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  1. Other Games Thread | Bowl Games Edition

    this please
  2. Other Games Thread | Bowl Games Edition

    They're on the 28 Just take the FG if you don't want to try for another first down
  3. Other Games Thread | Bowl Games Edition

  4. Other Games Thread | Bowl Games Edition

    We play in the Big 12, you should know this.
  5. Other Games Thread | Bowl Games Edition

    I can't wait for all the SEC fans to tell me they didn't actually care about this game and how it totally isn't an actual reflection of Georgia. TEXAS FIGHT, BABY
  6. Brian Orakpo Retiring

    Oh dang. Can't say much for his NFL career as I didn't follow him all that closely, but I absolutely loved him as a Horn. Wish him well on all his post-football endeavors.
  7. 2019 Schedule

    So while like most people I'm excited for the playoffs, I don't think I'm alone in thinking we probably overachieved this season. And I think good portion of that is thanks to how easy our schedule was - we had the AFC and NFC East, the former of which basically only has New England, and the latter of which had a pretty down year, late runs by the Cowboys and Eagles notwithstanding. We also had the benefit of the fourth place schedule. Well, next year we don't get that luxury. We get the AFC West, the NFC South and a first place schedule, which means not only do we have to play against 3 of the best 4 records in football in the Chiefs, Chargers and Saints (and for bonus points, we're away for all three of them), but we get yet another round against the Patriots, though for that one we're actually in Houston for once. And our own division was pretty tough in the second half of the year, so it's not like we've got cakewalks there, especially if Jacksonville figures out how to put an offense together. Our 2019 opponents, excluding divisional games... Home for: - Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, Raiders, Patriots Away at: - Saints, Bucs, Chiefs, Chargers, Ravens
  8. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Random thing I noticed looking at draft order, then checked against historical records because I was curious - For the first time in a full 16-game season, no team went 8-8.
  9. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    why would the Ravens be nervous - they're in and play the Chargers regardless of what happens in this game
  10. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    Yeah. I feel like Indy's the more dangerous team. And TY Hilton seems to get like 150 yards and 2 TDs against us regardless of circumstances, so like... yeah.
  11. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    Do you think if somebody kneecapped him in Harris county, the jury would let them off? Purely philosophical question.
  12. Official Sunshine Thread 2018

    If we win two more games, we're a playoff bye team for the first time in franchise history. That's not something I thought I'd type out after the first 3 weeks.
  13. Jags game didn't really matter too much - regardless of the outcome, a win next week knocked the Colts out of the division. If the Jets can beat the Titans though, next week we're playing to secure a playoff spot.
  14. Selection Sunday Thread

    Yeah, best Big XII team not in the playoff gets the Sugar, when it itself is not a playoff.
  15. Selection Sunday Thread

    New Year's Six bowl, woo. Just glad we didn't get punished for playing in the championship game.
  16. MNF Hangover- Titans at Texans GDT

    I mean, our remaining 5 games are Browns, Jets, Jags, Colts and Eagles. The Patriots and Steelers play each other. The Steelers still have the Saints as well. Unless they collapse, it's hard not seeing them being the 3rd or maybe even sneaking into the bye, given their schedule.
  17. Week 12 GDT: Tennessee Titans vs Houston Texans

    I mean, love or hate O'Brien, eight straight wins is eight straight wins. Gotta give him at least some kudos.
  18. MNF Hangover- Titans at Texans GDT

    so of course they go for a three yard run on first down
  19. MNF Hangover- Titans at Texans GDT

    Ding ding ding. We got a little lucky with this one But I'll take the seven
  20. MNF Hangover- Titans at Texans GDT

    Still hasn't thrown an incompletion through three quarters. Still losing, though.
  21. MNF Hangover- Titans at Texans GDT

    Near none this year, according to sources he's likely franchised next year.
  22. MNF Hangover- Titans at Texans GDT

    Lamar Miller came to play today.
  23. Congratulations! Still salty that I only needed to make two more right picks. >.>
  24. Week 11 - Houston @ Washington

    I just dunno how this team does it. Two wins off stupid decisions by our opponents in overtime Two wins off missed FGs at the end of regulation I mean, don't get me wrong, 7 straight wins is absolutely great and I'll take it, but I still feel we're a lucky mediocre team than a truly good one.
  25. Post Bye Week Schedule - Playoff Scenarios

    You can kinda say the same thing about Bill O'Brien though. He's never gotten us past round 2, has he?