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  1. Madden 19

    Agreed. It's still taking me adjusting. I just made sure my finger wasn't on R2 and just retrained myself to just run and only use it when I'm in the 2nd level.
  2. Madden 19

    This was one of the biggest adjustments I've had to make. I still have the urge to hit it when I see a big hole right when I get the handoff, but as soon as I do the block shed animations happen and I get 1 yard or less.
  3. Madden 19

    I was getting beat, though it was competitive games on All-pro, so dialed it down to Pro and still got beat, so really went into the lab and learned the mechanics. I was blowing teams better than me out on Pro, now on All-Pro I'm doing the same and running for 5+YPC and a few 200 yard games on All-pro. Keep grinding and practicing and the running game works perfectly. Remember NEVER hit SPRINT until past LoS.
  4. Madden 19

    Because competitive mode is for playing online TBH. While Sim is for the franchise players, and arcade is for people that just wanna run for 200, throw for 400 and win 45-0 every game.
  5. Madden 19

    So like 4 times in the last few games of mine I've been sacked and I looked at the replay and the OL just decides he isn't gonna block and just lets the defender closest to him just run by him. Only seems to happen on plays where I either don't shift my line or don't call out the mike. Happening to anyone else?
  6. Madden 19

    Well you have a great point here lol.
  7. Madden 19

    Well you do get to play Xbox exclusives on Windows 10 so that's a pretty big reason.
  8. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Just think how much time we'd spend on this stuff if we had money on the line not just bragging rights.
  9. Madden 19

    It's fine for me. Still some bugs with the franchise I've seen, but probably same on other systems. Runs fine for me after I turned down Crowd quality to Medium I always get 60+ FPS. Not sure how the multiplayer modes are yet. I know NBA 2k on PC is hurt due to low player counts after launch for things like MyPark and other modes. Not sure how Madden will end up being in October when player count lowers.
  10. Madden 19

    I think it's improved in some ways and not in others. I like most of it, but a few I don't like is archetypes being locked behind team scheme instead of saying one DT is speed rusher and the other starter is run stopper. Having a speed rusher at DT is tough to develop because they get less XP than the run stopping DT that the Base 4-3 gives you. Also same at TE if you have a vertical threat at TE but want another good blocking TE you have to sign them because they are hard to develop into a decent run blocking TE. Not saying it can't be done and might be somewhat more realistic to take a 4th round blocking TE to get to 78+ blocking TE archetype by the end of his rookie deal is impossible. Same at WR if you want to develop a Slot WR while in a vertical system is tough. Wish they allowed you to set schemes per position than just a whole team scheme. But other than that I really like it but wish they gave you an idea how many XP needed before the next player upgrade. Right now I feel like I'm just training and just waiting to see if they have an upgrade option. Unless I'm missing it?
  11. Madden 19

    I was really frustrated with the running game until I heard this info on a YT video. So I went back and actually played the skill trainer and learned a lot of good info. Now I'm running for 150-200 yards a game. So I'd recommend everyone having troubles with rushing or passing to really go into the skill trainer and learn all the systems involved in each. It's REALLY helped me.
  12. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Since you cut him. 76 games - .333 - 65 runs - 28 HR - 50 RBI. You don't wanna see what that's on a 160 game pace.
  13. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    If only Nick Pivetta could start the same streak.
  14. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Damn @beekay414 Looks like Turner has started running some. LOL 8 SB's in 5 games.