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  1. 2019 TAST Dynasty League Draft

    Guess I'm taking Daniel Jones - QB - NYG @Hagar is up I believe
  2. This Ain't Bills Talk 2.0 OT1

    Hey everyone! Hope you all are well, been a long time. My dad called me a few weeks ago and said he wanted to go on a father/son trip, and suggested a Bills game. So we got plane tickets, game tickets and will be going to the Bears game on the 4th. My first Bills game and I couldn't be more excited.
  3. FF Dynasty League

    Yeah man, couldn't believe that lmao
  4. FF Dynasty League

    Fwiw, I prefer PC as well, at least for the draft. Makes the searching/scrolling easier
  5. FF Dynasty League

    @pwny It's all good, man. It's my fault for being gone from here for so long. Just a lot going on. If you start another one let me know and I'll be happy to join up. Everything is pretty meh tbh, but things will work out. And thank you. @FinneasGage Thanks bud. Family is doing good. Might be some pretty big changes coming up soon, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Appreciate you trying to reach me on FleaFlicker too. I don't think the messages work on there so well. I sent IDOG a message there but don't think it ever went through.
  6. FF Dynasty League

    FWIW I'm always down to make deals as well. Belicheat and the Deflatriots
  7. FF Dynasty League

    Yeah for sure. I always viewed USC as our biggest rival, with Michigan 2nd, but I know a lot of Midwest ND fans see Michigan as the biggest rival. I like that they are bringing it back. I'm a little worried we'll be a big let down from last year though.
  8. FF Dynasty League

    both days work for me, but I'd really like to see ND beat Michigan as well.
  9. FF Dynasty League

    I'm not available at all that weekend
  10. FF Dynasty League

    Yeah I'm in. I was active in the Devy league too, just haven't been on here in quite a while. I ended up being kicked from the other TAST league too...
  11. Duck's Mock Draft 8.0

    Don't think we need to move up from 12 to get him tbh. Not that I want him lol, but I think we could get him at 12

    Bills fams are all split just like cle fans are on QB. I just go off what reports are stating about each player or what's going on in FA n stuff Yeah man, I hear ya. I know there are a lot that want Mayfield too. Fair enough.

    If we give up that much to move up to #2 it better be for Rosen.
  14. 'Merica League Draft - COMPLETE

    I suppose I'll take Sean Doolittle - RP - WAS. @biggio7 you're up
  15. Merica's Baseball League

    Gotcha. Yeah I have him as SP now, but I imagine he'll get DH eligibility before too long too.