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  1. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    I wanted to buy into Taylor and I think I even convinced myself he could be a starting caliber WR, but I think he put enough tape out last year of him failing to track the ball in the air to expect him to play any sort of real role. It sucks because if he could do that one thing, there are some other elements to his game th think he could contribute to an offense. Maybe he'll work it out. Smith is almost the opposite. Outside of one drop he didn't really put anything on tape to make you say he's out, but at the same time he didn't put anything on the tape to make you think he's more than depth. Except perhaps his YAC ability. I
  2. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    Unfortunate things happen. Unless certain factors made Conklin's situation predictable (there were no such factors), losing a player due to inury isn't a blunder that scars a GMs credibility. It's just an unfortunate even that sometimes happens. It literally could have happened to anyone. Does the fact that we traded up to get a player that it happened to make it a blunder? No, it's just that much more unfortunate.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    I was just genuinely asking. I haven't been in the loop on any of the goings on lately. To me he seems like he's closer to Aaron Donald in terms of size/speed than a big OLB. He doesn't have the length that is sought after outside. I suppose he could play edge in base and move inside often. Could be an interesting piece. Oh well, the Titans know more than I do, I am just wary of high investments on players playing a different position.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Is this Texans reporter the only source?
  5. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    And i just don't think you give up two first round picks for non QBs or non Khalil Macks
  6. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    What makes you say he would play on the edge?
  7. Haha I haven't been around much. I went back to school to get my masters and I am always busy. I barely paid attention to FA and the Combine which is a first in like 10 years. I hope he plays well enough that we have to pay him, but as I say that I also wished he'd play well enough that people were trying to hire LaFleur as a HC and we saw how well that was lol.
  8. Offseason Thread

    Tannehill could be getting 12 million and I still like it. Mariota is basically guaranteed to miss at least a half in 2-4 games. That's 2-4 losses with Gabbert starting guaranteed just because our QB isn't playing. We absolutely have to have someone at QB who can play well enough to win. Also, the biggest argument for possibly resigning Mariota, or even franchising him, if he doesn't make a major leap forward was "who are you going to replace him with". Well, now that guy is on our roster and is basically just Mariota's older brother as a player. If Mariota even closely resembles what we've seen the last two years, we let him walk and just go forward with Tannehill. If(when) Tannehill ends up starting because of injury, do we continue with him when Mariota comes back if he outperforms Mariota a couple games in a row? Potential lockerroom drama.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    We're pretty multiple up front, just not in base all that often. I think the number increased throughout the year, but towards the beginning of the year that number was very low. Lawrence may be athletic for his size, but isn't going to bring a lot as a pass rusher in my opinion. If we can't get Wilkins or no one falls I'd probably avoid iDL. I still wouldn't be surprised if we draft one of the BC guys or Bradbury. We've drafted based on biggest roster hole all 3 years under Robinson, and that's probably RG right now, right? We don't have a starter there.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    NT is not going to be a priority in today's NFL unless you think they can rush the passer and stay on the field in the nickel. You have to consider the investment you're putting into someone who might play 17 snaps if they're not a better rusher than your (in our case) DE. What we would ideally find is a 'DE' with the size to play 1T and rush the passer. Wilkins fits that. Raekwon Davis did, but he went back to school.
  11. Titans trade for Tannehill

    Yeah love it. The team needed it if we're going to keep Mariota.
  12. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    He had a chance to get a pay raise, play with the greatest QB of all time, probably put up 100 catches, and basically be guaranteed an AFC title appearance with a good shot of being in the Super Bowl The fact that he had already committed, JRob being from TB, and Brady potentially being gone in a two years probably came into play, but still pretty crazy that he didn't go back on his word.
  13. Titans Officially Sign Adam Humphries

    He's actually our solution at DE.
  14. Titans sign Cameron Wake

    Not only are we not a traditional 3-4, we're in the nickel (usually 2-4-5) the majority of the time as well. This takes the majority of any coverage responsibility off of Wake and any OLB. Last year we had Orakpo and Morgan, neither of which can cover anything more than a flat/hook zone, so Wake is not going to be an issue in coverage. It's not like Derrick Morgan was running down the seam with TEs. Also, Landry can play in space. He may not cover anyone 1 on 1, as we shouldn't be trying to do, but he can get out to the flat and take on RBs. The only time we will ever see Wake in coverage is when we would have seen Morgan in coverage. Where multiple people are blitzing and he drops into the flat, most likely to handle a RB.
  15. Offseason Thread

    So you choose to focus on PFF in an attempt to discredit the claim, yet completely ignore that I said it meant little to me and that Greg Cossell, someone who is very well respected, has said he is the best safety in the NFL. He didn't say he was one of the best. He said he was the best. So in order to be top tier you have to be 30 years old? The last two years Byard is up there with Smith and I would laugh at Thomas playing in the box anywhere close to Byards level. Clinton-Dix isn't in the conversation. The hall of fame is for comparing careers. I'm talking about current performance. Jack Conklin made All Pro his rookie season. Did that mean he was better than the established RTs? I don't really consider that the only unit of measurement.