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  1. Art Smith really blew this game to me. He called very scared after we scored 10 points. Was a pretty embarrassing performance for him if you ask me.
  2. Fun season. We’ll get em next year hopefully.
  3. My first comment was that he always outruns corners and safeties even with an angle. Translated pretty well. 😂
  4. Since Lewan has been out he’s been used as a blocker a whole hell of a lot. His looks are few and far between.
  5. It means we play way better with a lead. Take the ball and try to jump on them early. If we can make the Ravens make a mistake early, especially Lamar, he’s going to be rattled. Defense needs to make some plays early and they’ll secure us the game of the offense is clicking like usual.
  6. People sleep on Tannehill all year. It’s so annoying. I hope he comes out and throws four TD’s.
  7. It also puts Lamar in panic mode. He is real bad from behind.
  8. Everyone vote for the Ravens like last year please and thanks.
  9. We could do a lot worse than Patricia, IMO.
  10. Wish it was in the Ravens home field so badly. Would have been so nice to stand on their emblem again.
  11. And just like that we still won the game, King2K is a thing, and we’re division champs for the first time in 12 years. Feels good.
  12. Wait, how did we get the ball down there so fast?
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