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  1. That isn't surprising one bit.
  2. In typing classes I took, I learned you should double space. It's been a hard habit to break.
  3. I'm being offered: Adam Thielen, NIck Chubb, James Robinson for: Melvin Gordon and Jonathon Taylor Thoughts on this deal. who gets the better end? I've also been offered from the same person Thielen and Chubb for Jonathon Taylor
  4. Really? What about Taylor becoming the starter?
  5. Team one gives up: Melvin Gordon and Jonathon Taylor Team two is offering team Team one: Adam Thielen NIck Chubb James Robinson It should also be noted, the Chubb was drafted in Rd 14 and we have a keeper league, so the person receiving Chubb could keep him again in Rd 14 next year.
  6. popcorn, and couple naan and guacamole pieces
  7. For the cost point, they're excellent. And seem to hold up really well
  8. Maybe you just enjoy Peppa! Congrats on your 2nd baby! I didn't know you had another.
  9. When it's inside a pillow case, you can't really feel the textured pattern. It is labeled as firm, but it's incredibly soft as well. It has cooling capabilities too. What I love most about it, is it's good for all types of sleepers. I move around so much, and this pillow is never uncomfortable. Easily the best pillow I've purchased in last decade+
  10. ha, I copy and pasted from the kohls website. Sorry about that.
  11. what do you like? softer, harder, medium? Feathers? I adore my Serta Luxury Knit Pillow
  12. 5 slices of salami. I'm single, and don't get home till 7 most nights. I'm not cooking.
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