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  1. Houston S Hal diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    When I say "it's the same thing as Eric Berry had", it appears to be the same type of lymphoma. According to wiki, it's an 86% 5-year survival rate that goes higher the younger you are when you get it.
  2. Houston S Hal diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    It's the same thing Eric Berry had - it's pretty good if you catch it early. That said, cancer is always a tough bout, regardless of the circumstances.
  3. Texans off-season thread

    Wish him all the best.
  4. Wishing him all the best. One of our O-linemen, David Quessenberry, went through treatment for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma over the past few years and finally got back on to the field last year - here's hoping Hal can recover quickly as well.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Last one of the round is Peter Kalambayi, a second Stanford guy, this time at LB
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Alright, here's the first of two in the next four Jordan Thomas, another TE
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    At long freaking last.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Honestly, not screwing up the 3rd round would be an improvement on Smith, who could hit the 1st rounders... but that was about it.
  9. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    My bracket is in shambles, and I don't even care. Well done, Retrievers. Well done. Yeah, if anyone was gonna go down, it was gonna be Kentucky - Davidson looked hot. But hey, they call it March Madness for a reason.
  10. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    Twenty points. They didn't just win, they took them to the wood shed.
  11. NCAA Tournament South Region Discussion

    I mean, it's one thing to lose... but the no. 1 overall seed didn't even put up a fight. Again a 16-seed.
  12. Texans sign S Tyrann Mathieu

    It's 1 yr., 7 mil. I'll update the opening.
  13. Texans off-season thread

    https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/974838353676955649 Honey badger's coming to Houston.
  14. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    Thank you New England for screwing this up