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  1. This. WFT ain't making the playoffs this year, and Kyle Allen is not the long term solution to winning a championship. All this move likely does is make the 2021 draft picks worse while eradicating Haskin's confidence and trade value. Snyder has to be the worst owner in the NFL.
  2. So it looks like the Seahawks will not pick up the expected 3rd round comp pick, now the deadline has passed (new CBA moved it forward). https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/analysis-how-the-approaching-nfl-compensatory-draft-pick-deadline-could-be-impacting-jadeveon-clowneys-future/
  3. This take cracks me up.. Gute and MLF took a hapless 6-9-1 Packers team created by TT and MM and in their first year together took it to a first round bye and the NFC title game. That was with a rookie head coach in the first year of his new system. They aren't going anywhere and have earned a bit of trust to see what they do in year 2 together. Draft weekend makes Packer fans a bit crazy.
  4. Striking that none of these are RBs. Day 2 might be a bit high but feels like there's some great backs in this class and LeFleur's system relies on good ones. I'm very much in favour of letting Aaron Jones go, netting a 3rd comp pic, and replacing him with another guy on a rookie contract.
  5. A couple of years ago Bleacher Report (I think) did a telecast of the draft online with analysis of every pick throughout the 7 rounds. It was great. So much better than the usual regurgitating stuff about the first round all the way through day 3.
  6. The draft will be the highlight of quarantine. So glad the league went ahead with it. The GM's can go swivel. It's a level playing field for everyone.
  7. It's the prime spot for teams to trade up and take QBs and get the 5th year of a rookie deal. Ravens did it with Lamar Jackson, Vikings did it with Teddy Bridgewater. Arguably also a good spot to take running backs to get an extra year before you let someone else pay their second contract. Jordan Love and a couple of the top running backs could easily go late first.
  8. I'm hoping for a trade down, because I think more often than not it's the best move. Would also love to get a future first if possible. Our trade with the Saints for their first last year got us Savage (and we were still able to get Jaire in that 2018 draft). This year San Fran picks right behind us at 31 and then doesn't pick again until the 5th round. They will be desperate for a trade back. If Jordan Love is there, teams will know that San Fran will be dealing so maybe the Packers pick becomes a target for QB needy teams to beat the competition?
  9. Having seen what Graham offered I'm happy to see what is behind door B in a combo of ascending Sternberger, Tonyan and Funchess taking lots of Graham's reps over the middle.
  10. I'm not sure we are worse at TE. Addition by subtraction. And even if we are marginally worse, it's ended up in the Bears wasting $9m on him which is a net gain for us.
  11. So Geronimo signs with Detroit. $1m, 1 year deal. Too small to get us a comp pick.
  12. It do find it remarkable that a year ago Funchess got a $10m deal with incentives to get it to $13m. Since then he got injured in his first game and now we have him for £2.5m with incentives to get it to $6m. It's not like he played badly last year, and the injury isn't like a recurring hamstring injury or concussion. Seems like a very tidy bit of business for Gute.
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