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  1. Might see Brandon start to shoot up some lists this year. From what I've read the stuff is looking nasty.
  2. This offense. 🤮
  3. You literally don't understand what he said. Please read it again. Dear Lord this is tedious.
  4. Even White suckssssss
  5. I honestly don't even know what you're talking about as far as K's. He's not striking out at a career high clip. He struck out more in 2014 and he led the league in WAR...
  6. Your underlying numbers argument is absolute garbage. It's 100 PA's. This is embarrassing.
  7. You know what lazy and underwhelming? Asking if we should say Acuna is better than a guy who is probably going to go down as the best player in the history of the game while not even outperforming him less than 30 games into the season. Big oof my friend.
  8. Basically. Even if he was good, he looks like an idiot. His team is losing and guy is acting like he won the world series after one strikeout. He has some kind of mental deficiency.
  9. Read that he was used as a coverage guy for RB's and ran a 4.57 40. With Jayon's deal only a one year deal I actually love the pick. Maybe we wont get gashed by RB's in the passing game for all eternity.
  10. Seems like a Byard type pick. Lets hope he works out, he's going to get plenty of chances early.
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