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  1. ESPN NFL Playoff Machine 2017

    I don't think it'll happen... but it's technically possible!
  2. Texans RB D'Onta Foreman tears Achilles

    We can't have anything nice.
  3. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    ayyy, bowl eligibility something we should be taking for granted, and yet somehow, we aren't. Still though, aside from that Maryland loss, not a terrible year - every other loss is a Top 15 team (well, Oklahoma State won't be after they lose to K-State, given the score, but *shrug*), and the Iowa State win looks actually pretty solid in hindsight after they took out both Oklahoma and TCU.
  4. GDT: Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans

    Fitting that we're honoring Andre vs. the Cardinals Still my favorite play from him.
  5. Week 12 | Other Games Thread

    Ugh, this schedule is awful.
  6. Draft Prospects?

    I think our weapons are fine - we were putting up 30+ a game with Watson, so it's not like we don't have guys who can catch the ball, and we've got a top 10 rushing offense. Offensive line is the A+ priority - we need to keep Watson alive - however, I'd much rather go secondary afterwards so that we're not required to put 40 on the board just to outscore the opponent, because we're awful on the back end. Half of our games this season, we've given up 30+ points - 36 to the Patriots, 42 to the Chiefs, 41 to the Seahawks and 33 to the Rams - and the Jags just missed out at 29, meaning we're just a hair back from the worst scoring defense in the league, and most of the damage is coming through the air, where we're 25th, giving up 350 yards a game to opposing quarterbacks. That's just not acceptable for a team that wants to compete for championships.
  7. Texans off-season priorities?

    I'll believe it when I see him packing bags, but Rick Smith absolutely, positively one hundred percent should be the first man out of the building. Because we don't have any draft picks (thanks Brock!), we're not going to be able to rebuild through the draft for a couple years, so we get the dubious challenge of trying to improve almost entirely through free agency. QB, RB, WR and DL I think are generally taken care of - past that, pretty much everything's on the board. O-line gets the first dibs, mostly because Watson at this moment is the most important person on the team (sorry, JJ, you're still absolutely amazing and I have faith if anybody can come through an injury like yours, it's you - but this is a QB league) and protecting the biggest investment seems like the most crucial part of the scenario. Honestly, you could pick pretty much anybody up at any position along the line and they'd be an improvement. Well, maybe we can still get away with keeping the center. I don't think I'm treading any controversial ground by saying the secondary should be second, so that we don't have to score 45 points game to make up for the inevitable 70-yard pass plays we keep seeming to give up. I don't know how we let AJ Bouye get away (oh right, Rick Smith is an incompetent dunce), but he's gone now and we're left with the pieces. Again, pretty much any position you can pick and get an improvement on - I know we're all fond of Joseph, but you saw him get straight up burned earlier today, and he's not getting any younger. Past that, if injuries have shown us anything this year it's that our depth is god awful - so y'know, use all that cap space we got by sending a 2nd round pick to Cleveland, not re-signing one of the best CBs in the league and running a Pro Bowl LT out of town.
  8. Rams beat down Texans

    And here comes the beatdown! Woo! Can we fast forward to next season yet.
  9. Rams beat down Texans

    Yeah let's go for the cheap shot instead of trying to make a play for the ball. *sigh*
  10. Rams beat down Texans

    Ah, the patented "don't actually cover anybody" play we seem to run at least once a game now.
  11. Deshaun Watson suffers torn ACL

    Hence the keyword "if". http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21299050/video-suggests-houston-texans-qb-deshaun-watson-initially-injured-knee-seattle-seahawks Relevant link, since we're discussing it.
  12. Deshaun Watson suffers torn ACL

    If he tore it then instead of at practice, that means he played a full quarter of football and scored two touchdowns on a torn ACL - and then went a few days of practice without complaining or even possibly noticing it. That's crazy.
  13. Watson Reportedly Tore ACL in Practice

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21299050/doctors-believe-houston-texans-qb-deshaun-watson-initially-injured-knee-seattle-seahawks He might have actually torn it on Sunday, and they just didn't notice until he fell in practice on Thursday. Which means he potentially played basically an entire quarter of football with a torn ACL, and still managed to score two touchdowns. Then went through a few days of practice without complaining or even noticing.
  14. GDT: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

    Savage managed to get up to 43% completion percentage. I'm surprised he managed that, considering he was hovering around 30% most of the game. Good lord, he sucks. And we won't even get the nice draft picks that come from him sucking so bad. Watson was worth it, Osweiler wasn't. I mean, he's still terrible, but if it's hot garbage either way, I'd rather have the second round pick.
  15. Week 10 | Other Games Thread

    How do you fail to block a 3-man front that hard