves? I dunno. He's had a lot of the same footwork issues for all 4 years in the NFL. Don't mistake me being critical of him as saying we need to get rid of him. I don't like Alex Smith, but the Chiefs had to keep him until they were in a spot to get someone else.
  8. BOLD Predictions

    Didn't Leveon Bell turn down like 14 million a year? He aint coming here. Steelers offense is better in just about every category without him anyway.
  9. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    I don't think I explained what I meant. I wouldn't cut either one of them. You have to be able to have someone else. That's why I said I'm fine with him as a stop-gap. Ride out his 2019 year and see what happens. Does he improve? Does he look worse? It's better to have the 15th-20th best guy than the 30th.
  10. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    Right. To show video evidence for consistency we would need to show an absurd amount of videos. Us showing 3 videos of him holding on to the ball does nothing for our argument. That's anecdotal evidence in the first place. If I show you five videos of Cam Newton throwing an insanely accurate pass, does that mean he's an accurate passer? I respect him using videos to back his argument, but that's not a claim than any of us ever made. We know Mariota CAN do everything a QB needs to do. It's why we all believed in him and blamed Mularkey. The issue is that he doesn't do it with enough consistency.
  11. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    I asked this before the Cowboys and I wouldn't though. I don't want Dak leading my franchise. As a stop-gap, sure. Anything more - no. I do think Mariota is a little better than him, but the last time I looked at stats they disagreed with that. Hard to say without context for the stats.
  12. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    I like the guy too I'm not here just to insult him. I just feel that he hasn't developed in the way that I had hoped he would. I blamed Mularkey for the same flaws he has now.
  13. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    He can do everything a QB needs to do. Making a throw into a window 4 times a year doesn't mean he's doing it on the consistent level of an NFL QB.
  14. Week 15 Titans vs. Giants

    Yeah his coaches want to run the ball. When we have no running game he looks bad. The Eagles game was the only game I can ever remember him doing it all in the air with no help on the ground, really ever, and still we only had 3 points at halftime. It's not even up for debate at this point that low attempts is not holding Mariota back.The running game props him up and he needs the play-action creating bigger throwing lanes to be an effective passer. He cannot throw people open and will not throw into tight windows. I'm hoping that the running game and defense can prop him up long enough in the league and that he'll hopefully improve down the road. He's usually good late in the 4th quarter and that's worth something.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    And it's too early to tell too. Could look completely different in April. I'd love Lawrence, but knowing bour luck he's probably going to the Colts.