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  1. @BillsGuy82 and @Herbie_Hancock Your rosters are still illegal after the draft. (More players than roster spots) Please Fix ASAP.
  2. Draft is started early, but time won't start till tomorrow. Hopefully we can get through it in quickly but we have some time, so don't feel rushed to make a pick.
  3. I haven't talked with the other guys but I'd be okay if you kept one of them as a 16th mlb guy but only 9 in your MILB spot.
  4. Guys. Fantrax isn't gonna force you to move players OUT of the Milb Slots. It might warn you but we made it where there's no penalty for that.
  5. Also btw even if Fantrax warns you of a player not eligible for a MILB spot you can keep them in that spot with no penalty.
  6. As long as he's on your milb roster still he's fine. If he's on your milb roster you have to keep him as a MLB. Basically it goes by slots.
  7. Feburary 15th as draft date which means Feb 1st will be cut down to 15 MLB keepers day, any objectors?
  8. Champions: Season 1: Mr bDoddles Season 2: Mr bDoddles Commissioners: @Dingo18287@crab1106@Mr. bDoDDleS League Owners: @Mr. bDoDDleS@Dingo18287@crab1106@Herbie_Hancock@BillsGuy82@Sllim Pickens@biggio7@klyon7634@davisblack@nagahide13@Lions017@tom cody@I_GET_SAX@freakygeniuskid@TimeForChange@kwolf68 Previous League Threads:
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