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  1. This seems to be the situation to me. Packers have all the leverage. Rodgers won't want to go out on *their* terms and spend the rest of his live believing he had another 3 years of Superbowl winning ability left. This is the opposite of the Favre situation. Favre wanted *back in* and the Packers said no. He showed up and forced a trade. Rodgers can't force a trade by sitting at home. And he can't make the Packers look bad by wining a Superbowl for another team sitting at home.
  2. Yeah, I've spotted this guy. He comes off as ridiculous. Loving this pick at the dog end of the 7th. RB definitely a position that can be found late.
  3. We don't know what we "offered" the Titans. I expect they started with a 6th but the Titans probably said it's your top 4th or nothing and we wanted the player.
  4. Eskridge gone. Good. Doubt he was on the Packers radar. Mediocre RAS and 24 years old
  5. Didn't want Eichenberg. Sub 33" arms feels like it might not have been a Packers Tackle prospect
  6. It's not his last year anymore. This draft has saved his job. Even if they stink this year Fields and Jenkins offer though hope.
  7. Winning a Superbowl this year would take the edge off it
  8. I'm not really sure Mike McKenzie and Javon Walker, 17 years ago is super relevant to this front office. For starters, trading away either of those two doesn't make the receiving team an instant Superbowl contender. I still think you're treating this as if it's the Favre situation. There wouldn't be 'daily drama' for three years. Rodgers would be sitting at home saying I refuse to play and the Packers would be saying 'sure thing Aaron, if that's what you want', we're going to move on with our new QB. If you change your mind we'd love to have you back to help us win a championship'.
  9. I think I agree with that. But right now he's demanding a trade and so giving him one will make the front office and the Packers in general, look weak.
  10. I think the jeopardy stuff is a ruse by his team to try and pretend he has options and is serious about retirement. Just like Elway saying he was going to play baseball if drafted by the Colts. Rodgers can do jeopardy and play football. Taking 2 years out at age 38 is not realistic. My guess is he knows he has the rest of his life to do the show and it's not a serious option for 2021 instead of trying to win a Superbowl.
  11. The problem is by trading him you are giving him exactly what he wants and proving that management *don't* run the team.
  12. The thing is with Favre we didn't want him to be the starter. We wanted him to retire. We tried to give him a cushy ambassador job. Favre wanted to play, and the Packers didn't. So he turned up and forced their hand. We want Rodgers to play. I don't see how him refusing to play for us is a 'distraction'. The Packers can just say, it's up to Aaron. If he wants to come play football we're here for him and we're working hard to win a championship.
  13. I'm still yet to see anyone from 'Team Rodgers' on here explain how he gets his way. The Packers hold his rights and he can either play or retire. He doesn't want to retire. The national media seem to think he can 'force' a trade. Yet in practice he has no real leverage. So he'll be back no?
  14. We can agree to disagree about the roster. But do you agree that if Gute plays hardball and refuses to trade Rodgers, he basically has no option but to come back and play? Do you really think he let's Gute force him to retire and lose 5 years of his playing career?
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