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  1. The Division 1.8 Update

    So update 1.8 is out and it's getting a lot of good reviews, plus the other expansions has the Division with a lot of new content. Anyone looking to get back in?
  2. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Simple. Yes. You'll notice it. Youll really take advantage in games like CSGO or other FPS games where you want the most fps to get to 144 fps or more. If you only play games that you don't need 144 for, like Fallout 4 or similar, then you really wouldn't take advantage of the 144hz, and would be better served just getting a 1440p 60hz instead, if your GPU is good enough.
  3. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    For those PC gamers here the Asus VG248QE is gonna be on sale for $170 at Best buy. Normally around $260. For those that game starts 1080p and want a 144hz monitor at a good price.
  4. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    For me I need to renew. So id rather grab this than wait 3 weeks and get it for $30.
  5. Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Not Black Friday but GameStop and Amazon have 1 year PS+ memberships for $40 right now.
  6. Call of Duty WW2

    Watching Karma stream it and it seems like old school COD, and I remember how much cod kids complain. Lol
  7. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    This league is so dead. You dumbasses are going to keep 12 and put me and BKs teams in a big draft instead of refreshing the league. F U C K in morons. Now you know why this league is dead.
  8. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    And if I was Sax or MSR I'd want 2 drafts like in my proposal. That way they can improve their keepers and still have good picks in a new draft.
  9. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    But if 2 teams are Contracted how can you still include traded picks? So the ones that got HHs picks are good to go, but the ones that got mine are screwed. That's why i proposed on the last page what I'd do to shake up the league if 2 teams are Contracted
  10. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    I would even say a rule should be in the 'contraction draft' is any player you pick you MUST keep. That way a team like HH who probably wouldn't keep the 10th pick over Goldy, Harper, Bryant, Turner, Kershaw, Sale. That way more players for the lower tier teams to keep. I have no say, but this is IMO the best way to contract teams while keeping the core of the remaining 10 teams intact, while giving every owner a legit chance to win in 2018.
  11. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Imo. You guys should take me and BKs players, put them in a pool. And go from worst to best in a non-snake draft, you can do it on here. Draft like 3 rounds. Then take those 10 teams then after that keep like 6-8 players for 2018 then a huge snake draft on ESPN for the rest of the players. Just forget the draft pick deals and everything from this season. Just reset the league, but keep the 'core' players you've built up to this point. So you guys don't lose your favorite player(s), but you reset the league enough where everyone is on a somewhat equal playing field for 2018. HH would still have a insane 6 keepers for 2018, but that's fine, he built it and he can keep the best 6 while the other 9 kinda refresh.
  12. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Imo the best option is just finding 2 new owners and going from there. If the 10 of you and maybe still BK want to keep going. Otherwise it's just gets complicated and the picks that people traded for, they lose. If you guys still have 10 that wanna play, just get 2. It's not like myself and BKs teams are bad, so whoever gets them gets a good team.
  13. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Dude I have no desire to cheat my way into winning. I want to best you, yes, but not that way.
  14. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Yeah, I'm done with the league, BK already knew, but I'm done after this year. I'll keep updating my roster for the last month. Since I can't remove myself BK or someone else will have to start a new league next year with every teams keepers and put them in manually. And to HH I haven't really cared about the league for awhile, I wanted to win in my last season but it's whatever. My life is changing, don't have PC don't have time or any interest in a league.