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  1. Wtf dude? Yup. WTF. - ET
  2. NE defense is soft today, getting pushed around
  3. Cam is reluctant to run when he sees open lanes and makes ill advised throws... his decision making has been abysmal
  4. Haha yes indeed and Troy being clueless about it was fun...
  5. I agree there was no intent, but it looked so bad he had to be disqualified
  6. Half their team is not here... just sayin
  7. No snf game thread? go pats
  8. What happened to the DEN QB? Why is Drisken in the game?
  9. Do you buy it? Most importantly will teams buy it? Did he really hit rock bottom and now is humbled? Which team will sign him?
  10. Pats D playing well... feasting on bad QBs... but still playing well nonetheless
  11. Brady is off OMG... thankfully he had all day to throw it to Harry
  12. B Brady just missed a wide open Sanu for a TD... my pats offense blows
  13. They should forfeit the rest of their games really
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