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  1. Offseason Thread

    Antonio Brown.
  2. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    What does that matter? The only thing that changes for the Colts is now all they have to do is put 9 in the box all game and they win.
  3. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    The sad part is, if that was the prognosis all along, he was never playing, and the only reason he practiced was to lie to fans so they could sell tickets. Honestly disgusted.
  4. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Only chance we have. Im turning this one off as soon as we're down by 10.
  5. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Just saw two practices of him moving and throwing perfectly fine. If he can practice, he can play. End of story. No reason to bring up guys like Casey and Walker to compare. We just saw on Thursday AND Friday that he was fine. Get out there and play.
  6. Week 17 Colts vs. Titans

    Welp. It was fun. This game is going to be embarrassing. Honestly ready to move on from Mariota. Thought he had more stones than this.
  7. Sunday GDT

    He actually missed it. Bahahahaha
  8. Sunday GDT

    Raiders are actually trash cans.
  9. Sunday GDT

    Cam Newton is so bad.
  10. Week 14 Jags vs. Titans

    I am so pissed I had to work. I was following the game at work and I saw Henry had a 99 yard run, I was like ah he probably just got a huge hole and ran by everyone. Little did I know it was beastmode #2 for 99 yards. That was insane.
  11. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    Because thats the only time the offense is all on Mariota. Running game sucks, when they try to keep it going, we waste plays and cant get anywhere. Need to just air it out all game IMO.
  12. Week 13 GDT

    Hahahahaha, that would happen.
  13. Week 13 GDT

    Oh you haven't met Malcom Butler. He's going to try to let the Jets win. He'll bite on a double move even if his coach tells him it's coming.
  14. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans

    Lets ******* GOOOOOOOOOOOO
  15. Week 13 Jets vs. Titans