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  1. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    New deal PB Gets: SP Jon Lester bDs 2nd round pick HHs 2nd round pick bD Gets: 2B Dee Gordon PBs last 2
  2. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Willson Contreras..
  3. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Yup, plus with Wood, Grenkie, Lester, Cueto?, Godley, and prob 1 closer (Knebel), as possible keeper pitchers. I only to keep 3-4 pitchers so this was a no-brainer after getting home from bar.
  4. NHL 18

    As soon as 2k stopped making an NHL game, the EA one started going downhill. I know the 2k version wasn't that good, but it's still competition, now there's NOTHING like NHL on the market, the motivation isn't there and mostly focused on the Ultimate team cash cow.
  5. Official Charlotte Hornets Thread: We Got Monk.

    New/Updated Uniforms will be unveiled Monday.
  6. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Tommy Pham, playing his way into a keeper?
  7. 2017 Training Camp Thread

    Hopefully, more Panther fans get in here from the old forum soon, but here's the new Training camp thread. I would say big news still gets its own thread, but smaller stories or discussion goes here. Starting off with a trimmer Cam Newton, along with a vow not to have a repeat of 2016. CMC delighting fans early. Shaq Thompson having a great start to camp.
  8. NBA 2k18 Thread

    With MyLeague it felt like when I won a championship it would just be 'ho hum'. Yeah, at least players on your team would be the ones that progressed, and with MyGM abilities, you could take a 2nd rounder, do nothing with him and he's an 85 in 3 years.
  9. NBA 2k18 Thread

    I've hated the way MyCareer has went. I don't mind a narrative but unskippable cut scenes that I just cringe and sometimes doesn't mesh with how you'd want your story to play out. The GOOD thing about this is, MyLeague probably won't have all the narrative stuff or players asking for stupid things over and over, so at least we'd get the added features without the story. However, I dunno about you but I preferred MyLeague after my first couple MyGM's, but I feel MyLeague leaves a little something to be desired when winning, as opposed MyGM, and I can't put my finger on why that is right now. Also, I hope they nerf the MyGM abilities. I like how you can rank up your GM, but it gets to a point where it's EZMODE.
  10. NBA 2k18 Thread

    Thought I'd start this thread off with the new MyGM/MyLeague news from today. Seems like interesting additions to my favorite game mode. At first glance with more 'story' content, I was hesitant but seems like it could be pretty chill.
  11. IMO the old forum is too out-dated. Also, most of us are starting to abandon the old forum and start adding content to this forum.
  12. Official Charlotte Hornets Thread: We Got Monk.

    I think the play of Marvin Williams will be the key if he can play close his '15-'16 form with hopefully a more dynamic bench and a rim protector, I can see getting close to 50 wins in a down east.
  13. Official Charlotte Hornets Thread: We Got Monk.

  14. FF Elite Fantasy Baseball League - Season 9!

    Worst trade of the year: Blackmon-Rodney-Hanley for Villar-Davis-Watson. So my decision making for making the deal was I knew Blackmon wouldn't run as much in the past, which I was right about. I needed SB's so I figured Villar would provide those while taking away from HH, but I'd lose some RBI-HR-BA in the process and only a slight loss in runs since the Brewers lineup has been better than 2016. I thought I could overcome the BA with Votto-Miggy-Freeman-Pollock and load up on other power guys, which is why had Davis for Hanley added. At the time I thought Rodney was close to getting pulled, so I thought Watson for Rodney was an upgrade. Even though I ended up dealing Villar-Davis for Nunez, while adding Rivero. So the Blackmon for Villar part was the main part of that deal and is a big reason HH has such a huge lead in runs and his BA is as good as it is.