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  1. Damn. Might be keeping Valdez. Looked great today.
  2. Open to moving any SP minus Cole, Darvish and Maeda for a pick. Along with Liam Hendriks
  3. On mobile click the bell icon on the bottom left then click the settings. Should be similar on desktop. Same thing happened to me.
  4. Yeah, your pitching has been amazing. I thought I had WHIP and SV/HLD's on lock a few weeks ago.
  5. We are to cut down to 20 MLB players a week after the season then down to final 15 2 weeks before the draft.
  6. Sorry didn't mean to tag you. I tagged you first as you and BG aren't in discord then added the others after. Your roster has always been good.
  7. @BillsGuy82 @Lions017 @nagahide13 @tom cody @Sllim Pickens @SwiftPride @davisblack You guys have the weekend to get your rosters fixed or starting Monday Fantrax will not count your stats moving forward till it's fixed.
  8. Sam Hilliard, the 2019 championship winning player back on my team. 🙂
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