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  1. Black Ops 4

    Anyone here on PC?
  2. Black Ops 4

    Wait....wut? It's a sin to play a shooter with a controller. LOL
  3. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Doesn't look like the Jose Ramirez move to 2B will be fast enough to give him 2B to start 2019, but hoping he's somehow able to get it early next year. If not, I'll be in the market for a 2B at that point but I sacrificed 2 seemly really good, really young middle INFers to get JD Martinez and to get the best closer in the game to help solidify my power and saves for my 2019 run. bD's Projected Keepers (after the current trade) 1B Freddie Freeman 2B Jose Ramirez 3B Will Myers SS Frankie Lindor INF Amed Rosario OF JD Martinez OF Justin Upton OF Michael Conforto SP Chris Sale SP Stephen Strasburg SP James Paxton RP Edwin Diaz Couple interesting names there in Conforto and Rosario but I told myself in April I wasn't going to look at their first couple months (Injury and raw talent). Since the AS break, Conforto is on a 160 game pace (59 games) of .269 - 103 runs - 43 HR - 127 RBI (which is right in line with what he's showed last year before the shoulder injury). Rosario also since the AS break (55 games) .283 - 116 runs - 15 HR - 76 RBI - 44 SB. So again, these don't mean I think these guys can put up those numbers over a full season, but IMO it does show that they do have the health and talent to have a good 2019 breakout.
  4. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    Then you won't need that JD guy.
  5. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 11 aka The Reboot

    bD's Projected Keepers (as of September 17th) C: Gary Sanchez 1B: Freddie Freeman 2B: Ozzie Albies 3B: Jose Ramirez SS: Frankie Lindor INF: Adalberto Mondesi OF: Will Myers OF: Justin Upton SP: Chris Sale SP: Stephen Strasburg SP: James Paxton CL: Felipe Rivero Mondesi has quickly moved into keeper consideration, the injury to Polanco hurts me and still could be a keeper but missing a couple months of 2019 means I'll just try and get him back in the draft.
  6. Black Ops 4

    True, but hoping that changes. Blackout will be best on PC and all the PC players will be playing it. So the normal COD dies on PC in a week might not apply to this game.
  7. Black Ops 4

    These codes are to play today. Open beta starts tomorrow. I really like it. Capped at 90 FPS, but so far so good. Feels smooth AF.
  8. Black Ops 4

    I have 3 PC beta codes if anyone wants one. PM me.
  9. Black Ops 4

    Both are valid concerns, and I trust that both will be balanced moving forward. Also being able to go prone and revive too. Don't agree with that too much, rather force the reviver to crouch
  10. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Just ordered a GTX 1070 off Ebay for $230. I'm really stoked. The best GPU I've ever had. Even if it's now outdated. It will run Division 2, Blackout, Cyberpunk 2077 a lot better than the Rx 570.
  11. Black Ops 4

    Yeah, I agree that needs to be changed, and I'm sure it's a console thing, hopefully, on PC there's a much better system.
  12. Black Ops 4

    Buying this game for Blackout. I like what I'm seeing.
  13. Madden 19

    There's been like 3 times at least where I made an FG and they say I didn't. Or on a challenge, they say the opposite of what happens. I believe from now on I'll get Madden, but when it goes on Sale in October, after the patches to turn the game into a full release as opposed to early access. But I have EA Premier so I get Madden with it.