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  1. I'm wondering if the league was made aware that the Titans had a positive test prior to going to Minnesota. If they weren't, and we knowingly took a bunch of exposed athletes somewhere to expose a bunch more athletes... I wonder if they will come down hard on the Titans.
  2. It's not that I don't believe we can't clean things up either, but there are simply a large number of things that need to be fixed before we're at that level and we are very fortunate to have had the schedule that we've had for 3 weeks as opposed to the Texans who are on the opposite side of that spectrum. These mistakes + quality opponents = losses. Pitt has holes as well and with Tannehill and the O playing as well as they are we can compete in most games, but consistently winning in shootouts is hard to do in the NFL and if we force our offense to play that way we'll start to see more losses.
  3. How fast he closed on the RB while simultaneously throwing a 300+ lb man to the side.... Jesus.
  4. Chicago is 3-0. Who among us is thinking to themselves "Oh they've managed to overcome so much adversity and still be 3-0 against 3 opponents without a victory. They're going to be really tough to beat this year"? Probably none of us. There probably isn't a person here who's looking at Chicago being 3-0 against 3 winless teams and thinking how good they are going to be going forward. I'm sure we're all expecting their record to regress to what their talent is when they actually play a decent football team. 3-0 is impressive in a vacuum, but nothing in the NFL is in a vacuum, and just like their record we have to put ours into perspective when gauging how strong our team is.
  5. If Tannehill's easy pick isn't dropped on the game-winning drive yesterday, if Myles Jack isn't called for a basically non-existent DPI on our game-winning drive last week, if Gos doesn't shake off the jitters and finally hit a FG in week 1, we're looking at 0-3. You can do the shoulda, woulda, couldas either way, but they're not changing how much we've left to be desired in terms of playing like a top football team. We've played like an average football team, nothing more, and could see major regression when we see an increase in the quality of our opponents. I'm very happy to be 3-0, but I'm not gonna pretend I'm blind just because I was happy with the outcome.
  6. I think we all know how good the Broncos and the Jaguars are. Young QBs are a great story, and they sometimes have good games, but neither of them were going to be a playoff team. The Vikings may be better than they have let on this season, but no Kirk Cousins lead team should every be unstoppable on offense and they looked awful last week. It's not a coincidence that every offense we play looks outstanding against us. Even the Broncos stopped themselves with wide-open drops by Jeudy. Again, I'm not saying that we won't get better in 8 weeks. I'm just saying you can look at the performances we've put out there and tell that we're not playing very well defensively. It's not exactly a hard conclusion to come to. The performances we have given are not indicative of good football teams. It needs to be fixed or we'll be 3-3 in a few weeks as the schedule toughens up.
  7. The point isn't that we're not happy with winning close games and that we want blowouts. The point is that if you are forecasting the strength of your team in terms of predicting the outcome of future games, the quality of football being played is more important than whether or not you won or lost. As Daniel noted, these 1-2 point games generally trend towards being 50/50 over time and we've just been on the lucky side of the coin flip at least 2 weeks in a row. That doesn't mean I'm any less happy with our wins than anyone else. It only means that you can get a sense of how strong your football team is by watching them play and completely ignoring our record. Getting lucky and barely scraping by against really bad football teams early in the season doesn't exactly forecast a really good football team. That is the point being made and pointing out how other teams got better in previous seasons doesn't really change that. We may get better, and we may not, but that's not something we can predict and it really doesn't have anything to do with our team in the current season. It's not being pessimistic. It's being objective.
  8. 1. We're really hoping someone can tell us lol 2. He was basically a practice squad guy who found a role as a play-action deep threat for us late last year. He's not used for, nor good at, anything else. 3. Agreed!
  9. Jonnu Smith is becoming my favorite player. He's the type of person that you would root for even if he wasn't on your favorite team, and now he's getting production to match his athletic talents. I'd continue to try to get him the ball more often. I don't think we can complain about Khalif Raymond being on the field anymore. Even going back to last year he has proven that he is a legitimate deep threat and that putting an extra safety in the box to stop Derrick Henry could end up costing you a big play. Not only does he get open but he has been absolute money making some tough over-the-shoulder catches and tracking the ball in the air. He may be a one trick pony, but he's doing that trick really well right now. Having 9 QB hits sounds like our defense was actually getting to the QB more often than we thought yesterday. I know a few of the plays we had absolutely no pass-rush were with only 3 players rushing the QB. It just didn't work at all. Clowney is 6th in the NFL with 12 QB pressures and Landry is 11th with 10 pressures. We all know Simmons is getting back in the backfield. I think we're having some issues covering long enough for these guys to get home, and also just making the play and not letting the QB escape. For the majority of the day we were in base personnel with only 2 safeties/2 corners and we didn't really play a 5th DB very often at all. Fulton should have been on the field a lot more often than he was, or even Hooker for that matter. I think the game plan was to stop Dalvin Cook and they couldn't really do that either. The angles our players were taking at him were so terribly bad. I'm not super confident in this team, but Derrick Henry finally looked like himself. I don't like targeting him on 3rd and short when he's lined up out wide. He's not that type of RB. Also, we had 8 scoring drives yesterday, and that's with a pick 6 being called back by a penalty that didn't effect the outcome at all. Our offense should give us a chance to compete in a lot of games, but we really need our defense to play better if we're going to be a contender. Right now we don't look like a 3-0 team.
  10. I'm not saying it's a foregone conslusion we're going to lose to them. I'm not saying the Vikings don't have weapons on paper. I'm just saying the Vikings under Cousins have never been offensively better than the Steelers under Roethlisberger. In fact, the Vikings have been absolutely garbage offensively this season until playing our god awful defense.
  11. So nothing their returning players have done in the past matters when counting how good their offensive players are, but a 4 hour old performance by a player who had 6 targets coming into today does? I'm not saying their team is going to the AFC Championship or anything, but we've seen nothing from the Vikings to conclude that their offense is better than anything the Steelers has shown in recent seasons when Roethlisberger is starting.
  12. Jefferson had more receptions today than he has had targets in the NFL prior today. Our defense is just that bad and made him look like a superstar. The Steelers are absolutely a better offense.
  13. Not to be a negative nancy, but we're not in the locker room so we can look at things objectively and put things in context. We are now 3-0 which is great, but those 3 teams are going to have a combined 1 victory coming out of week 3. Not to mention that we narrowly beat all 3 of them and could have been 0-3. Not saying it means we're trash or anything, but I do think it helps put a frame of reference on where our expectations should realistically be.
  14. He was a monster the entire game really. He is so freaking good.
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