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  1. With chemistry being a huge part in oline play do we start Darrisaw when he's healthy or ride with the current line as long as they keep performing decently
  2. He sounds bitter lol. Not saying he isn't telling the truth but he still sounds bitter.
  3. You do realize 3 of the top 15 QBs are were drafted in the 3rd or 4th rounds?
  4. For me Davis is the best pure guard in the draft. I thought his stock dropped because of the injuries this year. Love this pick!!!
  5. I want either in order Darrisaw, Slater, AVT in the 1st. In the 3rd a DE like Roche or Kaindoh and a speedy WR like Anthony Schwartz. 4th Safety like Caden Sterns, OG like Trey Smith, LB like KJ Britt. Then you take BPA after that.
  6. Saw something a few minutes ago saying he hasn't allowed a hundred yards in a game since 2015. That already is better than what we were last year.
  7. I'm meh about this signing. Maybe under Zimmer he get back to where he was a couple of years ago.
  8. Can't see them both coming off the field during passing downs. If both together can collapse the pocket then that frees up the outside pass rushers. This is a better signing than people are giving credit to.
  9. Tomlinson has played multiple spots along the defensive line in New York, which will give the Vikings options on how to best deploy him in their scheme. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/03/15/dalvin-tomlinson-agrees-to-deal-with-vikings/
  10. Happy we signed someone. Definitely will help against the run.
  11. What's everyone's opinion on draft strategy this year? Looks like a good QB class, do try to take our QB of the future or try to give Kirk even more to work with? I figure we will be picking mid teens to early 20s. My ideal scenario would be if Trey Lance was there when we pick. Let him learn for a couple years behind Kirk then take over.
  12. Nope not until we win the Super Bowl! Just get angry.
  13. Other than that long pass he gave up, I thought Gladney played well. He had a couple of nice pass break ups and came up and made tackles in the run game as well. Reminds me of Antoine Winfield
  14. I don't want my team to tank for anything. I would much rather play the season out and let the chips fall. Personally I think we'll end up with a to 15 pick. Maybe we can get Trey Lance with it. Let him learn for a year or two. Then move on from Kirk.
  15. Personally I still hope we sign Snacks Harrison. I think he would help the run D a lot.
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