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  1. Obviously, Greg Mabin was the answer to this thread. lol
  2. I gave him love last week so this time it's Bowen's turn. Hope they make me look like a ******* tard for calling for their heads and they keep it up. It's going to sound like a hindsight suggestion but the only two plays I questioned the entire game were the 2nd and 2 pass and 3rd and 2 pass where Tannehill must have closed his eyes. Obviously, I wouldn't have questioned them if the players executed, but even before the play, with the time left on the clock, I didn't care if we even converted. I just wanted to run another 90 seconds off and kick another FG to try to go up another score.
  3. Obligatory weekly Vrabel post: Fire Vrabel! Alright now that I got that out of the way I'll just say I didn't check the forums one time during the game and I don't think I can ever allow myself to check again. Great job by Vrabel and Bowen with what they had. Dane Cruikshank locked up Kelce at the LOS and kept hands on him pretty much regardless of what the rest of the defense did and he did amazing. He needs a second contract if only for one post-season game per year.
  4. Hoping Kinsey can take over Firkser's role as 3rd down slot WR after this season.
  5. My favorite for the moment is the 6'3" 225 lb WR Treylon Burks. Mainly like him over the other top WRs because of our offense and how we could use his RB size and speed over the middle of the field. He has good size and speed down the field too. Olave and Wilson are probably better overall players of they're still available, but I think Burks is a better scheme fit. I don't like the idea of taking an IOL in the first round, but if Tyler Linderbaum is available and he's a blue chip player, does that make up for the loss in positional value? PFF is saying he's the best IOL since Quinto
  6. I'm sure Lewan is out. Would like to see Radunz if Lamm struggles. He's next man up now. I thought we would see him earlier than this, but having a year off and being at a lower level of college would have a steep learning curve. I'm more worried about the Farley pick than Radunz. He hasn't had meaningful snaps since 2019 and won't be back until 2022. I think he's a strong candidate as another high bust pick, but we'll have to wait to see.
  7. Even this year having another WR would be massive for our offense. AJ Brown and Julio have hardly been on the field together. Not to mention Julio is old for a WR and we have nothing after AJB when he begins to decline. I know the prevailing thought coming off a win over the presumed best team in the league is going to be "the time is now", but let's also not forget that three weeks ago we lost to the worst team in the NFL because we are massively top heavy with talent and contracts and have failed to draft well and have made up for it by bringing in guys on big contracts. This would
  8. If you're spending a first round pick on a 28 year old CB, what is your plan for Fulton and Farley who are not inside CBs? That's another 1st or 2nd that is essentially depth. Fulton has shown he's far better on the outside and Farley isn't near physical enough to play inside. The only reason I'd consider making the trade is because Farley was the pick I was the most worried about. He has a ton of injury history and only one year of college you're drafting him off of. He is a high bust potential pick. I think you have to believe Farley is a bust to make the deal. Otherwise, let
  9. Did anyone notice how often the cameras focused on Vrabel's scowling face last night? Like way more than they usually focus on a coaches face. They didn't pan to McDermott near as often lol
  10. 70k people in attendance. I'm curious how many were actually Bills fans. The media made a big deal about the Bills traveling, but this year we have a home field advantage. I think a lot of that is just that they traveled well and that it's been an issue for us in the past. City seems pretty devoted for the time being.
  11. 3-0 when I predict a blowout loss. 1-2 when I predict a win. Predicting blowouts from now on.
  12. What's the deal with our special teams being so bad people are intentionally kicking to us to pin us inside the 20.
  13. Fire Vrabel. Jokes aside Todd Downing called a good game the entire game. 1at half wasn't pretty but that looked mainly like execution/Tannehill playing bad.
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