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  1. This is from Albert Breer on Monday Since Monday, the league has declined playing out of the country. https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/05/04/john-lynch-san-francisco-49ers-offseason-reload?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=themmqb&utm_medium=social
  2. For 2017 first-round picks, the fifth year option becomes guaranteed for injury upon exercise of the option. So there is risk if they can't clear a physical by the start of the 2021 league year. Jarrad Davis is one of the guys who didn't get a fifth year option because of the unknown cap situation. Estimates are the cap could drop $30-80M and would require the league/players to come together to agree on a burden sharing plan to smooth out such a dramatic loss.
  3. Don't forget the 2021 salary cap being affected by potential lost revenue during the 2020 season. The Lions stated they want Jarrad Davis back, but with the potential of a revenue shortage, they couldn't risk tying up 5th year option cash that could end up being guaranteed for injury.
  4. It doesn't surprise me at all that the 49ers believed the Pack could target Aiyuk in a trade up and I don't fault them for getting it wrong. The packers need WR help and they did try to address it. In Peter King's post-draft column, he talks about the Packers having Love highly graded on their board. They had heard the same rumors that a team was looking to trade up for Love. So they started making splashes in the 20s to try and move up. They would eventually find that partner in the Dolphins. On day 2, King reports the Packers were looking to make a splash in the early/mid 2nd round with a WR and had two guys in mind. Unfortunately, they couldn't work out a deal to move up from pick 62. Higgins, Pittman, Claypool, Jefferson, and Mims were the round 2 WRs selected before their pick. They ended up selecting a bruising power rusher in AJ Dillon and continued their streak of not selecting a WR in the first two days and not signing a WR in FA for more than $5M APY. Also in the Peter King piece is the Bucs trying to move up for a tackle. The Jags were almost going to trade back but CJ Henderson fell to them and they select him instead of taking 76+117 compensation. Their intel had the Browns and Jets taking tackles. Wills and Becton are taken. They have the Raiders pegged for taking a wideout and Mayock isn't willing to move back two spots. Licht's intel on the 49ers had Staley retiring and that the 49ers were a team that could take tackle. So they call Adam Peters with the 49ers and offer a 6th in compensation for the swap. Peters put the Bucs on hold, comes back, declines the offer then hangs up. Bucs call back and make the offer they know actually gets it done (SF one & seven for TB one and four). Bucs get their OT. 49ers get their DT and draft compensation.
  5. They did trade up though, so their intel was right about that. Taking a QB though... most Pack fans didn't see that coming.
  6. Lynch talked about this on Cowherd's show. Originally reported by Matt Barrows. Confirmed by Shanahan not long after that.
  7. Everything except the Packers have been confirmed by Shanahan and/or Lynch already through their pressers. The packers bit came from David Lombardi.
  8. For the 49ers, they relied heavily on player evaluations from previous coaches they had trust in. Musgrave nailed the evaluation of Deebo from last year and his evaluation of Kinlaw is what pushed him over the top of other guys this year. Had Kinlaw not been available at 13 (or subsequently 14), Aiyuk would have been in the conversation of a player to pick if they couldn't trade out. Aiyuk was the top WR on the 49ers draft board. Once the Eagles passed on Aiyuk for Raegor, they pretty much knew they had a shot at him. They went to work trying to trade up ahead of Miami, who they believed was the next team to go after Aiyuk, and were hearing whispers of the Packers trying to move up (they thought Aiyuk, turns out Love). John Lynch's wife would call Herm Edwards' wife to leak that the 49ers were going after Edwards' ASU WR. The Lynch's are godparents to the Edwards' oldest son. Aiyuk was the only player they were looking to move up for.
  9. Am I missing something here? How many guys are running a 4.5 40 with a core muscle (groin) injury?
  10. 49ers pay 31, 117, 176 to the Vikings for 25.
  11. So, what exactly is Jacksonville's plan on defense? Are there enough snaps to go around to all of their pass rushers even if they trade Ngakoue?
  12. Dolphins tried to move up from this pick to 13. SF took the TB offer then tried to flip 14 to Miami, but they weren't interested once Wirfs was gone.
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