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  1. In hindsight, I need to apologize to @Dome - I spent the last little bit trying to rank pork and always hating whatever I came up with because something had to be last and it felt wrong Why is pork so freaking good?
  2. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    This Ohio State game...
  3. I have been called, apparently. Matchup 1 - #1 Beef Short Loin vs #8 Ground Beef Matchup 2 - #2 Beef Rib vs #7 Beef Round Matchup 3 - #3 Beef Brisket vs #6 Beef Flank/Plate Matchup 4 - #4 Beef Sirloin vs #5 Beef Chuck Pretty solid rankings. Would make a couple alterations, but I think I'm pretty comfortable going chalk here in this first round. Matchup 5 - #1 Pork Shoulder vs #8 Pork Butt, Leg, Shank, Hocks Matchup 6 - #2 Sausage (Bulk) vs #7 Pork Tenderloin Matchup 7 - #3 Pork Ribs vs #6 Pork Loin Matchup 8 - #4 Pork Belly vs #5 Sausage (Links) On the other hand, with all due respect, what is this No respect for the all rounder that is ham, tenderloin brutally underrated, bulk sausage 3 ranks ahead of links? I mean, any ranking of pork is gonna be hard because it's all so good, but only my love of ribs prevented this from being reverse chalk. Though bacon vs. brats and kielbasa is a brutally difficult matchup, and I think loin against a few other competitors would've been a win for it.
  4. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Week 7 pick: Atlanta Falcons
  5. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    *one of those days *am at 3 weeks in a row I know how talk English. >.<
  6. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Today is not of those days either Seriously, I am 3 weeks in a row Just... what
  7. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    I might get killed by a former Longhorn. How fittingly ironic. I've been having a bad feeling ever since no one else got knocked out this week - there's usually someone.
  8. Bill O'Brien Hot Seat Thread V.2

    Somehow despite being a sorry mess of a team, we're tied for the division lead coming into next week. Because we can't rid ourselves of O'Brien - that'd be far too easy.
  9. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Think I'll pick the Pack for this week. Week 6: Green Bay Packers
  10. 2018 Roster 53 man + more (Updated 9/8)

    Uh... yes Yes he can be
  11. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    one of these days I will not need to survive on a last second FG today is not of those days
  12. I'm not happy with that 4th quarter, but OU STILL SUCKS
  13. Week 6 | Other Games Thread

    I dunno. But OU still sucks.
  14. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Well, I could pick against the Cardinals for the third week in a row, but I think I'll go elsewhere. Week 5: Carolina Panthers
  15. Ah, sorry. I thought that was a reference to a comment made much earlier whether both of these teams were either good or bad.
  16. We're a quarter of the way through the season and we're 1-3. And again, a risky call away from 0-3-1. We're not good.
  17. Let's be honest here, we didn't win. The Colts lost. They don't make that crazy risky call, we're sitting at 0-3-1.
  18. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Yay waking up in the middle of the night and reconsidering survivor picks. Switch me to the Seattle Seahawks, please.
  19. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    I'm liable to change, but for now I'll go with the Jaguars.
  20. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    Well, looks like I'm rooting for the Niners Not picking them, but it'd be nice to lose more competition. Still deciding.
  21. Official Texas Longhorn Thread

    We've had so many "oh hey, we're finally starting to make progress" moments, that even after the past two weeks, I'm still in wait and see and don't get hyped mode. We lost to a Maryland team that then went on to lose to Temple, there's still a lot yet to be proven. I'm not even considering it until I see the Oklahoma game.
  22. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    You play to win the game.