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  1. Think we just scored our runs for the next 5 games. 😂
  2. California is a communist state. Pick a better example. Lmao.
  3. My best guess would be the guy who sprinted 20-30 feet and had to be restrained by 4+ people.
  4. We just have a different philosophy on this. Words are words. You don’t get to react violently because someone made you angry by using speech. That’s not how civil society works.
  5. Do you actually think there’s no difference between instigating a fight and committing actual violence?😂
  6. No, it’s not ridiculous. You just aren’t thinking about what could have happened. What if no Astro stops him and he lands a huge haymaker on Cintron, knocks him out cold? Does your opinion change?
  7. It doesn't matter lol. It's not like he swung at him. They were 30 feet apart. Him throwing his hands up and pulling at his pants does not mean Laureano is allowed to charge and attack him. "But officer, he said mean words and threw his hands up" is not going to get you far. EDIT: Also, this is not to say that Cintron doesn't have any fault. Laureano would have been more justified in rushing the mound is all i'm saying.
  8. Lol, dude. Use your own real life encounters. If you say something to someone and they don't like it, so they charge to attack you, they're going to get in a lot more trouble than you are. It's not really that hard to understand. I hate the Astros just as much as most, but Laureano is gonna be in trouble for sure.
  9. Laureano is gonna get suspended the same amount of time, maybe more.
  10. However, phenomenal showing by Justus. Hopefully he can keep some consistency.
  11. Evan White is striking out at a fairly disturbing rate.
  12. Yeah, I think at this point I really prefer Leiter. I'm still not 100% though.
  13. Well hey, maybe we can get the #1 overall pick and get the best player in the draft for once.😄
  14. It's insane how many positive tests there are with no symptoms.
  15. Taijuan looking like the goon we drafted.😦
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