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  1. It's something every person who's ever had a job can relate too. I can't even count how many times I've went to work with a headache and even worse, and I have to listen to screaming kids.😄 People who miss work and are late because of a stupid reason are the one's you crack jokes about in the break room. An NFL locker room is much more ruthless than that and based of what we know about his psyche, I don't see how he handles that in any other way than folding even more.
  2. It's just that his type of mentality doesn't gel with this team. From the GM, and especially the head coach and players. I don't really see a way of him coming back from this. The DUI and messing around is one thing. Missing practices because of a headache? They will eat him alive in the locker room.
  3. I think they should cut him, like today. Can't put up with this kind of nonsense. Trying to win a superbowl here. Cut your losses, move on and make a better pick next year.
  4. Doesn't mean he's not your best corner. Logan Ryan played the nickel exclusively here. He was our best corner.
  5. Awaiting TTBN's excuse.
  6. I'm actually really glad Ryan Clark said that. If anything the spread should go up for us again. That was very dumb to give Henry bulletin board material.
  7. Is Ryan Clark kidding? Henry would put him on a poster.
  8. Seems like no matter what, every time I go into an opposing teams forum from whoever we’re playing that given week, I always see the posts about how they aren’t worried about Tannehill and the receivers, just Henry. I hope the opposing coaches stay this out of touch. 😂
  9. Not worried about Henry at all. Dude's not from this planet.
  10. Well, that's surprising. He was at worst average for the Titans, sometimes being very good. Bills must believe they have better I'm assuming. Even then it doesn't make sense that he's just released.
  11. Ready for this. I want this win real bad. Want Tanny to shred them.
  12. Even if you changed his mind to make him hope he did it wouldn’t change anything. He’s still an idiot until proven otherwise.
  13. A literally perfect yes yes yes noooooo moment in my head.
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